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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A few examples of the spectrum of the “movement” and reactions to it.

First, the Good:

Codreanu speech.

Analysis of the Legionary movement.

Nice head gear on the groom.

Now, the Bad: the newest VDARE HBDer, the execrable fanboy Welton (emphasis added):

So, clearly, intelligence is the simplest explanation for most empirical evidence pf pathology.

Yes, and it is the simplest explanation for spelling errors as well.

Northeast Asians and Jews—even though they’re just as likely to be victims of racism…

Poor Asians and Jews tormented as they are by nasty racists in America.  Innocent, pure as freshly laid snow, these high-IQ supermen can save themselves from exposure to knuckle-dragging Euro-brutes by going back to Asia and Israel (in Asia as well, by the way), respectively.

…—do not display the same behavior patterns because they have high intelligence, meaning they do quite the opposite of what races with low intelligence do.

Never, never forget the fundamental basis of HBD: Jews and Asians have a high, high-IQ, and are your natural masters and betters.  All kneel before the Altar of Asia, and prostrate yourself before the Holy Yarmulke.

This model explains all the evidence. 

All, all, all!   And if, you know, reality contradicts HBD, we’ll just wave our hands around and try to explain away reality.

So it is amazing—considering that three of Benner’s five co-authors are Northeast Asians: Yishan Chen, Yijie Wang and Yen-Pi Cheng—that nobody thought of it.

Not so “amazing” when you consider that your Holy Orientals HATE White people, and will eagerly grasp on to, and promote, any theory that blames Whitey for Black and Hispanic deficiencies.  The Rising Tide of Color needs “high-IQ” leadership, and Jews and Asians are always ready and willing to oblige!

The issue of “depression” can be explained by the way that low IQ indirectly predicts depression, due to the fact that low IQ leads you into poverty, unemployment, relationship and friendship breakdown, drug abuse, alcoholism, poor health and thus general misery.

Sure!  Of course, HBD also tells us that Negroes have higher self-esteem, and lower suicide rates, than do Whites.  Don’t expect any consistency from HBDers – it’s a religious faith, a political movement, all dedicated to enslaving Whites to Jews and Asians.

By contrast, Northeast Asians are prone to depression for mainly genetic reasons and in spite of their tendency, in Western countries, to achieve high socioeconomic status. Evolved to extremely harsh yet predictable ecologies, their ancestors could only survive in tightly bonded groups. This meant that you had to be able to get on with everybody, or you’d be cast out into the cold to die. This selected in favor of strong social anxiety, which is adaptive because it means that you are concerned about the future. However, this can become overwhelming, leading to depression and suicide.

Can we ever imagine a more perfect example of a “just so” story?  Paging Rudyard Kipling!

Finally, the Ugly.

Look how communists and anarchists have degraded the beautiful Mota-Marin memorial, and consider modern official Spanish attitudes toward it. How about moving it to Romania?  You know, to all those deficient non-Westerners (according to the HBDers) dancing the hora (long may it turn)?

Race-mixers in Der Movement.

Another unbalanced Type I quota queen.

Diversity is a strength:

Behold the God Emperor

MAGA: Make Africans Great Again


Is There Oil On Arrakis?

Odds and ends.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Someone gets it; Trump is a fraud:

Because We Live Here‏


 Oct 21

More Because We Live Here Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Here’s an idea: do an executive order to #BuildTheWall then start mass deportations of illegal aliens. Oh, and arrest sanctuary city mayors. JUST DO SOMETHING instead of TWEETING!

Cue Roissy praising Trump for “negging” a woman or screwing porn stars.  MAGA!

By the way, note Trump embracing Cruz in Texas.  Back at the 2016 GOP convention, I remember Roissy predicting Cruz was “finished” in the GOP because of his “betrayal” of Trump, complete with a picture of the Trump clan looking at Cruz with disgust.

Wrong, wrong, the quota queens are always wrong.

