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A Brisk Fisking, 1/5/17

Alt Right analysis.

Greg Johnson makes some good arguments here, although I am not in agreement with the overall theme of the piece.

More to the point, there’s a glaring omission: the Alt Wrong.  That’s the “HBD race realism” school and associated precincts, represented, e.g. by Sailer-Derbyshire-Amren-Unz (and to some extent TOO).  That’s an even graver danger than the Alt Light.

As regards some other points. A very brisk fisking:

Indeed, they have to find it to be a safe and welcoming space, not a madhouse of trolling, bullying, and doxing.

How about a madhouse of ethnic fetishism, juvenile jackassery, bizarre conspiracy theorizing, and gnostic esotericism?

There’s a lot of fearful talk about the Alt Light “co-opting” or “subverting” the Alt Right, or preventing people from becoming further radicalized. Frankly, though, this would happen only if we fail at our mission. But we already know that failure is a theoretical possibility.

It’s more than just theoretical, it is actual. Revilo Oliver talked about 50 years of “movement” failure – back in 1969!  It hasn’t gotten better since then.  “Progress” has simply been the result of the historical accident of Trump’s candidacy.  Given the ineptness of Der Movement ,co-opting is a legitimate concern.

People are allies/fellow travelers to the exact extend to which our principles and interests are the same, and not beyond that point.

Indeed.  I agree.  Although why is it “shit-stirring” when some people act upon this principle, and not when others do so?

Trying to assert that the Alt Right is “nothing but” White Nationalism or National Socialism.

My basic concern is precisely the opposite: trying to assert that WN is “nothing but” the Alt Right. There is in fact more to racial nationalism than Pepe-Kek juvenile jackassery, HBD race realism that worships Jews and other Asiatics, “traditionalism,” and Alt Light figures who are Jewish, racially mixed, and/or in mixed marriages.

Fisking the Alt Wrong

Derbyfogle and Breezy.

First, self-proclaimed child porn apologist John Derbyshire:

I don’t think Britain’s foggy affairs are of much importance to the U.S.A.

Yes, of what importance are the affairs of America’s founding nation, and the beginning of the break-up of the EU, to the USA?  Is this guy Derbyshire an idiot or what?

And as a true-born Englishman, with the blood of Alfred the Great flowing in my veins…

What blood does “Rosie” have flowing in her veins?  

…did his utmost to swap out Britain’s deplorably white Anglo-Saxon population

Just like you swapped out your “true-born English, deplorably Anglo-Saxon” parental kinship for half-Chinese children?

Italy has been ferrying in illegals from sub-Saharan Africa at an ever-accelerating rate: thirteen and a half thousand just last month—that’s compared with only three thousand in November last year. [Italy Breaks Immigration Record in 2016, by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. ,, December 11, 2016]
There’s beaucoup more where they came from, and no sign the Italians can muster the will to turn off the spigot.

Now, wait one minute here!  Italians are not “high trust northern hunter gatherer stock” whose “universal altruism is being manipulated” in contrast to “more ethnocentric peoples.” Being ethnocentric swarthoids from the hinterlands of humanity, it is quite obvious that this migrant influx simply cannot be happening to Italians.  But it is.  No worries, though.  Der Movement to the rescue!  It’s all because of those Nordic, Celto-Germanic, Dolph Lundgren-clone Northern Italians, who are accepting and housing all these migrants due to their innate hunter-gatherer universalism, in contrast to the more southern Negro Kebabs who have never seen, nor will ever see, even a single migrant.. Of course, most of these migrants are being brought into, and settling into, Southern Italy, but let’s not let dem dere facts interfere with Der Movement’s official script.  It’s all good!

If Italians think their government this past seventy years has been dysfunctional, wait till the lads from Lagos and Ouagadougou take over.
Italy’s a goner.

But, but, but…Sir Desmond Jones has assured us, repeatedly, that Italy is, and shall forever remain, absolutely ethnically homogeneous, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.

Who thinks that foreign scofflaws should be awarded public goods at the expense of native taxpayers?

You mean, foreign scofflaws like the (former) illegal alien John Derbyshire?

Europe is toast.

Thanks for the dose of defeatism.  Don’t worry. The Derbyshire clan will always be welcome in the East.

Second, Breezy comes close to getting kicked out of the HBD club:

On the other hand, Protestantism wasn’t always against cousin marriage: e.g., Charles Darwin married his Wedgwood first cousin. But I don’t know how common this was. I believe that it was American eugenicists who launched the modern aversion toward cousin marriage in Protestant countries.

