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Dalton Fraud Redux

Dalton challenging Durocher, Jeelvy, and Costello for the title of worst Far Right writer. In all cases, emphasis added.
Laugh at this.

Yes, there will be resistance—from local law enforcement and local protesters, but not from “antifa” (whoever the hell “they” are).  

So, Dalton supports the “there is no such thing as Antifa” narrative?”  Whoever the hell they are?  Have you been watching the news recently, moron?  What happened at Unite the Right? When Counter-Currents holds meetings in hotels, who are they hiding from when they conceal their meeting place? Who goes from hotel to hotel searching for them to break up the meeting?  Who harassed Johnson and Polignano when they were living in California? Who has attacked small groups of rightists meeting in restaurants?  Who drove Amren from their DC-area hotels? Who was attacking Spencer’s college speaking tours, causing them to be cancelled?  An imaginary group in scare quotes? At this point, can we take anything Dalton says seriously?  How about HE schedules some public, well-advertised meetings?

Certainly, a single large event, like Charlottesville, can be targeted by a large number of radical leftists.  

And a single small event can be targeted by a small number of radical leftists.  Also note that, later in this screed, the fraud Dalton states that the “leftist Jews” can mobilize effectively only in New York and DC.  But here it is “Charlottesville.”  

But that’s precisely why we need numerous, simultaneous, independent, local groups.  Massive decentralization virtually guarantees that neither the feds, nor antifa, nor any large national group will effectively target you.  

Excuse me, you laughably naïve and inept Quota Queen – all of these groups are not simultaneously coming into existence. There will be a phase – the difficult start to the project – in which isolated new groups are forming.  And these will be targeted one by one. The groups are not all going to spring into existence simultaneously overnight throughout the country. 

My critics are overly-cowed by pictures on TV.  

And cowed by the actual experiences of many activists so targeted.  But, hey, if Dalton is not “cowed,” I invite HIM to be the very public face of the White resistance.  Advertise weekly rallies in your city square. Openly announce your library meetings. Publicly advertise regular pro-White meetings at a local hotel.  Don’t be cowed, Dalton, don’t be cowed!

Jews and their allies are experts at puffing up their perceived power.  But outside New York and Washington DC, their power on the ground declines dramatically.  

Really?  Next time Unite the Right can be held, say, in Virginia!  Charlottesville sounds like a good idea. Spencer can speak at Michigan State.  No problem!  Amren can hold their meetings at a TN state complex – no security needed, right?  After all, it’s not New York and DC, so no problem!  Certainly, they won’t need to go to court to force the state of TN to pay exorbitant security costs, right you mendacious fraud?
Is this raging idiot Dalton serious?  

The multi-city riots of recent days were conducted mostly by opportunistic Black criminals and random anarchists; it was not a centrally-planned effort, and such people pose virtually no threat to local White groups.

This is gaslighting nonsense. The same groups of thousands that can shut down a city – you think dozens of those, the hardcore leaders, can’t be mobilized against your blithely naïve “advertise your library club and see who shows up” meetings?  How come every time such a project has been undertaken it has collapsed?  Meeting after meeting – in America and in Europe – has been attacked, or relocated, or cancelled because of the people who “pose virtually no threat.”  You know, the folks who showed up at Charlottesville armed, who attack people in the streets with impunity (can Spencer show his face in public without being punched?), who sent Trump hiding in a White House bunker, who have support from the mass media and major corporations, who set up an “autonomous zone” in Seattle – these are just random groups of Negro criminals and assorted roving anarchists, right?  

Furthermore, I hate to disparage commenters, but I can’t stop wondering how many leftist/Jewish trolls we attract here at TOO.  Probably a fair number.  

Three points.  First, this is a typically disgusting and fundamentally dishonest Type I maneuver – declare that your critics are “Jews” or other infiltrators. Second, if even a website can attract a “fair number” of “leftist/Jewish trolls” then what about your local small groups?  Moshe Finkelstein merely needs to exchange his yarmulke for a horned helmet and claim his name is Lars Finksson and he’ll be all set. Third, if you actually do set up your “local groups” what stops idiots like Dalton accusing sincere activists they disagree with being “leftist/Jewish trolls?” Given the history of Der Movement, actual infiltrators will be welcomed, while authentic activists will be insulted and rejected.

We need to keep in mind:  If someone’s “comments” or “suggestions” are virtually identical to what a Jewish or leftist opponent might say, then we need to take them with a huge grain of salt.  

Yes, indeed.  What would a Jewish or leftist opponent suggest? That Antifa (“antifa” in scare quotes) doesn’t really exist (whoever the hell “they” are, indeed!).  Maybe pretend that someone can openly organize pro-White activism with no real risks whatsoever? Let a thousand flowers bloom – and then cut them all down.

Our opponents would like nothing better than that we do nothing—hence, for them, every suggestion for concrete White action is necessarily stupid, unworkable, or doomed to failure.  

Not every suggestion. Just the ones that actually are stupid, unworkable, or doomed to failure.  Like yours.

Right.  Don’t believe it.  Critical comments are welcome, but they should be coherent and constructive.  Mindless opposition serves no purpose, other than to cast suspicion on the commenter.

Why isn’t this coherent and constructive?  Oy vey!  If you disagree with Dalton you are mindless!  If you disagree with Dalton you’re a Jewish leftist!  Again, if TOO is a hotbed of Jewish infiltrators, as you claim, doesn’t that support the view that your “small local groups” will be similarly infested?

More pragmatically, what actual risks would White activists face? 

YOU and your supporters can be the role models. YOU show us the lack of risk. I await Dalton and the TOO commentators who support him to put a nice video on YouTube, introducing themselves to the world – real names of course – and inviting us all to their weekly library meetings. Let’s see who shows up.  Right?  What actual risks?  Are you serious?  Is this supposed to be a serious essay or a poorly written comedy?  Dalton must believe that White activists are all cowards or delusional paranoids.  No risks!  So, why aren’t they all out openly organizing?  Cowards!  Paranoids!

Is being fired a real threat?  Perhaps, depending on the person and the circumstances.  But first, I think such threats are generally overblown; a few high-visibility cases get lots of media time, thanks to our Jewish friends, but realistically, this is a small risk for most people.  

And you know this how?  Gee, what would a Jewish leftist do? Encourage self-doxxing perhaps?  

Secondly, there are large groups of people for whom ‘firing’ is not a threat at all:  retirees, students…

Students!  Gee, what could ever happen to a student?  Obviously nothing!  Your typical high school or college student faces no risks whatsoever!  Is Dalton mentally retarded?  Gee, they won’t be harassed, right?  Not physically attacked, right?  Not unfairly graded, right?  Not suspended or expelled, right?  Not blacklisted from future employment, right?  Hey, Mr. PhD, did YOU come out publicly, under you real name, as a student?

…stay-at-home moms and dads, the self-employed, the family-employed, those with strong support systems (like unions), and so on.  Not to mention—the already unemployed!  Lots of those around lately.  No doubt there are plenty of folks in a position to attend such a group.

Jewish trolls no doubt will be in a perfect position.

