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NECs In the News, 12/4/15

Those wild and wacky NECs.

Remember: the terrorists are the people who the refugees are.
So, I guess it’s not “workplace violence” anymore? Really, now, when is the Commander-in-Chimp going to be impeached? Is the GOP really that useless?

“Does it make you angry?” Begnaud asked.

“Of course it makes me angry,” Saira said.
“Absolutely. It makes us very upset and angry that how you can leave a 6-month-old daughter,” Farhan added.
“And he put us in this predicament,” Saira said.

The problem isn’t that their relatives killed a bunch of folks. After all, they were only infidels, so who cares? The real problem, the predicament, is all this unwanted attention, as well as the little turd-colored rugrat, who I guess will become the charge of the White American taxpayer.
Farook looks like your typical Desi “cognitive elitist.” We need “hundreds of thousands” of more like him every year, right GNXP? 
Who is going to have to “put up with the dirty looks and strip searches that come with being viewed as a potential terrorist” now, you mendacious brownsters?
Well, given we are dealing with White Americans here, the wimpiest people on Earth, actually the Desi brigade have nothing to worry about. The only ones getting the “strip searches” will be 80 year-old Irish-American nuns, while the guys who look like Gunga Din will stroll right through security with no problem. 
Ah, you Whites – aren’t you disgusted with yourselves yet? Has the self-nausea kicked in? Not yet?