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Bowden: Never Apologize

Mostly wise words.

There’s some good material here.  First, a concise and useful contrast between Right and Left – not based on “economics” – but based on the (true) Right’s belief in inequality and hierarchy, while the Left is obsessed with a false egalitarian equality.

Bowden rightly advises to never apologize, not to “say sorry” to justify forceful action. He includes not apologizing when being called “fascist” – indeed, he tells us that there nothing is wrong with fascism, a point certain elements in the “movement” cannot accept.  True, there are activists who truly are not in any way fascist, and that should be respected; in addition, no doubt there are tactical reasons why, at specific times (and those times only), true fascists should be prudent in displaying their ardent fascism.  But in general, many people in the “movement” (whether they know it or not or accept it or not) are fascists (broadly defined) of one sort or another (including national socialists; national socialism being – dissenters to the contrary – a race-based form of fascism).  These activists should accept the label and, as Bowden suggests, never apologize.

The only discordant chord for me is the part about resentment.  After all, resentment over real victimhood can be a powerful force, and, if used tactically via democratic multiculturalism, can be utilized as an approach to increase power.  There is a difference between mobilizing resentment (and hatred) for actualizing power, and wallowing in victimhood and beseeching for pity.


The RFR Strikes Back

Strom speaks some truths about the Alt Right.

RFR = Radical Far-Right; that is, the racial nationalist Far-Right that is not connected to the “Alt Right” and that which also rejects “mainstreaming” and other centrist ploys.

I identify as a national socialist (*), and I suspect that Strom identifies similarly.  I also have strong sympathy for non-national socialist fascist movements such as the Romanian Legion, the early and late Italian Fascists (not the middle era of reactionary authoritarianism), and also the very interesting variants of French fascism (typically ignored by a Germanocentric “movement”). I do not know how Strom views these various non-German fascist movements.  I do disagree with Strom on certain things – e.g., I am not fond of the Pierce legacy, I am ambivalent about the Germanocentric Hitler, I looked askance on Strom’s “Man on White Horse” infatuation of Putin, and was disillusioned about Strom’s self-declared involvement with the Who We Are fiasco (although Strom asserts that the extant version is not the “final version”) – however, in general, I suspect that Strom and I agree on the basics (**).  We certainly agree about the Alt Right. Now, remember that that nasty old crank Ted Sallis was always skeptical of the Alt Right, noted that their “fifteen minutes of fame” were over, viewed them as another “movement” passing fad, and noted that unless Alt Right leaders became serious and actually did real work, the advantage resulting from the Trump campaign would be lost.  

THE AMORPHOUS disunited non-group dubbed the “alt right” and defined mainly by a rejection of Political Correctness and a wish that Donald Trump would be elected instead of the War Hag, seems to be dissolving before our eyes. On the one hand, you have the “alt light” who are either horrified — or pretending to be horrified — by the racially loyal and Jew-aware elements in their own ranks, and who are falling back into line within the boundaries of the corpse called Conservatism, Inc., where they will quickly be forgotten no matter how many book deals they sign. On the other hand, you have the rest, who are beginning to realize they have been played by Trump and/or Trump’s keepers; but who also realize that they have tapped into something real — something authentic — something of deep world-historical importance and biological and cosmic significance — by becoming aware of the primacy of race and the fact that the Jewish power structure is out to kill us. It’s only the second group that’s interesting. There’s real hope for them — and, if we can help them to full awareness and commitment, there’s real hope for all of us in them.

Quite right. Just as Trump has – as Alt Righter Spencer has noted – squandered his political capital on jackass tweets and non-essential issues, the Alt Right, in typical quota queen fashion, squandered its fifteen minutes of fame with Pepe-Kek nonsense and any lack of real accomplishment. “Dissolving before our eyes” – that’s not from the crazy crank and ethnic outsider Ted Sallis but from the Norwegian-American and “Establishment Movement Figure” Strom, “one of the boys.”  I’m shocked, shocked!  Strom, like me, mocks the Alt Right’s fetishistic obsession with Trump and – while he unfortunately declines to mention the Alt Wrong – he makes the distinction between the Alt Lite and the more hardcore Alt Right, the latter which should have never had anything to do with the former.  Strom suggests that the more hardcore faction has some “real hope” – but let us acknowledge that an awakened Alt Right that rejects the Alt Lite (and Alt Wrong) is really nothing more or less than White nationalism.  Yes, there may be differences in style, but in the end, shorn of all the Beavis-and-Butthead trolling and lulzing and shorn of the Alt Lite and Alt Wrong, the Alt Right is just White nationalism with a snazzy “dust jacket” packaged for millennial consumption.  Strom, like me months ago, has seen through all the sound and fury of the Alt Right, has seen through the Alt Right bluster, has seen through the “we’ve arrived” self-congratulation of Alt Right figures, and asks that the Alt Right grow up.

