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Odds and Ends, 4/29/20

In der news.

This is all milady’s fault.  Minorities and women, women and minorities – it is all one.

Well, well, well…closing in on the monsters. Next, we need FARA and treason investigations for leading HBDers. 

Following up on this, some papers on the origins of lactase persistence in Europe (emphasis added) – See this.

We infer that the coevolution of European LP and dairying originated in a region between central Europe and the northern Balkans around 6,256 to 8,683 years BP…After the initial slow increase of LP frequency in those populations and the onset of the Central European LBK culture around 7,500 BP, LP frequencies rose more rapidly in a gene-culture co-evolutionary process and on the wave front of a demographic expansion (see Supplementary Videos S1, S2 and S3), leading to the establishment of highly developed cattle- (and partly also goat-) based dairying economies during the Middle Neolithic of central Europe around 6,500 BP. 

We estimate that strong selection occurred within the past 5,000-10,000 years, consistent with an advantage to lactase persistence in the setting of dairy farming; the signals of selection we observe are among the strongest yet seen for any gene in the genome.

It would appear that there had already been strong selection for lactase persistence in Northern and Central Europe long before the Roman Republic. Yet Roman samples from the Iron Age/Republic period lack lactase persistence, and thus are distinct from Northern and Central European populations, instead being Southern European/Mediterranean. In fact, lactase persistence became present in Roman samples only in later ages of Roman history, upon the influx of Germanics into Italy, bringing the Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire and the death of the Classical Civilization.  The PCA (with Rome-specific admixture at right) is here for examination.  Kemp weeps.

Of course, the last time archaeogenetics refuted Kemp, Der Movement interpreted that as “Arthur Kemp was right.”  You just can’t make this stuff up.

How about autosomal DNA analysis of the “Nordic” Napoleon Bonaparte (who was, we were told, “born in Sardinia of French noble ancestry”…laughter ensues)?  After all, Nap’s NRY is so wonderfully Nordic.

(spelling corrected) 


Napoleon belonged to haplogroup E-M34. This group originated approximately 7.000 years ago at the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea between and Egypt and Turkey. Today this haplogroup can most frequently be found in Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. Also 10% of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews belong to that haplogroup.

Saint Adolf can productively comment about that NRY as well.  Arya…Arya….

Why does Duchesne waste so much time with that HBD-Nordicist nonsense? By the way, looking at the (mostly, unsupervised) “admixture” data from the Rome paper in a relative, comparative fashion, it seems to be that the wonderfully heroic and individualist (*) steppe and WHG ancestries are approximately similar between Iron Age/Republic and Modern, even though the former are supposed to be representative of a wonderfully heroic and individualist character while the latter are said to be cringing collectivist Outer Hajnal mongrelized swarthoids. Further, even the Imperial Roman samples still retain steppe ancestry, although WHG is mostly lost there and steppe may be somewhat decreased.  And where does the WHG return and steppe reach to modern levels?  Late Antiquity – the time of maximal corruption, maximal decline, followed by the Fall. That is, increased “northern and western” ancestry correlated to maximization of all the behavioral negatives allegedly due to “southern and eastern” ancestry (latter ancestry peaking when the empire was in fact at its maximum of power and efficiency).  

The major point is the broad similarity between Roman Republic and Modern with respect to the HBD Nordicist’s favorite ancestral components, with a secondary finding that, with respect to steppe ancestry, even the Imperial samples aren’t too different.

You do know that HBD-Nordicism is not any way supported by actual evidence?  You do know that it simply combines the errors of HBD and the errors of Nordicism into one tragicomic whole?  Der Movement can label MacDonald’s flim-flam as “landmark” or “groundbreaking” – it doesn’t change the fact that it is just more HBD pseuodoscience, which will be continuously debunked just like Kemp is.

*I’m being sarcastic, if you can’t tell. I find it difficult to believe you can make simplistic deterministic behavioral conclusions based on the relative proportions of hunter-gatherer, steppe, and farmer ancestries in European populations.  But even if you go down that rabbit hole, the data don’t support a significant difference between Iron Age/Republic Romans and Modern Romans

Laugh at this:

Travis LeBlanc

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To me, American nationalism is merely the acknowledgement that white Americans are a distinct group of people and must be appealed to in a certain way.

I’ve always thought it was kind of larpy to identify as a “European”. To me, “Europeans” are people who are obsessed with soccer, take 3 hour lunches, make incredibly boring art films, have no sense of humor, and are perpetually on strike. They are people whose politicians have public mistresses, and whose women don’t shave.

Asking white Americans to identify as “European” is kind of like asking them to identify as a mammal. On some level, everyone knows they are one but it is too grandiose of a concept to wrap their heads around on a day to day basis.

Americans have a certain joie de vivre that is very attractive and distinct to them. You can go any country in the world and you will find people trying to talk, act, and dress like Americans. Everyone in the world wishes they were American except for the Alt Right who wish they were Germans in the 1930’s and that’s a goddamn shame. We literally invented the concept of “cool” and no one does cool better than us.

Forget “It’s OK to be white”. It’s OK to be American.

