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Odds and Ends: 9/12/17

Odds and ends.

An excellent logical argumentation against the equality ruse.

The John Ray-like stupidity of Vox Day concerning National Socialism is dissected here.

Bannon the anti-Silker.  He’s right about the Chinese threat.

What’s wrong here?  Aren’t all the individuals pictured S. Italian/Sicilian?

Business Not Personal

Stating the obvious.

Some recent Der Movement correspondence leads me to state that my (sometimes harsh) criticism of (White) racial nationalists is business, not personal (*).  And, of course, I’ve already stated, multiple times, the over-the–top rhetoric that accompanies some criticism is tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken purely seriously.  But the serious criticism, which should be taken at face value, is business: a different view of ideology and of the direction that the “movement” needs to move. There is always – even if weak – an underlying attitude of all belonging to “this thing of ours” and therefore at least some minimal “professional courtesy” is in order (again excluding the obviously sardonic mocking of “movement” Nutzi lunacy).

With respect to individuals who are not racial nationalists, my criticism may very well be personal as well as business – Derbyshire is a classic example.  These people are beyond the pale of respectability as defined from a racial nationalist perspective, there is no underlying sense of community, and some of the harsher criticisms are not necessarily tongue-in-cheek.

All of this would seem to be (at least intuitively) obvious, but I suspect it is not.

* Similar as explained in this swarthoid movie.

The Wild Bunch

Recommended viewing.

I recently watched Sam Peckinpah’s beautifully violent 1969 Western classic, The Wild Bunch, starring William Holden, Robert Ryan, and everyone’s favorite typically Celto-Germanic Nordic Northern Italian Ernest Borgnine.

From a racial and cultural perspective, there are some interesting features to this film: Mexican mestizo incompetence and savagery, a contrast between those deficits of mestizo character and better qualities exhibited by (relatively) unmixed Amerindians (which readers of Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color may remember as one defining characteristic of “Red Man’s Land”)*, White competence and honor, the sexual allure of colored women even to otherwise honorable White men, and a hilariously satisfying Thermopylae-like shootout ending.

Definitely worth watching.

*Granted, the dividing line between mestizo and Amerindian was not always clear for every character (e.g., General Mapache), but, overall, the contrast, on a group level, between Mexican mestizo troops, whores, and villagers and (more unmixed) Amerindian fighters was one (subtle) theme of this film.



Racial Politics in the News, 6/27/16

Several items for an early summer day.

The elites still do not get the message. Well, this is why I am still planning to vote for the Negrophilic, backpedaling, cuckadoodledoo fraud Trump – to send a message based on the public perception of Trump the racist mirage.
Child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle just has to see this movie:

In an obvious play for the Chinese market, the commander of the defense outpost on the moon is Chinese, the Chinese are praised as the key force behind space defenses, a female Chinese pilot serves as the love interest for one of the Americans, and there are some snippets of dialogue in Chinese which take place without subtitles.

With Germany increasingly dominant in the EU, the union started to take on the characteristics and serve the interests of the German ruling elites. This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of careful, pragmatic growth, which had mainly Francophone or Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more dramatic expansion, which reflected a more Germanic dynamic.

No, no, a thousand times no! That does not sound right! Let’s rephrase in appropriate Der Movement language:

This effectively drove a wedge between the EU’s past of inert stagnation, which had mainly racially mixed, Negroid, kebab Latin characteristics, and its subsequent more heroic expansion, which reflected a more racially superior Germanic dynamic.

And this: 

It is far more likely that Germany and France will seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on their centralizing path, generating further tensions with member states in Southern and Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example.

Is far better phrased as:

It is far more likely that Germany will properly seek to preserve the Euro currency and continue on its racially sound path, generating further tensions with the parasitic, racially-mixed member states in Negroid Southern and Mongoloid Eastern Europe, many of whom will look to Britain’s example, but who will fail in their pitiful attempts to defy their masters and betters.

Der Movement in the News, 5/12/16


Here is a breathless account of a Trump rally that rivals the excitement of Roissy himself:

My take is that Trump’s recruitment of Jews is a bow to the realities of Jewish power in America, as well as the Jewish desire not to put all their eggs in the anti-Trump basket (even though I would estimate well over 90% of US Jews dislike Trump). As long as Trump stays the course on his proposed policies, I have no problem with that.

How about the fact that Trump has Jewish family connections, including Jewish grandchildren? Why is the HBD faction of Der Movement (and certain other related factions as well, eh?) so shamelessly superficial and star-struck over this man? Why can’t the attitude be one of utilitarian skepticism – Trump may be a fraud, and we’re not going to get too excited over him, but he is so far a useful tool for disrupting the multicultural consensus and upsetting the System, so we’ll give him qualified support as long as he continues to be a useful instrument for our real long-term goals?

