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Who Let the Lenin Out?

One more bacillus.
Read this. Emphasis added.

For anybody but Lenin those days would have been solemn with soul-searching; the professional revolutionary, trained and self-disciplined and dedicated for years to the moment of action, cast off and toiling ceaselessly in the squalor of foreign exile to keep his comrades up to the mark, was going home to put his ideas into practice. The long, fantastic train journey, arranged by the German government, which saw in this obscure fanatic one more bacillus to let loose in tottering and exhausted Russia to spread infection, was an opportunity for stocktaking of the most elaborate kind. But to Lenin it was merely a slow and tedious way of getting on with the job.

That’s great. Catalyze the rise of communism and the formation of the Soviet Union, be complicit in the crimes of three quarters of a century of bloody Bolshevism, then fight a world war that helped finish wrecking the White race ostensibly to destroy the Marxist state you helped create, then, afterwards, leverage your power and position in the EU to invite a migrant invasion and twist the arms of other Europeans to take “their fair share” of the demographic nightmare thus unleashed.

It’s Der Master Race!

By the way, if I was a Russian, I’d be more upset about this than about Operation Barbarossa. After all, the 20th century agony of Russia really started with this episode.  Everything that came after was a consequence, rubbing salt in the wound, so to speak.

Odds and Ends, 4/9/20

In der news.

I agree, Greg.  Now, when are you going to denounce Zturd with the same intensity as you denounced Ramsey?  A real disavowal, not some mild critique.

As we see, “Macedonians” are sweaty fetishists as well.

A casual stroll through Sicily gives one the feeling of a place Spanish and Greek, but scarcely Italian.

You don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about, idiot. Likely, the closest this moron has ever had to “a casual stroll through Sicily” is watching The Godfather Part II.  Or III.

So, this fool should have no problem, looking only at the images (and not the actual URLs), determining which pictures are of Sicilian cities and which are those of other cities in Italy, right?  Real casual and all.

For this reason, Europe, like our forefathers the Romans…

Rewritten for more accuracy in his case:

For this reason, mystery meat middle easterners passing ourselves off as “Slavs,” like our forefathers the Ottomans….

Once again, as I’ve always said, Jeelvy is the worst writer in the history of Der Movement, a juvenile, ignorant, pretentious jackass.

An appropriate comment left in response to his childish post:


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So I take it you’re under quarantine and playing strategy games?

Jeelvy has just discovered “Risk.”   Move two armies to North Africa!  Roll the dice!

Look at this nonsense.  No, the virus is not “believed to have originated in China.” It DID originate in China.

In any case, EGI Notes is, of course, a pacifist blog that oozes with the milk of human kindness.

If you’re angry about The China Plague – and you should be – the proper response is politics (broadly defined), not moronic Type I acts of Bunkerism.  

The objective is racial separation. The objective is repatriation of Asians to their homelands.  Making Asians into whining victims, objects of sympathy, is dumb.

What I urge my readers to do – the readers I care about, the ONLY readers I care about – those of European descent – is to save yourselves during this pandemic, preserve your health, preserve your life, come out of it in one piece, ready for the political struggle.  Do NOT do anything else.  No Bunkerism, no acting out, no violence, no slurs, no stupidity of any kind. Hunker down – like Saint Adolf in his bunker – and ride out the disaster.

Yes, it’s true that China was sending people throughout the world when they knew they were carrying The China Plague. Yes, they are responsible. The answer must be a purely political one and it must be a positive one.  Educate yourself.  Get involved with some Far Right groupuscule, or start your own. If at all possible when this disaster is over, and you survey the ruins of a world wrecked by yellow malice, do something positive and help your fellow Euro brothers and sisters. As the Asians chortle with glee at the death and suffering they’ve caused, ignore them, and succor your racial-cultural kin. 

 Be patient. One day we’ll be the ones laughing.  Not today though.  Be patient.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL Asians are just like TROPICAL Negroes and TROPICAL Hispanics – there is NO difference.

