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Thinly Disguised Yellow Supremacism

And other news.

Excellent Forney podcast.  Not only critiquing Der Movement but the Holy Oriental as well.

Do you think these “people” are the same as you?

Cooking up some new viruses, eh?

CHANG: And besides maybe live birds, what other kind of live animals might have been at this market?

SI: Oh, there is a photo being circulated since yesterday in Chinese social media, showing the catalog of one store at this market. And you can see from the catalog, they have almost 50 different kinds of species of wild animals being sold. And you can see the price as well. So it’s…

CHANG: Like what kind of wild animals?

SI: For example, hedgehogs and peacocks and wild rabbits and snakes, deer; crocodiles as well. Many of these wild animals, they’re not necessarily caught in the wild – right? – so they can be farmed animals. They’re just exotic food that’s not very commonly found.

CHANG: And why are wild animals so popular as a delicacy in China?

SI: Eating wild animal is considered a symbol of wealth because they are more rare and expensive. And wild animals is also considered more natural and, thus, nutritious, compared to farmed meat. It’s a belief in traditional Chinese medicine that it can boost the immune system, you know? Of course, some people eat wild animals just because they were driven by curiosity.

CHANG: (Laughter).

SI: It’s really difficult to change the mindset of, you know, eating wild animals is better than eating farmed animals. But it’s a common kind of mindset in many parts of China.

A thought experiment. Listen to the entire part of Forney podcast discussing China. Watch and read all of the above.  Consider all of those swarming, virtually identical, black-haired, black-eyed, sallow-skinned, flat-faced, broad-nosed Asians screaming at each other in Mandarin or Cantonese, in those food markets, with the screams and squawks and smells, with wild animals being slaughtered and eaten, animals being eaten alive, and ask yourself – do you honestly believe that those “people” think in the same manner as you or I?  Do you honestly believe that they think, that they view the world, in the same manner as any European – no matter how degenerate or debased you may think any of those Europeans may be?  Are they any less alien than are sub-Saharan Africans or Australian Aboriginals?

HBD is a monstrous lie. 

We can notice that the HBDers are always quick to emphasize differences among Europeans – their Hajnal obsession for example or their fetish for hunter-gatherers vs. farmers – but that they are real reticent about focusing on differences between Europeans as a whole and East Asians like the Chinese, except to tell us how the latter are so much higher-IQ and more k-selected than the former.  And the HBDers got so hysterical about the Schettino incident while completely ignoring a subsequent similar incident involving Koreans.

HBD is thinly disguised yellow supremacism.  Race realism is race treason.

And one must give Forney credit for speaking out against The Land of the Gods. Who else in Der Movement does so?  All the Alt Right Yellow Supremacists would rather accept full-scale White extinction rather than critique China or muss one black, lank Chinaman hair follicle.

Watch this – when animalistic wop criminal savagery comes face to face with New England Yankee civility.  Fiction, yes, but in some ways reflective of reality. The Reed-Johnson Act had a point, of course. The Medicists need to admit that.

Read or listen to this.  Greg Johnson: Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.


One possible reason for this is that the avenues for gaining male status have been cut off by modernity. Richard Spencer cleverly played on this to attract an audience of young males on-line. His “Faustian man” stuff was an appeal to the natural desire of males to accomplish great things. Ironically, it was just an attention seeking act by someone with no accomplishments. 

“No accomplishments” – one of the prerequisites for “movement” “leadership.”

…we now live in an age in which genuine merit has no value…

A perfect description of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program.  Genuine merit has no value.  Ancestry (and phenotype) is everything.

Here we go again.  The affirmative action cases need to realize that their heroine Princess Tulsi Coconut supports reparations as well.

Forney Does Amren

Return of Kings meets Return of HBDized “White nationalism.”

Forney is the fellow who made some asinine criticisms of Greg Johnson’s recent critique of Roosh. Let’s see what this gamester says about Amren; his comments in italics, mine in plain font.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging an ideological clique based on their worst elements.

With respect to PUA, game, Return of Dickheads, etc. the entire clique is the worst elements.

I know I have a sketchy reputation among the more traditional elements of the alt-right 

These game types (Roissy does this far more than Forney) delegitimize their entire argument by labeling their critics on the Right as “traditional” and “tradcons” and other such mendacious labels – it’s the same sort of mindset the Left has in its own misleading labels of their ideological opponents (including gamesters). Hint for the pussy nerds: national socialists, futurists, etc. are not “traditionalists” and not “conservatives” and not anything else you imagine in your STD-induced fever dreams.  Some anti-PUA people on the “alt-right” are indeed “tradcons” but many are not.  Some of the strongest opponents of “game” on the far-Right are NOT “tradcons.”

based on my love of Filipino girls 

Sigh.  I could make my usual anti-yellow fever comments, but let us also be honest here. Some of the blame – much of it – has to be put onto Levantine-created feminism, as well as on the horrific characteristics of the modern American White woman, who has all the femininity of a cursing longshoreman and all the grace of an overfed manatee.  On the other hand, manboob White American men allowed this to happen, and their subsequent escape into the yellow (or brown or yellow-brown) swamp of miscegenation is disgusting.

and derisive comments I’ve written about white nationalism in the past. 

The gamesters complain about the “tradcons” yet the gamesters have usually been the aggressors in the debate.

In fact, I deliberately kept the fact that I was going to AmRen under wraps because I was unsure of the reaction I would get. The fact that Taylor himself has criticized ROK and publisher Roosh didn’t help either.

Yes, maybe Taylor himself criticized His Majesty Camel Face because of the anti-WN comments that appeared on Return of NECs first.

In fact, the only people I disliked were a pair of geldings who were polite to my face—one of whom straight-up told me he had put the feud I’d had with them years ago in the past—but trashed me on their blog as soon as they got home.

I do not know the details here, but I must say that it is possible to be polite on a personal basis while still having deep ideological differences. Feuding and disagreement are not the same thing. Disagreement does not have to mean “trashed.”
The reality is that aside from the differences in politics, white nationalists really aren’t that different than the guys in the manosphere. At the end of the day, we all like to get drunk, party our asses off and don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

And that’s the problem with WN – full of people who don’t take any of it “too seriously.”  It’s all a hobby, an excuse to “get drunk” and “party our asses off.”  What an embarrassment.

For example, one of the highlights of the weekend was watching Scott Terry and Matt Parrott do a karaoke rendition of Depeche Mode’s anti-racist anthem “People Are People” at a honky-tonk bar.
Dear lord.

Despite being a white nationalist event, AmRen drew several minority attendees, including a cute black girl and a pair of Puerto Rican nationalists. They were welcomed in and treated no differently than the others. 

Why am I not surprised by any of this?  In any case, a more useful analysis of the meeting would have included an explanation as to why those non-Whites attended and what they thought of the meeting. I’d rather read about that, then the drunken antics of “movement” nitwits.

I blew off one of the speakers to smoke Cuban cigars outside with William Rome and Scott Terry. I also spent a couple of nights hanging with Blair, Rome, Parrott, Matthew Heimbach and others at a honky-tonk bar, which produced its own memorable moments.

So, this guy is really a useful source of information on the meeting, having not listened to at least half the speakers, spending time instead indulging in juvenile stupidities.

One wishes for Return of the Brownshirts instead, to clean up this goddamned mess, starting with the pathetic detritus known as the “movement.”