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A Failed Nation and a Failed Movement

Terminal decline.
America is a failed nation state.  A nation with a third world infrastructure, with potholes like moon craters, rusting bridges, crumbling cities; a nation that uses nuclear weapons technology from the 1960s and 1970s while its Idiocracy President gibbers about “super-duper” missiles; a nation that has to use private companies, or beg Russia, in order to launch into space; a nation that can send troops overseas but cannot control its own borders; a nation that has its citizens having to use home-made or improvised face masks during a pandemic because there are no supplies; a nation that cannot perform covd-19 testing properly; a nation of waddling drug-addicted fatsos who blather, in their opioid- and Adderall-induced haze, about “poisonous vaccines” “jabbing” them with toxins and microchips; a nation that has lost control over its own territory to violent mobs of criminals, far left extremists, and subhumans, enforcing mob justice uncaring of newly discovered facts; a nation whose upcoming Presidential election is currently scheduled to feature a morbidly obese blustering retard vs. a mummified perverted dementia patient, each trying to outdo the other in being anti-White and pro-Black.

The buffoonish fraud Trump has had four years to declare Antifa a terrorist organization and use the power of the federal government against them.  Instead, his DOJ persecuted his own supporters. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, what makes you think he’ll do anything except blustering tweets?

What happened to the sincere man of genuine greatness?
Hmmm…you see, Rich, the difference here is that someone was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud back in 2016, before the election.
Who was it?  Not the folks calling Trump a “God Emperor” or who were raising toasts for him after the election.
Trump, the hero of “criminal justice reform” and ASAP Rocky and the Jack Johnson pardon, was correctly labelled a “Negrophilic race cuck” here four years ago. Now all of the “Trump is the last chance for White America” In Trump We Trust Quota Kings and Queens are shocked – shocked they say! – that their “God Emperor” sits on his hands and blusters incoherently while American cities (such as they are) burn.
Der Movement is a failed as America is.

An appeal. By the way, Skandinavisk Frihet is apparently “out of business” – such is the way in Der Movement, Gresham’s law of Activism.

Definition: A White nationalist is someone whose primary identity, primary allegiance, primary sense of peoplehood, and primary focus of organizing is centered on their race, not on their ethnicity or nation of citizenship or religion or anything else.  Further, they promote this ideal to Whites in general – Our Race Is Our Nation.

A century ago, Nordicists were asserting:

The Mongol is not inferior to the Nordic in intelligence, as is the Negro, but represents such a divergent type that the mixture between Nordics and Chinese or Japanese is not a good one. The overflow of these Asiatics into our Pacific Coast might have Mongolized the States there had not the American laboring man taken alarm and secured legislation forbidding their immigration…We see the Nordics again confronted across the Pacific by their immemorial rivals, the Mongols. This will be the final arena of the struggle between these two major divisions of man for world dominance…Today, Nordicists embrace HBD, which has as its objective the subservience of Nordics to their Mongol (and Jewish) overlords, and the submergence of Nordics into a Jeurasian mongrel class through admixture with Asians and Jews.  I doubt that their hero Grant would have approved.

We are not surprised (emphasis added):

Do men value physical attractiveness in a mate more than women? Scientists in numerous disciplines believe that they do, but recent research using speed-dating paradigms suggests that males and females are equally influenced by physical attractiveness when choosing potential mates. Nevertheless, the premise of the current work is that sex differences in the importance of physical attractiveness are most likely to emerge in research on long-term relationships. Accordingly, the current work drew from four independent, longitudinal studies to examine sex differences in the implications of partner physical attractiveness for trajectories of marital satisfaction. In all four studies, both partners’ physical attractiveness was objectively rated at baseline and both partners reported their marital satisfaction up to eight times over the first four years of marriage. Whereas husbands were more satisfied at the beginning of the marriage and remained more satisfied over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive wife, wives were no more or less satisfied initially or over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive husband. Most importantly, a direct test indicated that partner physical attractiveness played a larger role in predicting husbands’ satisfaction than predicting wives’ satisfaction. These findings strengthen support for the idea that gender differences in self-reported preferences for physical attractiveness do have implications for long-term relationship outcomes.

Also see this.
And this.
And this.
So, yes, the statin-addicted, anti-vaxxer land whales are not attractive, and, yes, for those ditzy airheads who are, currently, reasonably physically passable, the inexorable ravages of time will make them invisible to men once “the yeast hits the fan.” The collision with “the wall” is coming, milady, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it.
Do you believe that your beloved “movement” is any different?
Don’t the HBDers you support essentially want the same thing?
The World of Color sticks together, doesn’t it?  Cue more nonsense about “Aryan Persians.”  Where’s Jorjani when you need him?
ET phone home. Profiting from the suffering their alien ethny created.

See this.

The mudslinging is likely to impact Counter-Currents more severely, in part due to the rampant homophobia of the white nationalist movement. Not least, it is likely to cause the outlet to haemorrhage donations at a time of financial need (the row comes on the back of many of Counter-Currents’ titles being removed off Amazon), and could also see the departure of Polignano, following Friberg’s leaking of the purported messages.

