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Of Cucks and Men

Something positive about the Alt Right.

I have been critical of the Alt Right, including Spencer, when called for, and will continue to do so (something about the latest Jorjani fiasco will be out soon).  But the converse is true as well: when these guys do something right, I’ll support them.

Even though the Florida speech didn’t go down in an optimal fashion, nevertheless, giving these speeches – or attempting to – is a good idea, and I have to give Richard Spencer credit for putting himself out there, physically, taking risks, speaking truth to power, and defending his people.  

Whatever else one can say about him, Spencer is a man, contrasted to mewling pathetic cucks like John McCain or George W. Bush (whose wife, in my opinion, should be indicted for murder for what she did in high school).

As for the scum in the Florida crowd, shouting Spencer down, I say this: Like it or not, the Far Right is here to stay. I don’t like the Alt Right nor the “movement” as a whole, but I do acknowledge that we are, broadly speaking, on the same side, and I certainly fully support Spencer in his quest to get racial nationalist ideas a fair hearing.

Now, I think he’d be more successful if he’d cut ties with the juvenile jackassery of the Alt Right, and not deal with the likes of Jorjani again, but I realize that when I give advice to the “movement” it goes in one ear and out the other.

Regardless, I’ll give credit where credit is due.


Rotten Orange News: More Betrayal

More betrayal.

Is Roissy choking on his “white pills” yet?

More immigration!  More “high skilled” immigrants so American professionals can be displaced, and American IT workers can train their brownster replacements.

That’s yet another reason it’s laughable when the Trump fanboys pretend the only issue of concern in Syria.  The buffoon Trump is essentially reneging on his entire campaign.  What’s next: support for the “gang of eight” amnesty bill?  That we need to “build bridges, not walls?”

To summarize the problem crudely: Whites thought they were voting for Pat Buchanan but got Lindsey Graham instead.

Yes, and talk of “geostrategy” to support Trump’s foreign policy cucking can cut both ways. Let’s say that our “geostrategy” lies in a grand alliance with Russia against militant Islam to the south and China to the east.  Dem Russkis gots lots of oil too!  And think of all the arms sales we can have with China’s Asian neighbors arming them against Chicom aggression. Wow, it’s a win, win!

November Musings, 11/2/16


The Alt-Right crowd supporting Trump because they’ve found out that they “really care about America” and that Trump will save America have got it all backwards.  Look, typically throughout history, revolutions have NOT occurred during the time of greatest repression but instead have occurred when that repression was suddenly relaxed.  

The point of Trump is NOT to save America (a possible short-term effect of a Trump Presidency), but to wreck it (a more plausible long-term effect).  By relaxing the anti-White regime, President Trump will weaken the multicultural state just enough that it becomes more beatable, he demonstrates the System is not invincible, he gives us room to maneuver, he gives us breathing room (if he sticks to a hardline on immigration), he galvanizes the White resistance (assuming the Right doesn’t fall into the Ronnie Raygun victory euphoria and complacency), he emboldens racial “real-talk,” he’ll likely oppose speech restrictions, he makes WNs more confident, and by antagonizing the Left he makes sure that there will be no shortage of divisive antagonism to fuel a slow drift toward a more revolutionary situation.  When the repression is relaxed, the rage from decades of anti-White persecution is free to boil over; in contrast, when the repression is at its highest, the resistance can be stunned by the oppressive ferocity of a triumphant System.  Hillary Clinton will wreck America as well, but in a different, worse (which is NOT better), and less palatable fashion.  Under her Presidency, we will not have the room for maneuver or the breathing space, and those who would otherwise be attracted to our side will be cowed into silence or will be caught up into the mainstream political infighting between Clinton and the Cuckservative Right.  And since people “love a winner,” the Right becomes more attractive with a Trump victory (despite that he’s not one of us, far from it); while a Trump defeat taints the Right with the stench of failure.  In summary, from the standpoint of the ethnic genetic interests of European-Americans, a Trump victory is optimal, but not for the reasons the fanboys think.