If this moron thinks that “everyone in the world wishes they were American” he’s delusional and has never left his parents’ basement.  Even if that was true, which it is not, it confuses descriptive and prescriptive. The objective is not to embrace the current America or the current Europe. The objective is not to make either Americans or Europeans feel good about the sorry state they are each in. The objective is not to divide Euro-Americans from Europeans, or to promote crass Americanism, which is exemplified by overweight lardasses waving American flags and screaming about “my freedom” in response to “lockdowns” while they say absolutely nothing when their “freedom “is violated on a daily basis by forced racial integration, de facto censorship, and rampant political correctness.  Stop already. It’s not “OK to be American.” It’s not “OK” to be an ignorant, cowardly fat bastard.  Yet more evidence that Counter-Currents is diving headlong into a Majority Rights-style decline.  By the way, the above quote comes from the comments thread of the original laughably superficial and juvenile post.

Let me explain the facts of “movement” life to all you rank-and-file guys, the types who breathlessly read such nonsense. Both the “Amnats” and the “Wignats” are failed, useless, moronic WN 2.0ers who are going nowhere.  Fuentes IS part of the “movement.”  All those guys are part of the “movement.”  The entire “movement “is an unmitigated failure.  What you have is various failed factions of a laughably incompetent and tragically inept overarching failure blaming each other as being specifically responsible for that failure, while the truth is that they have ALL contributed to it.


If you visit the science and mathematics department of any elite university you will find it crowded with Chinese. They did not get there by affirmative action. They got there by talent and hard work.

I have written about this before, but once again I would like to give the reader a STEM insider’s broad overview as to why you find so many Chinese – particularly Chinese nationals – in American STEM.  The process is as follows. It all starts with White and Jewish Principal Investigators (PIs) who preferentially take Chinese students and hire Chinese postdocs, etc. because “unlike Americans, the Chinese will work 20 hours per day in the lab and never complain” – an actual quote I heard.

Now, it is true that the Chinese will work long hours and won’t complain (at least in English). Unfortunately, what they will do is waste hours gibbering to each other in Mandarin, playing the stock market on the computer, conducting sloppy experiments, fabricating data, sabotaging the work of non-Chinese, stealing the ideas and data from non-Chinese, etc. They then leverage their fraudulent “accomplishments” (and in the case of one Chinaman I knew, writing letters of recommendation for himself and then forging the signatures of PIs on them) to get academic positions, becoming PIs themselves. At this point, not only do they continue their lying and cheating, but they also only hire Chinese, only collaborate with Chinese, and give excessively positive manuscript and grant reviews to fellow Chinese (while giving unfairly poor reviews to others, particularly to Whites).  These self-reinforcing processes, continuing year after year, are what results in the outcomes so beloved of HBDers like Engelman.

Hail Tom Cotton!  That is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard an American politician state in decades.  Beautiful!  Let’s do it!  Cotton for President!

Typical flubro:

Jason ChapmanWell your fear doesn’t trump my freedom. My children won’t have a country left if we let people like you continue to make decisions. The mortality rate is bellow 1% and you want to continue to keep America closed. You must not pay much in taxes I presume.


Anyway…note how folks like this never complain about “my freedom” when the government tells them who they can or cannot live among, who they can or cannot rent to or sell their home to, who their children have to go to school with, no murmurs about “my freedom” when free speech and free association get thrown out the reason to satisfy Colored/Jew/SJW demands.  No sir, when Colored barks, Whitey obeys, when Jews order, Whitey obeys. But have a lockdown during a pandemic and then, by golly, your fear doesn’t trump my freedom!  No sir!  Now, let me show my house to this nice Black couple with 50 children who are going to buy it with government subsidies. I really don’t want to sell to them, but, hey, what can you do? After that Section Eight housing was built next door, against the wishes of the neighborhood, I gotta sell!  And with the Blacks being bused into my kids’ school, my children are getting assaulted on a daily basis, and when I complained I got called a racist, fired, and my Twitter was deleted and my YouTube channel disappeared – but your fears don’t trump my freedom!  Freedom!

Surprise!   Counter-Currents commentator:

I was watching the debate with JF on Youtube, and Greg is offering a really weak showing on the data front. This is irritating because the data is on his side.

That’s the consequence of affirmative action.  Merit doesn’t matter.

This is Der Movement:

StronzaPosted April 28, 2020 at 8:06 pm | Permalink@Reb.

10th: Viruses don’t cause disease (cluster of symptoms). Their appearance in your body is a reflection of your overall health (“immunity” is one aspect of this.)

Blaming “germs” (viruses/bacteria, etc.) for one’s health problems is childish. Right up there with “evil spirits” of the past, to be cured by beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations; and, today, supposedly prevented by injecting a sickening list of chemicals. Time for everyone to grow up, to turn a page. Until this happens, we are sitting ducks for WHO, CDC, politicians, media, and every other party wanting to control the world.

Viruses don’t cause disease!  I issue the Stronza challenge: get injected with live rabies virus, and refuse all treatment. It is, after all, childish, akin to “beating the tom-tom and uttering incantations,” to think anything bad will happen.  After all, the appearance of rabies symptoms after transmission of this virus from one infected mammal to another is just a coincidence – it’s the “overall health” of the mammal that causes the disease.  Let’s ignore all of the White man’s science since the late 19th century so we can indulge a bunch of cranks.

