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Inuit or Idiot?

Costello again.
Why not promote a diet than can lead to cancer and heart disease?  It’s all good!
Der Right is a ludicrous joke.
Laugh at this. The whole point of racialism is that human racial groups are different; keep this in mind as Costello justifies the GI system health aspects of a “carnivore diet” for Whites because of…Inuits.
I mean, these Quota Queens are so helplessly inept and remarkably self-UNaware that it is simply astonishing.
Of related interest.  Now, maybe that WCRF data doesn’t apply to Inuits. But I’m not an Inuit.  Are you? Is Costello?
Gee…maybe the Inuit aren’t the best population for Europeans to model their diets after? Maybe – who knows! – radically different racial groups are actually (gasp!)…different?
Also see this.
See this.
See this.

The Inuit living on fresh raw meat and fresh raw fish would actually manage to get enough vitamin C, and particularly, there’s a lovely traditional Inuit staple called muktuk which is the skin of the beluga whale, and this has a lot of vitamin C in it.

Somehow I doubt that Costello is eating muktuk.  Counter-Currents is the absolute worst.
He’s going to monitor the situation! LAW AND ORDER!

Race and Movement News, 5/28/20

It’s Der Rasse and Der Movement.

Very cognitive, very elite.

But, but, but…I thought we were all the same (emphasis added):

Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among African Americans (blacks) than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks do not achieve optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at any time of year. This is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Also, from about puberty and onward, median vitamin D intakes of American blacks are below recommended intakes in every age group, with or without the inclusion of vitamin D from supplements. Despite their low 25(OH)D levels, blacks have lower rates of osteoporotic fractures. This may result in part from bone-protective adaptations that include an intestinal resistance to the actions of 1,25(OH)2D and a skeletal resistance to the actions of parathyroid hormone (PTH). However, these mechanisms may not fully mitigate the harmful skeletal effects of low 25(OH)D and elevated PTH in blacks, at least among older individuals. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that vitamin D protects against other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers, all of which are as prevalent or more prevalent among blacks than whites. Clinicians and educators should be encouraged to promote improved vitamin D status among blacks (and others) because of the low risk and low cost of vitamin D supplementation and its potentially broad health benefits.

Coulter leads the way!  To Dinesh’s bedroom?  In Trump We Trust!  Coulter leads the way indeed.  Here’s one example, submitted without further comment.

Please compare this…

…with this.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Behold HBD-Nordicism (TOO comment excerpt):

I believe all the world’s peoples could do worse than to adopt the US Constitution for themselves. But that type of order depends upon a high level of both individualism and social trust, which are sadly lacking among most non-Anglo-Nordics (and esp most nonwhites), and which are greatly attenuated by coercive geographical and political integration with nonwhites. IOWs, the American Order was designed for Anglo-Nordics, and would have worked very well with them alone as the citizenry. The more genetically and ethnoculturally distant the peoples we have admitted into the Union, the greater has been the sacrifice of individual rights and liberties for the Old Stock, and the worse has been the functioning of the country.

Certainly!  That’s why we need to ditch folks like (smothered with a pillow) Scalia, who understood nothing of the US Constitution, and embrace folks like LBJ, whose “civil rights laws” were the epitome of individualist freedom.

Note to readers of EGI Notes: Who has been telling you that Der Movement has NOTHING to offer to “White ethnics?” Whenever shabbos sud stepandfetichits get involved in Der Movement, it never goes well for them. Four examples, in chronological order: Patler, Tommasi, Sallis, Conte.  Polignano counts as “half” here, a half-sud stepandfetchit; the rest I suppose would be a horrendous hibernian stepandfetchit.  Speaking of the latter – what ever happened to Michael O’Meara?

Let’s embrace those individualist Swedes…or not (emphasis added):

Swedish mentality seems to have two opposing tendencies: one towards individualism and the other towards collectivity. The explanation for this is the different meaning that can be given to the concept of individualism. Swedes seem to need social autonomy strongly and not to be dependent on other individuals, such as neighbors, relatives, employers, and so on. At the same time, Swedes seem to need collective support for their opinions. Collective solutions are a hallmark of Swedish society and dominate Swedish politics. Survey data are used to illustrate this theme empirically.

MacDonald weeps.