Maybe where I was ignored, Strom will be listed to.  More likely though, we’ll just see more Pepe images and cries of “Hail Kek” and discussions by Roissy about his Black girlfriend’s “gravity-defying ass” or about his Asian girlfriends sticking their fingers up his anus. Hail Kek, indeed.

The Alt Right is failing; it is – as Strom says – it is dissolving.  The “mainstreamers” are failing in Europe and in Australia.  Trump is squandering is political capital.  All of the Alt Right-Mainstream-Trump “heroism” is falling apart, and it is high time that the RFR stops being on the defensive and seizes the high ground; it is time for the RFR to end its marginalization by the Alt Right.  The RFR must strike back against the losers driving the ‘movement” into the ground.  We do not need Pepe-Kek stupidity, a “movement” infiltrated by Jews, Iranians, and East Asians, we do not need Trump worship, miscegenating “game,” or any of the rest of it.

The passing fads fade away, and the racial nationalist hardcore will soldier on.

*I can imagine being accused of “LARPING” as a “Nazi” that will turn off “normies.”  I have two objections to that.  The more immediate objection is that there is a difference between being a national socialist and a Hitlerian Nazi; the former is an ideology and a worldview and the latter is a highly specific historical party and movement that was based on the aforementioned ideology/worldview.  And let’s be honest: “normies” are turned off by the ideology of the more mainstream racialists who accuse others of “LARPING” so it really doesn’t make a difference what flavor of racial nationalism one espouses.

I have a deeper objection. While I have used Alt Right-adopted slang terms like “LARPING” and “normies” myself when appropriate, I’m beginning to tire of them – particularly “LARPING” – because they are being over-used and mis-used.  There are people who believe they can win arguments simply by accusing their opponents of “LARPING” – a sloppy form of ad hominem that fails to address substantive arguments.  It is one thing to point at Nutzi types marching around with swastika banners and cry LARPING and it is quite another to label as LARPING any ideology or meme that you disagree with.  For the sake of consistency, if I’m going to reject the Alt Right, I should reject their shallow and juvenile memes as well, so I’ll try and refrain from using these phrases and I’m not going to tolerate them being used in place of actual argument.

**But how can this be?  Strom is a “virulent anti-Semite” but the Silkers accuse me (someone also accused of being a “virulent anti-Semite”) of being a “tool of the Jews” and of “sucking Jewish cock.”  How can Strom and I be in agreement?  Cognitive dissonance!  Can it be?  Can someone be both anti-Jewish and anti-Asian? Who would have ever thought it? Hmmm…one wonders how vehemently Strom would object to Asian colonization of White lands, “British Asians,” and the borders of the West guarded by black-booted Chinese girls with guns.  Is Strom a “tool of the Jews” as well? Oy vey!

A Fascist Theoretical Journal?

Taking an updated look at Stimely’s idea.

The Keith Stimely interview of H. Keith Thompson, with a heavy emphasis on Francis Parker Yockey, is very interesting. Perhaps the most intriguing part is this exchange:

Stimely: One final question. Supposing that a group of young, relatively young, fascists – not conservatives, not [sneeringly] “populists,” not reformers not people who believe in working evolutionarily within the system, not people who believe at all in saving the system (and who may “work evolutionarily” within it only in order to undermine it) — suppose such a group were to get together and decide to publish their own little journal on the “right,” even in the modest form at first of an 8-page newsletter, entitled Thought & Action, which would be a very nearly explicit fascist theoretical journal working toward the explicit goal of a fascist revolution. Such a journal would explore in the realm of theory the contributions that have been made in political/social thought, and that should be taken into account by present-day revolutionaries, by such as Robert Michels, Vilfredo Pareto, Gaetano Mosca, Georges Sorel, even, Lawrence Dennis, Max Nomad, James Burnham, so many more . . . Yockey, Spengler, Carl Schmitt, Harold Lasswell, other prime thinkers on the subjects of power and revolution and social dynamics . . . and to explore all these things on a fairly high intellectual level. My question is: what is your realistic estimate of the number of people who would either understand, or be at all interested in, such a publication? Thompson:One hundred.

