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Odds and Ends, 6/5/19

Several items.

Meet Julius Evola.

Giulio Cesare Evola was born in Rome. The parents of Giulio Cesare Evola were Vincenzo Evola, born 4 May 1854, and Concetta Mangiapane, born 15 August 1865. They were both born in Cinisi, a small town and municipality in the Province of Palermo in the north-western coast of Sicily.

As well as “the Philosopher of Fascism.”

Giovanni Gentile was born in Castelvetrano, Sicily.

Anyone remember Negro Thomas Sowell’s pontification that Southern Italians had nothing to do with Fascism?  Just like the HBDers, non-Whites always like to lie in order to divide Europeans against each other.  Non-White HBDers are the worst.

And is Der Movement going to officially revoke Julius Evola’s “Traditionalist Hero” membership card?  How can the Type I Traditionalists continue to value the work of that Negro?

Radical leftist Antifa Don Trump and his neo-Marxist DOJ defeated.

A degenerate Negro.

Traditionalism meets astronomy!  

2 months ago
What is the esoteric meaning of Aldebaran?
1 month ago
It’s the origin of the Aryan people at least the ones remaining on earth, who fled civil decay and started the civilization of mankind that fell around 8-12,000 years ago. Their descendants are still here today. However they are not originally from here. The lore goes back some of the oldest historians as well as occult histories. Namely works such as “The Race to Come” is inspired by such works. Maria Orsic etc. Etc. Theres to much to cover.

What about Antares or Betelgeuse?  Rigel?  Is Ultima Thule in the Canopus system?  The Aryans of Archernar!

This is where Der Movement’s Quota Queen “leadership” will bring us.

Joan of Arc!  Greg Johnson weeps.

Political Socialism

Different from economic.

I am a Political Socialist, which is completely different from an Economic Socialist.  The latter is what most people consider “socialist” – that is, nationalization of all industries, full distribution of wealth, opposition to a market economy (in favor of a command economy), all on the “happy road” to communism – and with implications of leftist views on race, culture, and society.  Political Socialism is more associated with the Far Right – Spengler, Yockey, the National Socialism of Hitlerism, the National Christian Socialism of Codreanu, the corporatism of Italian Fascism, etc.  Political Socialism is the organizing of society for the good of the nation and people, it puts the good of the whole above that of the individual, it is more on the collectivist spectrum than are the hyper-individualist “Western” societies of today, it wishes to bring all social and economic classes of a people into accord and ease divisions between them.  Above all, Political Socialism asserts that the purpose of the Economy is to serve the interests of Nation and People, as opposed to Political Capitalism that believes that all – including National and People – must serve the interests of the Economy.

Thus, Political Socialism is compatible with supply and demand, a mixed “capitalist” economy, a free market – although not free to the extent of laissez faire, and all the rest.  However, the nation state is the ultimate arbiter based on the good of the people; the economy is not the ultimate arbiter; when national-racial-cultural issues demand economic concessions than that is what happens, and not the opposite.  In Political Socialism the Economy is the servant of Nation and People, not vice versa. Political Socialism does oppose great differences in wealth in the population, as that erodes the organic solidarity of Nation and People, and, certainly for those wealthy who betray Nation and People, things will not go well for them in a Political Socialist state.  They can expect their assets seized, and they, if not executed, would serve as manual laborers somewhere, in the most meek and modest circumstances possible.  They will no longer be Master; the era of Economic Man will come to an end.  Needless to say though, class warfare as promoted by Economic Socialists also, to an equal extent to Unrestrained Capitalism, erodes the organic solidarity required of any great people, and so those who promote that Marxist creed will find things not going well for them either.

Thursday Madness

A dead America and a dead “movement.”

More Jewish apologia from the despicable HBD turd Zman.

What an idiot.  As if “Stalin turning against the Jews” with his aging paranoia and the “Doctor’s Plot” (and his weeding out of excessive Jewish influence) can somehow be equated With Hitler and National Socialism and their fundamental crusade against Jews and their agenda to rid Europe of Jews – including “the Holocaust.” Jews can always look at Stalinism as an aberration of Marxism-Bolshevism, but Fascism by its very nature, with its palingenetic ultra-nationalism, was inherently hostile to Jewish interests, and its German and Romanian variants were virulently anti-Semitic.  An anti-Jewish attitude was incidental to the Stalinist version of Communism, but anti-Jewish attitudes were more or less fundamental to Fascism (and that’s true even though the Italian variant was not originally anti-Jewish; the whole fascist worldview is innately hostile to Jewish cosmopolitanism).  And the canard that “Jews are such a small percentage of the US population that how can they affect public opinion so much” should be discredited by now, given by how much American culture, politics, and foreign policy has become completely Jewified.  How did a handful of Jewish Neocons ruin conservatism? And completely change the direction of American politics?  “Only 2%.” Oy vey!

