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Did You Ever Notice, 11/18/15

Shitlib and cuckservative hypocrisy.
Did you ever notice:
That the same people who tell us we need immigrants for “economic growth” are often the same types who tell us that rampant consumerism is wrecking the environment and causing “global warming,” so that we need constraints on growth?
That the same people who worship “the free market,” and who believe the market can solve any problem, also believe that the same market would be unable to solve the problem of low birthrates/worker shortages without desperately accepting mass immigration?
That “states cannot make immigration law” when said states try to enforce existing federal immigration laws, but that there is no problem with states making up their own laws when said states and said laws favor illegal immigrants, and give the invaders drivers licenses, in state tuition, and other goodies?

Against Free Trade

Smashing the free trade myth.

I particularly enjoyed:

Yet the internet developed from military technology and even Google, “the ultimate better-mousetrap free-market success story, was based on research done by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford while supported by National Science Foundation grant IRA-9411306-4 to research digital libraries” (p. 203). 

Which is consistent with what I wrote here previously.