Such a journal would be very useful, but today, it would need to expand its focus to include the Salterian empirical view as well as the more political-social-spiritual “continental existentialist” view as emphasized by Stimely.  One could envision that the fusion of those two worldviews (Salter-Yockey) would be a main objective of such a journal.
Some would argue that blogs such as this one as well as Counter-Currents, together with publications such as The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) fill this role.  While those forums do touch on some of the topics I am talking about, what I’m proposing is something more in line with Stimely; a more focused and specialized journal, for fascist/national socialist “revolutionaries” – combining both metapolitics and politics. Such a journal would be not only explicitly (actually, not just “very nearly”) fascist and national socialist, but also explicitly pan-European, Futurist, science based (both hard science and the best of political and social science), with a solid philosophical and epistemological foundation. This would be something for the “hardcore” – not for the run-of-the-mill “latrine flies.”  It would not be ‘public” in the free online sense, more of a TOQ format, but perhaps even requiring screening of subscribers, to eliminate infiltrators and trolls as much as possible. The typical “movement” dogma would be eschewed; this would be an attempt for a fresh start, based on the aforementioned key principles, perhaps based on the key fundamentals here.

Hitler Quote: Fascist Dictatorship in Germany

From the very mouth of Saint Adolf.

From Flood’s Hitler: The Path to Power, a Hitler quote from 1923:
Germany’s hope lies in a Fascist dictatorship, and she is going to get it…

Adolf’s talking about himself and the NSDAP here. Contra to the idiots who believe there is no connection between national socialism and fascism, even the Sainted One himself understood that national socialism was a variant of the broader “fascist species.”

Hitler: The Path to Power

A good book. 

I am re-reading Flood’s book about Hitler’s early years (up to his release from prison after the aborted putsch).

This is an excellent, reasonably objective (only a small bit of pointing and sputtering at Hitler’s views and actions, although those instances, where they do occur, seem like the author desperately – and amusingly – trying to establish his anti-Hitler bonafides), well-researched book, and I recommend it to those interested in Hitler, history, and/or national socialism.

The book also truthfully describes Hitler’s excellent record as a solder in WWI, in contrast to modern revisionist attempts to discredit Hitler’s performance.  Say what you will: Hitler was a fervent supporter of Germany’s entry into WWI, and he fought in that war. Contrast that to today’s levantine Neocons, who love to start wars that other folks have to fight. I don’t quite remember any of the Necons riding into Baghdad on top of a tank…

I have been critical of Hitler and of the “movement” Cult of Saint Adolf, and I will continue to be so. However, one must state an obvious fact: Hitler was a great man, a world historical figure, an interesting individual of great talents and high intelligence, and he was right about 90% of things. If only he had concentrated more on domestic German affairs and pursued in foreign policy a Fascist International approach rather than military hegemony, if only that 10% of error were not so glaring, then I would be able to have a more positive appreciation of his role in White history.

A Bit of Surprising Truth Telling From the Year 1968

Political efficiency.

Read here. 

Gill, barely coherent, explains that he initially imposed a form of Nazism/Fascism
 upon the lawless Ekosians because he believed it to be the most efficient system of government ever devised. Spock concurs, stating National Socialism enabled a defeated and bankrupt Germany almost immediate governmental recovery to the level of near global domination. 

Learning from Anti-Fascist Liberal Democratic Triumphalism

The smug Payne and Griffin.