Hey, maybe Zman can get together with Jayman…the mind boggles.  A tag team blog of utter stupidity.

I assume no one, Left or Right, sees the real problem here.  The problem is not what the Trump family may or may not have done financially.  The problem is that this is an issue only because Trump was elected President and the Left was enraged.  The NY Times would not have bothered with their “investigation” if Trump had safely stayed away from electoral politics, would they?  They certainly would not have done so if Trump was a strong supporter of leftist politicians and policies.  Let us assume for a moment that all the accusations are accurate.  Therefore, that all becomes an issue only because of political considerations.  A wealthy and powerful individual can “fly under the radar” their entire lives and safely enjoy the fruits of fraud, as long as they don’t “upset the applecart” and anger the wrong set of people (including the “2%” that Zman assures us can’t really have that much powerful, as they are not space aliens, or anything).  Laws can remain unenforced, and wrongdoings remain uninvestigated under one set of circumstances, but under a different political set of circumstances, suddenly all the financial shenanigans have a bright light shone on them, as a form of political punishment.  America has become a banana republic, in large part due to Zman’s two percenters.

Ship of Fools is no apology for Trumpism. Indeed, Carlson calls Trump “vulgar and ignorant.”

Hmm…”vulgar and ignorant.” Where have we heard that before?  The quota queens always catch up to this blog, sooner or later.

Roissy bemoans the deplatforming of a non-White, race-mixing gamester:

This is scary, I’ll admit it. Every day brings news of another dissident thinker exiled from the sphere of public influence. The crackdown and repression of thought criminals is accelerating, with no end in sight, and no one with the power to do anything stepping in to challenge the witch hunters and book burners. HELLO, President Trump? AG Sessions? Have you thought about anti-trust suits against Big Skypey Tech? Nationalization? Any kind of oversight at all?

Yes, Trump and Sessions to the rescue!  Trump’s a bit too busy eating Big Macs and flipping through his little black book to look up more porn stars with whom to have unprotected sex.  As for Antifa Jeff Sessions, no doubt he supports deplatforming anyone on the Right, and – who knows? – he may be in favor of “hate crimes” charges against Roosh, or Roissy himself.  The Man on White Horse Syndrome fanboyism dies hard, doesn’t it?

And Roissy fantasies that something would be done if the 70 year old man in a wig who testified against Beavis-and-Butthead Brett is found to be a “FBI-CIA asset” or something would be done against the (possibly illegal) fundraising for he/she/it.  Yeah…here’s a couple of “somethings” that would be done:

1. Trump will spew out an angry tweet and then eat a Big Mac.

2. Sessions will indict some more Alt Righters for “hate” and maybe make some monetary contributions to “Ballsy-Ford” himself.

Hey, Roissy, any more posts about how wonderful the slant-eyed, Asian-looking Mrs. Trump is?

MAGA!  MAGA!  MAGA!  Is Antifa Jeff going to get involved as well?  Let’s get some Fed “hate crime” charges into the mix.

Portuguese Type I activist, no doubt snug in his hobbit hole.  Tolkien!  Savitri Devi!  The Orc Who Can’t Tell Time!

Hmm…Der Movement should be really outraged about this.  Toppling statues of Columbus (termed a “dumb splic” by a fetishist – original spelling in comment retained) is one thing, but this – this is beyond the pale!  To the ramparts!  To your snug hobbit hole!  The Statue Who Can’t Tell Time!  Traditionalism!  Savitri Devi’s prostate problems!  Matt Koehl the beard!  Trance-like meditations over fiery swastikas!  Kali Yuga indeed.

More Odds and Ends

More “movement” stupidity.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Retarded Zman:

The point here is while those “constitutional principles” sound appealing to our modern ears, the people who actually lived them did not like them very much. Interestingly, the romantics for the 18th century politics have the same problem as fascist romantics, in that they never wonder why their ideal was a complete failure. The fascist ideal can sound pretty good, until you look at the actual results. 

