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Predicting Der Movement’s Next Abject Failure

The next opportunity lost.

This is the sort of thing that combines race, crime, quality of life, people’s own well-being, intrusive social engineering: a perfect brew to stimulate White rage and activism, a harbinger of hatred and chaos, opportunities unlimited for a real movement with community connections, shrewd and far-thinking leadership, and the ability to pursue multiple prongs of attack against the System, including running people for political office – in other words, practical politics to promote the larger agenda, instead of just abstract “metapolitics” and “movement” fetishism.

The likely result is this opportunity will be lost, Whites will vote for cuckservatives who’ll actually support these policies, while the quota queens of Der Movement gibber about truly important matters, such as: Hitler’s flatulence, men who can’t tell time, sub-fractional admixture percentages, Julius Caesar’s eye color, Napoleon’s cephalic index, Julius Evola’s deep “thought” on “spiritual race,” and why “Mormons” don’t vote for Trump.

For the White race, to live, Der Movement must be mercilessly destroyed.

Coming Soon To a Neighborhood Near You

White worthlessness on display again.

Interesting anecdote from a Yahoo commentator:

They already did this @#$% in the beach cities of California. It was “unfair” that all of us “rich folks” lived near the beach so they put in low income housing.  

Those section 8 people sure did enrich and diversify our area.  

We were “enriched” because we got to learn about things, like; How to install security doors. How motion sensing lighting should be adjusted. Classes on self defense and use of pepper spray. I personally got to enlarge my arsenal! That was quite a plus. 

“Diversification” was good too. We got to learn that people that don’t work for a living are deaf and are also nocturnal. They stay up all night playing loud music. The also talk really loud (yell) all the time.  

Yes, I worked really hard to live in Surf City USA and I was darned proud that my hard work, long hours and tax dollars were making life so much easier for people that wouldn’t pee on me if I were on fire……

That’s great. And what are Whites going to do about it?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Well, they might go out and vote for Jeb Bush, hoping that maybe the new section eight housing will be full of Mexican gangbangers instead of Negro ones.

The White race: the most objectively inferior and worthless grouping of organisms in the entire multiverse.