At first I was going to dismiss this as yet more girlish pro-Trump “movement” hysteria.  But he makes some good points, although at times overblown.  I’ve been (justifiably) critical of Der Touchback this electoral season, but I must give credit where credit is due. First, Fat Don didn’t have to run for President putting his comfortable life at risk and subjecting himself to a withering abuse that makes the treatment of Nixon at the height of Watergate look benign comparison.  Whether Trump did it out of a love for America, or simply for his own ego, the fact is he’s done more to destabilize the multicultural regime this electoral season than Der Movement has achieved in its entire existence.  I’ll vote for Donny BMI with great satisfaction indeed.

If Comey “violated the Hatch Act” with his recent letter to Congress (an absurd accusation), then he more certainly violated it in July when he let an obviously guilty Clinton off the hook for purely political reasons.  You can’t have it both ways.  Similarly, if Russia is lambasted for: interfering with the US election” than why cannot the same be said about Mexico or the Vatican?  Or is the interference only a problem when it benefits Trump?

Is there any more evidence you need that the GOP must be destroyed?

Child porn apologist Derbyshire writes:

Unfortunately I find that I am now in love with Annet Mahendru. When I confessed this to Mrs Derbyshire, she counter-confessed that she is in love with Noah Emmerich. The balance of domestic affections thus remains undisturbed, and we continue to watch The Americans with guiltless pleasure.

I’ll let the reader look up the racial provenances of Mahendru and Emmerich, and decipher what that says about the raciosexual preferences of the Derbyshires.

Greg Johnson on Trump and American Greatness

More reasonable than Roissy.

Let’s see how Greg Johnson is much more reasonable than the hysterical Roissy.

Trump is not the last hope for the white race in North America, but he is the last hope for America as a unitary nation.

That’s much more reasonable than the Amren/TOO and Roissyian nonsense that “Trump is the last chance/hope for White America.”  No, he’s not.  White America will still be there if he loses and will need “hope” more than ever. Johnson’s assertion that Trump is the last hope for the continuation of a unified traditional America – which is a quite different comment – OK, I’ll buy that. But the problem is deeper than that.  Even if he wins, in another several election cycles, we’ll be back to the situation of a “do or die” choice between a populist Americanist and a globalist “shitlib.”  Trump’s civic nationalism is at best a stop-gap. America’s dire situation is this: if Trump loses, America as we have known it is finished; if Trump wins, the day of reckoning for America has merely been postponed.

But all of that is a far cry from the absurd comment that White America per se is done if Trump loses. White America and the American nation are no longer synonymous.  That may be unfortunate, but it is true.  If Trump loses White America will go on, but it’s unlikely that the United States of America as a historical nation-state will have any long-term future.

“Pussygate” also revealed the cowardice and treachery of the mainstream Republican leadership. All these people have to go. Nobody who votes for Donald Trump should cast a vote for Paul Ryan or any other backstabbing cuck. These people’s political careers need to end on November 8th or Trump’s victory will be a hollow one. Not only must Trump shake the cucks off his coattails, he needs to completely freeze them out of his administration. And if his resolve to do this ever wavered, it will waver no more.

I agree 100%.  Regardless of the electoral outcome, the GOP Establishment needs to be politically destroyed. That’s the same Establishment that’s been telling the White base for decades that they had to support Establishment cuckservative milksops because “we need to have Republican solidarity to defeat that dastardly liberal Democrat.”  Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, and the base picked their own candidate, the Establishment has been throwing a temper tantrum, actively sabotaging the campaign of the base’s GOP candidate and supporting a very dastardly liberal Democrat (even in some cases openly endorsing her).  Why the hell should the base EVER vote for an Establishment candidate ever again? All that is required is that some fraction of Trump supporters stop voting for the cucks and, given how class most national and state-wide elections are, the GOP Establishment is “toast.”

