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Prison of the Nation Redux

When will the long suffering Russian people be free of the Asiatic filth?
To all the “movement” faggots pining away for their bare-chested loverboy Trad Vlad: please go away, just go.  You are despicable.

A Tale of Two Saviors

Der Touchback and Trad Vlad.

First, Trump.  Rumors are focusing on an alleged tape of Trump talking “off the record” to the NY Times, in which he discusses his “flexibility” on immigration; in other words, his willingness, once elected, to betray his base and forget all his bombastic promises about deportation, walls, Muslim bans, and all the rest.

Is this true?  Who knows?  It could of course just be another Establishment ploy to discredit Trump before “Super Tuesday.”  But then I remember Trump, back in 2012, denouncing Romney’s “self-deportation” as too harsh (!), and his more recent comments about “touchback immigration,” and I can very well believe the rumors to be true.  But, again, we cannot yet know for sure.

I would like to summarize – once again – my “take” on Trump.. It boils down to three major points:

1. He is not one of us.  At best, he is a Negro-loving civic nationalist.  At worst, he is a complete fraud, someone tricking the rubes with no intention of following through if and when elected.  I do not trust him. He is not worthy of a minute of support, although he may be worthy of a vote assuming he is not unmasked as a fraud before then.

2. Trump’s usefulness is as a tool.  There is a public perception that he is some sort of pro-White bigot extremist – and although that is not true even at his best, the perception can be used to destabilize the multiculturalist regime.

3. Trump’s utility exists only as long as the false public perception is maintained.  If Trump is revealed as a fraud, the perception is shattered and his usefulness is at an end.

Then there is the “movement” and its quota queen “leadership” as well as the HBD/game crowd, fawning over Trump as the latest “White savior” in the long line of failures and disappointments: Reagan, Thatcher, Ron Paul, Putin, etc.  Is the “movement” so stupid and short-sighted that they’ll let themselves be humiliated again?

If and when Trump is unmasked as a fraud I for one am going to hold accountable all the little Trump boys in the “movement” as well as HBD/game. for once again leading Whites into a cul-de-sac and making racial nationalism into a jilted laughing stock.  That will all be discussed here, of that have no doubt.

Second, Putin.  We see his regime covering up a horrific crime committed by an Asiatic, likely against an ethnic Russian child.  Emphasis added:

MOSCOW, March 1 (UPI) — The spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin defended the decision by major Russian television networks not to report on a nanny’s apparent beheading of a 4-year-old girl.

Russia’s major television networks, including Rossia-1, Channel One, NTV and Moscow’s TVTs, did not cover the story Monday in Moscow. Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, 38, from Uzbekistan, was arrested after she was caught on video apparently carrying the severed head of Nastya, a 4-year-old girl who was in her care.  

Russian networks are heavily monitored by the government and freedom of the press as a whole is notoriously undermined. Russia ranks 152nd out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders’ 2015 World Press Freedom Index.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday said he agreed with the networks’ decision and said the “terrible tragedy” that occurred should not be linked to Bobokulova’s Muslim heritage. 

“Don’t you link this with some nationalities question. It was a terrible tragedy, either in terms of its inhumanness or in terms of insanity. The investigation will possibly find out,” Peskov said.

“In this respect I fully agree with the [federal] channels,” Peskov said when asked about why the crime was absent from the major networks.

Unidentified employees of different networks said broadcasters received “recommendations” to stay away from the story by Russian officials, citing a government desire to avoid attention on national ethnic or religious issues.

So, how is this different from the American media covering up stories of Blacks attacking Whites?  Or the European media covering up refugee/migrant crime?  There is no difference.  Once again, Putin’s Russia is revealed as an anti-majoritian multiculturalist regime, where in the interests of ethnic Russians are sacrificed to the cult of diversity.  Like the Republican Establishment, Putin has calculated that future demographics favor the non-Russian, non-Slavic, non-White minorities of Russia, and therefore to safeguard the power of the Russian state, minorities must be pandered to and the majority ignored – just as the GOP dismisses their White base in favor of the growing colored masses.

Prison of the nation indeed!  The Russian people are to be sacrificed on the alter of the “Eurasian Union.”

Why is this behavior denounced when it occurs in the West, but excused as a “deep chess game” when it occurs in Russia?  Answer: “deep chess game” is a euphemism for “deep CHEST game” as effete weaklings in the “movement” become breathlessly infatuated with the “strong man” Putin riding bare-chested through the Siberian wilderness. It is a cult of personality with a faint whiff of homoerotic ardor, and the “movement” should be ashamed of itself for this.  But then I remember that the “movement” is incapable of feeling shame, or guilt, or any sense of honorable accountability whatsoever.