More on Trump the utter fraud, emphasis added:

If Trump isn’t what it takes, what is? The very question shows that Trump is neither more nor less than what serves his constituencies’ desires for protection and payback. President Trump has found it easier to proclaim victories over middle America’s enemies than to achieve them. Often, he has simply protested the bipartisan ruling class’s continued rule while acquiescing in it, as he did on March 23, 2018 when signing the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill that continued financing every Progressive group, and increased funding for all of the ruling class’s priorities; and as he did on September 17, 2017 when he signed the Joint Congressional Resolution that urged all U.S agencies to combat “hate speech”—and defined it in such a way as to accuse his supporters of it. On national TV, he confessed that wise men in Washington had convinced him that his (and his voters’) desire to withdraw from the Afghan war had been wrong. Having finally decided to declassify documents many of which the intelligence agencies had given to the Washington Post, he apparently let them convince him that doing so would harm national security. While complaining of the Democrats’ slander of Judge Kavanaugh, he led Republicans in refraining from asking the questions and bringing out the facts about the accuser that distinguish legitimate complaints from slander. Trump’s rousing speeches feed the body politic as empty calories feed the human body. Bluster followed by surrender has political legs both short and shaky. Trump’s tone has lifted his constituencies’ expectations. But tone does not give substance to public opinion, poses but a flimsy barrier to the ruling class’s concerted power, and does not begin to satisfy constituencies threatened by the ruling class machine that came of age in the anti-Kavanaugh campaign.

How about this: how about the USA withdraws from all “treaties” that obligates this country accepting “refugees?”  The “refugee” scam is just a cover for invasion.  Too bad these treaties didn’t exist 80 years ago – the Germans could have conquered Europe by claiming the Wehrmacht was just a “refugee caravan.”  Come now – they just wanted to escape the big bad Hitler, who can blame them?  Instead, Trump will probably meekly process their “refugee” applications, give them room and board, and have his DOJ indict more Nutzis for “hate crimes.”

Come on, now, Greg, all this scifi stuff is just nonsense!  With “Peak Oil” how are we going to power our starships?  Let’s just stay snug in our hobbit holes, enjoying the “de facto anarchy in the provinces.”  But, hey, maybe like the Middle East, there’s oil in dem dere hills (of sand) on Arrakis, not just “spice,” so we can drive our space ship up to the nearest gas station and fill ‘er up!

More lack of self-awareness:

First, Johnson denies his site constantly attacks Spencer:

I don’t know what you mean by “a lot.” Besides this three parter and my review of Vegas Tenold’s book, I can’t think of any others.

Conveniently forgetting not only the major opinion pieces, but the constant sniping – by him and others – against Spencer in the comments threads of other articles.  I’ve been commenting on such comments regularly on this blog.  And let’s not forget this.

Second, this:

But everyone in this movement has amnesia.

Yes, they’ve already forgotten about Hermansson, Lewis, etc.

It would be best if Greg would forget about Spencer and just build his own Counter-Currents brand.  There’s a certain ugliness in kicking someone when they’re down – and Spencer is currently way down, both in his activist and personal lives. I’m sure Greg feels justified in his bitterness toward Spencer and Friberg – and perhaps he’s right to feel so (but I wonder if he has enough self-awareness to understand that others may feel the same way about him), but a bigger man would just let it go.  Another argument I suppose would be to counter “movement” amnesia by constantly reminding everyone of Spencer’s foibles, so as to attempt to prevent a Spencerian comeback.  That attitude would be more principled if it was aimed at the entire Alt Right brand, rather than just personally on a down-and-out would-be Fuhrer; then again, all the criticism would have even more “bite” if it had started when the Alt Right was riding high.  But only Sallis and Strom had the prescience to issue warnings back then.

Spencer is just a symptom, Der Movement is the disease, and the Alt Right is the most recent pernicious manifestation of that disease.  Spencer can permanently disappear from the “movement” scene, and all these problems would still be here.  EGI Notes tells you that, while Johnson fulminates against someone whose current status is equivalent to that of Hitler’s last days in the bunker.

Johnson also answers a lukewarm defender of Spencer who suggested that Richie Rich would have done better with a handler behind the scenes – to which Johnson, justifiably, answers that if someone needs a handler they are a figurehead and not a leader.  But that’s the point – Spencer would have been better suited as a player in electoral politics – yes, a figurehead – with the CMS guys being the handlers behind the scenes.  Regnery’s initial instincts were sound – Spencer should never have compromised his future political viability by taking over NPI and being directly involved in Der Movement to such an obvious extent.

Jared Taylor: If Europeans are to be replaced, I would far prefer that we be replaced by Asians than by Africans or Middle-Easterners and, certainly, by Muslims. I hope, of course, that Western civilization will survive, that white people will carry their civilization and their biological substrate forever into the future. I hope that’s what happens. But, if we are—if we really are—to be bred out of existence, or if we do not reproduce ourselves, if the continent of Europe becomes non-white, if North America becomes increasingly non-white, I would prefer they became Asian rather than African, Middle Eastern, or Latino. Asians are a high IQ group, and they would organize superior societies, whereas if the United States became populated by people like Guatemalans, Haitians, Syrians, then the United States would become a Third World mess.