Always remember – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

The remorseless war of genocidal extermination now waged by the Chinese against Whites via coronavirus is just the latest manifestation of this burning, all-consuming hatred.

This is Der Right, courtesy of the HBD-Nordicist TOO site’s comments section (emphasis added):

Our winter was mild, as were the previous three. Before we were told that we have the COV, and it’s killing us wholesale, I did not even hear as much as a sniffle from the people around me. (And still no sniffle to be heard.) Even so, many are hanging bits of flimsy cloth on their noses for self-protection [sic]. The great majority believes that the new plague is among us. This credulity is rampant: For almost two weeks, they told us that our Prime Minister has COV symptoms, then that he was hospitalized, then under intensive care, but was still in good spirits, and running Parliament. 

I believe that this whole thing is a huge ruse most likely by the W.H.O. which we fund along with Bill Gates. This quack Dr. Fauci also is involved with it somehow it seems. I believe that if he hasn’t done it already, that President Trump has suspended funding to the W.H.O.

I also read today that Fauci and Gates are pushing for mandatory vaccinations; and yes, you can inject a micro chip into the bloodstream. Scary stuff.

What else can you expect from a ludicrous HBD-Nordicist website, dedicated to lies and pseudoscience?  Why should you be surprised that MacDonald – Tinfoil Kevin! – and his website continue to exhibit a tragic decline once HBD-Nordicism was embraced?  Don’t get vaccinated!  Fauci is gonna plant dem dere microchips in your bloodstream!  And those microchip vaccines will sodomize your babies and give them autism!  Dat right!

Don’t worry about real conspiracies, like Rotherham and its cover-up. Dealing with that would be too difficult.  Instead, let’s fantasize about a “covid hoax” engineered by Bill Gates and Fraud Fauci, meant to forcibly sodomize sniffle-less freedom fighters with microchip vaccines. 

If you are really worried about covid vaccines, instead of gibbering about microchips, worry instead that a Chinese or Indian manufactured vaccine would be ineffective or contaminated.

And the problem with these conspiracy mongers is that there is no way to prove them wrong in a manner that they will accept.  For example, if Boris Johnson were to die from The China Plague, the tin foil hat crowd would say that he’s really still alive somewhere hiding (on an island with JFK and Elvis) or that he was murdered by a “Jew doctor” who injected him with a “toxic MMR vaccine.”  Or  that “he died with covid than from covid.”  QED.

It is entirely possible that the outcome of all of this will show that the covid alarmists will be wrong and the minimizers right.  Tucker makes good points.  But if this is so, it would be an error in judgment, not a conspiracy. Further, this all doesn’t excuse Zturd and Ramsey, because their paradigm was “business as usual” even if the worst predictions would come to pass.  By the way, Carlson should reflect on that, say, 60,000 deaths are greater than that of the Vietnam war, and are in addition to, not replacing, all of the other deaths he mentioned.  He should also consider that the flu comes from China, as does much opioid production.  So, it’s all part of the same problem. The fact that “our leaders” don’t care that the Chinese have been murdering (White) Americans by the flu and drugs doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about tens of thousands of our people being murdered by the monsters via covid. Now, the economic considerations are real.  But, what does he propose we do? What do the TOOers propose we do? 

Instead, we get stupid conspiracy fantasizing.

Der Right is wonderfully discrediting itself and it’s beautiful!

Meanwhile, with all of the talk of American Negroes suffering from this virus, I’m definitely keeping tabs on all of the previous HBD claims that Blacks will be relatively unaffected by this virus, as will be Northern Europeans.  Let’s tally up the damage at the end, shall we?


1. HBD will once again to be shown as completely, utterly wrong – wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

2. They’ll pretend like all of their nonsense about this disease never happened and they’ll go back to gibbering about Hajnal lines and high, high, high Chinese IQ.

Sallis right once again – Northern Europeans have contempt for Italy and Italians because of Italian La Dolce Vita hedonism, laziness, and overall comic ineptness.