Yes, the actual results.  Well, there was an alliance between “liberal democracy” and Marxism to crush Fascism, with the equivalent of three world empires – American, British, and Soviet – required to fight a bloody war to accomplish this.  With respect to internal affairs, Fascism was essentially a roaring success in both Germany and Italy.

I suppose you can assert that by its very nature, Fascism leads to war, bloodshed, and all the other world powers teaming up to destroy it (I see this is as ludicrous). .I suppose you can also assert that every political system is doomed to fail – right now, liberal democracy is leading to genocidal race replacement of founding, native populations, and other forms of government extant today lead to stagnation, failed societies that people flee from, or rehashing of other types of previous failures.  What else has been successful? What?  Monarchy?  Marxism?  What?

Fascism has been the only form of rightist politics that has fostered a feeling of self-sacrificial fanatical commitment on the part of its followers. What’s the alternative? “HBD race realism?”  A government exemplified by Derbyshire’s self-described “measured groveling” to “Rosie?”

What?  Answer please?

From a strict purist Anglo-Nordic perspective, Chile is not an especially white nation.

Rewritten for accuracy:

From a general European perspective, Chile is not an especially white nation.

When are Latinos going to stop trying to conflate their New World ancestries and attitudes with the parental Old World stocks?

Also see this.  If Amren focuses “exclusively on race” why the attacks against Italians and Romanians, if Jews – a non-European people – are “hands off?”

Watch this. Very well, makes sense.  What about White-Jewish differences in behavior?

Watch this.  That’s good.  But if true, then why be a Yellow Supremacist?  Let’s oppose HBD to prevent a Chinese takeover of America.

It is a perennial debate in White Nationalist circles whether we should seek alliances with non-white ethnonationalist groups. The trouble with these discussions is that they ignore the nature of alliances, which are generally temporary and made possible by emergencies, i.e., interruptions in the normal order of things. If circumstances arose in which White Nationalists and, say, the Nation of Islam have common concrete interests and can ally to achieve them, I have little doubt that such an alliance could take place. The same is true of any other non-white ethnic group, including Jews. But once the specific circumstances of the alliance have passed, the two groups would go back to normal, i.e., they would return to distrusting and despising one another.

But we should support strict ethnonationalism, with temporary alliances between European ethnic groups, punctuated by ethnic cleansing among them.  Got it.

Palahniuk’s vision of Caucasia is meant to be taken as a satire of White Nationalism by Leftist gatekeepers in publishing and the media. But it is really just a satire of a particular type of White Nationalism, namely the anti-intellectual, anti-cultural, anti-urban, anti-woman

Can’t have that.  Send your money so Alt Lite Youtube Yeastbags can buy “silly frilly things.”


We certainly can’t have that.

…anti-egalitarian tendency that basically reduces White Nationalism to raising white birthrates and the fetishization of “Tradition” (not all traditions are good fits for white people)…

What?  Blasphemy!  Evola!  Guenon! Savitri Devi!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time! The Age of Tungsten!  Kali Yuga!  Yogi and Boo-Boo!

…and “hierarchy” (not all hierarchies are just) that issues in Renaissance Fair LARPing. Pretty much all these tendencies cluster around the “White Sharia” meme, so that I how I will designate it.

No, Greg, all these “tendencies” describe your entire “movement” – as a whole.

And here is the most self-unaware sentence in all of human history:

Objective merit and expertise are deemphasized, replaced by quacks who are practiced at flattering powerful morons.

That, dear reader, describes Der Movement and its entire affirmative action leadership.  Readers of this blog are well aware that that sentence summarizes the entirety of the “movement” dynamic.

Finally, a victory by the Alt Right.

The Left Triumphant: the Power of Myth

Leftist violence and victory everywhere. Rightist surrender and defeat everywhere as well. In all cases, emphasis added.

I’ll make the key point at the end, so be patient.

See this – yet, it is the Right labeled as “violent and intolerant.”  Laughably, the victim here has been under investigation for “hate speech.” The key to this of all is that the Left, Center, and Mainstream Right are all part of the same System, protecting and boosting each other (more that the Center and Mainstream Right support the Left rather than the reverse, but, then again, look at the outpouring of Leftist grief over the death of “conservative” McCain).  It is only the “Far Right” – which I suppose includes the more extreme civic nationalists (even though they probably should not be included, but I’m being descriptive here, rather than prescriptive) – who are anathema.

