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The Tragicomic Absurdity of HBD

Laughable indeed.
For the reader who may still think HBD is anything other than a joke, please read this…all of it. That’s the mentality of a well-known and well-respected (in their circles) HBDer.  What to make of them? These HBDers…they would read the book Animal Farm and then write a 10,000 word essay on porcine evolutionary developmental biology, and why Orwell was wrong to have pigs reading, writing, and talking.
By the way, all of this is Frost’s attempt to classify this as a “rape.”  Paging Rolling Stone!  Hopefully, Frost never read The Book of the New Sun, the Severian-Jolenta sex scene would really get his feminist panties in a bunch. As regards a real (attempted) rape scene in fiction, we have this, which is a far cry from Deckard closing a door and acting a bit “alpha.”  
By the way, if we are all going to be humorless pedants like the HBDers, I can point out that the “replicants” in Blade Runner were not mechanical constructs, they were not robotic androids, but instead were synthetic humans, purely organic and biological engineered humanoids, with greater abilities (and greatly shortened lifespans) than ordinary humans.  In fact, far from being “Mr. Data” types, the replicants could be distinguished from regular humans only by sophisticated psychological tests. Indeed, one could consider them a form of human (although in the movie they do not have human legal status), just like one would consider the product of a genetically engineered human fetus a human.  Thus, sex with a replicant really is not “masturbation” any more than a White male nerd having sex with a Chinatrix is (keeping in mind miscegenation did not have legal status at one time either).  Never mind that Deckard himself may well have been a replicant (albeit one lacking the physical prowess of the later models), which would make all of Frost’s blowhard analysis regarding that movie irrelevant.  Sorry, Pete.

Gene Wolfe on Greek Genius

Food for thought.
In his 1990 essay, Secrets of the Greeks, author Gene Wolfe concludes:

Greece was, in short, so full of geniuses because it had no solitary geniuses. Each idea and every action had to withstand the probing questions of interested bystanders who could bring writers and philosophers, artists and architects, generals and statesmen to book. It made those people very careful, and it forced them to think. I recommend it to you, just as from time to time I recommend it to myself.

And I recommend it to the “movement” and to the HBDers. Imagine!  If the “movement” was full of activists who were careful and would think – actually think – it may well lose the scare quotes and become a genuine Movement.  And the HBDers, following the same precepts, can go from being pathetically dogmatic fraudsters to serious race scientists.  Not much chance of either happening.