Seriously though, the ethnies much beloved by Der Movement combine the worst aspects of individualism and collectivism. When it comes the need for collective ethnocentric action in defense of ethny, then they are radical individualists.  When it comes to the need to defy societal political correctness, then they are conformist collectivists.  Somehow though, that is the epitome of all that is admirable. Hmmm…the “Anatolian farmer” cringing subhumans seem to be a bit saner, but what do I know?

To write this after Dutton exposed Rushton demonstrates how completely shameless the “race realists” are.

Interesting, interesting.  Brimelow’s pushy rudeness is astounding.  How about letting Taylor finish his sentences?    Note Taylor is in communication with Red Ice.  I’m shocked, shocked I say. Taylor likes the “private sector,” on “principle.”  Another shock.  Naivete?  Shocked thrice. Ludicrously optimistic?  Quadruple shocked.

I note no discussion of why Brimelow earned $180,000+ compensation in one year, according to the 2018 Form 990.  

Trump – silly?  I thought he was “the last hope for White America?”  Down the memory hole, it seems.

Well…Taylor remembers the “latrine flies” jibe from Derbyshire.  Why is Derb a speaker at the conferences, then?

Immigrant workforce – like Brimelow?

How is “White advocate” not poltroonery?  I am also disgusted how Brimelow and Johnson are redefining “White nationalism” to merely mean “defending White interests.” No, you affirmative action DISTORTERS, White nationalism is a movement that considers White racial identity as the highest form of nationalist identification – Our Race Is Our Nation, putting race above ethnic and nation-state identities.  That’s White nationalism.

Against Casey and MacDonald

This needs to be addressed.
An imbecilic and stupid post by another of Counter-Currents’ horrendous new crop of writers.So how should white advocates view abortion and euthanasia? At the very least, with a heavy dose of skepticism. Ideally, we would view them as Hippocrates viewed them, as an insult to life and to holiness. Our people are precious “from cradle to grave,” as the Catholics say.Should we then be working to outlaw abortion and euthanasia? Perhaps. Such affronts to holiness will likely be unthinkable in a white ethnostate.Thus, people dying in agonizing pain, people whose bodies are wrecked to the point that daily life is pointless and holds no meaning for them, people slowly and horribly dying of incurable diseases, people desperate for an end to their pain and suffering, must be kept alive because pathetic religious freaks have to impose their values of “holiness” on the rest of us.
We can give dogs and cats relief from suffering, but we force people to endure a living hell so Jesus freaks can feel good about themselves.  How despicable, how pompous, how deluded in the extremity of narcissism.  Excuse me, you stupid yeastbucket, you ignorant hole, who are you do tell me or anyone else what to do with our lives?  
Women have no business being medical doctors, a profession best left to the adults in the room – men.

Pathetic hand-waving:

MacDonald’s reply:  Again, as noted, I have no quarrel with the idea that the Indo-Europeans were an elite dominating a native indigenous population. My point was that Mycenaean civilization was an Indo-European culture. There is no real evidence for that.And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes. Really – now get this:The most recent samples studied by Mathieson et al. date from 1100 BC, and the most recent samples studied by Lazaridis et al. date from around 1200 BC—toward the end of Mycenaean civilization. Thus the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece—the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture. This is certainly time enough for selection or incursion of steppe-derived genes, but as yet there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period. Doubly mendacious.  First, because there are not (currently) genetic samples from every era of Greek history, particularly “the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture” then MacDonald is free to “posit” and “suggest” and assert “reasonable” comments about his theories in the absence of any real evidence whatsoever.
Second, above he says “And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes” but now it is “the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece…there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period.”
There’s no genetic evidence for the period, which allows him to “posit” whatever he wishes, but, at the same time, there is evidence of “increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes.”  What evidence?  I thought you just said there was no evidence?  All you have now are the previously mentioned Ancient Greek samples as well as modern Greeks, who the HBD Nordicists consider to be cringing subhumans.  So, where’s the evidence for in between those population end points?Further, there continues to be uncertainty regarding the causes of violent collapse of Mycenaean civilization inaugurating the Greek “Dark Age” (~1200BC–~750BC) of “isolation, introversion, and instability” (Hall, 2013, 82). Well, yes, we can “posit” that the Herrenvolk wrecked the Mycenaean civilization and caused a Dark Age the same as they did to the Western Roman Empire…and what their SJW descendants are doing to the West today.More importantly for present purposes is the identity of the people who later formed classical Greek culture. There is a long history of proposing a “Dorian invasion” from the north which altered spoken dialects from Achaean to Dorian as well as aspects of culture (e.g., knowledge of ironworking and a shift to individualized burial practices (Hall, 2013, p. 70; Nagy, 2019), the latter suggesting a more individualist culture. First, details about  the Dorian invasion are questionable, as regards real scholarship.
Second, even if we “posit” a Dorian invasion as MacDonald prefers, the Athenians considered themselves Ionian, not Dorian, and some scholars – to the extent that they take the Dorian hypotheses seriously – explain the Athenian-Spartan conflict as an ethnic one.  The “flowering” of Greek culture was more Athenian than Spartan, wasn’t it?T his began as a literary tradition and persisted for nine centuries, down to the first century AD and remains the “most economical hypothesis,” although the Dorian invasion hypothesis purporting to explain it remains unproven (Hall, 2013, p. 68). Remains unproven!  Well, yes, but that doesn’t stop some from invoking a Kempite Dorian Herrenvolk influx to “posit” and “suggest” “reasonable” explanations, does it?As noted, genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking; however, it is reasonable to posit a shift toward increased steppe contribution, not only during the Mycenaean period (Mathieson et al., 2018), but continuing thereafter given that genetic changes may occur quite quickly (Cochran & Harpending, 2010).“Reasonable to posit” – those weasel words again.  “Genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking” – but he’ll make conclusions regardless, or “posit” conclusions.  Note also how MacDonald’s more conciliatory and equivocal tone differs here in this review response differs from the more dogmatically HBD tone of self-congratulatory certainty at The Occidental Observer when writing on these issues, mirrored by the sweaty amen corner commentariot, who, like with all personality cults centered on gurus (like Jewish movements, eh?), personally attack critics (“Meisenberg is a mendacious Jew”) – attacks that do not receive any rebuke from MacDonald himself.
Further, do I really need to point out that the fact that “genetic changes may occur quite quickly” does not mean that they will occur or, more to the point, in this case did occur in the manner asserted by MacDonald?  The work of Cochran and Harpending is here almost irrelevant in the absence of evidence of the asserted changes.
Indeed, one can use that paradigm to “posit” and “suggest” all sorts of “reasonable” genetic selection. Maybe individualist farmer genes were quickly selected for?  Maybe those last century has seen a “rapid genetic change” in favor of hysterically SJW collectivist xenophilic egalitarianism among NW Europeans?  Who knows?  We can all “posit” anything and cherry pick reasons why it is “reasonable.”
Now, there is of course genetic evidence for a relatively small minority influx of steppe ancestry into ancient Southern Europe, overlaying the majority farmer ancestry. One can find remnants of some steppe ancestry in Southern European areas today. That does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the ancestry of the peoples of the Classical Civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome was of farmer derivation.
MacDonald has a clear agenda of disregarding the contribution of farmer ancestry to European history and civilization, privileging instead hunter gatherer and steppe ancestries.  
It seems more “reasonable” to “posit” that the data “suggest” that the majority ancestry had the largest effect; further, civilization did not begin in the Mediterranean basin until the hunter gatherers were predominantly displaced by the farmers.
And, by the way, once again I note the Y axis here.

A Jabbing Post

Points to Ponder.  In all cases, emphasis added.

There are four reasons for this blog to concentrate on the vaccination question, from a pro-vaccination point of view.

1. It is the right thing to do.

2. It is important to demonstrate that there is some corner of the Far Right that is rational, embraces science and technics, values empiricism and expertise, and is not composed of childish idiots and irrational conspiracy mongers.

3. Public health is, or should be, paramount to the racialist worldview and is obviously important to adaptive fitness. Note that the Nazis made a big deal in opposing smoking, for example. 