But, but, but…Hajnal line.  Watch it, Breezy, watch it. You may get your official HBD club membership revoked. And HBD Chick will hit you over the head with a rolling pin (still covered by matzoh ball dust).

Counterpunching Right

A response.

To this.

…we need to establish lines of influence to every white constituency…

Including White ethnics?  Now, there’s a failure we can be ruthless about.

…and shade of opinion…

Including pan-Europeanism?  It simply doesn’t exist in the “official” American “movement” – never has, although a fraction of activists promote it and there’s a strong undercurrent among some activists in Europe.

We cannot, therefore, be held hostage to the most reckless and selfish among us, people who commit crimes or flout basic principles of operational security. Showing solidarity to such people rewards vice and penalizes virtue. Intelligence agencies regularly disavow spies who go rogue or allow themselves to be captured.

So, if a well-known “WN organization” brings in a some guy with a handle like “SuperNaziSSman1488Hitlerwasgod” and gives that guy “the keys to the kingdom” and that guy walks off with organization files and hands it to a “watchdog group,” then those folks should be disavowed?  Well, that happened, and insofar as I know, I’m the only one who criticized (not even disavowed) them.  The “movement” is routinely infiltrated, security is non-existent – yet who else other than me critiques Der Movement as a whole?

We should take ourselves just as seriously and be equally ruthless with failure.

As I’ve said many times, Revilo Oliver talked about 50 years of “movement” failure nearly 50 years ago.  However, I seem to be the only one “equally ruthless with failure” to suggest the entire “movement” needs to be deconstructed and then reconstructed from the group up. That to me seems reasonably serious and ruthless with failure, but others in the “movement” fail to even acknowledge the proposal, much less engage with it, much less than that to agree with it.

The good way is to adopt a civil and charitable tone, to give the most generous possible reading of an opposed position, and then offer sound reasons (facts and valid arguments) for the superiority of one’s own view. 

Whether or not Spencer has been treated in this way recently, I’ll let the reader decide.

The bad way is to adopt a paranoid and aggressive tone, to give jaundiced readings of opposed positions, and to play fast and loose with facts and logic.

There’s a difference between that and mocking ridicule, the latter justified when endless decades of failure are not even acknowledged.

Enemy agents say stupid things, commit crimes, start rumors, and sabotage organizations. But, unfortunately, so do a lot of sincere people.

True enough.  But if we are to be “ruthless with failure” maybe folks who act like anti-racist trolls should be treated as such, even if they are “sincere.”  I also can’t quite get my head around folks who change their memes and ideology from post to post and from blog to blog, all with the end result of maximizing chaos, or single individuals who post and do podcasts (do they think us deaf?) under different names – it sets off alarm bells.  OK, maybe they are “sincere.”  But the damage at the end of the day is the same.

“Not punching right” is an absurd principle, but calling people informants without evidence should be an absolute taboo…

I agree (is Ramzpaul now taboo?); however, I’ll note for the record that suggesting someone is trolling is not the same as suggesting they are actually an active informant.  I’ll also note I’ve never accused anyone of being an informant (without evidence); I have accused folks of trolling when they’ve behaved in the manner described above.

So the suspicion of being an enemy agent should fall back on anyone who throws around that charge without evidence. They stand convicted by their own flimsy standards of evidence.

So, to combat false accusations of being an enemy agent, we falsely accuse others of being enemy agents?

As long as we bring our respective audiences closer to white survival, then in terms of strategies and style, diversity is actually a strength.

With respect to White ethnics and pan-Europeanism, the actual “diversity” in the American “movement” is practically close to zero (at the higher levels).

Setting the Record Straight on the Alt Right

Some Sunday fisking.

Greg Johnson’s declaration that “The Alt Right Means White Nationalism . . . or Nothing at All” has now become internalized by practically every member of the Alt Right.

This comment is ludicrously, comically, laughably wrong. Let’s see: Taylor? The rest of the Amren crew? Brimelow? Derbyshire? Vox Day? Sailer? Race-mixing Roissy? They’re all charging forward under the banner of White nationalism? Well, you’ll say: “they’re not the Alt-Right.” But they and many others say they are, and have as much right to the Alt Right label as you or anyone else. If the Alt Right means White nationalism, then why can’t we just call it White nationalism and dispense with the whole Alt Right euphemistic bullshit? The problem is that Alt Right by its very nature represents a broad spectrum of right-wing thought that goes beyond White nationalism.