Then a reader turns the tables on me, asking for data for my claim that any nation of 330 million is ungovernable.  This is actually incidental to my argument, but in short, to respond to the critic, there is a lengthy history—dating back to Plato and Aristotle—of a “size theory of politics.”  This suggests that only small populations can achieve rational and stable governmental forms along with high qualities of living.  Contemporary data suggests that 10 to 20 million is perhaps the most that can be rationally and justly governed.

Ignore all history, and currently extant nations, that prove otherwise.  You can of course define “rationally and justly governed” as you wish to prove your point, but it doesn’t change the fact that actual reality – as opposed to Ancient Greeks extolling the virtue of city states (and how did those turn out?) – refutes Dalton’s assertions.

I believe Dalton has now won the prize for worst writer on the Far Right. The level of cluelessness, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, blithe naivete, advocacy of activities that can cause people on our side real and life-changing harm, coupled with calling critics “mindless” and “leftist/Jewish trolls” – this is a level of tragicomedy never before observed in “movement” circles.

A Thousand Points of Blight

Some fairly bad advice…mixed in with some good. In all cases, emphasis added.
See here.

The United States is irredeemably corrupt. It cannot be salvaged and it cannot be saved.  The entire political and economic infrastructure is lost.  We have neither a democracy nor an oligarchy, but rather a Judeocracy: rule by Jewish power and Jewish money.  Jews are assisted at all levels by Whites (and others) who act as their willing front-men, and who thus disguise the deeper workings of the system.  Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians—they’re all the same.  No party has the guts to confront the Jewish power structure.  The media, of course, is also hopelessly corrupted by Jewish influence; witness the battle between CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News, to see who can display greater fealty to Jewish interests. Thus we can expect nothing but biased and malicious reporting from any of them.  The American system cannot be reformed; we should not even try.

I agree with “The American system cannot be reformed” but not “we should not even try.” The “trying” is not for the actual reform, but for the downstream effects.  For the sake of propaganda and public mobilization, there should be one branch of pro-White activism in electoral politics that takes a “save America” standpoint for public consumption.  It is important to get fellow travelers elected at the federal level, and the time is not right for the bleak “the United States is irredeemably corrupt. It cannot be salvaged and it cannot be saved” as a rallying cry for national-level electoral politics.American corruption can work to our advantage.

As the US continues on its path of decay and decline, more and more opportunities will emerge for White nationalists.  

Excuse me, but your beloved “movement,” with its rigid ethnic affirmative action program that allows only Anglo-Germanic leadership, completely botched all of the opportunities over the last four years, all of the possibilities inherent in right-wing populism post 2016, and have left us worse off, activism wise, today than we were before Antifa Don Trump was elected.  Please explain how a “movement” based on continuous failure, “led” by laughably inept incompetents and “D’Nations”-hungry grifters, is going to effectively take advantage of the “more and more opportunities.”

The American Judeocracy will inevitably destroy itself; it’s only a question of time.  Jewish misanthropy and kleptomania will consume itself and the whole federal infrastructure in the process.  However, the American system will likely not collapse in a sudden, catastrophic paroxysm.  Rather, it will be a slow and steady loss of integrity, of stability, of coherence, and of credibility.  This is what has happened in the latter stages of most all imperial-like political entities in history.  Eventually, the political system and the ruling authorities simply lose the willpower and ability to intervene against rebels or invaders.  We are seeing precursors of this in the Seattle “autonomous zone.”  This works massively to our benefit.

This is where the analysis starts to go off the rails.  It is not going to be anarchy, but anarcho-tyranny.  The same corrupt and inept America that stands by helplessly with respect to the “Seattle autonomous zone” will mobilize every resource to attack and destroy a similar entity originating from the pro-White Right. “Eventually, the political system and the ruling authorities simply lose the willpower and ability to intervene against rebels or invaders.” That depends who those “rebels and invaders” are. It’s going to be a long, long time before the System is going to lose the willpower to intervene against Whites (unless the federal structure itself is so infiltrated by fellow travelers to make this possible) and it will be much longer before the ability to do so is lost.  The “twigs and branches” types grossly underestimate state power and grossly overestimate their ability to resist that power.

White Nationalists should assist the process of decline. 

Now the analysis really not only goes off the tracks but starts crashing into a wall.  This is the “accelerationist” “worse is better” paradigm we’ve been hearing for decades.  Unfortunately, given reality, worse is often simply worse.  “Worse is better” presupposes that Whites behave as other races, that there is some threshold at which (many, most, majority) Whites will resist (and here I am merely talking about political, social, and economic resistance – not Turner Diaries fantasies).  This paradigm operates under the assumption that foreign actors will not and cannot intervene to our detriment.  If the decline is coming, and if it is inevitable, White nationalists should be focusing on POSITIVE actions to organize whatever Whites DO resist and try to help the remainder of salvageable Whites decide that they too need to resist. Whites are not going to be attracted to our side if they see us actively helping to destroy, rather than being positive and constructive forces.

The more ethnic diversity, more economic disruption, more political division, and more crime that we experience, the faster will be the process of decline.  As bad as it looks, “Black Lives Matter” is doing us a favor.  Arsonists and looters are doing us a favor.  The moronic liberal elites who defend these low-lifes are too ignorant to realize that such actions are undermining their very system of power.  Recent events are making clear to millions of Whites that a multiracial, Jewish-run America will be a catastrophe in the future.  And they can’t be too happy about it.

First, we cannot assume that “millions of Whites” are responding in the manner that we wish. And what percentage of the total White American population are those “millions?”  And if they are not happy about it what makes you think they’ll flock to White nationalism if we are actively contributing to the same woes the Whites are so unhappy about?  Why should Whites support a “movement” that is openly and actively working to make the lot of Whites more difficult?So, let’s help the process along:  More Latino and Asian immigration!  More Blacks in corporate America!  More Jews in Washington!  More aid for Israel!  More affirmative action!  More leftist street marches!  Defund the police!  More looting!  More arson!  We can use the liberal Zeitgeist against itself—use its own logic to drive it into the ground.This is astonishingly wrong-headed.  I’ve outlined my reasons above.  What we SHOULD be doing is increasing the chaos and balkanization through positive activities – democratic multiculturalism, White mobilization, explicitly White electoral politics, etc. We do not need to be actively promoting the negative trends that “millions of Whites” see as a catastrophe. Simply by promoting pro-White policies in a positive manner we will “heighten the contradictions” and destabilize the System indirectly.  To actually support these destructive tendencies and reinforce the media’s “bugaloo” smear is wrong.

Washington is rapidly losing the moral and political basis for effective action. Trump’s various stupid proclamations and (in)actions and the paralysis in Congress are all good signs.  We are seeing federal dysfunction at all levels: in the response to the coronavirus, in various military conflicts around the globe, and in international relations.  The US is being pushed around by hostile nations, and our allies—even the Jewish-dominated ones in Europe—are increasingly ignoring us.  Again, this is all good news.

Not if Whites are cucking or such despair that they give up.  Give them something positive to grab onto.

Whites deserve, and have the right, to self-rule. There is no good reason why Whites anywhere should submit to rule by Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any combination of these.  This is not because such people are “inferior”; rather, every race and every ethnicity has its own values and its own culture, rooted in genetics, and these should not be imposed on unwilling Whites.  Whites have the right to be proud of their values and their cultural achievements, which comprise the highest and greatest achievements in human history.  Let the other races build their own nations and their own cultures, in their own lands  And let them live with the consequences.