Der Movement – perhaps thankfully – is NEVER going to make headway among educated and sane people as along as it allows deranged cranks a forum – folks who tell us that viruses don’t cause disease and yet assert that all non-human animal life is going to be soon wiped off the face of the Earth by “bullets flying everywhere.”

Note – Greg Johnson allows “Stronza” to comment on his moderated blog, but “bans” me.  That’s all the evidence you need to prove to you that Johnson is a grifting fraud.

This is Der Movement, exemplified by another commentator:

This Virus is eugenic, cleaning up an overpopulated planet of it’s deadwood. Who die from this virus? The elderly, the obese, the unhealthy and weak. It is perfectly eugenic, removes useless consumers, it is good for the environment. It should be allowed to run rampant. The more it kills the better it would seem to me.

All of these commentators need to get the story straight.  How can the virus be eugenic if it doesn’t cause disease?  Meanwhile, Johnson answers this comment, but not Stronza’s. Does he agree with the latter?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Babe Ruth.  Ty Cobb.  Lou Gehrig.  Men.  And then you have Milady’s contribution to the great sport of baseball.  What would we all do without Milady?  Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, a lesbian love affair for my Joan of Arc!

This is beautiful!  Black Man – rise up against your Yellow Chinese oppressor!  Asia belongs to The Original Black Man!  China is The Promised Land for the Black African!  It is time for the proud African to migrate en masse to China and take what is rightfully yours!  You cannot steal from the Chinaman – everything he has is rightfully yours.  Take it back! China is by right part of Africa!

We gotta have dat dere globalist capitalism!  Libertarianism!  Mises!  The free flow of capital!

Points to Ponder

Der Right marches on.

…I have an impressive history of drinking Finnish metalheads under the floor, throwing chairs at Polish football hooligans, seducing Russian and Romanian airheads, picking apples in my grandfather’s orchard with the CEO of an Italian automobile producer, collapsing in a drunken heap on top of a heap of drunken Irishmen, falling face-down in the mud of a wetland because an Iraqi challenged me to jump over a creek, helping an Austrian playwright put on a show, kissing a French girl in the shadow of the church of my baptism, carrying a drunk Croat twice my height on my back, regaling drunk working-class Englishmen with tales of throwing chairs at Polish football hooligans, and trussing up a refreshingly sober American writer for Counter-Currents on my back, wrapping him in Macedonia’s ancient flag and carrying him up a flight of stairs.

Whatever you want to say about WN 1.0, it never reached that level of childishness and juvenile jackassery. Once again – Jeelvy is, by far, the worst writer in the history of White racial activism.  Durocher is dethroned, hail Jeelvy.

And this hero claims that Europe is going to come to the rescue of the White Diaspora. Sure it will. That’s the same Europe whose White population has the fertility rate of a cadaver, the average age of a Galapagos tortoise, and the testicular fortitude of a female mouse.

Duchesne is 100% correct here.  What does that say about HBD, which literally – not figuratively, but literally – worships the Chinese? Following Duchesne’s logic to its ultimate conclusion, we must assert that HBD is the biggest internal threat to Whites and to the West.

HBD must be mercilessly destroyed.

What I don’t understand is activists who criticize Jews (e.g., Strom) or Chinese (e.g., Duchesne) but who do not criticize HBD – HBD being a cult-like political movement whose objective is to promote Jewish and Asian interests over those of Whites.

Der Right marches on.  Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Tinfoil Kevin’s asinine HBD-Nordicist website continues to be a pathetic embarrassment. So, only “immunocompromised” people have a problem with The China Plague, eh?  What about folks who lived a wonderfully “immunocompetent” life but who are now old. Is being old their fault?  And then we have “toxic vaccines.” How about toxic Chinese?  God forbid we criticize the holy orientals!  TOO drops its pants and bends over as the buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired Chinatrix approaches.

Comment from that article on the HBD-Nordicist Tinfoil Kevin site TOO:

“Germs” don’t cause disease; disease causes germs. Viruses don’t cause anything. That is pure propaganda.

Therefore, let’s inject rabies virus into this moron’s brain.  Nothing will happen!  Der Right is a pathetic, disgusting, anti-scientific mishmash of  medieval stupidity. But, hey, is there any difference between this insane gibbering overturning all we know since Koch’s postulates (that can be modified and extended to viruses as well as bacterial) and MacDonald’s insane gibbering about HBD Nordicism?  It is all one.  Interestingly, TOO has surpassed, by far, Counter-Currents and the “movement” blog most resembling Majority Rights in its tragic and comical decline.

In any case, within five years, any “White ethnostate” run by Der Movement will be like this.

“Ostara Publications” – I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.  Der Movement is a moving target with respect to mocking ridicule – its reality is constantly surpassing whatever sarcastic scenarios I could invent.  I suppose “Hobbit Hole Publications” is next.

I support Amelia.  Never forgot that Spencer dated an Asiatrix.  Always there’s an Asiatrix involved with these types.  Meanwhile, we should expect HBDers to be rather cranky these days. After all, the lockdown inhibits their favorite activities, albeit in their case, it would be with someone like this.

Voryn Illidari

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Greg, this Dr. Fauci is saying that people should completely abandon the social custom of shaking hands forever. Conspiracy theories aside, can you at least agree that that is a case of serious quackery on this guy’s part?