And there are several, high-profile, self-promoters who have a very clear understanding of the importance of branding. Which is why they’re moving heaven and earth to take the banner of “Alt Right” and co-opt it for their own various movements.

The Alt-Right has been co-opted from its very birth. Taylor, Amren, the VDARE boys, HBD…it was all over from the beginning. Look at who was at the press conference – three people representing the Alt Right. One was a White nationalist (Spencer), one was a self-declared “yellow supremacist” (Taylor), and one was a self-declared civic nationalist (Brimelow) whose website gives a forum to the likes of the anti-WN Alt Righter John Derbyshire (a miscegenationist and child porn apologist) as well as citizenist Breezy Steve Sailer. Sorry, one for three may be good in baseball but it doesn’t pass muster in political activism.

“Alt Right” has become an internationally-recognized brand that only fools would carelessly dilute or abandon.

The brand is already tainted. It was so at its beginning. Maybe only fools would carelessly jump on a bandwagon that’s heading off a cliff?

Nazi Shitlords™ know the importance of branding, terminology, and propaganda. They use these weapons every day. And the term “Alt Right” has become their most powerful weapon in attacking the enemy, and recruiting the masses into White Nationalism at an exponential rate.

The masses are being recruited into WN at an exponential rate? What are you smoking? The Alt Right’s fifteen minutes of fame are over. Maybe the debates will give it a brief resuscitation, but can we be realistic, please? Where is the evidence for this exponential mass recruitment?

Nazi Shitlords™ have worked tirelessly to build the name “Alt Right” into a powerful, universally-recognized brand of “White Nationalism.” The Alt Right has been launched into the national spotlight, not because some Alt Right intellectual finally wrote that one, magical article on Evola, but because an army of Alt Right Nazi Shitlords™, guided by The Daily Stormer, TRS, InfoStormer, Radio Aryan, and /pol/, have been mercilessly attacking our enemies on Twitter and social media.

And only on Twitter and social media. The levers of political power remain in the hands of the Left. The streets remain in the hands of the Left. The future remains in the hands of the Left. True enough, the Right has Pepe. And Kek. Hail Kek!

Without The Daily Stormer and TRS there would have been no “Alt Right” speech by Hillary. It’s that simple.

And yet the kingpins of the Alt Right presented to the public are mostly an amalgamation of HBDers, civic nationalists, and paleoconservatives.

The name “Alt Right” has become the most powerful brand of White Nationalism in over 70 years. 

That’s more of an indictment of the abject failures of Der Movement than the wonders of Alt Right stupidity and Pepian jackassery.

And it happened almost by accident. The stars aligned. 

That underscores what I’ve been saying: the Alt Right’s fifteen minutes of fame have NOT been due to its own innate character, all the “hard work,” of being right, or pursuing the right long term strategy. It has SOLELY been due to the accident of the Trump campaign (without the birther controversy and Trump’s interest in it, Trump would never have been publicly mocked by Obama, and would never have decided to run. Without the frustrations of the GOP base with cuckservatives – independent of the Alt Right – Trump would not have a natural constituency). And without the cultural degeneracy of the youth, which finds attraction with social media snark and overall jackassery, the whole Pepe stupidity would not have seen the light of day. True enough, one should take advantage of unforeseen and even accidental opportunities. But these opportunities do not represent validation of the Alt Right approach. Indeed, the Alt Right’s squandering of these opportunities suggests that its basic flaws are being exposed. Pepe does not equate to serious political activism.

It may never happen again.

Don’t worry, Der Movement will ruin their chance, and if it never happens again, well, that’s that.

By welcoming so-called potential allies, most of whom are vehemently opposed to our core tenets of White Nationalism and the JQ, to share the banner of “Alt Right,” we’re not only destroying our most powerful weapon and brand, we’re literally handing it over to possible enemies to wield against us.

Those enemies have been part of the Alt Right from its birth. They are as much the Alt Right as are the WNs.

“Oy vey! How dare those virulently anti-Semitic, White Nationalist Alt Righters criticize Jews! We Jews are the most important leaders, thinkers, and funders of the Alt Right! We demand that they be expelled from the movement! We vastly outnumber them anyway — isn’t that right, my civic-Nationalist, libertarian, goyim friends?!”
Don’t think that will happen? Look to American Renaissance as a cautionary tale.

Exactly. And this is my point: Amren has been a founding pillar of the Alt Right from its very beginning. Who was at the press conference? Greg Johnson or Jared Taylor? Oy vey, indeed.