White self-governance cannot be achieved at a national level in the US—not for a century, at least. 

During this 100 year period foreign powers will be doing nothing inimical to White interests when American power collapses, right?We need to give up on Washington.  The federal system needs to end, and governance rebuilt at the local level.  A nation of 330 million is ungovernable, even of a single ethnicity…

China and India do not exist.…

a multiracial nation of this size is utterly unsustainable.  Perhaps someday, many decades down the road, a kind of White American coalition or confederation will be possible; but not in our lifetimes.  Again, this is not bad news.

Well, if you’re a Chinaman, maybe so.

Start local, start small. 

Be snug in your hobbit hole!

Given that there will not be a federal White nationalist movement or party…

Yes, let’s just assume a priori that’s impossible and not even try!

…we need to look for local or state-level groups advocating White self-rule—or at first, White identity and White self-interest.  Here’s one suggestion:  Start a local “White Lives Matter” group.  With extreme vetting.  First question – “are you Swedish?”  Second question – “are you Dave Lewis the movie critic and not David Lewis the writer for The Stranger?”What’s good for the goose…  Maturity.This process can be very small and very simple.  One person can reserve a room in a library, school, or church basement.  One person can reach out to friends, spread the word on social media, or print up flyers to post around town.  

At which point the SPLC and Antifa will know about it faster than your legitimate target audience will.

Pick a day and time, book a room, advertise—and see who comes.  

See who comes – Hermansson, Lewis, Antifa…

Even a small turnout is a start.  

Just Hermansson and Lewis.

We ought not forget that, in Germany many years ago, National Socialism began with weekly meetings of just seven or so men (“the same old seven,” lamented Hitler).  If you get seven at first, consider it a victory.

Hail victory!  Of that seven, four will be spies and the other three moles.

“It’s just a club.” At first, any such “WLM” group will likely be a mere discussion group:  politics, news, local developments.  Think of it as a social club:  like-minded Whites getting together, on a regular basis, to discuss issues of common interest.  This alone, as innocuous as it might seem, is a radical step in today’s climate.  The sheer existence of a WLM group will likely draw negative attention; be prepared, stay cool, stay calm, stay rational.  You have a right to your own self-interest. 

Unfortunately, in today’s America, your assumptions about your rights are not enough.  Step one is to prepare for contingencies, and that includes competent and dependable legal representation. 

Use negative publicity to your advantage. 

 Worked well for Spencer, after all

.Remember: Anyone who accepts BLM but rejects WLM is an evil “racist.”

That’ll be a convincing argument to those bashing you over the head with a bike lock, with impunity.

Become politically active. As the group grows, establish some structure:  take attendance, collect modest annual dues…“D’Nations!”…have officers.  Watch out for spies and moles; they are inevitable, but can be managed.  

Certainly.  After all, the Far Right has a record of managing that real well.  You know, I realize that a public post is not the appropriate place to discuss the details of security measures. However, the off-hand blithe assurance that spies and moles “can be managed” does a disservice to the reader who would try and put these proposals into practice.  Spies and moles are a serious, serious, existential problem for any pro-White organization, particularly a small one started organically by local residents (rather than one established by an existing large scale organization).  Indeed, in some locales, if you are not careful, it may be the mole that actually establishes the local group.  There needs to be high level discussion and planning among established “movement” activists with respect to these activities. Unfortunately, the affirmative action policy ensures that either such planning will never take place or it is does it will be completely inept and ineffective.

Once the group is stable, then you are in a position to engage in local politics.  Write op-eds or post things on a local blog.  Make yourselves known; be open, be public.

And reserve a hospital bed. Seriously though, you need to plan ahead for negative contingencies. This fellow is writing this in a manner that makes it sound like a breathlessly novel idea never before proposed or attempted.  Wrong.  Now try and figure out why the approach has not been successful and work backward to establish first principles for planning.

Have definable and clear local objectives, moving toward a White society. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city, suburb, or rural area:  establish a group, meet regularly, and get engaged.  If your area is already mostly or all White, there should be little resistance.  

Certainly!  After all, every single militant opposed to pro-White politics is non-White!

If it is majority-minority, consider moving.  If your area, like mine, is a mostly-White suburb but with encroaching non-whites, put up resistance. 

 Such as?

The larger objective is for White self-determination and self-rule, and this starts by making non-whites realize that they are no longer welcome here.

 Enforced how?

Pick a local geographic region—neighborhood, city, or county—and declare it White.  

Is this serious?

Don’t hold a vote, don’t look for a majority—just declare it.  

I declare that I am Fuhrer of the Milky Way galaxy – nay, the entire universe!  Declaring it makes it so!  Bow down before your God Sallis!  Just declare it!

This is essentially what a bunch of Seattle hooligans and degenerates recently did; again, that blade cuts both ways.  How outrageous!—a dozen (say) local folks declare their neighborhood or city to be White!  And then they have the nerve to say, publicly, that non-whites are not welcome, and should leave!  Revolutionary!  But that’s what it takes.  No ugliness, no violence, no cross-burnings.  Just a polite and civil statement:  This is now a White area, and non-whites are no longer welcome. Orania in America.

Followed immediately by Colored and Leftist rioting, police attacks against Whites, and the National Guard called in.

Develop a local identity. This will likely mean creating your own distinctive logo or slogan. 

 The Hobbit in the Hole Gang!

Put them on stickers, letterhead, flyers, T-shirts, flags, yard signs.  

Victory is nigh!  Create a logo of Johnson snug in his hobbit hole and put it on a yard sign.

Spread them around.  You want to see these things on cars, houses, neighborhood kiosks, etc.  Even people who won’t attend a meeting might be sympathetic and put a sign in their window. 

 Sure they will.

Public visibility has a tremendous effect.

Indeed it will.  Worked wonders for Unite the Right.

Let’s pause here a moment. 

Try and get your priapism to become flaccid.

By the above simple and elementary acts, Whites everywhere can take concrete steps to reassert their right to self-governance.  Groups need not adhere to any specific ideology, nor align with any particular White movement.  To be counted under the broad heading of “White nationalist,” groups need only endorse something like the follow general precepts:
[I won’t comment on those, or even reproduce them here; he’s preaching to the choir]Additionally, we need not worry excessively about who “counts” as White.  In the vast majority of cases, it is obvious:  those whose ancestry derives from indigenous European peoples and nations.  There are ambiguous cases, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, that deserve more discussion.  

Why are those cases ambiguous?  They are “indigenous European peoples and nations.”

More important, though, is who is not White:  Jews are not White, despite their own frequent proclamations to the contrary.  Arabs or other Middle Easterners are not White.  Hispanics and Latinos are not White.  ‘White’ is not simply a matter of skin color; it is also a question of heritage, of worldview, of culture, and of values.  Don’t be fooled by light skin or blond hair.[5]

It his footnote this fellow writes:

[5]Mixed-race individuals are also problematic, but again, they are a small minority.  Roughly speaking, we can say that anyone with three-quarters or more of White heritage counts as White, presuming that they do not adhere to non-White values or culture.

