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Honey Laundering

Is there no fraud that is beyond the scope of the Chinamen?

Is there a more corrupt, shallow, and superficially materialistic people than the fundamentally dishonest Chinese?

General Mills and the GOP

Two of a kind.

The $32 billion packaged-food company this week reported its sixth straight quarterly sales drop — the worst such slump in 20 years.

And here we see the “struggling” Cheerios brand. Fancy that!
I’m not saying the company’s promotion of White genocide led to their sales slump (but it obviously didn’t help) – Whites are too pathetic and masochistic to act upon a call to boycott. But I speculate that there is a correlation, that is, both the propaganda and the sales collapse are correlated because both have the same cause: piss-poor management and a lack of understanding of who the base customer is.  Attention General Mills morons: coloreds in general, and Negroes in particular, do not care about “healthy eating.”  The possible cardiovascular benefits of eating Cheerios will not influence the eating habits of a race that fattens itself on high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar junk food, a race of grotesquely obese fatties who blame their poor health and high blood pressure on “racism,” rather than on their undisciplined lifestyles and poor eating habits. Sorry, General Mills, commercials featuring mixed race couples and brown, frizzy-haired little mulattoes will not make Blacks stop scarfing down tasty Big Macs and fried chicken, and start eating cereal with the taste and texture of small cardboard rings.
General Mills is a lot like the GOP.  Both ignore their base of support to pursue the pipe-dream of appealing to those who have no interest in what they are trying to sell.  General Mill’s customer base, particularly for products such as Cheerios, is White; instead of appealing to that base, they pointedly spit in the face of their own customers.  And now they are losing money.  Are we surprised?  Whites may be pathetic and masochistic, but the “White flight” phenomenon of running away is all too real. And, apparently, Whites will take flight from bad companies as well as from bad neighborhoods.  So, Whites are not directly boycotting – they are much too passive and aracial for that – but they instead become passive-aggressive and simply (without articulating why or perhaps even consciously understanding why) drift away.
Speaking of the GOP, the withering abuse that Trump is being showered with underscores the points made here. McCain labels his own constituency – Republican voters in Arizona – as “crazies,” while he and the entire System – Republicans and Democrats, big business and the media – heap abuse on Trump in a hysterical effort to defuse Trump’s right-wing populism. General Mills would rather lose money than appeal to their customer base. The GOP would rather lose elections than appeal to their voter base. And all because appealing to Whites, even indirectly, has somehow become forbidden in the madhouse this country has become. Indeed, America has really become hysterical about race. You could just imagine a candidate being castigated for implying that White lives matter. Hey, wait a minute….

Other Folks Rioting

It’s not just the Negroes.

The HBDers are getting all hot and bothered over what is currently going on in Baltimore. Very well, but Negroes aren’t the only race who riot at the drop of a hat.

Read here.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

U.S. beef returned to South Korean store shelves Tuesday under a new import agreement that has failed to stem anti-government protests, which have raged for weeks and turned central Seoul into a riot zone. 

The government said it would take tough action to stop the increasingly violent rallies, which began two months ago with schoolgirls holding candlelight vigils. But the protests have lately also seen club-wielding demonstrators trying to break through barricades of police buses under showers of water cannons.

Once again: a more intelligent form of Negro.  Actually, perhaps worse; after all, the Negroes are rioting after one of their own was killed, while these Koreans rioted about beef imports.