Here’s a “cheerful” thought: Just like the buffoonery and mistakes of Hitler helped discredit and delegitimize fascist politics for decades thereafter, lasting to this day – even tainting those only moderately to the “Far Right” – so may the buffoonery of Trump discredit and delegitimize plain old right-wing populism.  If you gamble all on an idiot, you may lose all – “shoot your bolt” so to speak.  And you become anathema.

Laugh at this:

But there are also drawbacks.  It can attract the attention of fash/the authorities.  

Oh boy!  You may attract the attention of “the authorities!”  Think of all the nasty things “the authorities” would do to an “Antifa school group” – you know, like giving lavish praise and unending support, funding it with government money, funding from major corporations, publicly spoken of with kind words by politicians and celebrities, and maybe a speech or two by a glowing Antifa Jeff Sessions, pledging all the resources of the Justice Department to give assistance.  It’s hilarious that these sucker-punching soyboys believe – or pretend to believe – that somehow the same “authorities” that support them every step of the way are “against” them.  Err…Antifa are the authorities.

But, as we shall see with the key point discussed below, this myth serves the Left well.  We may shake our heads sadly over running dogs for the Establishment believing they oppose the very System that they serve as a loyal cog in the machine.  But life is irrational (as Yockey was fond of telling us), myths have power if they are believed, regardless of how objectively ludicrous they are. [But there are limits to this – “movement” myths are so abjectly ludicrous, so based on empty fallacies and on wishful thinking, that they end up disillusioning rather than inspiring.  One reason perhaps is that “movement” myths pretend to be objective fact rather than as motivating ideology, and as such are easily debunked. Yockey is inspiring; ethnic fetishism masquerading as “fact” is not].

And, oh, beware the “fash” – who may interfere with your “student group” by getting elbowed in the face, hit over the head with a bike lock, pepper-sprayed, threatened (with impunity) with a home-made flamethrower, sucker-punched, shouted down, deplatformed by the same companies that give you a platform with no questions asked, “Proud Boys” running out of a LA bar, told by their fathers to “get out of my room,” hold rallies where no supporters show up, have their “God Emperor” sign legislation dedicating the resources of the federal government to combat them (and not you), or being hit with “hate crimes” indictments by an Antifa-supporting Attorney General who looks like a retarded Dumbo-eared Howdy Doody puppet.  A threat, no doubt!  Drawbacks!  Drawbacks!

We all also notice that the definition of “fash” is specifically White, and excludes Colored racial nationalists, such as the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panther Party.  There are three reasons for this, I suppose.  First, the mantra “anti-racism is another word for anti-White” is clearly true, the main motivation is not hostility toward racism, but simple hostility to Whites as a race.  Second, the System doesn’t appear to really believe that non-White racial nationalist groups are a threat to its survival, so there is no reason to get their private security forces involved with opposing such groups. Third, and of equal importance, the specifically White definition of the “fash” enemy is a convenient way to avoid getting a big Black fist in the face.  The very idea of any of these types confronting Black nationalists is ludicrous; a single bow-tied Negro would have the entire bunch of them running for cover.  White activists, the whole Charlottesville Ragnarok crowd, should reflect on why their presence has the exact opposite effect.

Back to Brazil.

Lt. Col. Marco Rodrigues of the Minas Gerais state police told reporters that de Oliveira, who was once affiliated with a leftist party, said he acted because he disagreed with Bolsonaro

The leftist mantra: disagree with someone?  Explode with violence.

Flavio Bolsonaro rejected the idea that his father incited the attack…

Hey!  He’s on the Right.  That by itself is an incitement to violence, no?

…saying the candidate was engaged in a campaign of ideas. He said the mainstream media bear some responsibility, accusing them of portraying his father as a “monster.”

Sound familiar?  And yet the media claim that they are the ones under “attack.”

Video clip.

The Right: constantly losing, constantly under attack, constantly hapless and pathetic.