So, on the one hand, a Russian or a White “Hispanic” is ambiguous or no good, while on the other hand a quadroon who adheres to White values and culture is A-OK.
Why is Der Movement one continuous face palm? 

This said, we can console ourselves in the fact that America is still a predominantly White nation, and will be so for many years to come.  White Americans currently number about 195 million, in a nation of nearly 330 million.  And even though our numbers are projected to decline slightly in the coming decades, we will still long be the numerically-dominant ethnicity.  Hispanics here could top 100 million by 2050, but that is roughly half of White numbers; Blacks will not number more than 55 million or so, and Asians not more than 45 million.  And we mustn’t forget that American Jews number only some 6 million.  One of our strengths is our numbers, and we must always bear this in mind.  Jews and other non-Whites certainly know it, and they fear it.  Large numbers of active Whites spell doom for them.

“Active” is the key word here.  Most Whites are “active” only to the extent of grabbing for their next Big mac, or kneeling to Negroes.

Still, based on combined effects, America will be a ‘majority-minority’ nation at least by 2045, and coalitions of non-Whites, led by Jews, could soon exercise even more power than they do at present.  And the trends for the end of this century are even more dire.  This is unacceptable, hence the urgent need for White action on many fronts.

The changing demographics are dire and create the need for “White action.”  And what has this author proposed?  Remember:So, let’s help the process along:  More Latino and Asian immigration!”Face palm.

Let’s conclude with a few final points, in our drive for White nationalism.
Gradually assume more power, quietly and nonviolently. As local White or WLM movements grow, and as intimidated non-Whites…

Yes, we’ve seen how intimidated non-Whites are of Whites the past few weeks.…

move out, White groups will be able to assume a greater civic role, just by default.  Volunteer groups can provide social services, self-police, and participate in local schools.  White nationalists will then naturally come to gain power in local politics, exercising yet more autonomy.  

Can you imagine people like Spencer and Johnson trying to do any of that?

All the while, the autonomous zones should continue to grow, by declaration.

By declaration! I do declare!

The biggest threat will come from local and state police, and potentially state National Guards. Small, decentralized White autonomous zones generally need not fear the feds.  Yes, we all remember Waco and Ruby Ridge, but those were anomalies of the past.  With a degraded federal justice system, and with (hopefully) dozens of White zones popping up around the country, the feds will be in no position to confront them. 

Delusion. In fact, quite the opposite – the American military is becoming so degraded and so politicized that its optimal role will be precisely that of stamping out White dissent.  The only way around this is infiltration at the federal as well as local level.  But since the Quota Queens have wasted the last half century, options are limited.

The larger threat, I think, is from local and state authorities.  Fortunately, these groups are now being alienated on a large scale.  As current policemen resign in disgust, less and less qualified people will take their places, resulting in growing inefficiency and incompetence.  Eventually they will be unable to, or chose not to, take action against peaceful civilian groups who only seek self-governance.  

Sure!  A federalized “local” police – which is on the agenda – full of Coloreds, will just sit back and let Whitey set up their zones, “intimidating” non-Whites.

Remember, the goal here, at least initially, is to create White autonomous zones which are self-governing and relatively independent from state or federal authorities.  The central tactic is to ‘walk away slowly,’ rather like you might do when confronted by a maniac with a large knife.  Don’t antagonize, don’t threaten—just walk away.

What the hell does that actually mean?  So, if the authorities come in, just walk away from the “autonomous zone” you’ve invested in creating?  If this is a possibility, maybe we need to carefully rethink the strategy.

Undermine Jewish financial power. Jewish power derives almost exclusively from their vast wealth; 6 million American Jews control some $50 trillion in assets.[6]  But this is denominated in corrupt, inflated, debt-ridden, and intrinsically valueless US dollars.  Therefore, we need to declare the US dollar worthless, and move our financial assets into new, local currencies—perhaps something we might whimsically call ‘Aryan Bucks.’  

Aryan Bucks.” That’ll have the “normies” flocking to you, no doubt. The Quota Queens have absolutely no sense whatsoever.

AB’s could, by law, be held and spent only by Whites.  They would be declared worthless and illegal in the hands of Jews or other non-Whites. 

Hey!  Why didn’t Pierce think of that for The Turner Diaries?

At first, both currencies would have to circulate in parallel, but as quickly as possible, Whites would want to migrate to their own financial system.  The political and economic benefits from this step alone would be enormous.

Does anyone really believe that Whites are going to ditch dollars in favor or “Aryan bucks?”

Accelerate growth of autonomous zones. As White zones grow, and as disaffected Whites move into the newly-declared regions, the remaining areas will grow darker in complexion.  This will only accelerate the decline of multiracial America.  Ideally, a positive feedback situation will emerge in which Whites rapidly move into local safe-zones as the other regions collapse.  This makes expansion all the easier.Numerous local White zones, incidentally—meaning, several in each state or large city—make for a much more practical strategy than, say, picking a few large rural areas.  There aren’t many White Montanans or Californians ready to move to rural Arkansas, but they might be willing to move an hour or two away to a local zone in a familiar area.

They’ll uproot themselves, and then “walk away quietly” once the authorities come in.

Be prepared to fight, as a last resort. If we are smart, we can achieve nearly everything we want non-violently.  But sadly, that may not always be the case.  Therefore, as Corey states, we will need to be armed.  At present, something like 35 million White households own at least one gun; presumably, most by the man in the family.  So let’s say we have 35 million armed White males in this country—an awesome force, indeed.

 Awesome!  Of those, how many would fight?  And if they did, how long would they last against tanks and fighter planes?

If there is one thing Jews and Blacks fear more than White men, it’s White men with guns. Yes, the last few weeks we’ve seen how afraid they’ve been.  The delusion is strong with this one.I wouldn’t hesitate to state that armed White American civilians constitute the most formidable fighting power on Earth. 

 Billy Bobb is gonna shoot down dat dere Chinese hypersonic nuclear missile with his shotgun. Pellets flying everywhere!

No one—not even the Jewish-run American military—could defeat them. Crazed.If the US military can’t subdue a few thousand low-IQ Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, they haven’t a prayer against millions of pissed-off Whites.

 Those “few thousand low-IQ Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan” are willing to fight and die, they are in shape, they can live off the land, and they have the support of the local population.  Billy Bobb doesn’t want to miss his Monday night football, has a BMI of 10,000, lives off the local Walmart, and is despised by the majority of Whites.

This is our ace-up-the-sleeve.  

Do you have a rabbit up their as well?  Or is that just in your hat?

But we need to use it judiciously.Indeed.Ideally, White autonomous zones would pop up like mushrooms around the country:  a few in each major city, several in the rural areas of each state.  And they’ll close down as soon as a dozen noodle-armed Antifa start throwing rocks.Under good circumstances, they might grow and join together, combining their collective power.

Power!  0 + 0 = 0

These “thousand points of White,” as I like to think of them, would pose an insurmountable problem for federal and local authorities…

For about five minutes.…

especially if they were peaceful, and especially at the early “club” phase. 

 You mean, the phase at which noodle-arms and purple hairs would wreck the place in half an hour?

Being decentralized, there is no single pressure point for the feds to squeeze; they would have to address multiple, simultaneous local issues at once. 