Someone on the Right really should do digging on this guy’s past. Lefty shitheads like Lily Singh and Trevor Noah seem to love him.


Greg Johnson

Posted April 10, 2020 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

Fauci, Kissinger, etc. are megalomaniacs who don’t ever want this crisis to end

I agree with Fauci. I’ve always despised the forced contact of “shaking of hands.”  Consider the average moron.  Can you imagine what their hands are like?  How many times have I’ve seen people in the men’s room (including restaurant workers!) sitting in the stall, obviously doing “number two,” and then they leave without washing their hands.  Shake away!  Flu season – shake away!  Norovirus – shake away!  Yegads!  How about a Roman salute instead? Hail!

This book does not follow conventions of organization; its style is sometimes rambling and rushed, and it sometimes lacks empirical evidence.

Anyone who has been reading EGI Notes and this blog’s criticism of HBD will not be surprised by that. Note especially – “sometimes lacks empirical evidence.”  Come now!  Empirical evidence is akin to “credentialism,” don’t you know.  Instead, Dutton.s sweaty neurotic ramblings are the truth, not any of your elitist credentalist nonsense!

Those of you who promote the HBDers, please watch this.

It’s not only China that needs to be investigated.  The whole nest of vipers of HBD needs to be identified, studied, and the damage done quantified and they all need to be held to account.

National Socialism and Fascism

Is National Socialism Type I Fascism? – the case of Latvia.

Read this. Excerpts (emphasis added) and comments:


Aside from equating it with Hitlerism, there have been few scholarly attempts to define national socialism and specify its relation to the broader category of fascism. This article posits that national socialisms are a sub-genus of fascism, where the distinguishing feature is an ultaranationalism based on a palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element. Thus, national socialism is not just mimetic Hitlerism, as Hitler is not even necessary. National socialist movements may even conceivably be opposed to the goals and actions of Hitlerism. To test this definition, the case of Latvia’s Pērkonkrusts [Thunder Cross] movement is analysed. Based on an analysis of its ideology, Pērkonkrusts is a national socialist movement with a völkisch racialist worldview, while also being essentially anti-German. The case study even addresses the apparent paradox that Pērkonkrusts both collaborated in the Holocaust, and engaged in resistance against the German occupation regime.

A problem for my own definition of national socialism is the emphasis here on völkisch racism. See below for more detailed discussion of this..

National Socialisms as a Fascist Sub-Genus

Of the vast and growing corpus of scholarly and popular literature on national socialism – usually pertaining to Nazi Germany – very rarely is this fundamental concept defined. The reasons for this could be twofold. Firstly, it might be assumed as self-evident that ‘national socialism’ is simply synonymous with the mid-twentieth century German version of National Socialism (also known as ‘Nazism’ or ‘Hitlerism’) associated with Adolf Hitler and his nsdap. In the case of national socialist organisations outside of Germany, these are either de facto subsidiaries of the German mother party, or derivative, mimetic movements. In this view, any party with a swastika as its emblem and a violently anti-Semitic ultranationalist platform simply could be assumed an unoriginal copycat, seeking to exploit the success of the nsdap in Germany.

That is the general “normie” viewpoint – national socialism is merely Hitlerism.

Should one observe European history in the years between 1920 and 1945 from the periphery, or even simply from a non-Germanocentric perspective, this assumption of subordination or mimesis quickly proves itself unsatisfactory for explaining aspects of, for example, local collaboration in those countries occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. How could there have existed what my colleague Terje Emberland has termed an ‘oppositional national socialism’ in wartime Norway, which both collaborated closely with the ss, and also opposed many of the policies of the German nsdap and the collaborationist Nasjonal Samling [ns; National Unity] regime of Vidkun Quisling? Our research on Norway thus suggests that not only amongst Norwegians were there different, competing understandings of national socialism, but that also within German Nazism there were even significant differences between Himmler’s ss and the mainstream nsdap ideology. Thus, it would be preferable to speak not of a single National Socialism, but of national socialisms in the plural.

The key point is this: “Thus, it would be preferable to speak not of a single National Socialism, but of national socialisms in the plural.” Up to this point, I agree. The problem will be a specific interpretation of national socialism in terms of a Nordicist, Germanocentric, völkisch racialism.

Another significant obstacle to the formulation of a general definition of national socialism stems from the resistance in certain circles to accepting it as a phenomenon within the broader category of fascism. 

Type I “movement” retards are prominent in this resistance.

Ian Kershaw, however, makes convincing arguments for why German National Socialism should be properly included within the family of fascisms, all of which had their own unique and particular characteristics.

This is in my opinion the correct view. Fascism is the more generic political genus – palingenetic ultra-nationalism; national socialism is a more specifically “racist” – in the sense of a strong focus on biological racism – form of fascism. The question is whether this racism has to be specifically “völkisch.”

To assume that there is a generic fascism of which German National Socialism is a specific expression, and that there are not just one, but several national socialisms, would sooner or later necessitate augmenting the taxonomy by defining a national socialist sub-genus. Building on the definition of generic fascism proposed by Roger Griffin, the following general definition of national socialism is proposed: Given that ‘[f]ascism is a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism’, then national socialism is a type of fascism where the populist ultranationalism is based on palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element. Thus, I posit that the distinguishing feature of national socialisms within the broader family of fascisms is the centrality of a völkisch, racialist worldview.

