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May 12 2020 Odds and Ends

In all cases, emphasis added.


Little is known about the occurrence of specific congenital malformations among offspring of mixed race-ethnicity.


Using data from a population-based registry, we explored the occurrence of selected malformation phenotypes in offspring to parents who were of different race-ethnicity. Data were derived from the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program, a population-based active surveillance system for collecting information on infants and fetuses with congenital malformations using multiple source ascertainment. Approximately 2.6 million live births and stillbirths occurred during 1989-2000. Information on parental race-ethnicity (non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, black, and Asian) was obtained from birth certificates and fetal death files. Malformation phenotypes studied were spina bifida, anencephaly, cleft lip, cleft palate, tetralogy of Fallot, d-transposition of great arteries, hypospadias, small intestinal atresia, preaxial polydactyly, microtia, and hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.


A total of 11.2% of births were to parents of mixed race-ethnicity. Compared to births of parents who were both white, moderately increased risks (risk ratio >/= 1.7) of anencephaly, polydactyly, and microtia, and decreased risks (risk ratio </= 0.6) of hypospadias and hypertrophic pyloric stenosis were observed among births of several mixed race-ethnicity groups. For anencephaly, polydactyly, and microtia, but not other phenotypes, the risks were different depending on whether maternal versus paternal race-ethnicity was considered. Risks observed between births of a nonwhite parent and a white parent and births of parents who were both nonwhite were similar for most malformation phenotypes.


Some malformation phenotypes appear to vary in their risk based on mixed racial-ethnic groupings.


The interesting thing is that altered risk for malformation is observed only when comparing interracial unions vs. White-White, not when comparing inter-racial unions with non-White-non-White. This suggests that Whites are the most specialized, with the most co-adapted gene complexes, while all of the TROPICAL non-White peoples (“Hispanic, black, and Asian”) are essentially all fungible when it comes to mating (by “Hispanic” they must mean the significantly admixed as well as more or less Amerind and Negro types, not the ones more or less White). It is not clear when they say “parents who were both nonwhite” if they mean always of the same race or if could mean of different non-White races.

Then you wonder why the Far Right is anti-science and is prey to pseudoscientific nonsense such as HBD, Nordicism, anti-vaxxism, and flubro.

Which proves that you are a naive moron with piss-poor judgment.

More or less true.  But they are also hysterically irrational and anti-science and anti-expert.

…and the importance of white identity and in-group preference.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I left Eastern Europe

You are not ethnically Eastern Europe, you filthy scum. How about the “in-group preference” of Eastern Europeans not to have Danish invaders in their lands, sleeping with their women?  Ethnonationalism, right?

I would not be the person I am today if it were not for my mom

So, your mother made you into a hypocritical low-life piece of filth?

In regards to women and dating, my mom simply told me to stick to my own race.

Ho, ho!  Race.  What?  Not ethnicity?  Maybe Gaslighting Greg can tell us again why ethnonationalism is so superior to pan-European racial nationalism, other than having something to do with his bizarre fixation with Richard Spencer.

Maybe at some point Mr. FMA can stop sponging off of his mother and move to Copenhagen and live in Europe amongst his own ethnic kind, leaving the Slavs in peace in their own nations.

Ethnonationalism is so wonderful and natural that none of its promoters can practice it in their own private lives.

This is WN 2.0 – see from 9:00 to 16:00.  Now explain to me why you rank-and-file fellows believe anything Greg Johnson and the rest of the WN 2.0 shills have been telling you.

And then Forney’s rant after is not much better. This is the “beauty” of Der Movement – all the sides, all the factions, ALL of it, is an utter disaster.  There is nowhere in your Old Movement for you rank-and-filers to run and hide.  When, oh when, are you going to give up on it, and decide to look at those who have been telling you, for years, that the Old Movement is beyond hope and that the sane among us need to build something new?

Hey, Greg, whose Justice Department is it?  That sincere man of genuine greatness.

Hmm…the verdict of Alt Right WN 2.0 from Occidental Dissent comments:

The Alt-Right attracted conservatives, not people who want real change, and they dragged it down into the abyss.

Such it is.

Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn
MAY 10, 2020 AT 11:39 PM
“The Alt-Right attracted conservatives”
True. It also attracted:
– Homosexuals
– Zionists
– Snake oil salesmen
– Shysters
– Grifters
– Cam whores
– Cat boys
– Conspiratards
– Failed rappers
– Out of work porn stars
– Yellow fever fetishists
– Cross dressing perverts
– Sociopaths from 4chan
– Based black guys in MAGA hats

That’s WN 2.0.  Why do you listen to Johnson?