Reading some of the work of Stanley Payne on fascism, I note that he is very similar to Griffin in trumpeting liberal triumphalism: “neofascists” will always be disappointed and will never obtain any political success whatsoever in Western nations because the West has been “inoculated against fascism,” and today’s fascists are a pitifully small and weak group, etc., etc.  On the one hand, it’s a good thing that these liberal ideologues (not objective scholars) have such smug overconfidence. On the other hand, though, specifically for those on our side, we need to clear up some misconceptions and, after all, an acceptance of liberal triumphalism certainly isn’t good for fascist morale.
Certainly, “fascist” and “Nazi” have become pejoratives, and as the book Suprahumanismpoints out, opposition to fascism seems to be the underlying foundation of the entire liberal democratic and multicultural system.  Certainly, in this milieu, the populations of Western nations are not open-minded about the revolutionary far-right.  This is to a large extent due to the equation of fascistic ideologies with “blood, death, imperialism, hatred, racism, genocide, Holocaust,” ad nauseam.  However, as an opponent of “mainstreaming,” I do not believe that those on our side who are truly fascists and national socialists should deny the label.  In the end, it does no good.  If even non-fascist authoritarian rightists are labeled as “fascist,” and, in some cases, even pro-multiculturalist (pseudo-)conservative Republicans are so labeled, it is obvious that real “fascist Nazis” won’t escape the label, regardless of whatever hand-waving twists and turns and “spin” they attempt to put on the subject.  Further, (unsuccessfully) denying one’s real political identity projects weakness.  However, there are those – such as exemplified by this blog – who are “fascist Nazis” but who differ VERY significantly from the European political movements of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s that were of that creed.  Some of these differences are noted in Greg Johnson’s distinguishing the Old Right from the New Right.  A new national socialist fascism that eschews disjunctive intra-European racism and militaristic imperialism, while embracing pan-European racialism and Salterian universal nationalism needs to be articulated.  At the same time, the mammoth edifice of the System’s liberal democracy needs to be critiqued.  Indeed, if our creed is allegedly so “tainted” by historical misdeeds so as to constitute an “inoculation,” what about the history of liberal democracy, and how that could be objectively perceived by the ever-so-sensitive White masses desperate to be “on the right side of history?”
Indeed, one can induce cognitive dissonance in the liberalized (American) White masses by pointing out that the liberal democracy they so cherish has been responsible for enslaving the Negro, dispossessing the Amerindian, disenfranchising the Female, and discriminating against the Homosexual.  The response would be, of course, that these unpleasant historical events were due to the “White male racist” imperfections of the system, and now liberal democracy is being “perfected.”  We would be told that the imperfect past should not taint the future. The same applies to any other political philosophy. The past imperfections of fascism/national socialism – the petty nationalism, the unscientific hyper-disjunctive biological racism, the ultra-militarism – all these will be eliminated through the same process of “perfection” that the White masses believe enables liberal democracy to get “on the right side of history.”  Granted, people are irrational and the masses well-brainwashed but that is, theoretically, an argument we could make.
A practical objection to what I have written is that our side lacks any access whatsoever to the “megaphone” required to reach the masses as to explain our point of view. This is true. However, it clearly demonstrates why Griffin and Payne are misleading (dishonest?) to their readers. For, the reason – the ONLY reason – why the West is “inoculated against fascism” is that the ruling elites are anti-fascist, and utilize the resources of the mass media and the educational system to propagandize against fascism and in favor of multicultural liberal democracy.  And all this obtains because old-style fascism, with its petty nationalism and militarism, provoked a war it could not win and thus handed world rule over to elites of the Left.  But, there is no deep, mystical aversion of Western populations to fascism. It is simply mass propaganda inculcated from elites representing the winning side of a military conflict. One can envision a theoretical scenario in which, in some fashion, the ruling elites embrace fascism and start pro-fascist propaganda to the masses. Suddenly, one could say that the West is “inoculated against liberal democracy.”  Of course, I see no path at this time to such a scenario; however, my point is that the Griffin/Payne school look foolish when they imply that Western populations have somehow become inherently hostile to fascist memes, independent of a continuous, overt, and relentless stream of rather crude and ill-disguised propaganda. It is quite clear that Griffin and Payne are no more disinterested scholars of fascism than I am – they are subjective, politically motivated anti-fascists that are part of the anti-fascist ruling elite responsible for the “inoculation” they gleefully crow about.  The difference is that I am open and honest in my support of fascist ideals and don’t pretend to exemplify objective scholarship (although to give Griffin some credit, he’s made it clear that his work has an anti-fascist agenda, a curious admission for one so adamant that “neofascism” is hopeless – why work to oppose something that has “zero chance of success?”). 

The Old Movement is a major impediment to developing the new manifestations of fascist national socialism appropriate for the 21st century. We need to first articulate, and then actualize, a fresh permutation of our basic ideals.