Throwing Russia Under the Bus, Part 3

Hail Rus!

In contrast to many areas of the “movement” – as exemplified by issues discussed in the last two posts – I am pro-Russian (*). Of course, ultimately, ethnic Russians have to be the ones to decide the fate of Russia.  But I have an opinion, and it is this.

I call on Russians to reject Putin-Dugin Eurasianism – you are Whites, racially European, not Asians – and to also reject Raciologynonsense – you are Slavs, not Celto-Germanics, and no amount of wishful thinking and rewriting of history will change the fact that most Nazis looked down on Russians and other Slavs as subhumans.  That was stupid, but it is what it is. Russians need to reject kneejerk anti-Westernism: the multicultural horror currently passing as the ‘West” is an abomination brought about by the same forces that imposed genocidal communism on Russians and other Slavs. While it is true that Russia has its own unique culture and identity, it is also true that, ultimately, that culture and identity is tied to that of Europe, particularly those Western European areas emphasized by Yockey. Thus, it is time for the Eastern and Western halves of Europe – sundered apart by history – to rejoin, just as it is important for the Northern and Southern halves to come together as well (talking here about High Politics and actualizing a High Culture, not a panmixia).
It is also time for all Whites to stand firm against the Colored Tide, including and especially the deadly Yellow Peril. Indeed, the duplicitous behavior of Asians is on full display. On the one hand, China – for now – grabs on to close relations to Russia as a counter–balance to America (and vice versa) – a mirror image to Nixon’s “China ploy” against the USSR.  On the other hand, devious Orientals come to pro-White blogs to agitate against Russians.  Also, while male Asian leaders come together with other Afro-Asiatic leaders to form an anti-White Pan-Colored Alliance, they are clever enough to send their females to sex-starved “movement”/HBD nerds to create intra-White divisions and to try and seduce WNs to fight Russians for Asia’s benefit.
Be wary of these things, my Russian brothers.  It’s time to assist in building a New Movement, for all Europeans, including Russians, and make the stand against the rising tide of color.  Hail Rus!
*Some humorless idiots may point to anti-Raciology ridicule at Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience as “evidence” of the opposite.  To them, I answer that all European groups (as well as the colored races) get ridiculed there, the “Med” “swarthoids” most of all.  It is obviously “tongue-in-cheek” and heavily sarcastic.

Putin’s Russia

Take a close look.
Putin’s Eurasianist vision for Russia is well represented by the left side of this photograph.  That’s the reality, folks – real Slavic Russians pushed aside by sneering Siberians, hate-filled Han, militant Muslims, and other assorted Asiatics.
The blushing schoolgirls can continue to indulge in spasms of onanistic rapture over shirtless tiger wrestling, but anyone sincerely concerned about Russian/Slavic EGI would denounce the vision of a Yellow-Brown Russia.

Soft Weeping From the Blushing Schoolgirls

Private life mirroring the Eurasian Union?
The woman in question is a slant-eyed half-Tatar.  This story of course still needs to be more officially confirmed, but the fact remains that Trad Vlad has been linked to this woman for years.
It all makes sense, really. A leader needs to be a role model. Putin’s Russia is all about the Eurasian Union, it is all about submerging White Slavic Russians under a Yellow-Brown Asiatic flood, it is all about promoting multiracialism and multiculturalism, while kowtowing to Jewish interests. So, why not mirror all of that in your personal life and churn out some Hapas with a Tatar?  
And, hey, all you need to do is wrestle a tiger bare-chested and all the pathetically effeminate blushing schoolgirls on the Right will think you are some sort of traditionalist nationalist superhero and rally to support you.  The guy has it made from both ends. Well played, Vladdy.

Putin’s "Nationalism"

The Russian Steve Sailer.

Excerpts, emphasis added as follows.  My own comments at the end.

On October 24, Putin touched on the topic in his speech to Russia experts of the Valdai Club in Sochi. “I am the biggest nationalist in Russia,” he said. “However, the greatest and most appropriate kind of nationalism is when you act and conduct policies that will benefit the people. However, if nationalism means intolerance of other people, chauvinism — this would destroy this country, which was created as a multiethnic and multiconfessional state.”

