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White People?

The real source of the White resentment fueling Trump’s support.

As discussed here previously, many in the System either pretend not to understand the reasons for White resentment and the consequent support for Der Touchback, or, like Sanders, they mendaciously misrepresent the reason for the resentment:

Bernie asserts that Trump’s popularity is due to the legitimate “economic anxiety” of his supporters. Trump exploits this anxiety by scapegoating “Mexicans and Muslims” and thus he diverts attention away from the fatcat predatory capitalists really causing all the problems. Bernie will free these supporters from Trump’s trickery by bringing them into a grand, aracial, far-left coalition.

White-hating racist Negress commentator Gwen Ifill, who looks remarkably like an Australopithecus robustus, asked the Democratic candidates about “White people” at the last debate. It went like this, the relevant transcript excerpt courtesy of Breezy Steve Sailer (the guy who opposes White nationalism because we can’t know who White people are):

IFILL: Let me turn this on its head, because when we talk about race in this country, we always talk about African-Americans, people of color. I want to talk about white people, OK?  

SANDERS: White people?  


Let us consider together. In response to Ifill’s question, Sanders – the candidate who pretends an interest in Trump’s working class White supporters – responds with an incredulous “White people?” to which the australopithicine shrugs and smirks (to say, yes, I know it is a ridiculous question), and the audience laughs. Look at the video linked above and see for yourself.

Therefore, a consideration of White people’s interests – indeed, the very idea that such interests exist – is considered by the System and its candidates, representatives, and supporters to be a source of disbelieving astonishment, confusion, and laughing amusement. 

That, my dear levantine Senator Sanders, is the REAL source of the resentment fueling Trump’s White support – NOT “scapegoating” of migrants, and NOT misplaced mere “economic concerns.” While the economics are of course important, in the last analysis, race and culture are not proxies for economic concerns, the economic concerns are proxies for race and culture. Trump’s supporters are not resentful over “Mexicans and Muslims” because of the economy, they are resentful because these White folks do not want any Mexicans and Muslims around, they do not want to lose their country, they do not want to be dispossessed by aliens and then have their concerns laughed off by sneering SWPL types, half-apes, and by an aged hippy Brooklyn Jew. What does it say when a far-Left anti-White harridan like Hillary Clinton is the only one who give a halfway respectful answer to the question? 

Sanders therefore represents typical Jewish deception and self-deception. His own shocked and disbelieving “White people?” response to Ifill’s question, as well as the response of Ifill and the audience, all perfectly represent the real reason for the White resentment that he explains with all sorts of fanciful inventions.