Donald Trump really is a great man. What makes a man great? A man is not great because he is perfect. Great men often have enormous flaws, make catastrophic mistakes, and face overwhelming obstacles. A man is great if he can overcome his flaws, learn from his mistakes, and surmount obstacles. Within a 48-hour period, Donald Trump faced and overcame a scandal that would have crushed weaklings like Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. Just think of what he can do for America. Yes, he can Make America Great Again.

I’m critical of Roissyian Trump worship, but here Greg Johnson is being more reasonable. He’s defining greatness in a particular way that does indeed fit Trump.  I myself doubt that Trump can really make America great again, but that’s not why I’m supporting him.  I have no doubt that Trumpism can make multiculturalism untenable, and that’s my objective.  To see where we may be headed, read this which essentially makes the same basic point as this (which of course cannot be cited, because, well, you know….).

I’ll be putting something together about what Der Movement should do if Trump loses (likely) with some brief words about a Trump victory (unlikely).

Der Movement in the News, 10/10/16

It’s…Der Movement.

This is a commentator (plain font) at Roissy’s Pussy Pedestalization blog, with Roissy’s homoerotic Trumpite responses in bold font:

Mr Bigglesworth
We’ve all just witnessed what happens when you attach white survival to the political fortunes of a preening, showboating narcissist. He lets you down in a YUGE way.
[CH: he hasn’t let anyone down except the self-righteous cuck that resides in your fevered fantasies.]
Is there a single person here who still predicts a Trump win? Genuinly?
[yes. genuinely.]
Living inside your own protective bubble, blocking out reality and bitching about anyone who points out glaring truths isn’t “Alpha” at all.
[you aren’t pointing out any glaring truths. you’re pointing out what a pussy you are for getting verklempft over some bawdy lockerroom talk.]
It’s pathetic and an insult to your own intelligence. Have some dignity and stop embarrasing yourselves.
[you are a demoralization agent. you bring nothing substantive to the discussion except your mental fainting couch and debbie downer kvetching. you’re done here.]

I agree that the “lewd” comments are nothing.  But that’s a side issue.  We’ve had months of evidence that Trump is a lazy buffoon who is perhaps the worst general election political candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.  If he wins – which is unlikely but possible – it will be in spite of his laziness and incompetence and solely due to the pent-up anti-PC rage of the GOP base.  If he loses, he’d have thrown away an eminently winnable election – and fanboys like Roissy will NOT be allowed to forget how they tried to tie White racialism to the Trump balloon (given his BMI, “balloon” is appropriate).

But let’s be fair, Der Touchback seems to have done better – much better – in the second debate, and the “because you’d be in jail” was classic.  At this point, Donny Cuckamnesty has little to lose and may as well go on the offensive, but in the calm and direct manner as the above quite illustrated.  Well done, Don Fats!

The GOP Establishment.

Remember that in 2020 when they try and foist a prime cuck on the American public with the mantra “we Republicans have to stick together to beat the Democrat.”

MacDonald on Trump’s “lewd” comments.

Counter-Currents commenter on East Asians:

In addition, the author’s comments about East Asians also rings true. Their lack of inventiveness, in technology, political science, art, music and every field of endeavor is obvious. Their gene pool does not produce European-type geniuses who create and move humankind forward. The Europeans who landed in the 1700s were amazed by the complete lack of progress in every field of endeavor as they compared that China to Marco Polos writings. Had Europeans never encountered Asia, it would still be almost exactly as it was in the 1700s.
Asians are separated from Europeans by 30K years, they have very different brain equipment. They cheat in tests because it is advantageous to do so, and they do not have inborn guilt to prevent them from doing so. They optimize their situations by cheating when available, it is logically the most beneficial choice. An Asian reading that “you shouldn’t cheat” because it is “unfair” or “immoral” to do so even though it greatly helps you would probably find that to be a silly and nonsensical statement.

Basket of Bunkers

The Left’s misunderstanding (or deception).

Hillary’s supporters are doubling down on her “basket of deplorables” comment; indeed, they tell us that she underestimated the proportion of Trump’s supporters who are irredeemable bigots.  Thus, the current narrative of the Left is that a very significant portion of the White American electorate is composed of hardcore racists akin to the most extreme of the Alt-Right – many millions of White racial nationalists.