How is Durocher’s France doing these days?  Essentially, they’ve lost control of parts of their own territory.  

Advice for Potential French Cuckolds

Frenchmen, free yourselves from feminist tyranny!

Respond to this by ordering this for you and your “offspring.”

There are of course possible problems here. If a Frenchman discovers cuckoldry through a 23andMe test, and acts upon it (demands a divorce, etc.), will he be subject to legal sanction? Or could he use those results to demand a court-ordered, legally sanctioned direct paternity test?  And how long would the 23andMe loophole exist once people start using it? Will France ban ancestry testing – or at least ban those tests that look at the chromosome level, instead of just at the SNP level?

Ultimately, the law needs to be overturned. What kind of madness is this that paternity testing is outlawed?  That’s the same wonderful Europe that bans free speech, so I suppose we cannot be surprised by any of it.

Methodological comment: True enough, the SNP-level tests that do not look at things from the chromosome level could in theory give some information about paternity – but what if the real biological father is the same ethny as the assumed legal “father” and would have similar ancestral percentages?  Then there is the matter of statistical error – you would really need to have the real father to be of a significantly different ethny than either mother or legal “father” for ancestry percentages to give useful data – and at that point, in some cases, the “eyeball test” might suffice to raise suspicion. Matching chromosome identity is obviously orders of magnitude better for paternity determination – although for ancestry testing such tests amplify errors due to parental population choice. But here we are talking about paternity, not ancestry, so 23andMe performs well.  

Absolutely correct.  What the fellow doesn’t quite get is that the flaws in the IQ argument is a feature and not a bug, from the HBD perspective. The HBDers want us to worship Asians and Jews and to subordinate White interests to that of Asians and Jews.  And, after all, it’s no coincidence that the “Ruv Squad” of Asiatrices sent out to influence WNs always mentions IQ. Get on your knees before the Altar of Asia!  You’ll find the HBDers already there.

The HBD future.  China in charge; scattered Whites are nothing but stepandfetchits.  Why do White HBDers support this?  Hey, maybe some “awkward squad” types will get sexual access to Asian “females.”  Do you have a better explanation?

We need a Far Right front against the HBD Yellow Supremacists.

Movement Monday

Mirror images.

More and more people on the Right are belatedly realizing what this blog was telling you three years ago.

Trump’s “alpha maleness” comes home to roost.  Orange man in orange jumpsuit.  Don’t drop the soap in the shower!  All due to that aspect of Trump’s behavior the gamesters admire most.

Cuck Nagger stock. Right, Roissy?

This summer, undercover activists cozied up to the organizers of a far-right march, and offered to make a website and coordinate T-shirt orders for the event. The website, which did not charge for T-shirts, asked participants for their names and addresses, supposedly to calculate shipping costs. Instead of sending free T-shirts, the activists behind the website published the names and addresses they received.

It is interesting that the Left today has nothing positive to offer, no attractive program other than “gimme dat,” no idealistic worldview, nothing but targeting, harassing, and attacking those on the Right.  The Left today is completely defensive and – do we dare say it – reactionary.  But the Right should not get confident over that – the Left has entropy on their side; therefore, the delaying and defensive tactics of the Left can result in their total victory (if complete destruction and degeneracy can be termed “victory”).  Time is on their side.  Thermodynamics and decay is on their side.  Every day that they prevent the Right from making progress is a day closer to Total Leftist Victory.

Another thing that annoys me about the Left – and which is exemplified by the current McNabb EMT Huffpost stupidity – is how they pretend to believe, or imply,  that a person who is a “White nationalist” would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to serve people who are non-White, whether that service is an EMT, doctor, teacher, plumber, or whatever.  I find it hard to believe that these writers, and their hysterical SJW readers, REALLY believe that, that they are unable to understand concepts of professionalism and compartmentalization of work vs. private beliefs.  It would seem simply dishonest concern trolling simply to target McNabb or anyone else. Or is it projection?  Perhaps leftists themselves would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to those they dislike and so they assume everyone else suffers from the same character flaw?

More delusion.  Err..excuse me, if you haven’t noticed – Trump and his “Justice” Department support Antifa.  Stop looking at the blistering tweets and start looking at actual action, or the lack thereof.  Oh, where are you, Donald Trump.  He’s likely busy eating Big Macs, rawdogging horse-faced floppy-breasted porn stars, and thinking of new ways his administration can support Antifa while persecuting his own supporters.  MAGA!