Correct about Polignano, but wrong about everything else. The Left, with all of its resources, is good at infiltration, but poor at analysis.  They accumulate data, but cannot effectively interpret it. The Far Right is in fact today primarily made up of cults of personality, centered on various gurus and elder statesmen and Internet personalities and “rock stars.” While there are some ideological differences, the vast majority of Der Movement is composed of Type I Nutzi fetishists, so the major divisions therein are that of the personality cults. 
You may argue – hasn’t that always been the case with the Far Right, historically?  The difference is that when there is an authentic ideology underpinning the personality, the movement can survive, in some form, even after the demise of the leader.  Mussolini and Hitler are dead, but Fascism and its National Socialist variant, are still with us today.  The Legionary Movement survived Codreanu’s death. Yockey is dead, but his ideas still cast an influence today, at least upon the Type II minority.
On the other hand, after Pierce died, the National Alliance collapsed.  The group was a Neo-Nazi personality cult centered on Pierce. There was nothing novel there, no deep ideological core other than warmed over Nazism and Nordicism. Without Pierce, there is only a zombified corpse of an organization, resistant to revival.  The Spencer faction of the Alt Right collapsed after Spencer’s implosion as a viable leader.  The Alt Right was merely the same tired Piercian dogma freshened up with Millennial juvenile jackassery and with younger “leaders.”  Sans Spencer, the Spencerian faction had/has no core ideology to keep it afloat. That leaves Johnson by default, the others being too old or uninterested in leadership to constitute a challenge.  Johnson’s core of supporters are undeterred by the Pilleater and Polignano scandals or by the Hermansson and Lewis infiltrations.  There also isn’t really anywhere else for them to go. I have to give credit to where it is due; Johnson is very resilient.  He’s a survivor, like it or not.  All of the people who predicted his demise as a leader (note that EGI Notes never did), like Forney or the Left, have been wrong. Relatively minor scandals, embarrassing infiltrations, chronically bad judgment, and economic woes cannot sink a personality cult centered on a cunning and politically savvy leader.  “Rampant homophobia” will not sink Counter-Currents because “rampant homophobes” were never supporters to begin with. Such people would have been driven away by James O’Meara and Buttercup Dew long before The Pilleater Chronicles.  Johnson is able to dig up sources of donations (at least for now), so Counter-Currents is surviving in that respect. Losing Polignano a second time means nothing since Counter-Currents did fine after the first time, and, after all, what does Der Movement care about someone surnamed “Polignano” anyway? As long as Johnson is around in Der Movement, and in the absence of a real serious scandal and/or the emergence of a viable competitor, Counter-Currents will be around assuming that Der Movement itself is still around.  Again, the Left’s ability to analyze the Right is chronically flawed.  If the Right were in any way competent, they would take advantage of that; but since they are not, they won’t.
Ethnonationalism brings failure after failure.  Exhibit A is Brexit, where anger at “Polish plumbers” has led to an increase in non-White immigration into Britain and genocidal plans such as this.  So, according to Johnson the heroes of Intermarium should be getting ready to wage war against Britain and “ethnically cleanse” it, right?

The Mendacious Activist Trap

Odds and ends.

This is the sort of slyly dishonest misdirection that Counter-Currents is infamous for.

Let’s see what Der Movement, including Counter-Currents, espouses. Anti-scientific, laughably false, and easily disproven paradigms such as HBD and Nordicism. Irrational, childish nonsense like Yogi Bear (Kali Yuga) and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time in The Age of Aluminum (all of “Savitri Devi’s” retarded nonsense).  Anti-vaxx stupidity by deranged lunatics who claim that all non-human animal life will be wiped off the face of the Earth soon after lockdowns end by “bullets flying everywhere” (cue tardigrades and fruit flies dodging Billy Bob’s rifle shots).  Promotion of homosexuality and homosexual harassment of young men at meetings.  Endless feuding.  Horrifically bad judgment by “leaders” who are, literally, wrong about everything and never admit it.  Alt Right WN 2.0 juvenile jackassery – Hail Pepe!  Hail Kek!  Shall I continue?  Talk about Pierce – the guy espoused radical Nordicism (while dishonestly pretending to be pan-European), he lived on a mountaintop in the backwoods of West Virginia, and he openly mocked and ridiculed “soft, city-bred Whites” who, e.g., don’t know how to gut a deer or strangle a rabid wolf (you know, the same types of professionals he ostensibly wanted to recruit).  You have people in Der Movement (not Johnson admittedly) promoting the most asinine flubro nonsense.  Then you wonder why “elites” eschew your stupid “movement.”  Look how highly educated STEM activists are treated by your “movement” – including by Johnson – particularly if they are of the “wrong” White ethnicity.  “Crazy and bitter!”  “Banned!”   Keep on running insanity like this – anti-scientism and anti-expertism masquerading as “satire” – and then expect “elites” to jump on the bandwagon.  And look at the degeneration of the few semi-articulate people in the “movement.”  Taylor and his Jew/Asian-loving “HBD race realism.”  MacDonald has gone off the deep end recently, becoming a HBD-Nordicist neo-Guntherite, filling his blog with the sort of flubro lunacy previously cited. Who is going to be the “movement” paragon of elite intellectualism?  Der Movement is militantly anti-elite, anti-science, anti-expert, anti-rational, anti-maturity, anti-everything these days except for sniggering Beavis-and-Butthead Millennials spouting fossilized “movement” dogma (WN 2.0!  WN 3.0!).

