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Breezy and Merkel’s Boner

Affirmative action keeps on rolling along.
Once again, Sailer is outspoken and correct in his criticism of the genocidal lunatic and criminal Merkel, while the “movement’s” silence is deafening.
As much as I dislike Sailer, I must be fair: his coverage of the current European “refugee” invasion has been accurate, hard-hitting, and very useful.  The “movement’s” reaction to it has been dishonest in its omissions and in its contortions to avoid pointing fingers in unwanted directions. Instead of criticism of Merkel, all we get is fanboy breathlessness over Saint Viktor and his chicken-wire fence.
I disagree with Breezy on one thing however.  He uses the term “Merkel’s boner” to refer to her great error in inviting the colored flood into Germany and Europe.
Instead, the term “Merkel’s boner” is better used to describe the “movement’s” physiological reaction to Merkel’s ethnicity.
In a future White ethnostate, it shouldn’t only be race traitors, HBDers, gamesters and others who face the gallows. Some of the feckless “movement” leadership should have the opportunity to “play the piano” as well.