They have the nerve to say other folks have never solved “the problem” – when some of these other folks are studiously ignored by the quota queens.  This blog has made suggestions, and the most basic suggestion is to carefully proof every activity to the extent possible, consider possible problems and plan contingencies, actualize real vetting, and don’t make mistakes so obvious a child would understand the possible problems.

And Parrott asserts that he does good work other than his foray with Heimbach and TWP.

In any case, a commentator has a good riposte to Parrott: Jared Taylor.  Whether or not you disagree with Taylor on some issues (and I do), the fact remains that he has never been made to look “trashy.”  And if the media attempted to smear him in that manner, the obvious disconnect between that smear and Taylor’s WASP-courtly manner would end up backfiring on the media.  Consider the reverse: imagine someone trying to make Trump appear like an intelligent and thoughtful commentator.  The discrepancy between that and the reality of Trump as a semi-retarded vulgar buffoon would make the attempt to Taylorize Trump look foolish.  And let’s not forget that Parrot was supporting Heimbach all during the period of the “bad optics” and “embedded leftist journalists.”  So, now, after all the bad blood between them for personal reasons, Parrott emerges from his snug hobbit hole to tell us all how he knew all the time the TWP approach was sub-optimal…blah, blah, blah.  That makes it worse – you knew it was wrong but went along anyway.  These are “leaders?”

My message to the “movement” rank-and-file is that you are NEVER going to make any progress until you ditch the affirmative action program.  And since you won’t even admit the program exists, much less that you need to get rid of it, then expect to be saddled with failure without end.  You never learn…never.

Visegrad all the way!  “Based” Poland!  Ethnonationalism!

The increasingly intolerant Greg Johnson:


Posted December 9, 2018 at 3:19 am | Permalink

Excellent analysis. I see the same thing happening to other yellow vest protests in European countries. They are quickly infiltrated by left-wing elements and the demands turn into the same old egalitarian mess that can’t really be told apart from the election promises made by the parties they are looking oust.


Greg Johnson

Posted December 9, 2018 at 4:04 am | Permalink

You mean you “imagine” the same thing happening because you “know” we are all doomed to be defeated by the all-powerful system.

Now that we all make believe that the quota queens never said that “last chance for White America” Trump was an “American Caesar who will preserve White demographics” we can all shift the narrative and believe that “populist” revolts over fuel taxes are going to save us.  The Yellow Vest on Fuel Tax Horse Syndrome.

Hey, we gotta do something about dem dere fuel taxes!  How are we gonna fuel our gasoline-powered steampunk starship?  And don’t forget – those yellow vests will keep you nice and warm and cozy snug in your hobbit hole!

Anglin here.  Now, there’s really nothing wrong with Anglin’s comments.  Very good.  The point thought is that this attitude is 100% against Johnson’s views on the subject (putting aside the issue of which of the two actually has the most, let us say, hands-on experience with the subject matter…if we include Filipinas as acceptable).  Indeed, this is exactly the sort of “misogynistic” material that Johnson denounces, as is Anglin’s entire “optics.”  And yet, according to Johnson, Anglin is one of the new voices of “WN 3.0” we need to embrace.  Does any of this make any sense?  Of course not.  But then, it is not supposed to make sense.  It’s not supposed to have success either.  It’s all a bad joke my friends, and the joke is on you.  Enjoy.

Der Movement and Der NY Times

Several items.

One of Gaslighting Greg’s most annoying memes is to bring up Joan of Arc as a symbol of patriotic female empowerment, against all the “misogynists” in the “movement” of which he is a “leader.” As if, you see, what passes for “female racial nationalist activists” today is even comparable to Joan of Arc – in the sense, I suppose, that an African grass hut is comparable to the Empire State Building.

Let me clarify my position on this matter, in all seriousness. I have no problem with female White racial activists, if – IF! – their position in the “movement” is based on merit, and is supported by serious, productive, and thoughtful contributions.  What I oppose is a quota system for women just like we have an ethnic quota system in Der Movement.  What I oppose are all of the ditzy giggling Alt Right airheads and all of the low-rent Alt Lite mudsharks who are supposed to be sacrosanct and immune from criticism because they are all budding Joan of Arcs, bolstered by virtue signaling white knighting.