Der Movement violates Occam’s razor of Political Extremism – don’t multiply perceived freakishness beyond necessity.  In today’s climate, being (radically) pro-White is by itself considered “extreme” and for the less adventurous of the normies, “weird” and “frightening.” You don’t add to that by piling on all sorts of extraneous, superfluous bizarre nonsense.  You don’t over-turn well-established Western science to appeal to a lunatic fringe of freaks and ignorant retards. You don’t espouse laughably ludicrous conspiritard theories, you don’t gibber about esoteric gnostic theosophist nonsense.  You don’t mock the idea of wearing paramilitary uniforms and then go out into the streets in cosplay outfits looking like Captain America and Batman. You don’t engage in Boomer-bashing generational warfare that mimics the White-bashing of the Left.  You don’t defend sex perverts, race mixers, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. just because they are your “friends” or are on “your side” of some petty “movement” feud.  You don’t impose “extreme vetting” on authentic activists and then give the “keys to the kingdom” to an obvious fraud because they say “I’m Swedish” or “I’m a movie critic.”  You don’t claim to be a “White advocate” and then declare yourself a “Yellow supremacist.”  You don’t constantly pretend that your constant errors of judgment, mistakes, and wrong calls never happened when it only talks 30 seconds of Googling for a triple digit IQ person to find such “constant errors of judgment, mistakes, and wrong calls.” Do you really need to be told such things?  How obtuse do you have to be that all of this is not glaringly self-evident?

You are all absolutely disgusting in your mendacity.  For shame.

Steve Scalise.

The great-grandson of Italian immigrants, Steve’s family came to New Orleans from Sicily as farmers…

His phenotype. Quote obviously, he is a pure-blooded sub-Saharan African Negro, absolutely akin to a Nigerian. Seriously though, imagine if some famous Roman was described as light-eyed and had a head bust similar in features to Scalise.  Der Movement would cite that as “evidence” that the Romans were of Northcentral European ancestry. Meanwhile, Scalise is Sicilian, not even a Central Italian.  Phenotypes that Der Movement ascribe to “Northcentral European ancestry” with respect to Rome are part of the normal spectrum of Southern European phenotypic variability; consistent with the genetic data of existing Iron Age/Republic samples showing they are in the Southern European spectrum genotypically as well as phenotypically (as regards the latter, they are, if anything different, actually more “Mediterranean” than moderns).

Scalise’s politics.  Ah, forget the two foot tall Negro dwarf Scalise! Instead, we need to praise Hubert Humphrey, the type of a man that Counter-Currents tells us we need more of!

Summary of the paper on Ancient Greek genetics.  This is the original paper, so you can see it yourself.  This paper, just like the one on Ancient Rome, can tell us nothing about practical biopolitics of extant human populations. Genetic interests of current populations are based on the genetic information of those populations compared to that of other current populations; comparisons to populations of the past are irrelevant for today’s EGI purposes. However, the purpose of looking at the archaeogenetics is different – to expose Der Movement as intellectually and morally bankrupt, and to hold up Der Movement’s fossilized dogma to well-deserved ridicule.




Nationalism for me & not for thee is a rancid Jewish double standard. But we have to be careful about HOW we undermine it. The endgame for me is nationalism for everyone, which would entail a homeland for Jews as well. I won’t compromise on the ethnonationalist principle.

Except for Hungarians who have to be stuck with John Morgan, Italians stuck with Farrell, Romanians stuck with Munro, Eastern Europeans stuck with Full Moon Ancestry and Anton, and Spaniards and Bulgarians stuck with hordes of colonizing British expats. Nationalism for me & not for thee is a rancid ethnonationalist double standard.

If Johnson was being honest:

Nationalism for me & not for thee is my ethnoimperialist motto. But we have to be careful about HOW we Herrenvolk hoodwink the wogs about it. The endgame for me is nationalism for Northwest Europeans and subaltern colonized subservience for Southern and Eastern Europeans, which would entail national crash pads and national bordellos for Counter-Currents writers as well. I won’t compromise on the ethnoimperialist principle.

Yeah, sure.  In other words, prepare for day after day and week after week of markedly below average temperatures, followed by breathless accounts of “this was the hottest [fill in the blank] on record.” You can check various “weather history” websites and compare current temperatures to historical averages. Many parts of the USA will have quite an interesting story to tell for the current Spring. On a not unrelated note, I remember various magazine articles and “talking heads” in the 1970s referring to “a coming Ice Age.”

