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Branding the Alt Right

Talk is cheap.

I’ve made it clear I’m no fan of the Alt Right and believe identifying White nationalism with the Alt Right is is a mistake. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my opinion.

But let’s take a step back and look at the situation from the position of those people who believe the Alt Right is important and should be identified specifically with White nationalism.

At Counter-Currents, one of those people makes the argument that the Alt Right is a brand, not merely an idea, and that brand needs to be seized and controlled, with undesirables purged.

Very well.  I agree that the Alt Right is a brand.  Question: whose brand is it?

The brand of the Jew Gottfried, who is no White nationalist?  Well, we’ll be told that it really was Richard Spencer, a White nationalist, who popularized the Alt Right brand.  Very well. But Spencer chose to appear at the press conference with a HBD self-declared “yellow supremacist” and a self-declared “civic nationalist.”  So the Spencerian brand of the Alt Right is hardly as exclusive as some hardcore WNs desire.

The answer to that I presume would be that neither Gottfried nor Spencer nor anyone else has any inherent right to the brand.  The brand will belong to that group that has the strength, will, and ability to seize control of it and resist attempts at co-option   The “might makes right” argument, so to speak. Thus, regardless of who invented or popularized the term “Alternative Right” or “Alt Right” that brand will belong to victors in the struggle for Alt Right brand identity.

My answer to this argument consists of four words: then go do it.

Talk is cheap.  If you want to control the Alt Right brand you must not only claim it for yourselves, but you must ruthlessly purge and denounce those to your left who themselves want to control the brand.  It will be necessary to critique those ideological opponents, deconstruct them, draw a distinct line between you and them.  Who exactly is actually doing that?

It is telling that I – a person who openly rejects the Alt Right label – am the only person on the “Far-Right” I know of who consistently and vigorously critiques HBD yellow supremacism, Jew-friendly race realism, civic nationalism, big tent rightism, and all the rest of those memes that the hardcore WNs allegedly want to distinguish themselves from.  It’s strange then that only someone not identified with the Alt Right is actually doing those things that the champions of WN Alt Right branding should be doing.

Why this inaction?  One could think of three possibilities (more may exist):

1. These folks actually agree with at least some of the memes they pretend to oppose. Many in Der Movement have a soft spot for HBD, although that leads to the Judeophilia (and Asiaphilia) that they allegedly reject. Those who support such memes are themselves the very types they wish to purge.

2. They don’t know how to effectively make the arguments.  It would be disturbing if people could not articulate the reasons why they disagree with the fundamental positions of their opponents. Even if true, this shouldn’t be an obstacle.  I have for years discussed and explained reasons for opposing HBD and civic nationalism.  If Der Movement requires a more acceptable source of arguments, then crack open a copy of On Genetic Interests.  The entire work is an argument against civic nationalism (among other ideologies), and section 4H addresses the HBD argument.

3. The most likely reason I think is moral weakness.  These people just don’t want to “burn bridges,” they don’t want to “offend” rightist personages, the pleasant personal relations they may have with some of these people are considered more important than doing the right thing, casual “friendships” are put above the well being of the”movement” and of the race.  Well folks, if you are too timid and too “bourgeoisie” to purge those you’ve “broken bread” with, people you’ve had causal interactions with, then what kind of “political soldier” are you?  How are you going to deal with the “rough and tumble” of racial-cultural politics if you blush and get weak in the knees at the thought of standing up to HBDers and civic nationalists?  Do you think Hitler personally enjoyed the Rohm affair? If casual ties of friendship are more important to you than the existence of the White race, then please go off and pick pansies or something, and certainly don’t preach to anyone else what should or should not be done.

In the News, 11/6/15

Three news stories.

One: Leucosa watch: what can you say about a race of people so pitifully cowardly that they can’t even openly state their support for a mainstream political candidate?  We are talking about Donald Trump, for heaven’s sake, not David Duke. Donald Trump – celebrity millionaire, reality TV show star, a person slated to host “Saturday Night Live” (regardless of whether or not that’s cancelled, he was still invited – would Duke be?).  Newsflash to all those “Der Tag” “movement” types, who think a White uprising is just around the corner: if Whites are afraid to tell a pollster “I support Trump,” do you really think those same marshmallows are going to “take to the hills” and “smash the System?”  

Two: One benefit of Salter that it allows a quantitative (or at least semi-quantitative) discussion of the real costs of mass migration.   For example, see this “back-of-the-envelope” analysis of the costs of the mestizo invasion of America. That puts the contrast between ethnic interests and “economic gain” right to the forefront. You can not only put a cost in “child equivalents” on any scenario, but also invoke “dollars and cents” to put it into starkly economic terms. Only Salterism allows for ultimate interests to be duly recognized and discussed in this fashion.

Three: One Jew supports the work of another Jew, said work being just another permutation of multiracial separatism. Well, they are going to do what comes naturally to them. The bigger problem is with their Gentile enablers, who help give them a platform within the “movement.”

Gottfried on the NPI Conference

Good and bad.

Gottfried gives a more or less balanced account, but I note with interest the comparison between NPI and the organization of which Gottfried is the leader. Gottfried’s group, not surprisingly, does not engage in political activism but rather intellectual talk and it – shocking! – doesn’t get much into the racial/genetic origins of the problem.

Thus, a Jew who is at least on the periphery of the “movement” engages in activity that moves folks in the direction of being apolitical, aracial, and talking about culture/politics.

We are all shocked, shocked.

Meanwhile, the picture accompanying the VDARE article is a bit distressing. Spencer is a relatively young guy, but all the white hair present at that table reinforces the System stereotype that this is all a function of a bunch of grumpy old White guys.

Some youth, please.