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Genetic Basis for Health Disparities

More “hate facts.”

Read this.  Author summary is below (emphasis added). The “received wisdom” from the Left is that all human populations are genetically identical, there is no such thing as race, and that racial health disparities are due to “White racism.”  Science says different.

Individuals of European and African ancestry have different susceptibility for developing specific infections and diseases. Part of this difference in immune response is thought to arise from genetic differences accumulated over the millennia that conferred advantages in fighting different infectious pathogens endemic to different parts of the world. The impact of these immune differences and how they are influenced by modern lifestyles and living environments remains to be understood. Findings from this study revealed population differences in the levels of circulating cytokines, i.e. chemical messengers of the immune system, which were due in part to different demographic and lifestyle factors. Further, a change in the gene encoding for the Duffy antigen receptor protein, identified as rs2814778 and known as the Duffy-null allele, was the most important factor explaining low circulating levels of CCL2 and CCL11, key chemokines regulating the migration of white blood cells, specifically monocytes and eosinophils, which play a role in inflammation. This genetic variant occurs almost exclusively among Africans, likely because of its role in protecting against malaria infection, and results in loss of Duffy antigen protein on red blood cells. The substantial immune differences by ancestry may have broad implications for health disparities.

Race denial is the biggest scientific fraud of the last half-century.  Unfortunately, HBD is also politicized pseudoscience (one can imagine the anguish of the race realists if genetic analysis confirms negative stereotypes of Jews and East Asians – well, we don’t really have to imagine anything; consider how the Alt Wrong has studiously ignored studies, including those by Jewish scientists, showing Jews as genetically distinct from Europeans).  What we need is a real racial science – neither race denial nor Jew/Oriental worship.


Happy Saint Adolf Day 2018

SLC News.

“World Brotherhood of Europeans” – excluding Afrowops and Romanohorians of course.

Did you ever notice that:

***When Americans fight wars that benefit Jews (e.g., WWII, any of the Middle Eastern wars that benefit Israel), then veterans are good and noble, and popular culture fetishizes veteran worship; however, when Americans fight wars that Jews disapprove of (e.g., Vietnam or even the entire “Cold War” military endeavor), then veterans are despicable “baby killers” to be scorned, while anti-war protesters and draft dodgers are lionized.  Funny, that.  It’s almost as if the entire American culture is modulated to reflect Jewish concerns and Jewish views. 

***In a typical modern American classroom, half the students have attention deficit disorder and the other half have a peanut allergy.  And most are overweight.

More SLC News:

The Alt Right’s “generational warfare” is ludicrous from my perspective for many reasons, foremost among them is that virtually every White Millennial I have known (many in fact) is not only an extreme leftist, but they all are hysterically ultra-SJW extreme leftists, oozing with the most virulent anti-White attitudes imaginable.  Boomers may be cucked cowards, but many (most?) Millennials are open enemies.

Read this.

The roots of what we now call the Alt-Right lay in the Ron Paul movement.

And that is why the Alt Right is doomed to fail.  It was tainted by libertardism from the very beginning.

Read this, emphasis added (from the original book):

….the degree of genetic differentiation among Indian jati groups living side by side in the same village is typically two to three times higher than the genetic differentiation between northern and southern Europeans.

Let’s unpack that for a moment.  Typically, population genetics tells us that the greatest genetic differentiation in Europe is along the north/south axis, being a bit larger than east/west; the first axis in PCA is north/south, the second is east/west.  However, that differentiation, the north/south, in Europe is two to three times smaller than that between Indian brownster “micro-castes” who live “side by side in the same village.”  

Chuck the gamester pussy pedestalizer.

Der Movement in Der News, 5/5/17

Der Movement’s ups and downs.

Here is an example of why I really dislike the alt Right: the smug navel-gazing attitude of memetic imperialism; that the Alt Right constitutes all of the sane/reasonable faction of the “movement.”