Note that the same Germans who don’t want to give a dime to Southern Europe – including to Italy that contributes more to the EU than it gets back – are the same krauts who grovel to Afro-Asiatic migrants, whose “yes we can” ship captains crash into Italian harbors to unload Africans and Arabs, and who blush gently and smile benignly as their women get mass-molested by brownsters in Cologne.

So, I suppose the contempt can go in both directions. The wops are comical gesticulating Schettinos who sing on balconies, while the krauts are xenophilic cucks who drop their pants and bend over to the world of color.

Please watch this.  Focus especially on 4:19-4:30.That short clip is vintage EGI Notes, folks – what I’ve been warning you all about for years.  Asiatic cogelites taking over American STEM, displacing White Americans, and spying for their racial homelands. The only thing Tucker misses is that the Asians not only “crowd out Americans” and spy, they are also dishonest, engaging in scientific fraud, while engaging in ruthless ethnic nepotism to hire only their own, and be biased in favor of their own in paper and grant reviews.

Once again, Sallis right, HBD wrong. Are you surprised?

Odds and Ends, 3/31/20

In der news.

Sallis right once again.

It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole “lab release = bioengineered” is gaslighting for the rubes. 

…Ebright doesn’t exclude the possibility that the virus’s spread started from poor biosecurity in China. A leading theory is that the virus jumped from wildlife to humans. Some researchers speculate this happened at a live-animal market where exotic species are sold for food. But Ebright also notes that such wildlife viruses are collected in laboratories, including in Wuhan. “Therefore, it’s also a possibility that this virus entered the human population through accidental infection of a lab worker carrying out field collection, or an accident by a lab worker characterizing the sample in a laboratory,” he said.

Meanwhile, HBD filth – who need to be investigated for FARA violations – promote the Chinese government absurdity of an ‘American bioweapon.”  

As I’ve been predicting, the Right continuously self-destructs.  The Right continuously constitutes an endless humiliation.

Behold the subhuman filth that are literally worshipped by the HBDers.

Gee, it looks like those high trust northern hunter gatherers are at it again, eh Kevins (Strom and MacDonald)?

Germany has imposed harsh travel restrictions, essentially entering a bunker mentality amid creeping hysteria seizing the country. Only German nationals or foreign citizens with an “urgent reason to travel” may cross the border. Shockingly, however, refugees from the Middle East and Africa arriving at Germany’s border in search of asylum are given the red carpet treatment into the country…To do so in the middle of a deadly global pandemic is a bit like puffing away on a cigarette at a gas station. At the very least it makes for some very poor optics.

After all, Germany is currently experiencing living conditions not witnessed since World War II. Even in the capital, Berlin, panic buying has led to empty store shelves amidst a foreboding climate of helplessness and despair…should Germany be granting asylum to refugees who have not only entered the European Union illegally, but have necessarily traveled through high-infection countries, like Italy and Spain, in their personal quest to receive asylum?

But, hey, remember, this is the Master Race, let’s have more Revilo Oliver speeches about dem dere purebred Germanics, and we must have Germanics as leaders of the American “movement.”  What with “swastika-soled boots” (made in China, by the way), and other such important innovations, we’ll be dancing through cemeteries (these days, literally, I suppose) to victory.  Hail Germania!

The same Zturd who looks at the charnel houses of Italy and New York and deems covid-19 akin to an “urban legend” provides us with the gibbering fantasies of a hysterical right-wing retard tin foil hatter.

Zturd can stop hiding under his bed from that military coup leader Pelosi and her cunning henchmen.  Seven Days in May, coming soon!   Of course, it is, say, 1000x more likely for Trump to die from covid-19 than to be removed by a military coup, but the Right has never let small things like statistical sanity stand in their way.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

How covid-19 is affecting the mannerbund.  Traditionalism takes a hit.

Inspired by his insight about how most Italian-Americans are of Northern Italian descent (hint: they’re not), HBD retard Mangan does some chin ups.  Gotta get fit to resist that Pelosian military coup, I suppose.