If I’m going to criticize the stupidity of male “movement activists” then you can be damn sure I’m going to hammer the female ones as well.  Embarrassing twaddle about “Joan of Arc” will just make me even more determined to expose the reality of imbecilic females given a free ride because of (1) thirsty beta males sweatily watching YouTube videos, (2) male affirmative action cases with an agenda to create yet another protected class within Der Movement, and/or (3) male types whose personal preferences are such that they have limited interactions with women IRL and therefore are unable to discern unsavory and exploitative aspects of female behavior displayed by “women activists.”

Encourage women and homosexuals in the US military by lowering standards and “changing the culture.”  Bad idea, most folks on the Right seem to agree.  Now, change “US military” to “the movement,” and ask if it is, or is not, a bad idea as well.  Note that this question – and its implied answer – is not inconsistent with what I wrote above.  Women in Der Movement, when qualified, and without altering standards (such as they are) and the culture (well…..), is acceptable in particular circumstances. But not at the expense of altering everything just for the purpose of “diversity.”

The patent dishonesty in this piece is remarkable.  Let’s consider alleged “terrorism” in America starting after September 11, 2001.  Very good.  Why not start beginning September 10, 2001?  Then we have labelling “Based (Chop)Stick Man” a “White supremacist” while he was married to an Asiatrix and has a mixed-race child.  White supremacist? Really?  Then: Implying that law enforcement works with White nationalists, while in reality the entire System, from the Justice Department down to the cop walking a beat, works hand-in-glove with Antifa and persecutes pro-White activists, as chronicled not only at this blog but in virtually every pro-White blog and website on the Internet.  

The “writer” of this piece is a self-admitted Jewess, whose sneering, facially unsymmetrical, Levantine appearance can be seen here.  Question: Is dishonesty an inherited trait, enriched in certain ethnies?  It certainly seems so.  And trust the Alt Right Type I droolcups to have sit-down meetings with fundamentally dishonest Jewesses (redundancy) so that more “evidence” of the “threat” of “White nationalism” (which includes, don’t you know, the racially mixed “Proud Boys” and racial-mixers like Chapman) can be presented to the gullible public.  And all of this at The NY Times, which employs an openly racist White-hating bizarrely alien Koreatrix like Jeong, while, at the same time, banging the drum as to the horrors of “White racism.”  This whole absurdity I lay at the feet of the pathetically incompetent, arrogant, imbecilic, and pampered affirmative action scions of Der Movement, the quota queens who owe their (pathetically useless) “prominence” in the failed “movement” to their ethnic ancestries, and to nothing else whatsoever.

Hmmm…so, even Zman understands that the “Proud Boys” is a civic nationalist fraud, but others will point to them as “a victory for the pernicious attitudes of WN 1.0.”  Sigh….


Biggest losers: Kochs, Bezos, Brin, Cuckersperg, Cook
Biggest winners: nationhood, the 99%, mom and pop stores, flyover country
Status TBD: ethnonationalism, Trump

Hey!  I thought Roissy was telling us that Bezos was going to take a hard right turn, politically speaking, because he was working out, and was “jacked?”  Don’t we have to “trust the phyz?”  What happened?  It’s almost as if the juvenile “analysis” of Roissy and other Type I retardates isn’t worth the digital bits expended to present it his Idiocractic audience.  And why put “ethnonationalism” and “Trump” in the same category, since obese fat leftist Trump, raging with anti-White and pro-Antifa fervor, is a dedicated enemy of ethnonationalism?  I mean, if being “jacked” makes someone “hard right” then, conversely, being covered in a blanket of soft spongy lard, as is Trump, should make one “hard left,” no?

They’re being “processed.”  Waiting in Mexico is such a horrific hardship!  MAGA! [In case, the Type I retards can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic]

Oh wait, even this may not be true.


To the extent that any of these protesters are actually French natives – or at least racially European if not actually ethnically French – one asks this: why such people will protest “fuel taxes” but not genocidal race replacement?  And if the protesters are Third World aliens, what does that say about France?  What does it say about Britain that there is now ethnic conflict between Pakistanis and Roma in “English” cities?  Do you now understand that I shake my head sadly when Johnson and McCulloch debate about the timing of their victory?  This is the sort of “fascist delusion” that Roger Griffin mocks in his books.  Every single day brings us closer to total White extinction, but your “leaders” are debating on whether or not we all need to wait for 50 years for the Grand Victory.