So, let’s tackle the key point now. Why is it that the Left is able to motivate, to generate fervor and sacrifice, to have people constantly pushing toward a goal, to induce fanatical commitment and a fanatical intolerance for dissenting viewpoints?  Why is everything for the Left an existential struggle, while for the Right it is merely a hobby?  Which leads us to the converse: Why is the Right unable to motivate for self-sacrifice, unable to generate fervor and fanatical dedication, why does the Right manifest itself in listlessness and inertia, with passive acceptance of defeat?  Why does the Right think it a great “victory” if it can get folks to go to vote every few years so as to elect some fraud, at which time the Right declares “victory,” goes home, and lets the Left, with its unswerving dedication, keep on moving ahead to real victories?

The Left, you see, has myths, ideological foundations, that inspire.  The Left’s fundamental basis has always been on revolutionary change, on some utopian future that breaks with the past; often anti-religious, the Left’s ideology becomes a secular religion, and so taps into evolved human tendencies leading to fanatical commitment and self-sacrifice. It doesn’t matter if, objectively speaking, the Left is the spoiled child of Big Business, “deep state” political actors, and self-interested (and powerful) middleman minorities.  They perceive themselves as heroic figures smashing a dead past to make way for a glorious future; the whole Leftist worldview is based on the underlying assumption of revolutionary dynamism and militant fervor.

The Right on the other hand has a fundamental basis centered on “tradition,” a reactionary look to some past era, conservative bourgeoisie values, a defensive attempt to “stand athwart history,” and a misplaced emphasis on traditional religion which sucks up whatever “bigger-than-life” self-sacrificial commitments a person would make.

Really, the only time in modern (recent) history that the Right has motivated sacrifice, commitment, and fanaticism was with the various fascist movements of the first half of the twentieth century.  These movements were revolutionary, and even when they looked to the past, they did so in a futurist and palingenetic manner.  They were secular religions, even in the case of those fascist movements that were openly traditionalist Christian.  Indeed, the militantly Christian Romanian Legionary movement was perhaps the most “pure fascist” movement there was, inspiring remarkable acts of courage, fanaticism, commitment, and self-sacrifice; paradoxically, a movement centered on traditional Christianity became a secular religion of its own, with Codreanu as a Christ-like figure, and Mota and Marin as martyred saints.

It were the radical, vanguardist, fascistic movements of the Right that inspired the same, or greater, activism than what we see on the Left.  This is the power of myth, of the irrational in human nature.  Civic nationalism does not provide this.  Trump does not provide this.  Paleoconservatism does not provide this, and Neoconservatism is its pure antithesis (for Whites; Jews may be a different matter).  Der Movement, Inc. certainly doesn’t provide this either.  Military dictators and other para-fascist types do not inspire, do not provide this. “Traditionalism” and other reactionary memes do not inspire this commitment; they inspire sloth and comfort instead.  Only radical and fanatical futurist fascist ideology has been proven to have this power: from Codreanu to Yockey, from the Blackshirts marching on Rome to the French SS Charlemagne Division fighting in the ruins of Berlin, from the Blood Flag of the Third Reich to the power of Mota’s ashes.

We do not have this today, so the Right is reduced, literally, to being punching bags for noodle-armed punks, or stabbing dummies for crazed fanatics.

A perhaps not unrelated comment from a Counter-Currents post:

Travis LeBlanc
Posted September 7, 2018 at 4:10 pm
If this is all a lost cause, I would rather go down in a blaze of glory. History will record that some of the white race died as men.

The Alt Yellow

Exposing the racial sexual fetishism underlying “movement” and HBD politics.

Sallis right again…and, no, I don’t get tired of writing that.

Readers of this blog are aware that I have been very critical of the pro-Asian precincts of the “movement.”

Thus I have continuously asserted:

1. Certain precincts of Der Movement – including but not limited to Alt Wrong HBD/race realists, certain Alt Righters, Type I activists, some Nutzis, and the Silk Roaders – are pro-Asian (mostly East Asian), are obsessed with Asians (particularly Asian females), and value Asians over either all Whites or over some subset of Whites (White ethnics).  Some actually call themselves “yellow supremacists.”

2. Pro-Asian “White racial activists” tend to be derived from ethnic groups associated with “high trust hunter gatherer” ancestry.

3. As suggested above, these tend to be people who are Type I activists ideologically, Type I activists as regards character (the Beavis-and-Butthead brigade) or the most pure Type I activist that combines both ideological and character components.  In fact, I would like to make an important modification of my typology scheme here.  Only people who are Type II in both ideology and character should be classified as Type II activists.  Everyone else are Type I.  Even though I believe ideology trumps character, the “taint” of Type I character is so strong that an activist with a Type II ideology and a Type I character is effectively, functionally, Type I.  

