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Alpha Incompetence and Those Green Pieces of pPaper

Two points.

First, from VDARE, an excellent one paragraph summary of Trump’s incompetence as a political candidate and as a leader:

…his infuriating lack of message discipline, refusal to invest in campaign infrastructure, and seeming indifference to debate preparations is leading the campaign to careen from one disaster to another, from last Thursday’s dumpster fire of a debate to Saturday’s loss of the Maine caucuses. Indeed, were it not for early voting, his campaign would be regarded as being in a tailspin.

Quite right.  The “movement’s” embrace (in the case of the gamesters, the word “embrace” conjures up their psychosexual fantasies of “alpha male” Trump – here’s looking at you, Roissy) of Trump is quite disturbing.  Praise the anti-Establishment movement, yes.  Use Trump in an instrumental fashion to “monkey wrench” the multiculturalist regime, yes. But this fawning hero worship of Trump as a White savior who is the “last chance of White America?”  Absurd. That’s an incompetent affirmative action “movement ” leadership excited over a candidate who is, in essence, a carbon copy of themselves: a shallow, incompetent, political quota queen with poor judgment and an inability to avoid disaster.

Second, I read an Establishment nitwit criticizing Trump’s protectionist economic plans (e.g., tariffs).  The Establishment take is that our trade deficits with countries like China are good things  After all, according to this “logic,” we are getting the best of the deal!  We are getting actual goods from them, while we are just giving them “green pieces of paper.”

Very good!  Putting aside just why all these countries (especially the Chinese with their rat-like level of raw animal cunning and lustful mercantilism) would allow us to “get the better of them” in this manner, and putting aside that, according to the economy-uber-alles worldview, accumulating those “green pieces of paper” is the entire purpose of existence, we can ask a question: What exactly is China doing with all those “green pieces of paper?”

Let’s see.  They are building a national infrastructure that is more modern that that of the crumbling American one.  They are building mass military power and the consequent geopolitical influence that comes with it, associated with an overtly anti-American agenda. They use “soft power” economics to push American interests aside in Asia and Africa. They buy up American properties and businesses.  They exert influence over the American economy.  They make America dependent upon Chinese exports, including for strategically important items, which would put the USA in quite an interesting position given an American-Chinese military conflict.  They have hollowed-out the American economy, wrecking our native industrial base, with all the implications that has for our future and long-term strategic power.  They have forced American businesses to set up manufacturing in China, where they copy our methodologies and utilize technological capital built by Americans for Chinese benefit, and they use all their wealth and power to facilitate the colonization of other nations – including America – by Chinese immigrants.  Well then, I do wonder who is benefiting by the exchange of cheap shoddy goods for “green pieces of paper,” eh?

Further, imagine the same advice was given to an individual: It’s great to go into debt and throw away the future of your posterity, so as to buy some cheap consumer goods today! Savings?  Who needs them?  That’s just “green pieces of paper!”  Better to buy some Chinese-made product from Walmart that disintegrates within a month of bringing it home! That’s the ticket!  Live for the moment!

I would think any financial advisor who said that to a client would not be taken seriously. Why should we take seriously similar advice given at the national level?