So, it may take a hour rather than five minutes.

And if there were still on-going riots, or economic chaos, or some new pandemic, …well, the authorities will quickly reach the end of their rope.  And then we win.

Good luck.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books, including a new translation series of Mein Kampf…

Of course.
Look, if you dismiss the majority of the piece that is crazed delusion, there are good ideas there. We DO need local organizing and community building.  But we need it done by people who have an idea of the difficulties involved, people who can strategize and plan for contingencies.  The Heroes of Charlottesville and the Heroes of Hermansson are incapable.  Do you think that local activists – the same morons who slavishly support the aforementioned heroes – would do any better?  Is there ONE example of this strategy being effectively actualized?
Without quality people – in leadership as well as the rank-and-file – all such projects are doomed to failure.  
As I was writing this riposte, I note the following comment:

ReplyJRMJRMsays:June 19, 2020 at 12:54 pmI’m not sure what to make of this. Prof. Dalton seems to be suffering from some loss of persective, perhaps due to the quickening pace of social disintegration we are all seeing of late. Prof. Dalton has done good work before; he deserves our indulgence. But come, let us reason together.
After an initial push for accelerationism, the article takes flight in a fantasy of successful White organization on a micro level. A “thousand points of light” is wellchosen for appropriation in the title. There probably needs to be an interim segue which discusses the amount of time, or conditions for, the transition from acceleration to grass-roots organization. Real accelerationism is a dangerous game to play, and the author owes a bit more detail if he wishes to prompt serious effort on the part of others. Acceleration and grass-roots organization for White interests are not the same thing at all. How does the author wish us to pursue the accelerationist part of his scheme? Should we donate to BLM? Vote for Biden?
“One person can reserve a room in a library, school, or church basement. One person can reach out to friends, spread the word on social media, or print up flyers to post around town. Pick a day and time, book a room, advertise—and see who comes.”
Right. See who comes, indeed. This may be the single worst piece of advice ever published on this site. Libraries, schools, and churches are already in enemy territory. Any effort to avail use of these would likely be denied. If permission were granted, the blowback from Leftists could be potentially fatal. As for “social media” – please. Social media statements would be censored, result in bans, or firings from jobs. The author seems tone deaf on this topic. I can’t go a day without reading about someone being fired for being insufficiently supportive of BLM on social media. The new trend is to get the spouse fired, too.
“You have a right to your own self-interest. Use negative publicity to your advantage. Remember: Anyone who accepts BLM but rejects WLM is an evil “racist.””.
This does not work. Whites no longer have a clear right to self-interest. Sounds crazy, but try putting this principle to the test. I can guarantee loss of livelihood and/or jailtime. It is now also established dogma that non-Whites cannot be guilty of racism. Racism can only be performed by Whites. This is all but law in this country now.
“The chief threat to White well-being comes from the global Jewish lobby…”
Partially true. The biggest, most existential threat comes from Jewish control of the courts and educational apparatus. But the more immediate stumbling block is the large number of young Whites who identify with black causes. These hoards of brainwashed young Whites are an army of zombies that can be used as blunt force against established White communities and values. They are ready to defend blacks and black values on command. They will be the first to come at you with a bike lock or skateboard. So be prepared to go to war with your own kind when you advertise your “White Book Club” or discussion group.
There are good points in the article. There are worthwhile strategies. But the chronological and conditional order for them is not detailed. There will be a time for some sets of actions; and there will be another time for another set to come into play. I firmly believe once the Federal Gov. collapses, we can seize the opportunity for a massive rebuilding project. It will take time. Right now is too soon to act in any way that exposes your identity to the Fed Gov or Antifa.
This system is unquestionably entering into its final chapters. The actual collapse might take fifty years. Or it might take a few months. Things are moving much faster now than they were even a year ago.
My advice: buy land; get the hell out of the cities; stock up on ammo and weapons; learn to farm, fish, and hunt. Have White children and homeschool them. Teach them what you wished you had been taught about “democracy” and “minorities”.
Keep your eye on the pressure from both the Gov. and the blacks and or Hispanics. Is there wholesale slaughter in the cities with little justice for White people? At what point do you know in your heart that your local LE is unable to respond meaningfully, and all personal defense must be handled by you?
Defend yourself and family first, and start making neighborly connections to fellow Whites so you know who can be trusted when GOV is no longer able to exert its will.

Ethnonationalist Filth

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Laugh at this. Emphasis added:

In case you’re wondering, my metaphor of the two neighbors represents here the two extremes present in the Dissident Right with regard to European unity in the face of the many pressures and difficulties our peoples are faced with. The neighbor who ignores the fire next door, thus allowing it to spread to his own domicile, is the so-called petty nationalist. The petty nationalist does not realize that multiculturalism, globalism, immigration, and all of the well-known conflagrations of today will eventually spread to his house. The neighbors who, having put out the fire, start living together and intruding on each others’ most intimate moments are the so-called racial imperialists, who’d weld together the various disparate nations of Europe and forcefully integrate them into one homogenous racial blob. 

Please name someone who is best described as – “racial imperialists, who’d weld together the various disparate nations of Europe and forcefully integrate them into one homogenous racial blob.”

Who? Richard Spencer, the extreme Anglocentrist whose “movement” “career” is more or less kaput? Who? von Hoffmeister, who no one hears about any more? Who?  Please tell us who all these dastardly “racial imperialists” are; inquiring minds want to know.  Or is it just a bogeyman of the ethnonationalists?  

People don’t generally like either of these options.

Then why do you spend time arguing against both?

The position of the petty nationalist is very much indefensible. 

The various nations of Europe cannot individually defend themselves against gigantic global enemies, be they the full force of the Islamic ummah, rootless cosmopolitan subversives, transnational corporations, or the gold-hoarding, industry-stealing, disease-exporting dragon in the Far East. Not counting Russia, Germany is Europe’s most populous and wealthiest nation, and France has the greatest military power. Not one of these countries can reasonably stand up to either China, the Islamic world, or even Russia and the USA, to say nothing of Europe’s smaller nations. I’ve written on this subject before, about Eastern Europe’s justifiable anxieties about Russia. When you’re small and your neighbor is big, when he can very easily show up at your doorstep with an army as large as your population, no number of assurances will convince you that he won’t eventually change his mind and decide that might makes right. Naturally, the nations of Europe form alliances to ward off external threats.

And why should European nations form alliances only with each other then, if it is merely out of national self-interest?  Why not an alliance of Latvia with China against Russia?  An alliance of England and Russia against those dastardly Polish plumbers (more about them below)?  Why would “the nations of Europe” preferentially “form alliances” against “external” threats?  Why are all of the threats external, and not any of them internal, to Europe?  

If you start following through the chain of logic to what the obvious answers are, then you begin to reach an endpoint that involves more than just some temporary ad hoc “alliances.” You begin to get to issues of shared racial, cultural, and civilizational heritages and an innate sense of belonging to a common Race-Culture.

At the same time, these alliances must remain alliances. 

Again, if these are merely temporary alliances of convenience, then why shouldn’t the UK make an alliance with China in competition against, say, Germany?