According to online research, Shalhoub’s wife is only five years older than him, but in the picture can pass for his mother.  The “wall” hits Milady real hard, doesn’t it?

Vicious anti-White Chinatrix (to eliminate redundancy – just “Chinatrix”) causing trouble.

Amren commentator:

(I notice that the Asian reporters directing negative questions to Trump are usually young, female and reasonably attractive. I wonder if there’s a reason for this?)

Yes, as this blog has been telling you for years, Asians pimp out their “women” to pitiful “awkward squad” White males (not men) so as to influence the latter in a pro-Asian direction.

This is HBD; another Amren commentator:

There is a clear difference between the IQs of blacks and whites, as there is for Asians and whites, with Asians scoring the highest. The average IQ of a White is about 100, and the average IQ of an East Asian is about 104. When whites and Asians compete in the same academic environment, Asians surpass whites…

All Asia all the time.  The metaphysical, existential meaning of HBD is White males (not men) dropping their pants and bending over to Asia.

Let’s have more Chinese and other alien Asiatics in American STEM, right HBDers?  When are the HBDers going to be arrested for FARA violations and for treason?

Just in time for the election.  Flubro!


In der news.

Related to this, an observer rightfully comments:

𝔄𝔩𝔱-𝔄𝔱𝔩𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔠 Flag of CanadaFlag of England


Replying to 


In practice a Europe of truly independent nation states would similarly lead to stronger European states ruling over their neighbours. It is only Americas unprecedented power that allows weak states lacking resources, good geographies, or militaries like Slovenia to survive.

To which the gaslighter responds:



Not really. No state in Europe is stronger than the combined forces of the rest of them. 

Some of the smallest states in Europe: San Marino, Monaco, Lichtenstein are among the richest and the oldest.

So, Johnson’s reply implies alliances between European states against other European states – precisely the sort of petty nationalistic politics than brought us two world wars and the wrecking of the White world. Thanks, ethnonationalism!  And why should those alliances only be between European states?  If Denmark is threated by Germany, why shouldn’t the Danes make an alliance with China or India?  Doesn’t Denmark have the “sovereign right” to make foreign policy, to make alliances, as they see fit?  Ethnonationalism!

San Marino, Monaco, Lichtenstein wouldn’t last 30 minutes if a larger European nation wanted their territory (although if Mussolini tried to take San Marino, the Italian “army” would likely have been quickly defeated and Il Duce would have called the Germans in to help).

Those nations exist because they are so small, powerless, and pathetic that they threaten no one and conquering them was not worth the trouble, including the international criticism and ridicule that a major state would garner for bothering such a micro-state (or, in the case of Italy, being defeated by one).

A more reasonable example would be, e.g., Belgium, a small nation repeatedly over-run and conquered by more powerful neighbors (dem dere “alliances” didn’t help too much, eh?).

Are San Marino, Monaco, Lichtenstein the models for Johnson’s European future?  Small atomized states ripe for the picking by Wandering WASPs, horny Danes, and homeless Saxons?

Please read this; emphasis added:

Morgan moved to India in 2009 to focus on Integral Traditions full time while living at a Hare Krishna ashram…Morgan and Arktos moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2014…

Morgan…was in his forties with nowhere to go. That’s when he talked to Greg Johnson from Counter-Currents. He joined Counter-Currents in August 2016, and left Arktos for good in 2017.

Counter-Currents, founded in 2010, was the brainchild of movement philosopher Greg Johnson. In a white nationalist movement known for its working class and rural base, Johnson stands out with his erudite name dropping, tailored suits, and PhD. While Johnson had a brief career in academia, he was inspired to change career paths when he was first introduced to white nationalism in 2000. Once he believed his race was in an existential battle to survive, nothing else really seemed to matter.

After a controversial two-and-a-half-year run editing the white nationalist journal The Occidental Quarterly, Johnson had mixed up bad blood with the publisher and needed a new gig. What resulted was Counter-Currents, a book publishing house founded on June 11th in 2010 with his comrade Mike Polignano, that was going to focus on what Johnson was coining the “North American New Right.”

Johnson’s mission started, in a lot of ways, by following the lead of the eccentric Nazi, Savitri Devi. Known for her outlandish claims, like that Hitler was an avatar of the Vedic god Vishnu, Devi mixed esoteric Hitler worship and Hinduism in a strange synthesis that continues to have ripples across the right. Johnson started by publishing her archive before putting her books back into print, including her opus The Lightning and the Sun. Johnson dove headfirst into this esoteric sphere, publishing, for example, two books by Collin Cleary, best known for dense books on heathen theology based on a concept some writers have labeled as “metagenetics.” Inspired by a tract by Carl Jung analyzing the rise of Hitler, metagenetics is used by “folkish heathens” who see the Nordic pantheon of mythic gods emanating from the subconscious of people of Northern European descent. Gods are Jungian archetypes that represent the spiritual and psychic nature of the Germanic peoples, and therefore the neo-heathen religion, as practiced today, is an attempt to reclaim that racial consciousness.