4. As suggested above, there is an underlying Yellow Fever sexual fetishism here; the pro-Asian attitudes are tied to a history of sexual interest in East Asian females.

5. Indeed, many of these types have a documented history of dating and/or marrying East Asian females.

How do the facts square with Sallistrian assertion?

Read this.  Emphasis added:

The white supremacists on the far right have “yellow fever” — an Asian woman fetish. It’s a confusing mix.

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, once posted a video of himself with a Filipina he called “my jailbait girlfriend,” the young couple flirting as they sauntered through a megamall in the Philippines. Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, has dated a series of Asian-American women, according to one of his ex-girlfriends. (Mr. Spencer insists that it was before he embraced white nationalism.)

The right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich, the writer John Derbyshire and an alt-right figure named Kyle Chapman (so notorious for swinging a lead-filled stick at Trump opponents at a protest in Berkeley, Calif., that he is now a meme) are all married to women of Asian descent. As a commenter wrote on an alt-right forum, “exclusively” dating Asian women is practically a “white-nationalist rite of passage.”

Saint Adolf:

“I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves,” Adolf Hitler said in 1945. “They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”

Of course, Slavs are “subhuman” but Chinese and Japanese are ever-so-superior.  Hitler: Type I Nutzi.

Then we have that “high trust hunter gatherer” Charles Murray (emphasis added):

Murray left for the Peace Corps in Thailand in 1965, staying abroad for a formative six years.] At the beginning of this period, the young Murray kindled a romance with his Thai Buddhist language instructor (in Hawaii), Suchart Dej-Udom, the daughter of a wealthy Thai businessman, who was “born with one hand and a mind sharp enough to outscore the rest of the country on the college entrance exam.” Murray subsequently proposed by mail from Thailand, and their marriage began the following year, a move that Murray now considers youthful rebellion. “I’m getting married to a one-handed Thai Buddhist,” he said. “This was not the daughter-in-law that would have normally presented itself to an Iowa couple.”
Murray credits his time in the Peace Corps in Thailand with his lifelong interest in Asia. “There are aspects of Asian culture as it is lived that I still prefer to Western culture, 30 years after I last lived in Thailand,” says Murray. “Two of my children are half-Asian. Apart from those personal aspects, I have always thought that the Chinese and Japanese civilizations had elements that represented the apex of human accomplishment in certain domains.

Of course, Murray’s own book on “human accomplishment” – despite his attempt to “cook the books” – tells a different story, does it not?  The apex of human accomplishment in almost all domains is a bit further west than China and Japan, no?

And…”youthful rebellion?”  Yeah, it produced two mixed-race children and a pro-Asian attitude “30 years after.” Murray: the Type I political scientist.  “Youthful rebellion”  – with consequences that last a lifetime.  How about some responsibility and accountability, Chuck? What a turd.

And will you all deny that HBD is a pro-Asian (and pro-Jewish) political movement in large part fueled by Yellow Fever enthusiasts (Murray, Derbyshire, Brand) and their associates (Sailer – who once claimed to be part-Jewish, the penis sized-obsessed Rushton, and pseudoscientist joke Lynn, never mind the “I come from an inbred group” HBD Chick and the triracial and part-Asian mongrel Jayman).

By the way, I’ve personally known quite a few White males (not men), all in STEM, married to Orientals.  Not a single one is “normal;” they are all – ALL – what Derbyshire self-labels as “awkward squad.”  All of them are socially awkward weaklings whose wives “wear the pants” in the family.  Yes, yes, I know: anecdotal evidence.  But how much do you want to bet that a quantitative psychometric study will demonstrate clear personality differences between Yellow Fever race-mixers and the rest of us?

Also read this, emphasis added:

But Spencer’s evolution into a hardcore ethno-nationalist was perhaps not as seamless as he makes it seem. In late 2007, he dated a woman who is Asian American. The two met when she was working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

“I am not the only Asian girl he has dated,” says Spencer’s ex, who spoke to me on the condition that her name not be disclosed. She said she’d initially been turned off by his talk of race-based behavioral differences, but she eventually softened to the idea. They dated for four months, including a trip she took with him to Texas to attend his high school reunion. She says she eventually broke up with him, but not because he was too politically radical. “We all have inconsistencies,” she said. “Especially with love. How can you control your heart?”