So, anything to the right of the Alt Right is just “White supremacy,” eh? There are no White nationalists – people who do not play the game of “supremacy” – outside of the Alt Right? Is that the idea?  We all have to scream Hail Kek, pontificate about a stupid frog, worship King Cuck Trump, engage in millennial juvenile jackassery, and value style over substance.

To be honest, I can’t wait until this Alt Right fad peters out.  How long is it going to take? Until then, we’ll have to endure all of these millennial types breathlessly rediscovering things the rest of us knew 20 years ago.  Oh, but they’ll tell us that all we old farts failed and didn’t get the job done.  Very well, but if you’re going to focus on failure, then why doesn’t the Alt Right have the moral courage to admit that the entire “movement” is a failure, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up?

Europe is the motherland of our race. Until the aftermath of World War II, it was the exclusive homeland of our race. No other race has any legitimate claim on it. Thus there is absolutely no reason why the nations of Europe should not remove all non-whites.

Yes, indeed, including and especially “British Asians.”  Out, out, out.  And, no, we will not accept “Chinatown” colonies in Western lands, and no black-booted Chinese girls with guns to give some cheap masochistic thrills to basement-dwelling omega males and their yellow fever fetishes.


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“Instead, they use euphemisms like ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism.’ Whenever a business, a church, a school, or a neighborhood becomes more ‘diverse’ or ‘multicultural,’ that simply means fewer whites and more non-whites.”

“Vibrancy” and “vibrant” are similar euphemisms. These are words I cannot use without irony or hear without feeling scorn.

I presume that a corpse riddled with maggots can be characterized as “vibrant.” Is it not teeming with life?

Spencer is right about this.  If car insurance covered oil changes, garages would be billing hundreds of dollars just to change the oil and filter.

Doesn’t the Right have people with military training and other relevant skills? Because of a profound lack of leadership, the Right always fails to use, to leverage, the resources it has. Fail.  Fail.  Fail. 

The review of other research in the paper notes northern Europe is low in “racism” (meaning: not wanting foreigners) and high in generalized trust. In southern Europe this is completely reversed. In Greece, nobody trusts anybody and nobody likes foreigners.

The obvious problem with that is that – like virtually everything associated with Tricky Dick’s pseudoscience – it is completely divorced from real world reality.  The on-the-ground reality is that Italy, Greece, Spain, etc. are being overrun with foreigners, saturated with migrants both legal and illegal, and that the governments of those nations do nothing except to welcome more aliens, and the general populations of those nations aren’t actually doing much of anything about it. Actually, in Western Europe (if we count Greece as being politically as “Western Europe” although it is not so geographically and not really culturally either), nationalist reactions against foreigners have been generally more pronounced in the north, with the exception of Golden Dawn in Greece, and they are nowhere near the levers of power.  Where’s the wop equivalent of Brexit?  Where’s the dago equivalent of Le Pen or even Wilders?  Or even an Eastern European like Orban? With all the alleged dislike of foreigners, you’d think that Southern Europe would be swarming with Le Pens, and Brexits, and Orbans, and Wilders, and that’s not the case.

And, indeed, the world sighs with relief that, say, Germany is so non-ethnocentric that Germans never displayed in their history any militant ethnocentrism, militarism, nationalism, or distrust of foreigners whatsoever. With their noted efficiency, imagine if they did!  It could, like you know, start a world war or two – wars that could have wrecked the White world instead of the bright shining utopia of absolute homogeneity and security we all enjoy today! Whew!  We all sure dodged that bullet!

Word of warning: anything linked to Lynn has to be taken with a grain of salt the size of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Watchmen review.  Individuals’ opinions of the characters in that work likely reflect underlying philosophical and personality differences. For example, while I found the Comedian amusing I also found his unrelenting cynicism to be, ultimately, boringly predictable and somewhat pretentious. And while Rorschach rigid moral certitude may have a bit too inflexible for optimum outcomes, it was somewhat bracing and Faustian in its impulses. If I’m criticized for being too bitter and negative, why is it a good thing for Eddie Blake?  Because he knows how to crack a few good one-liners?  Then again, like Rorschach, I’m a moralpath.