That is of course not the classical HBD view, which instead actively does hope and prefer for Whites to be replaced by Asians as the optimal scenario.  

Anyway, I disagree with Taylor.  Why should Asians, or anyone else, inherit the Earth, and the achievements and inventions of Whites, if Whites become extinct?  On the contrary, let the world burn; if Whites are not around to fulfill their destiny, let the remaining featherless bipeds go rot.  Who cares about a “superior society” run by Orientals?

I guess that’s my moralpathy talking. Speaking of which – how many Nutzis have coined their own psychological term?  Ted Sallis – the gift that keeps on giving (Narcissism!  Narcissism!)!

Zman on the future of America:

All the while the role of the central government recedes domestically as the local cultural regions re-assert their authority.

De facto anarchy in the provinces!  And we can all be snug in our hobbit holes, reading The White Nationalist Manifesto!

Agons and Others

And various other tidbits of “movement” and racial issues.

Humans in all endeavors seek to prevent competition either through cooperation or domination.

Indeed, including the “leadership” of Der Movement, Inc., a money-making enterprise.  Cooperation includes that of the Quota Queen Cartel, who for the most part closes ranks against outsiders who are not part of the affirmative action gravy train.  Domination includes both attacks against those outsiders (“banning” them as “crazy and bitter” or supporting dogma that naturally excludes them, which is a form of rent-seeking, by the way) as well as internal feuds among the Cartel (e.g., Pierce-Covington, Spencer-Johnson) to maximize their market share of the tin cup.  The feuding is not incompatible with the cooperation, since the former never questions to legitimacy of the existence of the Cartel in the first place, and thus is tacit cooperation even in the midst of feuding.  One quota queen may attack another, but they’d never admit that their rival owes his prominence at least in part to non-merit reasons, for that would call their own legitimacy into question.  Cooperation means there are limits that they will not cross in their feuds.  To paraphrase Yockey, it’s an agon for internal domination, rather than an out-and-out war against the “other.”

Jared Taylor expresses himself:

I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure that you can come up with…

That, my friends, is the essence of HBD.  Of course, HBDer Murray did show that most accomplishments of human progress came from Europe, but let’s not let that interfere with the core HBD concept of Asia worship. A bit of cognitive dissonance is good for any religion – one must have faith in Yellow Supremacy, even if your own facts don’t bear it out.

Sessions acknowledged that the SPLC at one time “did important work in South”: As an Alabama prosecutor he worked with it to convict a Ku Klux Klan member who’d murdered a black teenager.

Antifa Jeff Sessions: a Far Left radical anti-racist activist.  And he is a supporter of Antifa.

If you look at the comments threads on Yahoo articles on Negro crime incidents, you’ll see an increasing number of posts using the “13” or “13/90” paradigm – usually just past those numbers only – the suggestion to the readers is that “Negroes make up 13% of the population but commit 90% of the crime.”  Of course 90% is a bit of an exaggeration, but this meme hits home very well.  Interestingly, unless I missed something, this is a de novo outgrowth from the Internet, and not (directly) derived from Der Movement and its “leadership.”   It seems random folks online are more imaginative and useful in the meme war than are all the quota queens and their obsession with accumulating tin cup proceeds.

I am curious: what do German nationalists think about Der Movement’s obsessive worship of everything German and Germanic?  Are they flattered? Prideful?  Embarrassed?  Disgusted? Annoyed? Indifferent?  I also wonder how many genuine Germans – not “German-Americans” but ethnic Germans born and raised in that country – American “movement” “activists” have actually met?  How many other foreign-born Europeans have they met?  I do wonder.  Some of the “leaders” do travel a lot (using tin cup donation), so, yes, these people do have actual experience, but I doubt the rank-and-file have any such experience whatsoever.

HBD in Der News

The Alt Wrong.

Comment left at Zman’s blog:



A well-rounded cognitive elitist!  A man of a Thousand Talents, indeed!


On a less positive note, I would observe that the organizational capacity of Southern and Eastern Europe is depressingly low.

The HBD solution: let the Jews and Chinamen take over?  Why not?  And is that an unreasonable characterization of HBD views?  After all, according to the Silkers, Cochran advocates Israel seizing Italy because the heroic Jews, who have proven their military competence against the Wehrmacht-like Prussian discipline of Egypt, Syria, Hamas, the PLO, etc., can take the land away from inept Afrowops with no problem.  Likewise, China can seize Eastern Europe – which would no doubt make the Silkers happy as well.  Win win!