I asked Spencer about his Asian ex as he was digging into a bowl of Thai noodles at an eclectic restaurant in the quaint downtown of Whitefish. He seemed shocked that I’d brought it up, and peppered me with questions about how I’d found out. “I would rather you didn’t write about that,” he said, adding later: “You are probably going to nail me with this…I think some people in the movement would probably find that terrible.” He confirmed that she was not the only Asian woman he’d been with, but he said the relationships predated his evolution into a white nationalist.

Though Spencer now opposes interracial relationships, white nationalists have long looked east for inspiration—Hitler regarded Chinese and Japanese history as “superior to our own.” Jared Taylor and William Johnson, the leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, both speak fluent Japanese. “There is something about the Asian girls,” Spencer said. “They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on. If I am looking at my own life objectively, it really doesn’t surprise me that much.”

Let me explain the problem, what is “terrible.” The real problem here is not that Spencer dated some Asians before he became a WN.  After all, he dated them, not married them, and he did not procreate with them. OK, fine. But please Richard, be a man, admit your error. You would get more respect from the “movement” if you would just say “look, I was young, I was not a WN, I used poor judgment, and I made some mistakes.  It was wrong, I regret it, and it certainly will never happen again.”  Instead, we get justifications: “There is something about the Asian girls,” Spencer said. “They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on. If I am looking at my own life objectively, it really doesn’t surprise me that much.”

So…what?  If some female mudshark makes similar excuses for dating Tyrone Carjacker, should we just blithely accept that as well?  Yes, Negroes are worse than Asians, and, yes, female miscegenation can be considered worse since females are the bottleneck for reproduction.  But, as regards principle, it’s the same thing.  ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUSTIFY IT.  Do you guys really need to be told that?

I mean, if Spencer “now opposes interracial relationships,” then obviously he has to consider those past relationships of his a mistake.  Therefore, it’s obvious that one must take responsibility for it.  But, alas, responsibility and accountability is not what the “movement” is about now, is it? And the Asian claims she broke up with him, not the other way around.  Accountability?

These are your “leaders” and heroes, by the way.  Good luck with a “pro-White” “movement” that values Yellow over White, and that consists of activists who think dating Orientals is a “rite of passage.”

Type I activists have dominated American racial nationalism and has led it down into the toilet.  Keep on supporting them though, that’ll do wonders to “advance the cause.”


Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

A tacit admission.

Greg Johnson writes the following, emphasis added:

“I am in fact a Hobbit.”—J. R. R. Tolkien 

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is a favorite author of New Left “hippies” and New Right nationalists, and for pretty much the same reasons. Tolkien deeply distrusted modernization and industrialization, which replace organic reciprocity between man and nature with technological dominion of man over nature, a relationship that deforms and devalues both poles. 

But philosophically and politically, Tolkien was much closer to the New Right than the New Left. Tolkien was a conservative and a race realist. His preferences ran toward non-constitutional monarchy in the capital and de facto anarchy in the provinces, but he recognized that state control can be minimized only in a society with a deep reverence for tradition and a high regard for individual honor and self-restraint. 

Many of Tolkien’s most fervent New Right admirers are neo-pagans...The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, with their many themes from Norse and Celtic mythology, resonate especially with pagans… 

…For those who need no introduction, there is no better commemoration than to spend a winter evening snug in one’s own Hobbit hole reading the works of the man himself (or watching Peter Jackson’s masterly and inspiring movies of The Lord of the Rings).

That is of course the equivalent of Johnson saying: “I am in fact a Type I activist.”  And that’s a designation I already made, did I not?

Certain Alt Right ethnonationalists mimic Hitler to the extent that they are ideologically Type I but have the “bookish” and intellect-oriented Type II character.  

It is clear who I was talking about there.  Ideologically Type I indeed, and ideology trumps “character” every time.  It’s ideology that determines the direction of the “movement.”  Personality and character set a tone, but the actual content, the actual meaning, the actual outcomes – that’s all directly derived from ideology.

Some tell-tale signs to distinguish Type I from Type II fascists:

Serious sci/fi fantasy:

Type I: Lord of the Rings

Type II: Book of the New Sun

They who control Der Movement.