After Loren Feldman got the Alt Right door slammed in his face, he immediately began an ongoing, Twitter melt-down revealing his true feelings about the goyim. He now constantly attacks Alt Righters as low-IQ, goyim pawns of the Jews, and much worse. And he constantly brags about Jewish supremacy and fact that Jews control the world.

And many prominent Alt Righters, of the HBD Alt Wrong faction, agree with him.

But, under the big-tent, multi-tier strategy, the Loren Feldmans are immediately designated as members of the Alt Right, despite the fact that they would love to throw all of us into gulags.

The Loren Feldmans have been there from the very beginning.

Now entryists no longer have to work at infiltrating the Alt Right — they’ve been invited in!

Invited in by the Jews, HBDers, cucks, and civic nationalists who represent a portion of the founding group of the Alt Right.

Milo is attempting to co-opt the momentum and banner of the Alt Right and turn it into his floundering, Cultural-Libertarian movement.

As opposed to Sailer’s citizenism or Amren’s yellow supremacy?

Vox Day is currently attempting his own subversive version of redefining the Alt Right to include himself, and to purge the Alt Right’s staunchly White Nationalist core.

Maybe WNs should stop promoting, interviewing, etc. that mendacious mestizo?

These hostile attempts to redefine the term “Alt Right” must be fought mercilessly — not invited.

Maybe we should mercilessly fight the attempts to redefine White nationalism as the Alt Right?

So far, the Alt Right’s success as a White Nationalist movement has not been due to the idea that it’s a “big tent” that unfurls to engulf the masses. It’s due to the fact that the Alt Right has been a powerful, unchangeable, resolute, stone fortress that attracts the masses through incessant, high-profile attacks on our ideological enemies.

Unfortunately, that is not an accurate description of the Alt Right

People are naturally attracted to strength, permanence, and unapologetic, aggressive force.

Are they thus attracted to Pepe, Kek, Derbyshire’s “measured groveling” to “Rosie,” and to HBD yellow supremacy?

The big tent is where political movements go to die in the shade.

I agree with this, and this is where Saint Adolf and Who We Are Pierce are correct. You cannot dilute your core identity just to engage in conformist bandwagon-jumping. WN is not the Alt Right.
Mistake after mistake after mistake: the mantra of Der Movement.

Fisking Derbyshire, 9/12/16

Derbyshire: outrageous hypocrite.

This is amazing. All emphasis added:

Professor Watson is a race realist. Nine years ago he was in the news for publicly saying that sub-Saharan Africans have a low average intelligence. He had previously said out loud that Ashkenazi Jews have a high average intelligence.

One wonders what gets Derbyshire more excited: low Negro IQ or high Jewish IQ? One also wonders how Watson was treated by the Jewish community whose intelligence he so slavishly praised. More to the point, how many Jews came to Derbyshire’s defense when National Review kicked him to the curb?

Fiddlesticks to hurt feelings. The world, said Wittgenstein, is everything that is the case. Note he did not say, “everything that does not hurt your feelings.”

Uh huh. Is that why Derbyshire essentially invited “racists” who object to his marriage to come to his home so he can punch them in the face? I quote Derbyshire: 

What after all, should one think of someone who insults a stranger`s wife and children from the safe remoteness of an email link?
(In regard to which, if any of these skulking cowards would like to repeat their insults to my face, it is easy enough to find a person`s street address nowadays. Come show up at my door: I`ll gladly receive you in the appropriate manner.)

Yeah, well, fiddlesticks to your hurt feelings – fiddlesticks, I say! – Derbyshire, you disgustingly vile hypocrite.

It’s true we don’t yet know the full genetic architecture of race differences in intelligence. As human-science blogger JayMan says, though: You don’t need to know the name and job title of every worker in the factory to know the factory produces widgets

Yeah, that’s the same Jayman who went on Roissy’s site to object to common sense observations there with the protest “where’s all the peer-reviewed studies,” who won’t accept actual studies on Italian IQ as opposed to Lynn’s “estimates,” and who uses absurd strawman arguments to delegitimize the idea that people genetically more similar have a greater interest in each other than those more distant (i.e., genetic interests).

Well, I’ve been hanging out with Alt-Right types for a while. I’ve known Jared Taylor for twenty years; Peter Brimelow for sixteen; Richard Spencer I think for eight or ten. All have been guests at my house, I am proud to say.

Thanks Derb for that piece of information. I won’t forget it. Say it ain’t so, Richie!