And there’s a big difference between my cynicism and that of the Comedian. Unlike the Comedian, who just made a show of his negativism and never offered any constructive suggestions, I have put forth ideas on how to rebuild the “movement” from the ground up. If my ideas and suggestions are ignored does not mean that those ideas and suggestions are not out there, for the “taking.” Eddie Blake, by comparison, was just a drama queen trying to impress with his “bad attitude.”

Since we have anti-vaxx scum numbered among the “movement” I’d like to point out that have a lot to talk about with their Somali buddies, sitting in a doctor’s office among the infected simians.

The J and J Boys

At the risk of being called bitter and neurotic…
J #1
I read the comments thread here and find myself in agreement with all of Silver’s comments. So I think: there is either something wrong with me or something wrong with the Alt Right. Granted I am not unbiased here, but I do think the problem lies with the Alt Right and not with me.
It’s one thing if Der Movement decided it liked Jorjani’s book (more on that below) and/or wanted him as a guest speaker at a meeting or two. Having outside allies collaborating with you, independent of your own group, no problem.  Fine.  But, they – the same “movement” that goes into paranoid purity spirals over suspected Jewish ancestry and which oozes with contempt and hatred toward Southern and Eastern Europeans – have raised this guy, this half-Iranian NECist, high in their councils; he is a “cofounder of,” and also “Editor-in-Chief of Arktos.”  Apparently, he’s on track to be groomed as the academic heir apparent to KMacD.  This is the same “movement” which became hysterical over Enoch’s half-Jewish wife.  I mean, yes, I know that Der Movement loves its unprincipled exceptions, but this really “jumps the shark.”  It’s madness, and if speaking out about it causes me to be labeled as “neurotically bitter,” or puts me in the same company as Silver, then so be it.
Then we have that book, described thus (emphasis added):

In Prometheus & Atlas, Dr. Jorjani endeavors to deconstruct the nihilistic materialism and rootless rationalism of the modern West by showing how it was grounded on a dishonest suppression of the spectral and why it has a parasitic relationship with Abrahamic religious fundamentalism. Rejecting the marginalization of ESP and psychokinesis as “paranormal,” Prometheus & Atlas makes the case that psi is only “super Natural” insofar as our reductive modern scientific models have occluded Supernature for practical purposes. At the same time, Jorjani calls for a conscious recognition of the superhumanly empowering archetypes of Prometheus and Atlas, which he argues have unconsciously driven the daring scientific exploration and discovery of all those cultures that adopted and adapted the cosmopolitan promise of the Hellenic heritage. Embracing the Promethean and Atlantic spirit, and a reach for a fiery fusion of the horizons of the Eastern and Western worlds, would mean the dawn of a new age and an integral society wherein the modern barriers between Science, Religion, Politics, and Art have been dynamited.