Just as the neighbors of our metaphor started hating each other when they were forced to share bedrooms and toilets, so the nations of Europe become enthralled to mutual resentment and contempt

“Enthralled?” In that context? Poor word choice, awkward sentence construction. ESL alert!

…when forcibly integrated with each other. The vitriol dripping from the tongues of English nationalists when talking about Polish plumbers is astounding and would discourage many from attempting to create a continent- and race-wide common consciousness.

Those same “English nationalists” grovel to “Commonwealth Immigration” of Blacks and Browns. Who cares what they “think?”  More fundamentally – who says that pan-Europeanism entails “Polish plumbers” living in England?  Why are ethnonationalists so relentlessly mendacious, so fundamentally dishonest, that they have to repeat these strawman arguments over and over again?

The NATO pact is one such example of a wrongheaded alliance. NATO policy against “duplication of capabilities” shoehorns every European nation’s military into specializing for one role, while the US military is exempt from this requirement. In practice, this means that no one European nation can use its military independently from the US. France is the only exception, only due to its long absence from the alliance, thanks to the wisdom of its president Charles de Gaulle who — for all his faults and treasons, well documented on this site and elsewhere — still managed to keep France somewhat sovereign in the latter half of the 20th century, or at least somewhat independent from the Anglo-Soviet duopoly. This is to say nothing of the fact that NATO is a way for US politicians to extort money from European member states and transfer it to the American military-industrial complex. 

Uh-huh.  Europeans are really paying their fair share of the military costs.  No.

In short, this is not an alliance, but a tool for imposing American (globohomo) suzerainty on the nations of Europe. The inclusion of non-European countries such as Turkey is likewise an incalculable mistake that could very easily drag the whole of Europe into wars that are not in its interest and give Turkish military personnel access to European military secrets and assessments of European military capabilities.

Never happened with individual nation states!  Sure!  Countries like England and France making common cause with the Ottomans against Russia, Greece, and Balkan Slavs never happened, by gummint!  It’s just a figment of a historian’s imagination!  And once again – why should an ad hoc system of temporary alliances include, say, Greece, but exclude Turkey?

If you thought that was bad, let me tell you about The Bruxelles Horror, The Thing From Strasbourg, The Union from the Black Latrine, which you may know as the EU. This bureaucratic nightmare of regulations and directives is the biggest threat to the sovereignty of European nations since the Turkish invasions of the 16th and 17th centuries. Its now-notorious method of decision-making by committee makes it the wet dream of leftoids, apparatchiks and other generally undesirable neurotypes. It is a colossal attempt to homogenize European nations into unworkable middles, resulting in labor laws which are too stringent for Italians, but too relaxed for Germans, in levels of centralization too high for Englishmen, but too low for Frenchmen.

As if the EU is something that someone like Yockey would have approved of. Idiot.

When the 2010 sovereign debt crisis rolled around, it was forced to abandon this approach of unworkable middles and was taken over by Angela Merkel, who uniformly imposed the German way of doing things on the entire continent, resulting in much misery and intra-European hatred. 

I thought that Der Movement supports German domination?

People who would have been friendly before started hating each other, because they were forced to live together — and more importantly, live like each other. Deny an Italian his riposa, his three-hour lunch break, and the many redundancies and inefficiencies of Italian communal life, and he’ll resent you with all the deep darkness contained in the word vendetta. 

What would a Der Movement blog post be without the typical snide contemptuous ridicule of the wops? This is, by the way, why I have my own (justified) contempt of Italy and the Italians, because their “La Dolce Vita” attitude opens them up to mockery by others.

The reason why the European Union broke at its British and Italian seams is simple. It forced the Italians to work like Germans, and it dictated to the British as if they were French. 

Last I looked Italy was still part of the EU.  So I’m not sure what “Italian seam” is breaking there.

Pretty soon, it will have to either force the French to build a cult of labor and economic gains like the Germans, or shoehorn decentralized and pacific Germany into the semi-militarized dirigisme of the Fifth Republic, with the impoverished and nationalist Ossies dragged kicking and screaming behind. European history is very clear as to what happens when France and Germany get locked in a cycle of mutual hatred.

Nutty ranting. The entire EU project is essentially Europe being bullied by the Germans and their French close allies.  If there’s a “cycle of mutual hatred” there then the rest of us must have missed it. Hatred between Germans and Greeks? Possibly yes. Germans and French?  Now?  No. By the way, the previous cycles of French-German “mutual hatred” was typically due to ethnonationalism.

I already have a good idea of what happens when you force Europeans to share living space because I’ve spent my entire life in the shadow of the Yugoslav wars. In a series of conflicts spanning from 1991 to 2001, the various nations of Yugoslavia settled their accounts with blood and iron. Men who were neighbors, coworkers, best men at each others’ weddings, friends, who named each other brother, who participated as comrades in peacekeeping missions as part of the Yugoslav National Army, were suddenly shooting at each other, burning each others’ houses and raping each others’ wives and daughters. It was a brother war if there ever was one, but mention to a Serb that a Croat is his brother will likely get you punched in the face, even 20 something years on.

So, under a tight Yugoslav regime everyone got along, but as soon as the centralization was relaxed, bloodshed ensued. Not exactly a sterling argument for ethnonationalism, is it?

My question to those who would force European nations to live together — who’d keep the European Union but try to make it based and redpilled — is this: if Yugoslavia couldn’t keep its six nations together, even with its 1974 constitution which transformed this federal state into a confederacy of states, how the hell are you going to gather Europe’s many nations together in a continent-wide federal entity without the end result including death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces?

Excuse me, you mendacious scum, it is your ethnonationalist Grand Poobah Johnson who has advocated war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans. Meanwhile, you’ll note that the “EU horror” that you have described has not descended into “death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces.” Don’t project Yugoslav violence onto the rest of Europe. When the UK wanted to leave the EU, they left (eventually). There wasn’t any “death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces.” 

People resent each other when forced to live together. 

How about people of the same ethnic group? They are “people” “forced to live together.”  Not everyone in the same mono-ethnic nation are compatible.

Nations do as well. Ask a Croatian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and he’ll claim that Croats were the perpetual victims of that state and that Croatian labor built Yugoslavia. Ask a Serbian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and he’ll claim that Yugoslavia was an anti-Serbian entity that served to undermine and destroy Serbian nationhood at the expense of elevating every other nationality. Ask a Macedonian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and you’ll get a spirited rant about how the Yugoslav authorities suppressed and gaslit Macedonian nationalism and used our country as a dumping ground for toxic waste. What’s interesting is that all of these stories are partially true. Yugoslavia was indeed an anti-Croat, anti-Serb, and anti-Macedonian entity, and it was also anti-Slovene, anti-Montenegrin, and anti-Bosniak. It was pro-Yugoslav, but Yugoslavs do not really exist outside the sick fantasy of former regime apparatchiks and extremely confused children of mixed marriages.

Descriptive, not prescriptive.  What happened in Yugoslavia is an example of why we need MORE European unity, not less.