So what, in my opinion, makes the Alt-Right a distinct thing—not by any means a party, a faction, or a movement, but a collection of souls with something in common?
Here’s my answer:
We don’t like flagrant nonsense in the discussion of human affairs. We don’t like being lied to. We especially don’t like being lied to by credentialed academics like Jerry Coyne.

As per “flagrant nonsense” here is Derbyshire’s laughable (and personally self-interested) defense of European-Asian mongrelization, from the same Taylor debate link as above:

In the particular case of European-Asian matches, Jared and I both recently attended a lecture that included a genetic analysis of the Uighurs, a Central Asian people. They are very precisely half European, half Asian.
I have, as it happens, met more than the average number of Uighurs. They seem to me a fine sturdy people not notably lacking in intelligence or afflicted with any very noticeable personality defects. They are certainly robust enough to be giving the Chinese Communists a lot of trouble.
I say again: Pshaw!

By god, Derbyshire has personally met some Uighurs and they seem like fine folks without any “very noticeable personality defects!”  They are “robust enough” to give the Chinese government problems. Hey, Derb, one can meet Negroes without any “very noticeable personality defects” and they are certainly “sturdy” and “robust enough” to give the American government “a lot of trouble.” Let’s hope your daughter marries one, eh? Pshaw!
If you, dear reader, are tempted to laugh at the childish stupidity of Derbyshire’s ”argument” there, keep in mind that is what passes for typical HBD “analysis.” How is that different, for example, from any Breezy Steve post? Or from Lynn’s “estimates” that just so happen (it’s a coincidence, a coincidence I tell you!) to match his IQ-GDP correlations?

The lies are so flagrant, so outrageously obvious, you’d have to laugh at them—if not for the fact that laughing at them is close to being a criminal offense (*).

Since the entire HBD faction of the Alt-Right (aka the Alt-Wrong) is based on lies and distortions, on lies so flagrant you have to laugh at them, all these guys must really, really, really not like themselves.
That’s OK. Can anyone blame them for that?
*Or having an elderly outrageous hypocrite like child porn apologist John Derbyshire threaten a feeble punch because anyone dares send him emails critical of his family? Hey, Derbyshire, just as you say we are not obligated to approve of the Left’s opinions on race, nor are we obligated to approve of your views on miscegenation, or your participation in it. Nor, dear sir, are we obligated to approve of an English illegal immigrant (**) damaging our genetic interests (you know, what Jayman lies to say do not exist) by bringing a Chinatrix to our country.
**More hypocrisy: Derbyshire opposes illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals, even though he himself is an amnestied illegal. Well, he may say, race matters – he’s of the same ancestry as America’s founding stock, and most current illegals are Third Worlders. OK, great, but if race is important in that regard, then your Chinese wife’s East Asian race is also important, you two-faced weasel. You can’t have it both ways – appealing to White racial sentiments to justify your own amnesty while condemning those same sentiments as “crazy” and akin to “latrine flies” when they question “Rosie.” What an obvious disgusting low-down hypocritical piece of filth this Derbyshire is.

On the Alt-Right Press Conference, 9/9/16


The alt right claims to have no leader, no spokesman, no formal organization. 

Thank god for that!

Reporters were then told to meet outside the Old Ebbitt Grill, across the street from the White House, but were again sent to another location, a ballroom in the Willard.

That approach was wise. Frankly, I’m surprised.

“We cannot be a Trump cheerleading squad,” Spencer said about the movement’s future, ruminating on the possibilities that the movement may even have to serve as a chief critic of Trump if he is elected and proves to be disappointing.

But you have been the cheerleading squad. Even worse than that.

“Certainly, we have been riding his coattails,” Spencer said of Trump. “There has been more interest in us because we have generally been pro-Trump.”

But then, a few lines down, we’re told that Trump is “almost irrelevant.”

Next up, the leaders agreed, was an aim toward professionalization and a hope that America was actually far more interested in segregation than it once admitted.

Segregation? Get dem dere Negras back to dere own water fountain! Problem solved! Dat right!

“Trump is in my view almost irrelevant,” Taylor said. “We are gaining ground because we are right.”

Er…so, the Trump issue has “almost” nothing to do with it? This press conference would have taken place without Trump? What about his “coattails?” The ONLY reason any ground has been gained – and I’m skeptical of even that – is solely due to Trump.

In order to move forward –with or without Trump– the alt right is beginning to see an opportunity to raise money, to start organizations, to put forward some of their own followers to run for city council or school board or political office.

Finally! Some sense! Practical approaches! Put away dem dere calipers and get out into the real world.