Winner of the March 2020 Ted Sallis award for online commentary:

Dr. Rieux
Blacks emigrating from North America to Africa will raise the mean IQ’s on both continents.

Dem dere high trusters.  Well, East Asian nations like Sweden are better suited to deal with this crisis than are sub-Saharan African nations like Italy and Spain, so I’m sure it will all work out for the best.

Milady once again contributes to the scientific and societal response to the The China Plague crisis in the manner to which she is best suited.  Remember men – do not objectify milady!  Me too!

China Plague Update, 3/24/20

More on the “nothingburger.”  In all cases, emphasis added.

Quite right:

Dry out wet markets

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All the plastic polyester junk from China’s polite, corporate side is now gathering dust due to China’s ugly, superstitious disease generating wet market side. I am worried that whites are more susceptible to it than Asians, and I am worried about my group of older relatives. There is a 50% chance one of them will die from this because it is projected to spread to half of all people, and there is a 10% fatality rate for their age range. I am particularly worried about one very old relative. She might die just so fetishists in China can obsess over wild animals’ body parts.

If that “very old relative” – or anyone else in your family – dies from this virus, then in a very real sense they would have been MURDERED by the Chinese people.  What are you going to do about it?  Will you stand up against the China shills in Der Movement?  Will you oppose the HBD cult, a sick faction that elevates Asians over Whites?  Will you reject and denounce Derbyshire and his absurd “Arctic Alliance?’’  It’s time to take a stand, friend.

Sallis right once again:

Stefano Fsays:

March 21, 2020 at 11:44 pm

Hello from Brescia (Italy) Coronavirus capital of the world, let me tell you most victims are real italians, most of them over 80, we have one of the oldest populations in the world, some days ago a member of a left party said that with most old italians are gone we could sow news young seeds from abroad… Italy seems doomed to become Africa.

Exactly what I predicted – after enabling the Chinese to exterminate native Italians, the Italian Left now calls for race replacement migration to close the demographic gap.  Remember this? 

Italians also need to be aware that Italian traitors – you know, the ones who helped inflame the crisis and thus kill Italians – will start their usual song and dance after the crisis is over. You’ll be told that “the crisis has killed many Italians and worsened our demographic crisis. We need more immigration to help fill the void!”  Certainly – they kill Italians and then they want to use the space left over from their genocide to be filled in with aliens.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll agitate for Chinese migration, accompanied by plenty of hugs to the Chinese from exhausted and battered Italian natives.

That post of mine was from March 18 and by March 21 Italians are already reporting what I predicted.  That was fast!

Of course, in reality, having mostly older people die is less of a reason to bring in immigrants, if we follow the previously expressed “logic” of the System.  Remember how we were told that we need “young immigrants” to “hep fund the retirement and social programs” for older Europeans?  Hey, if those “older Europeans” are “gone” now, thanks to being MURDERED by the Chinese, then we don’t have to worry about funding their retirement or health care now, do we?  That economic burden In Italy would have been eliminated (give Nardella a medal, while singing songs of praise for him from balconies), so – no need for immigrants!

The personal life of the [individual], this has a very high value in our constitution.

Sure!  Apart from, like, you know, having no freedom of speech, and jailing people for expressing political opinions, the “personal life of the individual” has “very high value” in Krautland.  Of course, if you are a Krautess, you take the chance of being molested by a migrant if you step out into the street, but, hey, their personal life has more “value” than yours, don’t you know.

Young German adults hold “corona parties” and cough toward older people.

We await commentary from Kevin Strom.  Any more relevant Revilo Oliver speeches you would like to share with us?

Germany and Sweden…is anyone surprised?

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement is ALWAYS wrong.

They’re wrong on a global level (China/East Asian worship) and wrong on the European level (Nordic/Germanic worship).

The Right is doing a wonderful job of discrediting itself during this crisis.  Hail Der Right!  Hail!

Note how Trump is now cucking about Asians and backing down to the economy uber alles conservatives.  A sincere man of genuine greatness!

For a nuanced view on this crisis, watch this.