More recently, his work (and photo) was exposed by a Hope Not Hate investigation that infiltrated alt-right circles with a clever backstory and a hidden camera.

“Clever backstory” – essentially, “I’m Swedish.”.

This is not true if Der Movement takes over – we’ll descend into a scientific dark age without end, an abyss.

There was a time in my life where I wore a black leather trenchcoat and sunglasses every day of the week. Even in summer. Especially in summer.


Being a young white man…

A young Turko-Albanian “Macedonian.”

…I have no particular attachment to the economy. 

Particularly when you parasitize on your mother.

In fact, while it is not 100% correct to call the economy a massive con job run by the old, nonwhites, and women on young white men, it is a good enough heuristic, and living your life as if it were true is a good way to extricate yourself from modernity. In fact, “crashing the economy” sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Now, some of the older white guys, specifically of Ramzpaul’s generation, were grandfathered in and have a stake in the economy. Naturally, they feel disgusted and horrified that the young bloods no longer want to be chumps.

More juvenile Millennial “Boomer-baiting.”  They do it because they have nothing else to say. Millennial WN 2.0 is intellectually and morally bankrupt, hence the collapse of the Alt Right.

I was never that scared of Corona-chan, either. Believe you me, reader, I know my way around rowdy oriental women (hint: they find black leather trenchcoats irresistible). 

Oh, of that I’m sure. Where would the HBD-led alliance be without yellow fever, hidden behind crude analogies with coronavirus?  With these guys, it’s all about sex – either the heterosexual Asiatrix lovers or the homosexual lovers of “blossoming” young men.

Globohomo has already taken everything of consequence from you. 

What about the “homo” part of Globohomo?  What’s Greggy and Jimmy and Dewey going to say about that?

And what of your freedom to go out and work? That’s a freedom? People are empowered and ennobled by toiling away, building someone else’s dream? Give me a break. Globohomo wants you working, white man. You have to toil in the fields so that fat POC women can have 10 children by 15 different fathers. You have to sit in a stuffy office, bent over a desk, so that the hens in HR…

Or your “Macedonian” mother.

…can have someone to torment and get paid to do it. You have to address stuffed shirts as “sir” because some obese boomer…

As opposed to an obese Millennial acting like a juvenile jackass.

Jeelvy is, by far, the worst writer in this history of the Far Right.  Reading Jeelvy’s “work” is like eating an air sandwich – completely empty, completely devoid of meaningful content.

And anyway, the fundamental problem here is taking boring Alt Lite milksops like Ramsey seriously to begin with.  Blame Johnson and his “big tent” for that – I was against “big tent” mainstreaming from the very beginning, as long-time readers of this blog well know.

Against Durocher (spelling correct, emphasis added):

Nick Diaz says:

September 27, 2019 at 4:39 am GMT • 400 Words

“Guillaume Durocher” is the resident nordicist at Unz. Pretty much every article of this guy is praising the Nordic “race” as superior to those southern and eastern Europeans. Just another Madison Grant or Gunther, and other exponents of pseudo-science.

The logical pirouettes (using a French word for the French guy) that he engages in to prove the superiority of Nordics are remarkable. For instance, when pressed with the obvious fact that for some 4,000 years of recorded history that southern Europe was much more advanced in pretty much every way than northern Europe, and that northern Europe only started to pull ahead in the last 500 years since the Renaissance – in fact, NE only started to really pull ahead in the XVIIIth century with the Industrial Revolution -, his solution when presented with this conundrum is to argue that the Northern European Brain is exceptional at creating highly complex societies, but not really the more simple types of societies that pretty much everyone else in the World had besides NE. You know, cities with sanitation, multi-store buildings, etc.

The argument is completely outrageous. This is like saying that a person can understand calculus but not arithmetic. Or can write like Kafka or Dostoevsky, but cannot learn the “A, B, C”. It is absolute 100% crap.

“Nordics” did not achieve more than SE for some 4,000 years because they are not more intelligent. Simple as that. Are the NE more intelligent than the Chinese too, who were also far more advanced than NE for 4,000 years too?

How do you explain the German in the south of Brazil, that are barely better than the typical Brazilian?

Fact is, there are many, many, many more plausible explanations for differing achievements between people other than the huge stretch of ” brain size” and “intelligence” something that has no meaning as mental abilities are varied – IQ tests are absolute crap, so don’t even bring that up..

The majority of Unz readers are white people of NE ancestry, so they will agree with this article. Of course: everyone likes having their egos massaged, and feeling like a member of a “superior” group is very attractive, even and especially when one is devoid of personal accomplishments. 