It is true that some (Western) scientists are narrow-minded, but not all are.  I for one approve of the late Henry Harpending’s description (starting at 8:10) of what real science is about in this video.  So, I do not “marginalize” “ESP and psychokinesis” – but I am properly skeptical.  Please demonstrate that it cannot be disproved, it cannot be explained by other mechanisms, show data consistent with its existence, and then I’ll tentatively accept it until new data come in.  But I’m not going to accept X, Y, Z just because it’s the latest “movement” fad, or because the latest fast-moving “movement” meteor flashing across the demented sky of Der Movement’s fever dreams preaches the validity of the paranormal to “deconstruct” Western science. Sure, no doubt the same retardates who think that March of the Titans isactual history rather than something akin to the pseudo-Hitler’s story in The Iron Dream – those same retardates will buy whatever suspect goods Jorjani is peddling. But the rest of us are under no obligation to keep quiet about it.
And then we have this.  Now, there’s something about this Jorjani that makes no sense. Since he’s relatively new to the “racialist scene,” it would be premature to make any conclusions about this oddity (which because of professional courtesy, etc. I will not comment on), but, still, it is odd.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on further developments (or the lack thereof).
I will say that this whole Jorjani episode has not been Der Movement’s finest hour.
J #2
Yeah, Roissy, drink your milk, daily, by the bucketful.  Get back to us though when you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Seriously though, adult men shouldn’t be having, on average, more than two servings of dairy per day because of the aforementioned cancer risk.   Being a swarthoid, I prefer, for example, a nutrient-rich dairy food such as Greek yogurt, high in protein and with a free dose of probiotics, but to each his own.  On a Turner Diaries–style racialist note, my question for Roissy would be: given that West African lactase hotspot, did your gravity-defying-ass Black girlfriend drink milk?
Presumably, the Game/Movement “take” on the milk/dairy-prostate cancer connection would be to label it as a conspiracy hatched by dastardly lactose-intolerant “Jew doctors.”
Seriously again, I like dairy products myself but am rationing my intake because I’d really prefer not to unnecessarily increase my risk for prostate cancer.  1-2 dairy servings/day are more than enough.   White men need to take care of their health and not listen to drooling idiots like Jimmy Weasel. Today, people live longer and the excess milk drinking that had no consequence when folks were dropping dead in their 40s or 50s (if the men weren’t killed earlier in battle) today can have consequences later on in life. Further, it’s not like we in the West today have any shortage of protein, fat, and calories in our diets, and thus require chugging milk.  Moderate dairy intake can take care of calcium needs (in conjunction with other dietary sources).
The main point: Roissy is another example of Der Movement’s unprincipled exceptions. Yes, Der Movement opposes miscegenation and praises The Turner Diaries as “the blueprint of the revolution,” and yet makes a big deal over this ferret-faced juvenile jackass, who is on record bragging about a past Negress girlfriend and who has also stated that dating outside the race can raise a White man’s “sexual marketplace value.”  But as long as Jimmy Weasel throws some red meat to the Nutzi rabid dogs, they’ll drink the Heartistian Kool-Aid.
I’ll say this: I’ve been involved in the “movement” – in one way or another – longer than most of the individuals extant in Der Movement today.  Certainly, much longer than Spencer and virtually all of the other Alt Right bigwigs, longer than Johnson, (much) longer by (very) far than all of the millennial types.  That of course does not necessarily make me right and they wrong, just as the fact that Duke and Strom have been involved longer than me makes them right and me wrong. However, there is something to be said for experience, particularly when the person in question is capable of learning from their mistakes and from the mistakes of others (and I believe I can so learn).  I may be “bitter” but seeing the same mistakes made over and over again, and seeing your earnest (*) warnings go unheeded, can do that to a person.
*Another favorite van Vogt word.  This would be a classic van Vogt sentence: “Frowning, Ted Sallis earnestly explains where racial nationalists have gone wrong.”

Libertarianism, Choice, Responsibility, and Vaccination

What’s good for the unvaccinated goose is good for the vaccinated gander.
Following up my last post, I want to explore a bit about the libertarian view on vaccination.  My understanding of libertarian complaints is that they want:
1) People to have the choice to be vaccinated or not (for the most part, said choice already exists).
2) Vaccine manufacturers should not be protected from lawsuits; there should be an open and unregulated system in which said companies will be liable in civil court for damages resulting from their product.
Fair enough.  But that is incomplete. Let us expand the concept of choice and responsibility.
Choice. The vaccinated should have the choice to socially ostracize the unvaccinated.  Employers should have the choice not to hire the unvaccinated, businesses can refuse to serve them, doctors and hospitals (including emergency rooms) refuse to treat them, insurance companies refuse to cover them, neighborhoods and schools refuse to accept them.  Freedom! Choice!  No regulation!
Responsibility.  If the vaccine companies need to be held liable if someone has a side effect to a vaccine, so should the unvaccinated be held personally liable, in civil court, for damages resulting from them spreading disease to others, and be held personally liable for the costs incurred in treating those they have infected. 
I wonder if the libertarians would accept those terms of engagement, terms that would be most strictly enforced (e.g., if a medical facility refuses to serve the unvaccinated, they have the right to refuse the patient even if it results in that patient’s death, with no criminal or civil penalties allowed, since everyone is merely exercising freedom of association).
I admit to being hostile to libertarianism.  However, I see my points as valid.  Just like the capitalist wants to privatize the profits and socialize the costs (of, say, immigration or outsourcing), so do the libertarians want to privatize their choices but socialize the responsibility and consequences (they can choose to be unvaccinated, but society has to bear the costs of their Typhoid Mary epidemics). That is in my opinion a selfish and childish view and they should be called out on it.