Even money odds this gets cancelled by the venue.  Featuring Derbyshire and Sailer. Hey, why not HBD Cunt and Jaychimp as well?

Let me say a word about pricing. It has become virtually impossible for patriotic immigration reformers to meet in public and our ticket prices reflect the increased security costs and additional expenses associated with politics in the current year. The fact is, we’re taking an enormous financial risk with this conference because we understand how important it is for the people in our movement to assemble freely – something that can no longer be taken for granted in America.

Yeah…don’t’ they always make arrangements with the venue so that they get compensation in case of cancellation?  If you are worried about security, maybe you can pick a better venue than “NYC Hilton Midtown?”  I suppose the “happy penguins” will be real happy with that pricing…let the shekels flow.

Uh, VDARE…Antifa is not worried about “owning the street” because they apparently “own” the DOJ as well. Jeff Sessions is the de facto legal counsel of Antifa, and Chubs Donny Trump may as well be its leader.  That video with the car?  Don’t let Antifa Jeff see it!  The car driver will be indicted for hate crimes, and the thugs will be given government jobs (de jure, as opposed to the de facto enforcement jobs they already possess).

Behold the Zman

Rivaling Derbyshire as the worst on the Right.


They’re not making Nazis like they used to. The two main groups of antisemites today are the internet loudmouth and the alt-right types. The former is harmless, as they are afraid of their own shadow in real life. The latter is really not all that hostile to Jews, just tribal in their own way. Of course, Jews were fine allies with blacks, despite never being able to be black. Politics makes for all sorts of strange alliances.

What a fundamentally dishonest piece of filth this Zman is.  He writes this, but pals around with “movement leaders” who want Jews ejected from White societies.  Hey, Zman, can you tell us your opinion about whether the following is, or is not, “all that hostile to Jews?”

As for the Jews … At the very least, all their property should be confiscated. At the very least. There are two reasons for this. First, we should consider it reparations. Second, if they were allowed to keep their wealth, they would immediately use it to stir up trouble against us. Just look at what happened when Adolf Hitler, with the typical excess of kindness that was his greatest flaw, allowed the Jews of Germany to emigrate with their fortunes…Jews everywhere needed to be expelled to Israel. “We need to freeze them out. You’re not going to be professors; you’re not going to be influential,” he said. “We are going to squeeze you out”.

“Politics makes for all sorts of strange alliances” right Zman?  Pro-Jewish HBDers making common cause with anti-Semitic Alt Righters.  The blind leading the blind.  Will wonders never cease?  Apparently not.


There’s no reason for optimism. Frankly, most whites deserve to be sold into bondage. Just look at what whites will tolerate from *their* politicians. Non-whites have every reason to be optimistic. Their fighting a collection of retards and pansies.

Retards and pansies?  You mean like folks who think that the same aliens who are destroying Western civilization should get to choose to join “Team White?” You mean like folks who mock “internet loudmouth Nazis” but who pal around with….internet loudmouth Nazis?


Given that I’ve compared McDonald’s theory to intelligent design, you can be sure I will never be promoting group evolutionary strategy.

Just like Derbyshire.  HBDers hate anything that stands in the way of Jewish-Asian domination of Whites.


Shapiro is a guy who wears clothes three sizes too big for him. He’s like a boy wearing his father’s suit. Frankly, he is a good example of how mediocrities get elevated by who they know, rather than what they know.

Hmm…unlike the HBDers who promote each other’s shoddy work, or “movement” “leaders” who get elevated because they are of NW European Anglo-Germanic heritage. OK, got it.

I also like how Zman claims that “I’m not trying to get Jews to do anything.”  Well, he’s right about that.  No, he’s trying to get White Gentiles to do something – accept Jews.  According to Cuckadoodledoo HBDers, Jews really don’t need to do anything.  They can just choose to do whatever they want, and the rest of us are obligated to accommodate their every desire.

If they want to join “Team White” – after decades of coaching and funding “Team Brown” – then, why, Whitey had just better accept them, or you’re just some Internet Nazi Loudmouth, unlike those reasonably tribal Alt Righters – not at all hostile to Jews! – who simply want to “freeze” Jews out of society, confiscate their property, and deport them to Israel.

And if you point out the insanity and inconsistency of Zman’s position, then you are, of course, a “retard” and a “pansy” – not a two-fisted fighting man genius like he is.

