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Human Biology News: Corrupt Swarthoids

Over-representation of wops, dagoes, and hunkies.

Amoral familism?  Genetic heterogeneity impeding investment in collective social goods? Insufficient levels of “high-trust hunter gatherer” ancestry?

Of course, Jews and Northeast Asians are represented as well, but, come on now, as the HBDers will tell us that is compensated by their high, high, high IQ, and, certainly, the Asians produce nice wives for socially awkward White nerds.

On the other hand, the Meds and Slavs – obviously completely useless by comparison!

In the News, 12/15/15

More items in a world gone mad.

Like comics, sports are a silly but illuminating view into mass pop culture. Now, isn’t gambling an “addiction” just like drug use is an “addiction?” Funny how the same sports writers (also the guys who give a free pass to Dusty Baker’s racialist views) who preach to us that we need to “understand and forgive” the drug-addicted athlete take such a hard line against the gambling-addicted athlete.  Don’t both of them lie to cover their misdeeds? Why is one deserving of sympathy and the other scorn?  Is it because SJW hipsters view drug abuse as hitting too close to home, while gambling is something lower-class “redneck” and “White ethnic” White folks do?

How come it is alright for bankrupt Greece to spend borrowed German money on alien refugee filth, but not on themselves, frausow Merkel?  And when the hell are these Greek swarthoids going to vote for Golden Dawn? What the hell are they waiting for?

Europe’s demographic crisis is an argument against, not for, more immigration, since immigration only accelerates the genocidal race replacement, and creates conditions that suppress the native birthrate even more.  Dealing with low native birthrates with immigration is like dealing with runaway inflation by printing more money.  What kind of retardates think that’s a good thing?
Is the only reason folks go to Sam’s Club because there is no Costco around?

Success or Failure for Mainstreamng, 12/7/15

I say failure.

I’m sure Durocher and company will think the French results are some sort of triumph for “mainstreaming.”  What I see is the bulk of the French political spectrum so hysterical about the FN that they’re willing to joining forces in some sort of Submission-like scenario to keep the FN out of power. And “informed” opinion in Europe thinks that such manipulation is a good thing, and “healthy” for “democracy.”

In other words, the Establishment treats the FN as if it were Golden Dawn. All the mainstreaming and backpedaling and centrist nonsense has meant nothing. “Oh but it got them votes,” the mainstreamers will say. Did it?  Or are the votes coming from White desperation and the reaction to terrorism?   How do you know a more radical political party and leader wouldn’t have gotten the same, or more, votes?  And if the Establishment is successful in blocking the FN from power, then what good is mainstreaming when the whole point of mainstreaming is “it’ll help us achieve power and then….”

I’m not sure the mainstreaming strategy is working. And what happens if the FN does come to power and then governs in a centrist “safe” manner in order to retain that power?  The point will be what then?

Another Demented Turd

Also responsible for Paris.

The discovery of the passport has raised fears that some of the assailants might have entered Europe as part of the huge influx of people fleeing Syria’s civil war. But Mouzalas insisted that heightened security concerns should not jeopardise the rights of refugees to safety in Europe.

In other words, the “rights” of aliens count more than the rights of your own people. The “right” of “refugees” to invade other peoples’ nations is more important than the right of natives for self-preservation.  Is this creature Mouzalas serious?  Who is this demented animal?

“There could be more (such jihadists)… are we supposed to toss 100,000 people in the sea?” he asked.

Yes, exactly, If necessary, toss them in the sea. They can go elsewhere. This is madness. Someone shows up uninvited, you take them in, they attack you, and your response is to worry about them, and to wish more like them to come in. How about worrying about your own citizens, you stupid bastard?

“Greece and Europe must keep a very fine balance between security and human rights,” he said.

How about the “human rights” of Europeans?  Or are they “non-people” with no rights?

“Most of (the attackers) were born and raised in Western countries… they leave Western countries with legal Western passports, go to jihad and return.”

They were born and raised in Western countries, because scum like Mouzalas let in their parents and grandparents. Now he wants to let in more. So, when the sons and grandsons of the “refugees” commit acts against what few remaining European exist in one or two generations hence, future shitlibs will throw up their hands and say, “they were born and raised here, that doesn’t reflect on the latest batch of a million NEC filth invaders who want to come here.”
I stand by my prediction: the response of Europe to the Paris atrocity will be more immigration, more Muslims, more surrender, more groveling. All Whites are subhuman cowards, including those “outside the Hajnal line.”  The “White Man’s Disease” knows no boundaries.

Mainstreaming in the News, 9/17/15

Syriza supporter Marine Le Pen will be unhappy.

The most popular party for 18-24-year-olds now is the far right Golden Dawn, while Syriza languishes in fourth place, data by the pollster Alco show.

Thus, you give the people, including the youth, an “extreme” far-right alternative, and, given the proper circumstances, they’ll flock to it.

Further, in an “open marketplace of ideas” scenario, in which there is no constant state oppression against the “extreme far-right,” you won’t even need to wait for those “proper circumstances” – support for the “extreme far-right” will be the default position.

At some point, when the mainstreamers fail, hopefully there will be “extremists” to pick up the pieces.

A Useful Suggestion

We need some “currents events” reports from Europe.

A commentator at The Occidental Observer writes:

Maybe I have just missed it, but I would love TOO to offer a long thoughtful article devoted to the increasingly unhinged Angela Merkel.

This is a good idea.  If there are any readers of this blog from Europe, you should consider contacting The Occidental Observer and/or Counter-Currents to see if those sites would appreciate a first-hand report on the ongoing Camp of the Saints invasion of Europe. Of particular interest would be a first-hand, nationalist-oriented understanding of what’s going on in Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Greece – although information on other nations could be useful as well (for example, the political situation in the UK on this, France being a big player in EU politics, Poland now saying they’ll take more migrants, and the leader of the Czech Republic suggesting a European army to stem the tide).

Some time ago I wrote here that “our” treasonous elites would gladly choose to have the entire White world destroyed rather than inconveniencing one “person of color” for a microsecond. I can imagine some readers rolling their eyes at that – “Sallis is being a radical lunatic again.”  But look at what is going on, look at the behavior of scum like Merkel – am I wrong?