Here is where I strongly disagree.  The racialist (or racist) national socialist worldview does not have to be specifically völkisch as it is defined below – i.e., a specifically Nordicist, Type I, Ostara, “runes and boots” Germanic racialism. Instead, the racialism can be for any group – at least, any European group – and can be evaluated in a empiricist, scientific manner. It can also incorporate certain non-biological, Yockeyian, High Culture components.

As Griffin has pointed out, all fascisms are to some degree ‘racist’, insofar as ultranationalism celebrates the greatness of one’s own nation and culture, thereby fostering a sense of superiority over other peoples. Fascist ideology is thus intrinsically hostile to liberal multiculturalism, free migration, and other individual-driven mixings of peoples, religions, and cultures. At the same time, this does not necessarily mean that all fascisms must embrace racist positions – e.g. social Darwinism, eugenics, or even anti-Semitism – as central to their understanding of their nation’s relation to society and the world.

Fair enough.

Within national socialism, however, the nation is always organically linked to the race: just as the organically conceived nation (Volk) provides the genotype for the individual’s phenotype, so, too, does each nation reflect a phenotype of the genotype provided by the common racial identity. Maintaining the racial Erbbild [genotype] and improving the Erscheinungsbild [phenotype] of both individuals and the entire Volk was a key concern of German National Socialism, particularly for Heinrich Himmler and the ss.

Fine – but this does have to be völkisch?

Even though this impetus to improve the racial stock of the nation can lead national socialists to support the introduction of eugenic policies in the name of ‘racial hygiene’, this should not be taken as evidence that national socialists subscribe to a rationalist, positivist view of race as a supposedly biological phenomenon. Upon closer inspection, racial ideology in national socialism has only relatively superficial traits in common with, for example, the ‘scientific’ racial biology and eugenics practised in interwar Scandinavia, which was connected to the social engineering of a new, modern society.

In a sense, this criticism is correct – the Type I Nordicist Ostara view has little to do with genuine racial science. In that sense, it is akin to HBD – perhaps why there is a degree of association and compatibility between Nordicism and HBD.

Racialist thinking in national socialism is neither rationalist, nor aiming towards modernisation. Instead, it is völkisch racialism, derived from the ideological worldview of the völkisch movement that began in the late nineteenth century. Völkisch racism fostered a sacralised view of an assumed prehistoric Aryan race, from whence the most advanced nations and civilizations of the world arose. In the case of the inter-war German and Scandinavian national socialists, the highest rungs of the racial hierarchy were seen as being occupied by Germanic or Nordic peoples; however among national socialist movements since 1945 the emphasis is more on global ‘white supremacy’ of light-skinned groups of Europeans generally. Nevertheless, a clear bias towards an idealized ‘Nordic’ identity infuses national socialism, even in societies that are not usually considered ‘Germanic’.

Here we see a definition of völkisch racism that is more or less accurate. That nonsense was, is, and always will be, an embarrassment. While national socialism has traditionally been linked to that nonsense, my argument is that it does not have to be. The racism – or racialism – of national socialism can have positivist, scientific, and rational bases. It can also have, as argued above, a Yockeyian component that is based on an honest reading of history and fundamentally even with more mainstream cultural/civilizational paradigms, such as Huntington’s civilizations. Thus, national socialism as a genus of fascism focused on specific Race-Cultures, with a strong, but not exclusive, biological component, can be broader than just völkisch racism.

Coupled with the mythology of race…

Mythology?  Well, the völkisch interpretation is mythology, but the empirical interpretation is not.

…is a view that races and nations are formed in symbiosis with their physical surroundings, with the land being the source of many of the physical and spiritual characteristics of the Volk. A strong connection to both the natural and cultural landscape is thus important for maintaining the vigour of the nation. Life in cities alienates the individual from the moral compass that being one with the soil provides, leading to racial and cultural dilution and degeneration. In its völkisch racism, national socialism thus is an ideology of Blut und Boden [blood and soil], favouring the pure, healthy peasant ways to the modern, urban, materialistic lifestyle that was both morally and physically hazardous. 

Here we see how “traditional” völkisch national socialism is definitely a Type I fascism of the “runes and boots” type, with underlying themes of Tolkienism, anti-technics, anti-urbanism, anti-empiricism, anti-modernity, a backwards – and backwoods – “traditionalism.”  That’s pure Type Ism.

Selecting a Test Case of Non-Hitlerite National Socialism

The definition of national socialism as a sub-genus of fascism presented above will herein be tested using a case chosen to collide head-on with the prior assumption of mimesis with the German nsdap. If it can be adequately proven that the Latvian Pērkonkrusts [Thunder Cross] meets the definition’s criteria, then this will be an example of an explicitly anti-German national socialist movement.

Although Pērkonkrusts is not entirely unknown in the literature on fascism, few scholars have researched this movement in detail. Even fewer still have asked the question whether Pērkonkrusts constitutes a Latvian form of national socialism. One of the few to do so is German historian Björn Felder. A sub-chapter to one of his books is even entitled, ‘The Pērkonkrusts Movement: “Latvian National Socialists”?’ While admitting that Pērkonkrusts exhibited many ideological affinities to German National Socialism, in his analysis, Pērkonkrusts looked more to Italian Fascism for inspiration, or more closely resembled Corneliu Codreanu’s Iron Guard in Romania.