On Vaccination

Rationality to the rescue.

This may be somewhat off-topic, but since it deals with issues of free-riding and communitarianism, as well as science and logical thinking, it will be discussed here. Given the ongoing and completely unnecessary measles outbreak, caused by the ignorant and the paranoid, this is a topical issue.
Some general comments first. Vaccinations are not 100% effective. Few things in life are, and biology has so much variation that an absolute 100% efficacy is currently beyond our capacity.  I think we can agree that an approach does not have to be 100% perfect to have great utility.  Thus, in a small number of vaccinated people, immunity does not develop. Also, infants under the age of one cannot be vaccinated against certain diseases, for a variety of reasons, and there are other people with legitimate medical concerns (allergies, leukemia, etc.) that preclude vaccination. However, for the most part, these non-immune people are protected when the mass of the population are immunized, so-called “herd immunity.”  When there are too few people in the population to sustain ongoing transmission, the infection in the community ends, protecting those few who are not immune. When the proportion of the population that are immune drops below a certain level (the level is related to the relative infectiveness of the disease; for example, measles is highly infectious), then not only do the intentionally non-immune get sick, but so do those who are not immune for the reasons listed above.  And society as a whole bears the burden.
Vaccination does have a (very low) risk. Many things in life do. Getting a root canal has a low risk. People have died getting wisdom teeth removed; very rare, but it does happen. Certain cancer diagnostic tests carry a low risk. Getting an X-ray has some risk. So does women giving birth (some people still die from that, even today), driving a car, shoveling snow, walking down a flight of stairs. Rational societies, populated by rational people, weigh risks and benefits, and decide that, yes, they want to have children and drive a car, no, they don’t want polio or cancer, no, they don’t want deformed jaws and rotting teeth, yes, they want to do the normal things of life even though they cannot be given a 100% absolute guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong.
Now, let’s look at this comment and answer some points.  Comment in italics.

In any case, if vaccinations do what its supporters claim, then the vaccinated are automatically protected regardless of who or what they are exposed to. If not, why get vaccinated?
See above. Vaccinations are not 100% effective. Few things in life are. I agree that we need to work on enhancing the already impressive effectiveness and safety profile of vaccines (and other biomedical procedures).  The major reason such does not occur is the perils of free market capitalism (you know, that advocated by “Ron Paul and his Liberty Crusade”). If there is no financial incentive to do X,Y,Z, and/or if it doesn’t fit the capitalist-PC-multicult agenda, then it doesn’t get done, regardless of the costs incurred by society. “Government regulation” (so decried by the Paulsters) is a joke, since the wealthy (including “vaccine manufacturers”) and their lobbyists control the political process. All of that does not alter one bit the overwhelming benefit of vaccinations for individual and societal health. The dim, forgetting the horror of measles, polio, etc., mock fear of “microorganisms.”  I don’t know, I would think the peoples of the past, dying like flies from epidemics prevented by modern medicine, would have had a different opinion.
No such thing as “herd immunity”. They make it up as they go along because the world is full of suckers gibbering and trembling over micro organisms. (Not naming names, though.)
Juvenile insults do not change reality. Herd immunity is real. It is backed up by epidemiological data, by mathematical modeling, and by common sense: when a sufficient proportion of a population are immune, the infection will be unable to spread. Without enough vectors, the infection ends, protecting those who – for whatever reason – are not immune.  

