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Der Race and Der Movement in Der News


I do not disagree with any of this.  But it does not go far enough.  Everyone who took Heimbach seriously is an idiot.  Anyone who took seriously Heimbach associates like Parrott is an idiot. That’s a lot of people in Der Movement, including some of your vaunted “leaders,” and, yes, some of the people pointing fingers at Heimbach today. How soon the rank-and-file forgets.  I, alas, do not.

That’s why EGI Notes at least has consistency. I have long maintained that the ENTIRE “movement” is a pathetic joke, which is why a significant portion of the efforts here are dedicated to mocking and ridiculing said “movement,” with the aim of deconstructing it and exposing it for what it is. Once the niche space of Far Right activism is opened up for a New Movement, then real progress can be made.

Do I believe that will happen?  No.  In all likelihood, we’re doomed, with the buffoonish “movement” providing comic – tragicomic – relief amongst the chaos.

Black Man – note this.  It is time for the Black Man to stand up and DEMAND access to China and all that China has to offer.  China is the Promised Land for the Black African. It is time for the Black Man to seize what is rightfully his – the land, resources, and females of China.

Read this. Emphasis added:

Group identity, we see repeatedly, is not exclusively human. Sperm whales learn and announce their group identity. Young fruit bats learn the dialects of the crowds they’re in. Ravens know who’s in, who’s out. Too many animals to list know what group, troop, family or pack they belong with. In Brazil, some dolphins drive fish toward fishermen’s nets for a share of the catch. Other dolphins don’t. The ones who do, sound different from the ones who don’t. Various dolphin groups who specialise in a food-getting technique won’t socialise with other groups who use different techniques. And orca whales, the most socially complex non-humans, have layered societies of pods, clans and communities, with community members all knowing the members of all their constituent pods, but each community scrupulously avoiding contact with members of another community.

Sounds real xenophobic and all.  Group identity is important – who would have ever guessed? Want to bet there are genetic differences between these groups, including enhanced kinship within the group?

 All this social organisation is learned from elders.

Animal Boomers.

Elders appear important for social learning of migratory routes. Various storks, vultures, eagles and hawks all depend on following the cues of elders to locate strategic migration flyways or important stopover sites.

No, no, a thousand times no!  The Millennial and Generation Z storks, vultures, eagles and hawks know better!  They use smart phones to migrate.

The crazed madness of the high trust northern hunter gatherers.  Rights for jellyfish!  Stop breeding your dogs!  Let them choose their partners!  Gay dogs!  Trans dogs!  Female Chinese dogs abusing HBD White male dogs!

Vegan dogs!  A lifestyle choice!  How about metrosexual vegan dogs who support Feline Rights?  Let the dogs run free!  And, hey, if they attack someone, bite, if they maul and kill children, it’s, like, you know, an evolving interaction between humans and animals!  Vibrant diversity!  Canine Supremacy!

Really now.  I’m sorry, ”movement,” but your Nordo-Herrenvolk are nuts. They’ve gone off the deep end, they need a bit of pragmatic realism from hard-headed greasy swarthoids and slant-eyed mongolslavs. Der Master Race belongs in a nut house. This is the same madness that results in SJWism, Merkel’s “yes we can,” dreadlocked German sea captain whores crashing ships into Italian harbors to offload invading Third World scum, Hubert Humphrey groveling to Martin King, John Brown, abolitionists, John Lindsay siding with Blacks and Hispanics against White New Yorkers, the whole bit.

Another contribution of milady to the scientific work on The China Plague.

It’s Der Movement:

The chip is a huge improvement on what they already had.
The other point is simply to make vaccines mandatory, so that they can poison more people and lower IQs.

I always envision people like this (including “women”) as looking like Matt Heimbach and being on all sorts of maintenance medication.  Hey!  Maybe there’s some of dem dere microchips in your Adderall and statins!  Is your blood pressure meds lowering your IQ?  Something obviously is.  Maybe it’s all that fast food you’re shoveling down your gullet. Poison!

I’m shocked, shocked , I tell ya!

Another clueless rightist

The lockdown has demonstrated that you can impart knowledge just as effectively over a computer, but then the purpose of modern academia is not to impart knowledge. It’s to provide sinecures for man-bunned lefty academics and bureaucrats and allow them access to the soft, bendable minds of our young.

That is what passes for right-wing “thinking” and “logic.”  Note to Der Right: If you can impart knowledge effectively over a computer (and you can) you can just as effectively “access…the soft, bendable minds of our young” over a computer.  Do you think that “diversity training” and “critical race theory studies” have suddenly stopped just because classes are online?  Why is the Right always so breathtakingly stupid and naïve?

Richard Spencer?

Pink-frilled Republican becoming less pink?  Hannity is correct; China infected the world. Graham is correct. Sanction China. The Chinese people are conducting a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity. Interesting how mainstream conservatives are more correct on this issue than are certain elements of the “Far Right” who are, as you read this, bending over with their pants down, awaiting proper attention.