A commentator:

My take is that there’s a lot of Jews who’d be surprised to learn that they’re somehow different from other white ethnics like, say, Poles, Greeks, and Irish.

They can take a genetics test, and can be less surprised.  They can look at the history of their people and be less surprised.  They can look at the voting patterns of their people and be less surprised.  Hey, maybe Zman’s “movement” buddies on the “tribal” Alt Right can help “unsurprise” them.  The problem with the above comment: “other white ethnics.”  There’s a difference. Poles, Greeks, and Irish are all indigenous European ethnic groups.  Jews are intrusive Middle Easterners who have become admixed in the Diaspora, with their “Magian” culture and hostility to the West.  HBD…HBD…

There is no real “racialist movement” in America.  Der Movement is simply a madhouse full of idiots and lunatics who lack the least degree of self-awareness.  Or perhaps some of them are really clever Sunsteinite trolls.  One really can’t tell the difference any more.

Madness.  Madness.

Science, Pseudoscience, and Science Fiction

Another “movement” fail.  Emphasis added.

Maybe Johnson should read more Wolfe and Vance, and watch less Star Trek, if he’s going to propose that science fiction is always promoting liberal globalist utopias.

My first premise is: No form of government is fully compatible with scientific and technological progress if it is founded on dogmas that are contrary to fact. For instance, the republic of Oceania might have a population of intelligent and industrious people, an excellent educational system, first rate infrastructure, and a booming economy. But if the state religion of Oceania mandates that the Earth is flat and lies at the center of the universe, Oceania is not going to take us to the stars.

That’s true.  Therefore any government led by Der Movement, with its nonfactual, failed dogmas is not “going to take us to the stars.”  Der Movement, as chronicled here, openly lies about, for example, genetics studies on Ancient Egypt.  It lies about almost everything.  They do so repeatedly. You can’t “go to the stars” based on a foundation of lies.  Yes, the Nazis built V2 rockets and that’s great.  They also dismissed Relativity as “Jewish science.”  You’re not “going to the stars” with Type I stupidity.

My second premise is: The advocacy of racially and ethnically diverse societies—regardless of whether they have liberal or conservative regimes—is premised on the denial of political experience and the science of human biological diversity.

Case in point.  Here Johnson promotes a key feature of “movement” pseudoscientific lying – HBD – and classifies it as a “science.”  This is proof positive that “traditionalist” “snug in your hobbit hole” Type I “traditionalists” know nothing about science – real science, the Popperian science that Harpending talked about.  Endless lies and hand-waving spin to prop up failed hypotheses, coupled to an aversion to true hypothesis testing, is not science.  It is a fraud. Look at Dutton’s book on Rushton – it revealed Rushton as a fraud, but the fanboys and fangirls still rally around their HBD cult figure, and then they have the nerve to accuse “Jewish intellectual movements” of being cult-like.  On the other hand, HBD can itself be considered a Jewish intellectual movement, so there’s that.

My third premise is: Ethnonationalism is based on both political experience and the science of human biological diversity—and does not deny any other facts. Therefore, ethnonationalism is more compatible with scientific and technological progress than are racially and ethnically diverse societies—other things being equal.

Well, HBD is a fraud, and so, yes, I can agree that ethnonationalism is based on a fraud.  Agreement!  Agreement!

In short, if liberal democracy and global capitalism are returning us to the mud, it is ethnonationalism that will take us to the stars.


In short, if liberal democracy and global capitalism are returning us to the mud, and if ethnonationalism will lead us to murderous intra-European warfare and ethnic cleansing (advocated by its followers), it is pan-Europeanism that will take us to the stars.

Any serious major political movement needs people with serious science backgrounds.  In particular, any movement centered around a biological concept such as race absolutely needs scientists, especially those with a biological specialty that would be helpful in interpreting race-related matters.  Having “traditionalists” and “metapolitical philosophers,” or the typical Type I bully boys and juvenile Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Righters rambling incoherently about science won’t cut it.  STEM folks associated with the Left – and there are plenty – will carve up those folks like a dinner roast.  The Right – especially the Far Right – needs its own STEM heavy artillery, and such is in short supply.  Harpending and Whitney were examples of appropriate individuals; Cochran, Lynn, and Rushton are/were laughable popguns. The latter are what Harpending dismissed as “true believers” – not real scientists (although Harpending tragically wasted his time taking the likes of Cochran seriously).