You can read more on this in the essay.  The point made is that this Latvian movement had characteristics of an anti-Hitlerian – or at least non-Hitlerian – völkisch national socialism, although identification with the more Type II Italian and Romanian variants are fascism confuses the issue, since those variants are at odds with Type I völkisch fascism (i.e., traditional national socialism).

…Pērkonkrusts did not see itself as an appendage or copycat of German National Socialism; at the same time, the ambiguity of these statements can be interpreted as reinforcing the argument that Pērkonkrusts was national socialist.


Similar rhetorical distancing was used regarding fascism. In an unsigned article from 1933, ‘What is fascism?’, the party newspaper asserts: ‘Even though Pērkonkrusts is far from being fascism, and admits that this is a system suited only to Italy, nevertheless…’ By equating fascism exclusively with Italian Fascism, Pērkonkrusts could deny – despite the charges of its liberal and leftist opponents – that it is, indeed, fascism, while at the same time freely expressing its admiration for the accomplishments of Mussolini’s regime. Needless to say, contemporary political opponents were not convinced.

Silly semantics on the part of the Latvians.

The Pērkonkrusts Ideology: Palingenetic Völksich Racialism or Not?

To what extent was Pērkonkrusts national socialist, that is, a type of fascism where the populist ultranationalism is based on palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element? One of the first problems to address is whether Pērkonkrusts had a racist ideology, and whether it was völkisch. Did, for example, Pērkonkrusts contrast the Aryan race to the Jewish one in its worldview? Historian Uldis Krēsliņš contrasts Pērkonkrusts with Štelmachers’s alnsp, which proclaimed Latvians to be the ‘purest’ Aryans, by citing a passage from a speech where Celmiņš dismisses the idea of ‘biologically pure’ Latvians, since ‘a pure Latvian type does not even exist [nemaz nav]’. For Krēsliņš, with the exception of Štelmachers, the racial terminology employed by Pērkonkrusts and other Latvian radical nationalists was ‘more an expression of an historical, religious, or moral-ethical’ signifier.

That is all not very empiricist.  However:

Elsewhere, this sentiment is reiterated by the deputy leader of Pērkonkrusts, Prof. J. Plāķis: after discussing the negative influence of secret organisations controlled by the Jews, it was stressed that ‘only by keeping our race pure, protecting and maintaining our people’s traits and traditions, can Latvians persist as a people’. This was clearly a palingenetic racialist nationalism.

But, how was race defined?  Never mind  that “racial purity” is unrealistic.  Preservation and advancement (improvement) of the stock that actually exists is realistic.

A formulation from the 1933 article, ‘Who Are the Latvians of Pērkonkrusts’, is immediately recognizable as belonging to the ideological worldview of national socialism: ‘In addition, one must particularly mention those tendencies created by Jews to conquer the world and destroy nationalism and the Aryan peoples.’…This contradistinction between Jews and Aryans could even take improbable forms: for example, when an editorial in Ugunskrusts explained that, of course, the Germans wanted to turn Latvia into a colony with the Latvians as their minions, but, being Aryans, at least they were forthright in this; Jews, on the other hand, were disingenuous and surreptitious in their plans to subjugate other peoples.

Der Movement has always “marched on.”

Furthermore, the Pērkonkrusts party press clearly identified the Latvians’ ancient forebears, the Baltic tribes, with the primeval Aryans, particularly in context of discussions of the neopagan religion of Ernests Brastiņš, Dievturība. An article in Ugunskrusts on Dievturība reports Brastiņš’s view that the Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, and Indic peoples arose from the original Aryans, and that the Latvians are the direct descendants of the Aryans in their language and religious worldview.

Note the inclusion of “Indic.” Pure Type I retarded “traditionalist” esoteric nonsense. That’s völkisch to the core, I suppose.

Thus, from its very beginnings, Pērkonkrusts was infused with an intrinsically racialist worldview that fits well with the definition of national socialist völkisch racialism. Völkisch ultranationalism, however, is not only about the Aryan ‘blood’; there is also the sacralization of the relationship to the ‘soil’. The Latvian land, saturated in the sweat and blood of the forefathers, was sacred: it was here their heroic ancient forebears fought; here their ancestors’ remains are buried. None is more closely entwined with the beloved landscape than the Latvian arājs – ‘ploughman’. The official party programme of Pērkonkrusts already lists as its second point: ‘Latvia is and shall remain an agricultural country. Its economic policy should conform solely to this rule.’ The state should actively support and develop agriculture, while limiting and controlling industrialisation.

Again, we see the pure Type Ism there, the ultra-“traditionalist” “twigs and branches” “hobbit hole in the forest” anti-modernism that I despise. If that is national socialism, then I want no part of it.  But such völkisch nonsense should not define the fundamental essence of national socialism.

Nevertheless, this racialism is tempered by nationalism: ‘The Latvian nation is our faith, the boundary of our understanding of race.’ Latvians in the southeast of the country that had over the generations opted to identify as Poles or Belarusians would need to be won back to the nation; this was part of the campaign to regain ground ‘everywhere the Latvian language is or has been heard’

“Latvian language” = “Latvian speakers?” Does this emphasis on language rather than “blood” sound familiar?  One hears it today coming from a part of the world geographically close to Latvia.

