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Hermann Goering, 1923

Plain speaking.

In Hitler: The Path to Power, we read this from Goering (1923):

The most vigorous forms of terror must be employed; anyone who creates the slightest obstruction must be shot.  It is essential that the leaders decide now which individuals must be eliminated. As soon as the decree is issued at least one person must be shot immediately as an example.

A few years earlier, a Major Schulz unburdened himself thus, during the right-wing takeover of Munich after the brief Marxist regime there:

It is a lot better to kill a few innocent people than to let one guilty person escape….

All this is being presented in the interest of historical study only.  As a pacifist blog, EGI Notes in no way suggests that a future White ethnostate should follow such precepts; indeed, such would be denounced most vigorously!