As I’ve written here before, the problem is that the Right seems inherently hostile to genuine science; thus, it has problems attracting STEM people to begin with and, then, if any are attracted, it has even more trouble retaining them.  Now, it would seem like the Left would have the same problem; after all, the Left is even more pseudoscientific than is the Right.  But the Left has certain advantages: it’s superficially anti-religious, rational, secular, and materialist nature is more compatible with the scientific mind, and, paradoxically, the Left’s reality as a faux religion, full of irrational dogma (albeit masquerading as secular rationalism), provides the motive force for fanatical adherence.  Thus, the Left attracts scientists with its secular and rational veneer, and then holds on to them by infecting them with the religious fervor of SJWism.  The Right on the other hand, with its irrational, mystical, non-materialist, religious veneer of “traditionalist” nonsense is not attractive to the scientific mind, and then the weakness and bourgeoisie values of the Right cannot even keep those scientists who are attracted, cannot retain them as solid adherents because there is no attractive ideological base to form the basis of fanatical adherence.  The Right is a two-time loser in this regard.

Also, of course, the Left has the System behind it, in fact it IS the System, and as such has all sorts of goodies to bestow on scientists who toe the line.  On the other hand, the Far Right has what to offer?  Ridicule?  Social pricing? Colleagues who are semi-retarded nitwits and purveyors of pseudoscientific garbage?

Blackpill Thursday

Alt Right terminology to mock the Alt Right.

The Turd Alliance. I can’t help notice how the HBD low-life scum all support each other and pat each other on the back: Derbyshire, Zman, Cochran…Cochran may in fact be the worst of the bunch.  Harpending’s biggest error in judgment was getting involved in with that thing to begin with.  And, oh yes, let’s all get so very excited about Cochran’s “physics” background – as if he’s the only one who has ever written about race from the “Right” with a STEM background.

Another example of a network supporting their own:

Sessions has accomplished quite a lot as Attorney General.

And what link was provided to support that ludicrous contention?  This one, I kid you not. So, one justifies lickspittle support for Quota Queen Antifa Jeff Sessions by linking to exactly the same unfounded lickspittle support, this time coming from Quota King Mudshark Annie.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, a legend.  So, let’s all worship Trump based on his offhand comments, tweets, and “negs” – not for actually doing anything to help White Americans.  No, instead we get pardoning of Negro criminals, bragging about “the low Black and Hispanic unemployment rate,” Neocon foreign policy, and, of course, no “Wall” or any other kind of real immigration enforcement.  We also get Trump signing legislation targeting pro-White activists, while his Attorney General is de facto legal counsel for Antifa.


pps antitrust, ag sessions. Stop sitting on your southern gentleman hands

Don’t worry.  If Sessions can in some way invoke antitrust to harm White interests, he’ll do so.  Go after anti-White tech companies?  Nah…what would his friends at Antifa think?

And why shouldn’t pink-frilled Republican Graham be a Trump ally, especially since the “God Emperor’s” actual actions are converging on the Graham/McCain worldview?

To answer this questionNO.  

Hmmm…who is in charge of federal law enforcement these days?

Yeah…they’re “waking up.”  Germans put Merkel back into power and in Sweden, the milquetoast “Far Right” gets less than 20% of the vote.  But, hey, there were some isolated marches in the former East Germany, so it’s all OK!  Let’s all declare victory and go home…after all, I’m sure there’s some articles to write about that high, high, high Jewish and Chinese IQ, and about dumb Afrowops and Romanians.

Counter-Currents commentator gets it:

An Gal Gréine
Posted September 12, 2018 at 11:51 am | Permalink
Seriously? The EU parliament is a toothless joke, and this is the same Nigel Farage who labeled a sizable chunk of his own party membership ‘nazis’ over their — entirely well founded — concerns on Islam, promoted that clown Bolton, and split UKIP. The man is the very model of a modern politician. And this whole farce with Hungary is a dog and pony show which suits both Orbán and the leftists twats attempting to Article 7 Hungary. It’s all self-promotion on both sides.

The growing attachment between Russia and China should upset both the Putin fanboys in Der Movement, as well as the Russian-hating, anti-White Silker filth.

No doubt half-Tuvan Shoigu would like close relations with China, what with his own close genetic relations with East Asia.

Oh, and Putin is speaking out these days against “protectionism” and in favor of the “global economy.”

Now, who has been skeptical about Trad Vlad?

Der Movement (including the Silkers): always wrong

Sallis: always right

And you can count on that