Nick Diaz says:

September 27, 2019 at 5:03 am GMT • 200 Words

@Guillaume Durocher

Except that you are completely wrong. The most culturallly accomplished Greek city state was Athens, which was considered *the most heavily Pelasgan* of all the Greek city-states. The Pelaasgans were the original Greeks before the Indo-European invasions. The Dorians, the Indo-Europeans, were considered barbarians by the original Greeks. They not so much “created” Greek civilization but usurped it. In fact, this seems to be the pattern with northern Europeans: unable to create any sort of civilization of their own, at least the most fundamental level, they only progress by copying the civilizations of the “inferiors” they conquered. This was true of the Dorian invaders in Greece, and the Indo-Aryan invaders of India.

You, my friend, are a nordicist. Every other article from you is you praising the master NE master race to no end. It’s pathetic. Worse is that you are probably not even that Nordic. Unless you are a pure descendant of the Normans in Normandy, you almost certainly are primarilly of Mediterranean extraction like most French people. Even the Franks were not pure Nordic.

The interesting thing here is not the details, not the opinions of “Nick Diaz” with respect to intra-European differences. To me, the most important thing is that someone else other than Sallis correctly identifies Durocher as a hardcore Nordicist, willing to distort facts and hand-wave bizarre interpretations to advance his HBD-Nordicist agenda.

Now, someone may argue – hey, YOU featured the brain size/structure material on your blog first; in fact, that is where Durocher got it from.  That’s true.  But that’s the point – I’ll post and talk about facts wherever they may lead. I’m not a Medicist; I oppose Medicism as much as I oppose Nordicism.  I am for all Europeans, and, unlike Durocher, I’m honest enough to cite the strengths and weaknesses of different European types with blunt honesty.  On the other hand, even when Durocoher appears to (very mildly) critique Nordics, he’s actually praising them.  What?  Asian admixture (the extent of which he downplays)?  It’s “of great benefit to all humanity” and he explains why it’s a good thing.  The propensity of Nordics to self-destructive SJWism is because they are so “honorable and disinterested and altruistic, etc.” You get the picture. Durocher has never produced a piece in which he unapologetically harshly critiques Nords on a racial (or any other) basis, but he does so to Meds (e.g., admixed [in a bad way], small-brained, less intelligent, less productive, less capable, etc.).  

Trump: But he’s a sincere man of genuine greatness, right Greg?  This is one of Johnson’s most despicable features – not only is he ALWAYS wrong, about just about everything, but he never admits it, and in fact pretends his previous errors never happened. A sterling combination of bad judgment and complete dishonesty. Only at EGI Notes was Trump termed a “vulgar ignorant buffoon” from even before the 2016 election.

A typical South Asian cognitive elitist.  We need “hundreds of thousands” of such invaders per year, right GNXP?

Wolf warriors.  China is waging war on humanity.  HBD traitors aid China.  How will YOU oppose China today?  How will YOU oppose HBD today?   What will be YOUR legacy in the war of humans vs. Chinese?

Behold a Piece of Filth

Ethnoimperialist trash.

Greg Johnson is an utter piece of filth, an enemy of Europe, lowlife trash, a gaslighting liar, a promoter of  anti-White HBD, and a despicable hypocrite.  His vision of “ethnonationalism” – in his own words – includes war and ethnic cleansing between Europeans. If you look at his associates, at the material he runs at his site, you can observe that he promotes de facto ethnoimperialism – that is, Northwest Europeans get to have their own sovereign states, but Southern and Eastern European nations have to be flop houses, crash pads, and bordellos for WASP and Germanic expats who go where they please, live where they please, screw who they please, and colonize where they please.  Hypocrites.

His definition of “White nationalism” is ludicrous.  Why have a separate term of “White nationalism” at all?  Why not simply an English nationalism, a French nationalism, a German nationalism, an Italian nationalism, each on its own, without any need for an overarching description needed to tie them together?  The term “White nationalism” – for everyone except ethnoimperialist liars – is summarized by ORION (Our Race Is Our Nation), championed by WNs long before trash like Johnson got into the “scene.”  The concept, the whole idea behind that phrase – which has been championed even by people like Strom – is the concept underlying White nationalism as understood by real White nationalists: That of a national identity build first and foremost, predominantly, upon race, with other identities secondary.  The primary allegiance, the primary identity, the primary vision of peoplehood, is racial, not ethnic. Similarly, German nationalism subsumes Prussian, Bavarian, and Saxon et al. identities – perhaps a pre-Bismarckian kraut would have viewed a “German nation” to be an impossibility as well, eh? 

Indeed, saying that “White nationalism” understood in that way is impossible because “Whites have never been a nation” is copying leftist talking points.  What stupidity.  Hey, an all-White America never existed.  There were Negroes and Amerindians on this territory from the beginning.  So, it’s impossible!  Moron.  Hypocrite.  Gaslighting liar and grifting fraud.

Gaslighting liar.  The ultimate cause of WWI – as everyone other than ethnoimperialist liars like Johnson understands – was the national rivalries between European nations, particularly the competition between a fading UK and a rising Germany, with French revanchism and fears and Russian ambitions playing their part.  The moribund Austro-Hungarian “Empire” and their monarchy was just an excuse. 

