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Are European Men Feminized?

It sure seems that way.

The fact that a woman needs to be the one to speak the truth is more evidence supporting her thesis.

Now, the “game” crowd will offer the riposte that if women want men to defend them (“white knighting”), then the women need to act like more traditional feminine women, and not as man-hating feminist harridans, with colored-loving, alpha male-slavering, slut behavior.

There’s some truth to that riposte, but at some point someone needs to make a stand, and it has to be men. ┬áTheir stand can be in defense of race and civilization, even if they believe that their woman folk are too degraded to be worth the effort. Indeed, the two go together: saving race and civilization by reasserting Western Male values will have a salutary effect on female attitudes and behaviors.

In other words, manjaw feminists cannot be used as an excuse to do nothing and just “sit poolside.” By doing the right thing, the manjaws can be put into their proper place (preferably masked and out of sight) and a bright new day can dawn for the West.

But, guys, wearing miniskirts in public (or private, for that matter) just won’t get it done.