The goal was a Latvian Latvia in the traditional of the ethnic Latvians, ‘where the question of minorities [would] not exist [nemaz nebūs]’. The two main minorities targeted by Pērkonkrusts were the Baltic Germans and the Jews: the former, as descendants of the Teutonic Knights, represented the historical foes of Latvian national aspirations, while the latter represented the forces of degenerative modernity. Echoing the later ethno-pluralism of Alain de Benoist, Celmiņš says that ‘non-Latvians’ – Germans, Poles, Russians, and Jews (sic)…

Why “sic?”  Denying that Jews are an ethnic group?  “Latvian” Jews are genetically distinct from Latvians – that is a scientific fact.  “Latvian” Jews are Ashkenazim, who are genetically distant from the Baltic peoples.

…– have their own homelands, so they should leave the territory of Latvia to the Latvians. Interestingly, neither Estonians nor Lithuanians are to be considered ‘foreign nationalities’ in the Latvian Latvia envisioned by Pērkonkrusts…Celmiņš expanded this to the idea of a possible Nordic-Baltic bloc together with Finland and Sweden.



Herein, I have not only proposed a definition of national socialism that is not dependent on Hitler, I have also argued that Pērkonkrusts from Latvia constituted an anti-German form of national socialism. The defining feature of national socialism as a sub-genus of fascism is that its palingenetic ultranationalism is based on völkisch racialism. As such race and nation are essentially linked, but in a metaphysical way as much as a biological one. For national socialism, the Jews as a race are hostile to the aspirations of the Aryan family of nations, seeking to enslave and degrade them through various of phenomena of modernity, including capitalist materialism, hedonist consumerism, and Bolshevism. In order for society to move forward, national socialism requires a reconnection to the soil and the core values of the ancestors. The völkisch ideology idealizes the qualities of the northern European peoples, but in its various expressions can be more or less Nordicist or pan-Germanic, as the pro-Baltic and pro-Nordic, but anti-German nature of Pērkonkrusts ideological worldview demonstrates. This fact also offers a way of explaining the heretofore paradoxical issue of why Pērkonkrusts could collaborate with the German Nazi occupiers in unleashing genocide against the Jews of Latvia, while at the same time engaging in activities that ranged from subversive to resistance in pursuit of their own anti-German political agenda. It is thus my hope that we can move on to a comparative study of various national socialisms that allows the research to move beyond the dead-end assumptions of mimetic Hitlerism.

If national socialism can be anti/non-Hitlerian/German, it can, in theory, also be anti/non-Nordicist and anti/non-völkisch.  Note: “The völkisch ideology idealizes the qualities of the northern European peoples, but in its various expressions can be more or less Nordicist or pan-Germanic, as the pro-Baltic and pro-Nordic, but anti-German nature of Pērkonkrusts ideological worldview demonstrates.” OK, fine, that is völkisch, but one does not need to define national socialism solely in terms of “the völkisch ideology.” I define it differently above, in a manner that focuses on Race-Culture, with a strong but certainly not exclusive biological emphasis, with the “biological” being positivist and empirical, not dealing with mythical “racial purity” and certainly compatible with a militant pan-Europeanism.  The Race-Culture in question can be broadly European, with smaller sub-groups having their own particularisms preserved as well.  I object to a specifically völkisch national socialism.  True enough, historically speaking, national socialism has been a particularly moronic form of Type I fascism, but it does not have to be.  We can make of it what best suits us, as long as it is consistent with the core ideology, as I have outlined above. If fascism can have “protean” aspects, and a degree of flexibility in its expression, why not the national socialist sub-genus of the fascist genus?

The difference is perhaps that of descriptive vs. prescriptive perspectives. The author of the piece being reviewed is focused on describing how national socialism was historically manifested in the past (descriptive, while ignoring more modern manifestations of that political sub-genus), while my outlook is one of prescription, e.g., what national socialism should be. Thus, EGI Notes/Western Destiny, as a Type II fascist groupuscule, promotes a Type II pan-European form of national socialism.

The Raw Essence of HBD

And of Silk Road White Nationalism.

And other news.

The raw essence of HBD and of Silk Road White Nationalism can be discerned by watching from 29:35 to 30:00 in the video here.

If the HBDers and Silkers have their way, the future of the White race will be analogous (*) to that scene played over and over again for all eternity.  I say no.  I say that the White race has a future, a destiny, that does not include pitifully groveling – “measured groveling,” eh? – before The Altar of Asia.  If you agree with me on this, then when are YOU going to stand up and oppose HBD and oppose Silk Road White nationalism?

*For the “awkward squad” types, it may well be literal, and not an analogy.

Behold the nothingburger!  Behold the mentally retarded “movement.”  Behold!

It’s a nothingburger!  Just like the common cold!  Emphasis added:

Dr. Richard Hatchett, who sat on the White House Homeland Security Council in 2005 – 2006 and was a principal author of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, and currently heads the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, told the UK’s Channel 4:

“This is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes Ebola, it includes MERS, it includes SARS. And it’s frightening because of the combination of infectiousness and a lethality that appears to be manyfold higher than flu.