The overwhelming message was that the alt right is not going away even if Trump loses, or if Trump wins and begins to disappoint them. The message was that the alternative right is awakened and it’s ready not to back down even after its brief moment in the spotlight subsides.

It has already subsided.

Taylor told the audience that his job wouldn’t be over until at a PTA meeting, a woman could rise to defend the fact that fewer African Americans were in AP classes because they had a lower IQ and “no one objects.”

Er…is that it? That folks can talk about…(drum roll please)…IQ? Once again, the hardcore WN faction needs to separate from the HBD faction. You don’t have the same objectives, you know.

The alt right claims it is bigger than Trump. It’s “a struggle for the human soul,” Spencer said.

The soul? How about the genome? The civilization? And why mention Trump again? I thought he was “almost irrelevant?”
Although I’m critical, there’s some good here. The problem is to avoid having that good co-opted by the anti-WN, HBD “race realist” faction, with their Yellow Supremacist dogma. Having Whites exchange one set of masters for another would be a tragedy: to get rid of anti-White and pro-Black Jewish masters only to replace them with anti-White and anti-Black Jewish and East Asian masters (with a few brownster Desi cogelites thrown into the mix).
It’s time to copy Trump and “disavow, disavow, disavow.” Disavow the HBDers. The WN Alt-Righters need to go their own way, and leave those who jock sniff Asian IQ to their own devices.

Light From the East?

A little bit too naive.

Read this. I support most of the points of the article, but the author is perhaps a bit naive about Der Movement in “the West” so some mild fisking is required.

So what is Eastern Europe? In short, it is the last refuge of a living European tradition. It is the place where the unbroken, centuries-long line of a healthy national development has been able to survive in the consciousness of the people. If there is a place in Europe where all the golden eras of our civilization still can be felt, even merging with the current technological age and giving ground for a hope that new achievements — new European achievements — can be made, untainted by destructive impulses of Leftist liberalism, it is Eastern Europe, having survived the Communist years and showing promise of surviving even more vicious strains of the same ideology.

Kaalep perhaps is not aware that Der Movement, especially in the Anglosphere, generally has a low opinion of Eastern Europeans. Sure, they are considered better than Southern Europeans, but that’s a “left-handed compliment” if ever there was one. Native Southern Europeans are, after all, quite obviously the lowest form of racial stock on Earth, far inferior than even sub-Saharan Africans, Australian aboriginals, and Papuans. Anything is better than that. That doesn’t mean Eastern Europeans are actually taken seriously as being of true worth by the majestic heroes of Der Movement.

Low birth rates can be tackled and ultimately reversed by nationalist demographic policies. For example, there are the policies proposed by the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) that I helped to draft. First, parents would be rewarded with exemptions from income tax and extra retirement pay, which would increase with every child they raise. Second, if a young family is stuck in debt buying a home, the state would pay off one fourth of their mortgage for each child born. Third, the state must guarantee a place in kindergarten and school for each child, partly covering the educational costs. If young European children start to be valued on the governmental level, the continuation of our people will no longer be under a question mark.

Those are actually all great ideas. I wonder if Der Movement in the Anglosphere, and in non-Anglo Western European nations, is paying attention. Note to Der Heroes: eventually you need to stop agonizing over your calipers and racial histories, your Kali Yugas and Men Who can’t Tell Time, your “admixture percentages” and esoteric Evola-ism, and start paying attention to the real needs of real people, particularly when those needs overlap with real racial interests, such as pro-natal policies.

While our frontline against non-European invasion and liberal brainwashing runs across the border of Hungary…

Hungary? Will Mainstreaming Orban stop throwing WNs over his chicken-wire fence?

But we can also build a safe hub for Alt Right ideas to be freely exchanged, polished, and mirrored back to the West.

Like in Hungary, under Durocher’s Great God of Mainstreaming, Chicken-Wire Vik, who cancelled the NPI conference and unceremoniously booted Spencer out of the country? The same Hungary that is pressing charges against a poor native woman defending herself against migrant scum (“don’t kick at the brown darlings”)?

Ethnonationalism does not mean revisiting the historical conflicts between different European nations. On the contrary, facing a civilizational threat from outside Europe, nationalists can unite under their common European identity and find peaceful ways to solve those conflicts of the past. If there is a place in the world where this is possible, it must be Eastern Europe. There are already signs of relaxation between historical enemies such as Hungarian and Romanian, Polish and Lithuanian nationalists.

Any concrete evidence of said relaxation?