Can you trust Johnson’s judgment on any of this, when he has been wrong about just about everything, for years, as chronicled in detail at this blog? The hero of The Pilleater Chronicles, of multiple infiltrations, of endless feuds, of tin cup grifting.  The archetype, the paragon, of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program; if this freak had been a wop or hunkie, or even a mick, he would have been allowed to disappear into well-earned obscurity long ago.  But the sweaty fetishists of Der Movement keep on propping up this intellectually vapid no account fraud, as they do to his equally inept and vacuous rival, The Master of Disaster, Richard Spencer.  

Of course, we must understand that Johnson is not really a true ethnonationalist, but is instead an ethnoimperialist. If we assume he’s “sincere,” and not doing a job for the enemies of the White race, then he likely wants to divide Europe so as to empower his Herrenvolk ethnoimperialist elite.  We got to have the John Morgans using Hungary as a crash pad, the Full Moon Ancestries using Eastern Europe as a bordello, and the Johnsons skipping from nation to nation as the Wandering WASP.  His ethnonationalism is the mirror image of the EU, which is nothing more than naked German domination, Johnsonian “ethnonationalism” is summed up by the motto “sovereignty for me, subservience to thee.” Or is he going to convince his lapdog Morgan to stop parasitizing off of Hungarian living space?  Are his writers going to stop being Nordic versions of Roosh – “bang East Europe?”  Ah, no. Ethnonationalism is not for those “low types” of the South and East don’t you know, the racial aristocrats turn up their noses at the peons of Southern and Eastern Europe.

More on this issue:

And, laughably, this is my argument on his own blog – back before Johnson’s crazed obsession with Richard Spencer got the better of him and he decided to attack pan-Europeanism as part of some petty catty spite.

EGI Notes has been in error for not taking the Johnson threat to White nationalism seriously enough.  I apologize for this oversight and will make an attempt to correct it.  As Johnson seems to be the primary internal, faux-intellectual threat to White nationalism, as WNs have traditionally perceived it, he will need to be a subject of increased scrutiny.

I have been warning all of you of the threat posed by the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance, and we can observe that they are making a concerted effort to ruin the possibility of an authentic pan-European cooperation among Whites. Interesting – but not surprising given that they are gaslighting liars – they invert the truth of the underlying issues here. They pretend that they are the champions of national sovereignty and the pan-Europeanists are all oppressive empire builders, smothering national identities.  In point of fact – objective fact if you observe their actual behavior – they champion ethnoimperialist oppression, while pan-Europeanists champion a voluntary coming together of European peoples to advance their group interests.

In my pan-European view, for example, Hungary can forever be Hungary and, while part of a pan-European Confederation, will maintain its right of ethnic homogeneity and domestic sovereignty. In Johnson’s ethnoimperialist “ethnonationalism,” Hungary is a de jure sovereign state, but de facto it is nothing more than John Morgan’s crash pad and a bordello for the likes of Full Moon Ancestry and Anton.  Make way Magyars for your racial superiors!  You are “sovereign” but if a British/Saxon wants your apartment he takes it, and if a Dane wants your woman, he takes her. Move over, you hora-dancing Romanians, the Anglo Munro wants your land and your women. Move over, Italians, Farrell wants your women, injecting himself into your gene pool.  Move over Spaniards and Bulgarians, British expats want to colonize your nations.  Ethnonationalism!  Sovereignty!  But, alas, not for the likes of you.  Instead, it are the pan-Europeanists who will give you your national freedom.  It’s the pan-Europeanists who will give Hungarians the right to rid themselves of unwanted invaders like Morgan.

Real leaders, men of vision, provide direction to the masses instead of following the masses and accommodating all of their pettiness and their tendencies toward the narcissism of small differences.  Leaders with vision are men of great thoughts and great deeds, not those who preach to us the atomization of a Europe in which we all will hide “snug in our hobbit holes.”  Of course, leaders need to keep in mind what is possible.  However, since the nations of Europe voluntarily formed and joined the EU (and today only object to its intrusive and SJW implementation by the “high trust northern hunter gatherers” who are the dominant force within it) I fail to see how a pan-European Confederation is “impossible.”  In fact, it is ethnonationalism that is impossible, as demonstrated by the fact that its most vocal promoters are unable to practice its tenets in their own private lives, instead stampeding over Southern and Eastern Europe like the worst sort of Brussels bureaucrats. Further, lacking any intellectual basis of their own beliefs, they have to, laughably, identify with Francis Parker Yockey, a man who would despise them and all they stand for, and term them “culture retarders” and “Michels.”

And why does Counter-Currents promote the idea of “Intermarium” if single nation ethnonationalism is so grand?  What?  Do we need a single Eastern European neck for the Anglo-Germanic leash?  Bark, Slavs and Magyars, bark, roll over, and play dead – your WASP, Saxon, and Danish masters are here.  And hand over your women (or your teen-aged boy toys, as the case may be).

