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Someone Who Gets It

New blog.

Here is someone who gets the truth about what a pathetic travesty the (American) racial nationalist “movement” is:

What’s most distressing in all this is that at least 90% of the ‘movements’ or websites concerned with these matters are absolutely toxic and destructive to any real ’cause’ that seeks a solution–either by design or because of the degenerate nature of those involved. Generally I will be posting on these problems and in doing so, will likely cause much annoyance to many of those involved but that is the price to pay. Most of them are the dregs of European man. This is not unexpected as the first ones to feel the destructive forces of this age are in the most difficult situations. Unfortunately, their desperate nature often leads them to latch on to anything that makes them feel better and lash out at any and all as a cure for their bitterness.  They are the reverse reflection of the same civilization-destroying hordes. Point being, most have no real interest in the future of European man and are ultimately, the most dangerous to its survival–for they are already dead and no Elysium awaits them.

EGI Notes as well as Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience (the former seriously and the latter using the rhetoric of vulgar ridicule) have as one objective critiquing the Old Movement, while, at Western Destiny, there is discussion on what characteristics a New Movement should have,