4. Racialism, properly understood, is a collective endeavor, centered on a collective identify and collective action. The ability of the group to invest in collective social goods and to maintain social cohesion is therefore dependent upon identifying and punishing free riders who benefit from collective social goods while not contributing to them (or in extreme cases, such as anti-vaxxers, opposing them). If cheaters are allowed to prosper, that undermines public confidence in the legitimacy and fairness of collective action, disrupts social cohesion, increases mistrust, and makes people less willing to invest in collective social goods.  Free riding is therefore an enemy of racialism (and it is not surprising that opponents of EGI always invoke free riding as the anti-EGI bogeyman) and must be opposed. Anti-vaxxers are prominent free riders on public health and therefore are enemies of racialism.

Free riding anti-vaxx filth.

Herd immunity is vulnerable to the free rider problem.[46] Individuals who lack immunity, particularly those who choose not to vaccinate, free ride off the herd immunity created by those who are immune.[46] As the number of free riders in a population increases, outbreaks of preventable diseases become more common and more severe due to loss of herd immunity.[10][11][12][43][45] Individuals may choose to free ride for a variety of reasons, including the perceived ineffectiveness of a vaccine,[47] believing that the risks associated with vaccines are greater than those associated with infection,[1][11][12][47] mistrust of vaccines or public health officials,[48] bandwagoning or groupthinking,[43][49] social norms or peer pressure,[47] and religious beliefs.[11] Certain individuals are more likely to choose not to receive vaccines if vaccination rates are high enough so as to convince a person that he or she may not need to be vaccinated, since a sufficient percentage of others are already immune.[1][45]

Who has vested interests?

Alternative medicine proponents gain from promoting vaccine conspiracy theories through the sale of ineffective and expensive medications, supplements, and procedures such as chelation therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sold as able to cure the ‘damage’ caused by vaccines.[262] Homeopaths in particular gain through the promotion of water injections or ‘nosodes’ that they allege have a ‘natural’ vaccine-like effect.[263] Additional bodies with a vested interest in promoting the “unsafeness” of vaccines may include lawyers and legal groups organizing court cases and class action lawsuits against vaccine providers.

Conversely, alternative medicine providers have accused the vaccine industry of misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, covering up and suppressing information, and influencing health policy decisions for financial gain.[12] In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins,[264] and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.[265] In the early 21st century, the vaccine market greatly improved with the approval of the vaccine Prevnar, along with a small number of other high-priced blockbuster vaccines, such as Gardasil and Pediarix, which each had sales revenues of over $1 billion in 2008.[264] Despite high growth rates, vaccines represent a relatively small portion of overall pharmaceutical profits. As recently as 2010, the World Health Organization estimated vaccines to represent 2–3% of total sales for the pharmaceutical industry.[266]

Apart from the few examples to the contrary listed above, vaccines for the most part are NOT money-makers for “big Pharma.” Certainly, the core of the most basic vaccines (including the dastardly MMR) are not money-makers, which is why “In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins, and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.”

On the other hand, maintenance medications are big money-makers, but since they don’t involve scary needles and “jabbing,” the hysteria crowd have nothing to say about those real fraudulent poisons.

Wasting public health resources:

Most cases of pediatric tetanus in the U.S. occur in unvaccinated children.[169] In Oregon, in 2017, an unvaccinated boy had a scalp wound that his parents sutured themselves. Later the boy arrived at a hospital with tetanus. He spent 47 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 57 total days in the hospital, at a cost of $811,929, not including the cost of airlifting him to the Oregon Health and Science University, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, or the subsequent two-and-a-half weeks of inpatient rehabilitation he required. Despite this, his parents declined the administration of subsequent tetanus boosters or other vaccinations.[170] Due to privacy regulations, publicly identifying the payer of the costs was prohibited.[171]

Better than petty nationalism:

The purpose of this paper is to trace continuity in the attachment of the nouvelle droite to a homogeneous notion of pan-European identity since its birth in 1968. Like the nouvelle droite, early post-war neo-fascism and significant fascist elements in Italy were similarly obsessed with the decline of homogeneous pan-European or Western identities. Despite the ultra-nationalistic origins of historical fascism, early post-war neo-fascism and the nouvelle droite in different historical periods, the thread tying them together is the notion of a strong, unified, homogeneous, pan-European empire regenerated in defense against the dominant ‘materialist’ ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, social democracy, socialism, capitalism and communism.

Whew!  Good thing he was “absolved of responsibility.”  Otherwise, Trump’s DOJ might have had to start persecution of that “Nazi alligator” – which, after, all, was a native born American.