Sure, Greggy, let’s not blame China.  I guess the HBD part of your alliance has the most “juice,” eh?  Or is your push for European atomization not only to enable ethnoimperialism among Anglo-Nordic-Germanic elites, but also to empower China’s rise to dominance? As I’ve said, any White who writes for Unz is a despicable race traitor.  Is any of this surprising then?  Is Greg Johnson one of the White race’s predominant foes?

At this point, let us examine the various components of the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance, and the motivations of each faction for opposing pan-Europeanism.

The HBDers have as their objective creating a racial caste system with unmixed Jews and East Asians (and higher IQ South Asians) at the top (the “Inner Party”), a mongrelized Jeurasian (Jews, Asians, and higher-IQ [mostly “Nordic”] Whites race-mixed together) middle group (the “Outer Party”) and subaltern Whites as a helot class (the “Proles”) – perhaps with those Whites mixing with Blacks and Hispanics (Redblex).  Indeed, this is HBDer Sailer as quoted at the pro-Asian, anti-White HBD GNXP site:

It’s interesting to speculate on the future of intermarriage in America. Marriages are increasingly likely to be between people of different ethnic groups but of similar IQ’s, and there’s no reason to assume this trend will stop. America’s obsession with sending everybody to college means that young people get sorted by SAT score (i.e., IQ) when they’re at their most romantic. Therefore, it’s quite possible that the top dogs in America will in future generations look different than they do now, but they probably won’t look much like the future underdogs, either. If we were to halt immigration now, continuing intermarriage along IQ lines might in many generations lead to the country being run by an IQ overclass of mostly “Jeurasians” (i.e., a genetic blend of the smarter European gentiles, Jews, East Asians, South Asians, Armenians, and possibly other Middle Easterners). In contrast, the lower ranks might consist largely of “Redblex”: a rather lumpy partial blend of redneck whites, blacks, and Mexicans.

That’s the HBDers who wrote that, not me.  That’s not “paranoid ideation” on my part.  That’s their own words, with the boys at GNXP being very excited about that possibility.

To achieve this goal, obviously there must be no White solidarity, no pan-Europeanism standing opposed to Jews, Asians, and other non-Whites, and no kin-based racialism opposed to miscegenation, but instead an aracial “cognitive elitism” and a lack of a distinct race-based White consciousness.

The Nordicists are motivated by their intense hatred toward non-Nordic Europeans, with Southern Europeans being enemy number one and Eastern Europeans as enemy number two. They despise non-Nordic Whites far more than they do non-Whites, eagerly grasping onto the latter to oppose the former. Hence, Nordicists would join GNXP comments threads to support the Brownster anti-pan-European agendas, and leading Nordicists would defend the Chinese against charges of cannibalism (charges proven correct; e.g., as political retribution during the Cultural Revolution – eating “class enemies”).

The Ethnonationalists are motivated to oppose pan-Europeanism since they want an atomized Europe, prey to Anglo-Nordic-Germanic ethnoimperialists, so that Southern and Eastern Europe can be exploited and colonized by self-styled “racial aristocrats” and their neo-feudalism, with Saxons making Budapest into a “crash pad,” Danes using the Ukraine and Poland as their bordello, and elitist Anglos gallivanting across Europe with young gay partners in tow (as well as having an international assortment of men’s rooms to harass innocent folks in).

The gaslighters will of course rant about “paranoid ideation” (since the truth hits too close to home), but let us be clear here. I am NOT talking about some sort of tightly knit, highly organized conspiracy, with all the parties gathering together like the Elders of Zion, hatching their plots, while cackling and rubbing their hands together. Instead, I view this as a more loosely knit confluence of interests among groups that otherwise are in opposing in other matters, but are so hysterically anti-pan-European that these other matters take a back seat to cooperation against what they perceive as the biggest threat to their common interests.

HBD Gods threaten America.  HBDers are de facto traitors; an investigation is required to determine whether they are de jure traitors as well.

This must be the first step in the Black Man’s demographic conquest of China.  Black Man- China is your promised land!  Migrate there in the hundreds of millions – Africa’s excess population has a home in the tropical land of China.

Der Movement continues to humiliate itself.  How’s that affirmative action program working out for you guys?

Confused? If you ignore the labels, however, the two parties are pretty much what they have always been-a southern-Catholic coalition against a Yankee-black coalition, enlarged by Germanic and Jewish Americans.

Outsiders frequently think of Boston in terms of its student population, its lively downtown and the Yankee traditions of Beacon Hill, but it is in reality a city of working‐class neighborhoods, many of them closeknit ethnic Irish or Italian enclaves where Mr. Wallace did exceedingly well.

Wallace, a mostly Southern-oriented candidate, came in a distant third, with 5.29%. He did best in suburban and exurban counties around New York, and reached double figures in some wholly Italian-American precincts.

But, let’s talk about the “racially Nordic Catholic Weyrich.”