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Boycott Kelloggs

And don’t forget General Mills as well.

In addition to boycotting General Mills for their promotion of genocidal miscegenation, it’s time to boycott the SJW cereal/general sugary crap-producing company Kelloggs as well.

No problem here, as I’ve stopped eating their sugar-laden unhealthy garbage long ago, and would suggest that EGI Notes readers do the same, for health as well as for political reasons.  Keep in mind that a lot of their products are marketed to children, a disgusting attack on the well-being of youth, who are now being transformed into obese beachballs rolling along on their blubbery layers of fat flab.

In a more general sense, it is fascinating that no one in the System seems to have learned anything from this past election.  If it isn’t pink-frilled Miss Lindsey Graham trying to limit deportations, or a White-hating Black radical under consideration for DNC Chair (*), it is Twitter banning rightists, and the makers of processed sugar pellets pontificating about their “values.” Hey, Kelloggs: All the fatties your products create are an offense to my aesthetic values, so swallow that along with your “Frosted Flakes” and your “Pop Tarts,”

*With some of the Jews howling in outrage, as the Israel sacred cow was blasphemed against by the simian.  To paraphrase Pierce: Izzy and Sambo are at each other’s throats, and it is a glorious sight to behold.

General Mills and the GOP

Two of a kind.

The $32 billion packaged-food company this week reported its sixth straight quarterly sales drop — the worst such slump in 20 years.

And here we see the “struggling” Cheerios brand. Fancy that!
I’m not saying the company’s promotion of White genocide led to their sales slump (but it obviously didn’t help) – Whites are too pathetic and masochistic to act upon a call to boycott. But I speculate that there is a correlation, that is, both the propaganda and the sales collapse are correlated because both have the same cause: piss-poor management and a lack of understanding of who the base customer is.  Attention General Mills morons: coloreds in general, and Negroes in particular, do not care about “healthy eating.”  The possible cardiovascular benefits of eating Cheerios will not influence the eating habits of a race that fattens itself on high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar junk food, a race of grotesquely obese fatties who blame their poor health and high blood pressure on “racism,” rather than on their undisciplined lifestyles and poor eating habits. Sorry, General Mills, commercials featuring mixed race couples and brown, frizzy-haired little mulattoes will not make Blacks stop scarfing down tasty Big Macs and fried chicken, and start eating cereal with the taste and texture of small cardboard rings.
General Mills is a lot like the GOP.  Both ignore their base of support to pursue the pipe-dream of appealing to those who have no interest in what they are trying to sell.  General Mill’s customer base, particularly for products such as Cheerios, is White; instead of appealing to that base, they pointedly spit in the face of their own customers.  And now they are losing money.  Are we surprised?  Whites may be pathetic and masochistic, but the “White flight” phenomenon of running away is all too real. And, apparently, Whites will take flight from bad companies as well as from bad neighborhoods.  So, Whites are not directly boycotting – they are much too passive and aracial for that – but they instead become passive-aggressive and simply (without articulating why or perhaps even consciously understanding why) drift away.
Speaking of the GOP, the withering abuse that Trump is being showered with underscores the points made here. McCain labels his own constituency – Republican voters in Arizona – as “crazies,” while he and the entire System – Republicans and Democrats, big business and the media – heap abuse on Trump in a hysterical effort to defuse Trump’s right-wing populism. General Mills would rather lose money than appeal to their customer base. The GOP would rather lose elections than appeal to their voter base. And all because appealing to Whites, even indirectly, has somehow become forbidden in the madhouse this country has become. Indeed, America has really become hysterical about race. You could just imagine a candidate being castigated for implying that White lives matter. Hey, wait a minute….

Boycott Delta Airlines

Call for boycott.
Similar to the situation with General Mills, my take is that if Delta Airlines wants to promote policies that hurt White Americans, then White Americans should boycott Delta Airlines. Let them earn their profits off the “Latinos” they so obviously prefer.
This all should tell White Americans the contempt corporate America has for them. Usually, you’d think that businesses wouldn’t take the chance of offending customers. But when it comes to hating Whitey, politics trump profits. Further, they believe – with justification – that Whites will take abuse unlimited and that there actually will not be any harm to profits.
A thought experiment: if a major corporation openly stated that they support the total extermination of Whites, would that cost that business any White customers?  It’s doubtful.