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It’s All Quite Obviously…

…the fault of the Meds and Slavs!

Among these elites who thought that miscegenation was a key aspect in the civilizing of Indians were George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, it may come as a surprise to some that “intermarriage was the stated goal of federal Indian policy throughout the first decades of the republic” (p. 124). A law that would pay interracial couples to marry, to pay these couples for each interracial child produced, and provide tax credits was even proposed — but rejected — in 1784 as part of these efforts (p. 122).

Thus, we see those greasy omnidominant wops Washington and Jefferson, as well as the shiftless dumb polack Adams (a brachycephalic alpinid!), plotting against the racial integrity of the early American Republic. Not to mention the later generation of White ethnic abolitionists. The race replacement that dare not speak its name! A Kodak moment!