Also, folks who have no problem with Trump – what about White ethnic Trump’s supporters? Why continue having a problem with them?

Odds and Ends, 12/19/15

Cheer up, things will only get worse.

An interesting Yahoo comment, presumably from an Eastern European in Italy as an exchange student:

I am an exchange student here in Italy, not EU but from Europe. To get my residence permit, as part of the procedure I had all my fingerprints taken, as well as various combinations (1 finger, 2 fingers together, whole hand and so on). I also had to pay 107 euros and present all kinds of documents (that I can support myself and so on). I am poor, just a student, but I still respect Italian law. That being said, if I see someone cheering when these leeches come I want to take a pipe and hit them in the head, even if that means I will be deported or whatever the rules are. Not to mention that Italy is filled with Africans and I have to go with colleagues to the supermarkets at night because they stand by the doors in groups and if they see someone alone they start saying something. Really really unsafe. I come from a poor country, we can’t afford the newest Iphones but at least we don’t fear for our lives in our own country just because we’re white and Christian. I can only assume it’s worse in Germany and France. Get your act together West, if this is the western dream I kept hearing about when I was a child then consider me disappointed.

By Africans, I assume this person does not refer to Sicilians and other S. Italians (the “movement” view), but rather to recent African immigrant invaders. That would be interesting, since we were all assured, not so long ago, by the good and great “Sir Desmond” Jones, that Italy was 100% homogeneous and demographically secure, to the ends of time, forever and ever, amen.  Obviously then this Yahoo comment is a Medish plot – it’s some sort of Slavic-Medish lie!
An interesting VDARE article here.  The GOP wants open borders for the USA, but let’s police and bomb the borders in the Middle East!  What’s pink-frilled Miss Lindsey at the polls these days, I think it is 0%.
Also, at VDARE, Peter Brimelow unburdens himself:

Last year at the Donor Appreciation Christmas Party that hosted in New York, I repeated a theme I’d been brooding about for a while: miracles happen quite often in politics. They happen in private life too. This picture captures both: my wonderful young wife Lydia

Yeah, Pete, we know, we know – you’re an old guy with a young wife, and you have a wonderful head of hair (which in an emergency can substitute for a mop).  It would be a real miracle though if you’d stop talking about it.
Jews making movies.  A botched, unpleasant, socially destructive mess.  Who would have ever guessed?
This reminds me of Jurassic Park. In the Gentile-written book, the boy character is a competent and knowledgeable brother who helps protect his girlish younger sister. In the Jew-made movie, the girl is a little feminist hero, protecting her completely useless and wimpy brother. Surprise!  Once again, the Jew emerges as a corrosive solvent, dissolving the bonds of a stable, organic society. They can’t help themselves, it is in their very nature. But why does the victimized society tolerate it?  As someone else noticed:

Lex/Tim – These are almost identical characters but reversed in the genders we saw on screen. In the novel it’s Tim who’s the older brother and the computer/dinosaur whiz while Lex is the useless younger sister. She’s completely pointless in the book and immature…

The Tragicomic Absurdity of HBD

Laughable indeed.
For the reader who may still think HBD is anything other than a joke, please read this…all of it. That’s the mentality of a well-known and well-respected (in their circles) HBDer.  What to make of them? These HBDers…they would read the book Animal Farm and then write a 10,000 word essay on porcine evolutionary developmental biology, and why Orwell was wrong to have pigs reading, writing, and talking.
By the way, all of this is Frost’s attempt to classify this as a “rape.”  Paging Rolling Stone!  Hopefully, Frost never read The Book of the New Sun, the Severian-Jolenta sex scene would really get his feminist panties in a bunch. As regards a real (attempted) rape scene in fiction, we have this, which is a far cry from Deckard closing a door and acting a bit “alpha.”  
By the way, if we are all going to be humorless pedants like the HBDers, I can point out that the “replicants” in Blade Runner were not mechanical constructs, they were not robotic androids, but instead were synthetic humans, purely organic and biological engineered humanoids, with greater abilities (and greatly shortened lifespans) than ordinary humans.  In fact, far from being “Mr. Data” types, the replicants could be distinguished from regular humans only by sophisticated psychological tests. Indeed, one could consider them a form of human (although in the movie they do not have human legal status), just like one would consider the product of a genetically engineered human fetus a human.  Thus, sex with a replicant really is not “masturbation” any more than a White male nerd having sex with a Chinatrix is (keeping in mind miscegenation did not have legal status at one time either).  Never mind that Deckard himself may well have been a replicant (albeit one lacking the physical prowess of the later models), which would make all of Frost’s blowhard analysis regarding that movie irrelevant.  Sorry, Pete.