With this statement, Putin was “trying to define the acceptable parameters of nationalism,” says Mark Galeotti, a professor at New York University and author of the blog “In Moscow’s Shadows.” 

“He’s trying to redefine or define the acceptable level of nationalism as being not about racism, not about intercommunal violence or intercommunal tensions, not about essentially a radical social agenda,” he says. “But instead being about patriotism. I think that’s the key thing. When he says ‘nationalism,’ he really means patriotism — in other words, loyalty to the status quo.” 

“Putin is no nationalist — he’s just a spectator,” Yegor Prosvirnin, the editor of the popular nationalist website Sputnik & Pogrom, said in a recent interview. “He was put there by the ruling corporation to manage the political process, while the noble members of the secret police buy villas and mansions in Cote d’Azur.” 

Galeotti argues there are four key pillars of the Russian nationalist movement — imperialism, social conservatism (support for the Russian Orthodox Church and antipathy toward homosexuality), ethnic chauvinism, and an economic radicalism of redistribution based on ethnic criteria. 

On the first two points, Galeotti argues, Putin has done just about as much as he can to meet nationalist expectations. And the last two are too dangerous and anti-Kremlin to even be touched. 

“[The Kremlin’s] opportunities for traction on the nationalist movement are diminished and the risks within nationalism are increasing,” he says. “So I think that’s why they are probably trying to nip it in bud prophylactically now.” 

Kevin Rothrock, editor of RuNet Echo at Global Voices, notes that Prosvirnin and other nationalist leaders have been predicting that the worsening economic climate in Russia will bring ethnic tensions inside the country to the fore. This is potentially dangerous for Putin, although Rothrock does not expect the issue to take center stage at this year’s Russian March. 

“If they get at all a little bit antigovernment, it might have to do more with immigration services — don’t give visas to people from Central Asia and so on,” he says. “They are even officially marching under some of those slogans. Granted, those are not overtly anti-Putin causes, but I think immigration and the kind of slippery slope into ethnic issues or racism — that can very quickly become anti-Kremlin and then anti-Putin.”

Well, of course, real Russian nationalist opposition to immigration is “anti-Kremlin” and “anti-Putin” since the current regime’s endgame to create a “strong Russia” depends upon demographic race replacement and the Asianization of European Russia.

The real issue here though is not what’s going on in Russia (although that’s a serious concern), but what it says about the pathetic circus freak show known as “the movement,” particularly its American version.  I have in mind all the pitiful, weak, effeminate blushing schoolgirls who get all weak in the knees when they see their hero riding horseback bare-chested in some Siberian wilderness, “movement activists” engaging in sweaty onanistic fantasies that a committed multiracialist and anti-racialist is somehow “pro-White” and a harbinger of racial nationalism.  Such people are idiots, imbeciles, brain-addled morons, a tragicomic embarrassment. They forfeit any potential claim they may make for any sort of leadership position or influence in a reborn and rational racial nationalism that may come into being.

More On Putin, Johnson, Etc.

Another Counter Currents essay.
I essentially agree, but need to make my own position quite clear. Although I have some sympathy for the Ukrainian “far right,” I am not a supporter of the Ukrainian government, nor a supporter of the so-called “revolution” there.  Nor do I support (tongue-in-cheek anti-Raciology comments on my Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience blog are not meant to be taken seriously) anti-Russian attitudes.  My issue is wholly with the pathetic love-fest over Putin that exists within certain precincts of the madhouse known as the “movement.”  And, as an extension of this, I object to the whole “man on white horse syndrome” that is part of the “prematurely declare victory and go home” mindset of the broader political Right.
Now, maybe some of us are wrong about Putin,  Maybe, as the Putinistas claim, he really is “playing a deep game” with a pro-White outcome.  Anything is possible.  Maybe Nazi Space Gods from the planet Valhalla will land their flying saucer in Berlin and declare the Fourth Reich.  Again, anything is possible.  I for one prefer to use Occam’s Razor and go with the simplest explanation based on known facts: Putin is a multiculturalist authoritarian, who wants a “strong Russia” in alliance with, and to large extent based upon, the teeming brown and yellow hordes of Asia.
Also, consider this: if Putin is a genuine multiculturalist (as the skeptics believe) he would not want WN support, and if he were playing the “deep game” of pretending to be a multicultural Eurasianist (as the schoolgirls profess), then he also would not want WN support.
Why are the Putinistas ruining Vlad’s “careful chess game” with their blushing displays of orgasmic ardor?  How about we all stand back and see how things unfold and we’ll find out who’s right?