That’s perhaps going too far. Yugoslav means southern Slavs. There definitely exists such a group of people and it includes all the nations of the former Yugoslavia, as well as the Bulgarians. In this sense, southern Slav is an ethnic designation. It is an element of identity, a level between nation and race. One can have various levels of identity, beginning with familial, scaling up to local, regional, national, ethnic, sub-racial and finally racial. And so, I am a Macedonian, but also a southern Slav, a Slav, and white. All levels of identity can be vectors of identity politics. Not all levels brook the establishment of a common state. History teaches us that the national level is the highest at which stable state-type entities can be established. 

The Roman Empire lasted longer than some of the nation states of Europe that are currently extant. Yes, Rome collapsed. Will the nation states of Europe last as long under current conditions?  By the way, what’s a nation? You talk about Germany. What about Prussia and Bavaria? Italy? What about Padania? France? Brittany?  Spain?  Catalonia?  

But there’s nothing stopping us from forming alliances at the higher levels and ultimately, at the highest, racial level.

This implies racial commonality.  What’s a nation?  Can a race be a nation? It’s White nationalism, after all. Why do you define nation to exclude Europe and Yugoslavia but include Germany, France, Spain, and Italy? What about England, Wales, and Scotland vs. the UK?  Should we atomize Europe to a hundred mini-nations?  If not, why not?  If so, then are you going to have dozens of ever-shifting alliances – or how about a federal structure instead?  

You’re a hypocrite if you talk about “nations” but define “nation” to include states that contain groups that could, and sometimes do, consider themselves independent ethnies. On the other hand, if you have “a Europe of a hundred flags” then all of your comments about how tiny nations cannot stand alone come back to haunt you.

So we either have a myriad of “the mouse that roared” alliances or we have an overarching federal structure.

What if there’s a middle ground between letting your neighbor’s house burn to the ground and moving in with him, making life intolerable for the both of you?

Preserve the neighborhood.  The homes are part of a neighborhood, part of a town or city.  They are not atomized dwellings completely free of connections to the world around them.

When large and organized enemies attack Europe, Europe has reacted by forming alliances against such enemies. 

And sometimes, Europeans sided with non-Europeans against other Europeans.  Ethnonationalism!

After many centuries of raids and invasions, the Pope called on Christian Europe to proactively defend itself against the strength of Islam. After many years of hard fighting, the Crusades finally broke the back of the Muslim caliphate and introduced confusion and disunity among the followers of Muhammad. European men of various nations standing side-by-side turned back the tide of Turks at the gates of Vienna. The loss of authority for the Pope and the Catholic church spelled the end of European unity, and what followed were many centuries of brother wars until the imperfect solution provided by the Peace of Westphalia.

So you admit that the end of European unity led to “many centuries of brother wars.” Thanks for refuting ethnonationalism, much appreciated!

The nations of Europe…

Which are?

…are facing many threats…

Including ethnonationalism.

…and we have to face these many threats together if we are to live. However, we must face these threats as equals coming together for a common goal, which is the survival of each nation. Already, we are seeing the beginnings of such alliances in entities like the Visegrád group, which do not seek to subordinate European nations, nor do they seek to forcefully integrate them with each other. 

Name a serious person in the “movement” today who wants to forcefully integrate” European nations with each other.  That’s not the same as a voluntary federation of nations.

Rather, the nations of Europe will work together for their common defense against external threats, both from hostile immigrants and great powers seeking to impose their suzerainty on us. Anything less means defeat. Anything more will lead to devastating brother wars. The best way to prevent a brother war is to let each brother have his own house.

All of that nonsense after this moron wrote: “…spelled the end of European unity, and what followed were many centuries of brother wars.”

The “brother wars” happened precisely BECAUSE OF ethnonationalism. That’s why Johnson supports war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans – because it is ethnonationalism that, ultimately, has to be forced upon people, ancient grudges inflamed and enabled to prevent the pan-European ideal.  It’s folks in Der Movement who really despise other Europeans, much more so than the man in the street. It’s the freaks and fetishists who are projecting their contempt on everyone else.

A Waste of Digital Bits

Fisking Hood.  And another Unzian note.

Read this, excerpts, emphasis added:

If we adopt the military analogy, in 2016 and 2017, white advocates did not follow Washington’s example. Unite the Right was the equivalent of throwing colonial militia against disciplined redcoats in a pitched battle. This isn’t because marchers were defeated physically by antifa. Antifa were not the problem. Instead, city and state police deliberately failed to keep the two sides apart and used the ensuing — and inevitable — violence as an excuse to shut down the rally. In the aftermath, leftists unleashed “lawfare” — a host of crippling lawsuits — against pro-white organizations, threatening their very existence. White advocates lack the legal infrastructure — pro bono lawyers, friendly judges — to fight back.

And why is that, my dear Hood? Why after decades of organized “activism,” after millions and millions of dollars being donated or given as “membership dues,” after all the bombast and promise, why is your “movement” so utterly helpless, so fragile, so bereft of the most minimal infrastructure, so inferior to the organizations assembled by, say, “African-Americans” whom your kind label as inferior? The answer is at the end of my comments, below.

Even organizations that had nothing to do with the rally, including and American Renaissance, lost platforms.

My heart bleeds.

The mistake at Charlottesville was understandable…

No, it wasn’t, you liar. That there was no strategy, no infrastructure, and no contingency planning was obvious to anyone with a triple digit IQ.  Even some of the other Quota Queens (of all people) had enough sense to express skepticism.

…just weeks before, there was a peaceful and successful Free Speech Rally. No one could have predicted that the Charlottesville chief of police would say, “Let them fight; it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” No one imagined a police officer would abandon her post at an intersection, so that James Fields could easily drive his car into demonstrators.

Moronic strawman arguments. No one predicted or imagined those specific things but people did predict and imagine that Alt Right events in general would always end up as disasters because the Alt Right itself was a moronic disaster.

What no one imagined…


Just four years ago, I would roll my eyes at excitable activists predicting censorship, arrest, or imprisonment. 

Which means you were a naïve idiot.

Today, I’m happy I still have a bank account.


What is to be done? We should look to our Anglo-American traditions.

The same traditions which led America to its current sorry state.

In the English Civil War, the American Revolution, and the American Civil War, the civic order didn’t collapse into anarchy. There was no mob or revolutionary vanguard that enforced its will as happened in the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, or the March on Rome. Violence, coups, and even Yellow-Vest-style mass rallies are not part of our tradition.

No, selling off your posterity to Jews is part of your tradition. Mazel tov!

Instead, Anglo-American revolutionary movements proceed through legal or quasi-legal authorities, from the Rump Parliament, to the Continental Congress, to the Southern state legislatures that voted for secession.


Set aside apocalyptic fantasies. 

Preach that to the Type I retards that your site caters to.

Instead, think of ways to gain control of state and local institutions. This includes supporting movements to break up and rearrange states, localities, and school boards. This may seem fanciful, but movements are already under way that would have sounded absurd just a few years ago.

What will be the outcome?  Let us “predict” and “imagine” – nothing.

Conservative upstate New Yorkers have called for secession for decades. 

How’s that working out?

Finally, there’s the “State of Jefferson” effort in Northern California, which has smoldered for decades.

And will continue to “smolder” for decades to come.

What does this mean for white advocates? We should take advantage of the existing political system. 

I’ve been advocating that here for years.