However, the reality is that White racial nationalism in America is tiny and powerless, often persecuted, sans resources and supporters.  Indeed, many racial nationalists – myself included – have asserted that only if a fraction – even 10% – of White Americans supported our views then we would be on the road to victory, given a bedrock of support; history is always made by a dedicated minority. But that minority must have some numbers, two dozen guys measuring each other’s cephalic indices with calipers in the basement of a meeting hall just won’t cut it.  Obviously, this minority does not currently exist.

So, why this discrepancy between breathless Leftist accounts of numberless hordes of virulent White racists, and the grim reality of a powerless “movement?”

The Left, to the extent they believe their own rhetoric, are captive to their Manichean mindset; they view race through a binary prism: if you are not a racial progressive, then you are a Hitler-loving Nutzi.  This is absurd and unrealistic, as racial attitudes exist along a continuum, and the bulk of even the most hardcore Trump supporters are more liberal about race than are most Alt-Righters, never mind other types of racial nationalists.

Trump’s supporters, and here I am talking about those the Left labels as “deplorables,” are at best “Archie Bunker types” – causal bigots whose mild racism is almost always a private affair and never manifests as public behavior or, more importantly, into the political realm. These are civic nationalist types who don’t like Blacks (who does – other than Trump, the cucks, and the Left?) and who have nostalgia about an America that is long gone.  In the past they have cheerfully voted for the most outrageous of anti-White liberal Republican cucks.  But after many years of disappointments and frustrations, they feel like Trump’s politically incorrect speech gives them a voice (however muted and cucked it may be). These people are hardly racial nationalists, not in any way supporters of Der Movement, and are for the most part completely useless – for now – for racial nationalism.

They do, however, constitute a possible source of recruits (at least those who don’t already have one foot in the grave – remember, Trump’s supporters are all “old grouchy White men”).

However, before Der Movement can go recruiting among the Bunkers, it must get its own house in order.  Who in their right mind would want to be recruited to a deranged embarrassment like Der Movement? [Note: I’m obviously not in my right mind, to have been so recruited in the past.  After all, haven’t my critics labeled me as insane?].  I have to laugh at those activists who dream of a “Day of the Rope,” a “reckoning” for all who have harmed the White race.  How about looking at yourselves?  If there ever is a settling of accounts by a real racial nationalist revolution, all the Nutzis and their leaders (including, perhaps, some “Alt-Right” heroes) had better wonder what end of the rope they’ll end up at.

Of course, a dedicated pacifist and effete liberal such as myself does not like to think about such distasteful topics.

In any case, “movement” stupidity and failure aside, the inability of the Left to understand the concept of degree leads them to hysterical errors in which all is black vs. white (no pun intended).  And then they accuse us of simplicity – of not being able to see all the shades of gray!  Fifty shades, no doubt, to the leftist eye, if they would only look.

Race in the News, 8/15/16

Several items

The liberal media hate, despise, and fear Donald Trump. Never in my lifetime have I seen such an outpouring of malice for one man. Not even the height of the Nixon impeachment crisis saw such vindictive passion.

That is correct. As I have said here before: Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites. Hating Trump with “vindictive passion” is a socially safe way of publicly expressing hatred of Whites in like manner.

All of us “subgroups” who stand outside of “Western civilization” are in danger.

If we’re going to stand against this rising tide of hate, we’ve got to stand together. So let’s keep building bridges. Surely that’s something even we lowly “subgroups” can contribute.

But, hey, “Jews look White to me,” right? Unfortunately, they do not “look White” to themselves.
The Invasion, or perhaps, in honor of Merkel, Der Invasion.
These Republican elites behave as if Trump become the nominee by some sort of coup, some subterfuge, some kind of “act of God,” and not by getting the most votes ever in a Republican primary season. True, he’s running a horrendously bad campaign and is a buffoon. But, that is what the GOP cucks get for ignoring White interests.