Der Right, Der Right, Der Right is ALWAYS wrong.

China continues to wage war against Italy.  Pitiful Italians do nothing in response.

The nothingburger marches on.

The following was written on March 6:

PaintersformsIt’s a jacked up version of the common cold. I’m not expecting much carnage. Not Spanish flu anyhow. More concerned about the panic.

For someone to write that after everything that’s happened is simply astonishing. This crisis is revealing the truth about many things.  For example, HBDers are traitors who are the running dogs of the Chinese government. Another example, as shown by the “jacked up version of the common cold” comment – a significant fraction of Der Movement consists of people who belong in a mental hospital.

Lest you think I exaggerate, remember:

This is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes Ebola, it includes MERS, it includes SARS. And it’s frightening because of the combination of infectiousness and a lethality that appears to be manyfold higher than flu.

If Biden is the nominee, Trump-Biden debates will be a wonder to behold – a vulgar retard vs.a dementia patient.

Behold Joe Biden. He’s about at the cognitive level of your typical Quota Queen Der Movement “leader.”

The three major candidates are not very well suited to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. All are old. Trump is obese, eats fast food, and is on various maintenance medications. Sanders recently had a heart attack.  Biden seemingly is in early state dementia.  VP choices take on increased importance.

The Master of Disaster is apparently attempting to start a new a career as a stand-up comedian.

Putting aside the retarded post, the comments are of more interest.  Focus on those from Unz. The similarity to Chinese government propaganda is very interesting. Very similar indeed.  No doubt purely a coincidence.  Great minds think alike, and as HBD is so fond of telling us, both Jews and Chinese have high, high, high IQs. That’s the ticket!  A coincidental convergence of deep thinking.  Hail HBD!

ANYONE who writes for Unz is NOT any sort of “White nationalist” or any sort of Euro-nationalist – even any sort of petty nationalist “ethnonationalist” – whatsoever.  At best, they’re useful idiots for Chinese/Asian interests.  At worst, they are out-and-out race traitors.

The Rubicon has been crossed; the shark has been jumped. The “WN activists” writing for Unz are absolute filth, absolute low-life scum.

Read this.

To explain simply, the British set up “civil rights” commissions in Cape Colony in the early nineteenth century and they sided with any non-white complainer against a white.

Gee…the more things change the more they stay the same, eh?  Enter John Lindsay.

…the British upper and middle classes in London slipped into virtue signaling and negro worship.

Ditto.  Although today, in HBD, it’s Mongoloid worship.  

The idea that anyone – Chinese, Americans, whoever – intentionally released The China Plague as a bioweapon is absurd. It is and always was obvious what the inevitable outcome of such an intentional release would be – an international spread, infection and death everywhere, economic damage, supply chain effects, etc. The possibility of backfire, the possibility of further damage against the releasing country, the possibility of further mutation – it is absolute insanity to do this, and whatever sweaty conspiracy theories you have, the argument that some nation’s secret service would take such a gamble is simply not believable.

And the idea that Americans of all people would do this is doubly insane.  America – comically unprepared for a pandemic, with a “vibrant” unstable population, an economy and society wholly dependent on China for everything from medicines to electronics to rare earth metals, with an economy also dependent on consumer confidence and the stock market – unleashing a highly contagious bioweapon (in China!) is suicidal, counter-productive, self-destructive – and obviously so.

The whole idea is so ludicrous that only crazed HBDers obsessed with worshiping the Chinese would think of it. These sorts of conspiracy theories are the products of a weak mind.  Real conspiracies are out in the open. The HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance for example.

Der Movement: Nothingburger, souped-up cold, hoax.

Sallis: Start Prepping.

CDC: Over 60 today; tomorrow, everyone.

Meanwhile, milady contributes her unique perspectives and assistance during this global crisis. Everyone does something to pitch in I suppose.

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, my patriarchal pandemic for a topless Joan of Arc!

It’s Hood.  What about those “White advocates” who are shills for predatory capitalism and romanticize their “sweet business deals.“  Are they part of the problem too? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m shocked – shocked I say! – by the name and the picture.

If Trump’s “obsession with numbers” “could backfire” what about the Left’s obsession with keeping borders wide open?

It’s a nothingburger!

Actually, the time to buy stocks is when the market is down, not when it’s up.  You buy low and sell high. Trump isn’t really wrong, but is a bit premature. The media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting out of hand.  How about focusing on Biden’s worsening dementia?

Err, you idiot, Conte supports mass replacement immigration. He’s concerned that migrants might get sick. 

I also note that some HBDers are suggesting that the high Italian death rate is due to a genetic susceptibility because of racial admixture (but in the North?  Must be all those S. Italians who moved there!  After all, small towns in Northern Italy, full of old people, are precisely the place one would expect to see working age S. Italians!  Dat right!).

But I thought that the Italians were African, not Asian, and that HBD suggests “the virus discriminates by race” with Asians being at risk? If that is so, Bjork, Bromstad, and Thunberg had better be careful!  Wash those chopsticks well before using!

There may well be ethnic differences in susceptibility but I’m not sure Ostara (*) explains the reasons for it.


* Laugh at this.  Emphasis added:

After the war, Lanz accused Hitler of having not only stolen but corrupted his idea, and also of being of “inferior racial stock”.