Rural America is losing population and is plagued by opioids. That’s where we should be, building institutions and businesses, concentrating geographically, working openly for our people, helping our neighbors, and building local political power. We may not be able to form a mini-ethnostate like Orania, but we can build something close. We can build communities where we can be safe, survive economically, and use the American constitutional system to our advantage. Secession efforts show that white Americans want self-determination, even if they aren’t willing to be explicitly racial about it yet.

I’ve been advocating that ever since I was interviewed by Griffin for One Sheaf One Vine. No one is doing it. The “leaders” have failed. What happened when, many years ago,  I “dipped my toe” into the “movement’s” leadership pool? There was a vitriolic response from the Type I fetishists. It was made very clear that I would never be accepted as any sort of leader in Der Movement.  Very well.  Instead, I create content and make suggestions. Those individuals who are acceptable as leaders and who have been, and currently are, play-acting as leaders, are the ones who have the obligation to get things done. YOUR “leaders” – the ones who are ethnically acceptable to the rank-and-file and to the other “leadership” cadres – continuously fail to enact the activities you propose.

There is no chance of seizing national power now. President Trump has done many good things, but he has so far missed a historic opportunity to stop immigration and save the nation. Perhaps another candidate — Matt Gaetz, Kris Kobach, Ron DeSantis, or even Tucker Carlson — will be someone we can support. However, for now, we need to go among our people — learning trades, making money, running for local elections, building tribes and Bible study groups — working to build real communitiesThe Mormons did this, just like our pioneers ancestors.

Then do it. Oh wait, you cannot and will not. BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP.

What is to be done? It’s not trying to “take over” the GOP — the rise of Bernie Sanders and President Trump show that candidates can run strong campaigns without support from the party establishment, but we don’t have the power or the reach to champion a national candidate.

After decades of “activism”…nothing.

However, we do have the power to build non-political institutions in conservative, rural communities. We don’t want to “take over” towns. We should just be friendly citizens and be good at our jobs, just as Douglas Hyde’s Dedication and Leadership recommends. We need nursing homes to care for our elderly, gyms to strengthen our young, drug treatment plans to support addicts, credit unions for financial services, and group medical insurance. These things are all possible. With that foundation, we can survive and help struggling whites who need our help.

Sound familiar?  Read Rienzi in Griffin’s book.  That was nearly twenty years ago.

Wherever you are in life, whether you’re a father like me…

Pity the children.

Build networks, concentrate in rural areas, create businesses that can support friends and fend off any attempt to get us fired. Let’s build the world we want from that ground up by uniting and building peaceful, effective systems that will improve our lives individually and strengthen us collectively.

OK, do it. What’s stopping you?

In the second-best speech I ever heard Jared Taylor give (the best being the one in Budapest), he said that one day we will have a place on this continent that is ours, and only ours. Many are willing to suffer or die for this, but I’m asking you to live and work for it. Treat other races with respect, fulfill your obligations as citizens, obey the law. Yet every day, act as if our true homeland already exists. We achieve our homeland by building it from the ground up, within the existing system. Let’s show the millions of whites who already agree with us that it’s not just possible, but a reality. If they shut us down with violence, our example will only inspire others.

Delusional.  Hey, why doesn’t Taylor show leadership and help this get organized? Why don’t YOU do it?  You’re acceptably “Anglo” aren’t you?  Leaders have responsibilities and obligations, not just perks, donations, power-wielding, and ego-boosting status. You’re the leaders, so DO something.

Like the Mormon pioneers, let’s be willing to move to the places where we can do what needs to be done. Like George Washington, we must avoid suicidal charges and instead build strong points (strong institutions) that will sustain us. Let’s project strength, like the Continental Army of our forefathers, representing the cause in the face of all obstacles. Let’s keep an army in the field, not armed with guns and artillery, but with knowledge, bravery, and the determination to defend our identity and rights against all opponents.

Just do it. Like the Nike slogan says: Just do it.

In the past, there have been times where I wanted to quit and be “normal.” Today, such thoughts make me sick. How can we say that we are afraid when we see what our ancestors achieved? How can I, or any of us, shirk duty?

Just do it.  Talk is cheap.  Empty words are worthless.  Go ahead: Do it.

We must possess an unshakeable faith that our cause is moral, our victory inevitable, and our future glorious. 

Yawn.  We’ve all heard that before, haven’t we?  Sound and fury signifying nothing.

In the name of the best within us, let’s show the world what People of Light can do, not online, not in Washington D.C., but in the places where our people need our help and need a voice to speak for them. I hope I will see you out there soon. The opportunity is here. Let’s seize it before we lose this race against time.

The basic problem with Hood’s screed is not the content, much (not all) of which I agree with it. The basic problem is that it is a waste of digital bits, a complete waste of time. I know and you know and, yes, I’m sure that even Hood knows, that what he proposes will not be actualized in the near future, and perhaps not ever. How many times have articles like this been written?  Answer: At least several times per year (I do so myself, but I’m under no illusions about the outcome). People read it, nod their heads in agreement, and maybe leave some stupid comment, and then everyone does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Subsequently, a few months later someone else (or even the same person) writes a similar article, everyone agrees, and then, again, nothing gets done.  Month after month, year after year, decade after decade, nothing gets done.

The even more basic problem is that Hood and his acolytes do not identity the underlying problem, and would never admit it even if they did identify it – a complete and utter failure of “movement leadership.”  The “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program protects, enables, and promotes do-nothing incompetents and grasping grifters.  

Another Unzian note:

See this.  A long rambling, incoherent analysis that obfuscates that the HBDers have been running a pro-Chinese narrative for weeks.

See this.

Chinese social media abounds with conjecture that the virus was engineered by the United States as an agent of biological warfare against China. 

Social media in China…and HBDers in America.  A connection?  Keep in mind that “social media” in China is censored, and so the “conjecture” there matches Chinese government agendas. Isn’t it interesting that the Chinese-HBD campaign to obfuscate the disease’s origins nicely dovetailed with the rapid spread of the disease outside China (never mind the increasing grumbling inside China against the its leaders)? To deflect the righteous anger of humans vs. Chinese, and to salvage China’s international reputation, the lies flow free and easy.

Now a dose of reality (emphasis added):

…nobody can deny that lab safety is a major concern in China. A safety breach at a Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention lab is believed to have caused four suspected SARS cases, including one death, in Beijing in 2004. A similar accident caused 65 lab workers of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute to be infected with brucellosis in December 2019. In January 2020, a renowned Chinese scientist, Li Ning, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling experimental animals to local markets.

So, was the Li Ning case the fault of Americans as well?  DARPA!  Whitey did it!  HBD filth

The government’s actions have lent credibility to the thesis that the coronavirus accidentally escaped a laboratory. In February, China appointed Major General Chen Wei, China’s top biowarfare expert, as head of the BSL-4 laboratory at Wuhan Institute of Virology. Because of Chen’s background, the appointment fueled suspicions about the virus’s possible connection to the BSL-4 lab. Then, on February 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted the need to incorporate shengwu anquan (which in Chinese could mean either “biosecurity” or “biosafety”) into its national security regime. 

Reality check: The virus originated in China, due to Chinese deficiencies of one sort or another. Just because the HBDers are sexually desperate for hordes of Chinatrices does not give them the right to obfuscate the facts of the matter.