What’s the conspiracy thinking here?  Dastardly doctors and scientists are being “paid off” by the “vaccine industry” to lie?  A mass conspiracy? No one is paying me off. I understand the science, I understand risk, and I understand probability. I don’t ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. I note that all those “evil doctors and scientists” are getting vaccinated themselves and get their own children vaccinated.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but how much more dangerous is that road when the intentions are not at all good? You might want to ask why the vaccine manufacturers have protection from lawsuits.
So they can provide the needed service without fear of being facing lawsuits many of which will be trivial – “I got vaccinated and the next day I broke my arm, let me find a nice Jewish lawyer and sue, and hope an ignorant jury can be persuaded to give me a few million.”  Note that in the event it is discovered that these manufacturers have truly done wrong, they should be sued, but not because of an unforeseeable chance event if they acted in good faith. The actions of money-grubbing corporations in a capitalist economy is another matter independent of the utility of vaccination. Again, why do doctors, scientists, and others, people with NO connection to the “vaccine industry,” strongly advocate vaccination? There’s a degree of “reverse snobbery” here – people feel better believing the likes of Jenny McCarthy than all those “white coat Poindexters and their sliderules.”  Score another victory for rightist anti-intellectualism and leftist science denial and fad-mongering.
Re your regime, Teddy. Go ahead. I will have to take those bullets because your form of government wouldn’t be worth living under.
I need to be harsh because of the consequences.  Remember smallpox? A plague on mankind, eliminated via vaccination. Do we need to revisit viral plagues, because people either are ignorant, cannot judge relative risk, or cannot understand the danger because the risk of the danger has been lessened by the same approach (vaccination) that they now decry?  But, fine, we can do without bullets.  Here’s another way: the unvaccinated can be quarantined, and can be made immune through exposure to the actual virus. Let all the “babies” of the anti-vaccine crowd come down with measles, polio, and what have you, give them the minimal palliative care, and let their families deal with the consequences of the infection.
You’d protect your avowed enemies from having to keep their traps shut but the people who supposedly matter in the first place would be shot because they don’t want their babies to receive 48 doses of god-knows-what
“God knows what” are vaccinations to prevent disease. Most sane people would not want “their babies” to get measles or polio either. Can you imagine going back in time a century and telling desperate parents that there was a way of avoiding those diseases with 95-99% certainty (on an individual level) or even 100% certainty (if the disease was eliminated like smallpox)?  The parents would be ecstatic about the possibility and then dumbfounded if you told them some people actually refused to protect themselves and their children in that manner.
in the arm by the time they are 5 years old. I can suddenly see the attraction of so many for Ron Paul and his Liberty Crusade. Dr. Paul is opposed to mandatory vaccinations but would not prevent anyone from receiving them if they wish.
Dr. Paul is an idiot. What he says or does not say has no influence over the reality of human immunity.
I know a woman (personally; I’ve met and spoken with her; not someone over the internet) whose daughter died from a vaccination when a baby. This was entered on the child’s death certificate.
Many of us know people who have been killed in car accidents. Don’t drive. People die in plane crashes. Don’t fly. Women die giving birth, then don’t have children. Everyone eventually dies, so don’t be born. Life is full of risks. People “gibbering and trembling” over the risks of normal life are not material for any sane and rational pro-White regime.

In my personal opinion, the anti-vaccine crowd are not only wrong, they are selfish and even evil. They are free-riding on the immunity of others. If everyone decided to be put off by a, say, one in a million chance risk, then no one is vaccinated, everyone gets sick, and some of the “babies” will die or be crippled by disease. But since the vast majority do the right thing for public health, the selfish few protect themselves from both the very small risk of vaccines and the much greater risk of the actual illness by taking advantage of those others do the right thing. Free-riding is the deadly enemy of collective action, of investing in the community, of building social goods (such as public health). Those who free-ride on society are in my opinion evil.

I see a lot of the anti-vaccine crowd as having opposition to vaccines as part of their personal identities, it is like a religion. Facts and logic mean nothing. Science means nothing. All of that is casually dismissed by insults, lack of understanding of how biology works, demands for absolute perfection (“the vaccine does not give 100% of the people 100% immunity, so it’s worthless”), reliance on celebrities and gurus, etc.