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Roissy weeps.

The Trumpian fraud, emphasis added:

President Donald Trump may have announced that “DACA is dead” over the weekend, but statistics released Monday by the Justice Department appear to suggest otherwise.

Since the start of January this year, the Trump administration has approved tens of thousands of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications and renewals, a quarterly report from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has revealed. (The report was filed in court by the Justice Department in an ongoing legal fight with California).

More than 55,000 initial and renewal applications were approved by the Trump administration in the past three months alone…


Pathetic homoerotic Trump fanboy Roissy (cuck nagger) weeps bitter tears.

The Alt Right crowd doubts Trump has what it takes.  Some of us know that before he was elected.


Salter Critiques the LGBTQ Lobby

Gay hypocrisy?

The key conclusion (emphasis added):

LGBTQI campaigns assert that love is equal, yet they help marginalize attachments and acts they find repugnant or inconvenient. The activist community should acknowledge all types of sexuality and marriage that meet their professed moral standard. They should not deceive the public by selectively applying their morality.
Alternatively, activists should abandon their artificial solidarity and the morality they deploy to justify it. They should admit that not all sexual desire and acts and types of marriage are equal. Many will join with the straight binary community in rejecting the appropriateness of polygamy, incest and bestiality. In so doing they might view their own orientation with humility and ponder whether insisting on complete normalisation is good for society.

EGI Notes does not say we must hate homosexuals, and it does not say that homosexuals should be completely excluded from racial activism merely based on their sexual preferences (leadership positions are another matter entirely).  But is it too much to ask that they are honest about it (hiding it only makes it worse if and when it is uncovered) and, more importantly, that they admit that their preferences are abnormal?  Put it this way: there is a big difference, an almost existential difference between a racial activist who just happens to be homosexual and who has their sexuality as a secondary and incidental part of their identity and a homosexual who just happens to be a racial activist with their sociopolitical/racial views merely being a secondary and incidental part of their identity.  The former person – if they are upfront about what they are and if they accept the abnormality of it – can be a useful and effective racial activist.  The latter person – using racialism as a front to push a homosexual agenda – is part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Particularly if such a person – of the latter type – attempts to normalize homosexuality and, even more so, if they promote markedly maladaptive memes such as anti-natalism, then then they are agents of racial degeneration, not racial progress.  

Are there representatives of the former type in the “movement?”  Potentially so, potentially since they are still “in the closet” as there are no openly identified (and thus honest) homosexuals who clearly prioritize race and civilization above their sexual identity. The latter type?  Yes, they exist in the “movement” and they would profit I believe in reading Salter’s piece and reflecting on the phrase: “they might view their own orientation with humility and ponder whether insisting on complete normalisation is good for society.”

A thought experiment: if a safe and effective cure for homosexuality was devised, so that all such people could be reprogrammed to be heterosexual just by, for example, taking a pill, what would be the attitude of homosexuals in racial activism?  Would they welcome the opportunity to divest themselves of their abnormality, or would they protest that this is an affront to “gay identity” and “authenticity?”  

The other conundrum is if for some activists their sexual identity is of importance then why are they still officially “in the closet?”  Now, as stated above, I believe everyone should be open and honest about these issues and if they are homosexual should just come out and say it.  However, if they believe that it is a private issue that is wholly incidental to their identity, then one would expect that they would never promote, or in any way attempt to normalize, homosexuality in any way.  It has to be one or the other.  

Fisking the Duped

Clueless quota queen.

The MSM has been in SHOCK! HORROR! mode over the news that one Patrik Hermansson, purporting to be graduate student Erik Hellberg (as if anyone could tell the difference!)…

The “movement” obviously could not.

…infiltrated and—arguably illegally and unethically—surreptitiously recorded a number of right wing organizations (he fashionably says “Alt Right” although they mostly predate the term) in Europe and the U.S. e.g. Undercover With the Alt-Right, by Jesse Singal, New York Times, September 19, 2017.

Counter-Currents‘ Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson, a victim, has a characteristically sensible discussion here.

If by “characteristically sensible” you mean minimizing the outrageous incompetence of “leaders” letting an infiltrator joyride through the “movement” for a year, sitting with “leaders” to “vet” genuine activists, and giving “keynote addresses” about “anti-fascist infiltrators” (I still can’t get over that one), and then hysterically “banning” people who call for accountability, yes indeed, very sensible.

The bottom line: Hermansson/ Hellberg’s “revelations,” although written up in hyperventilating British tabloid style on Hope Not Hate, the Cultural Marxist Enforcer website that sponsored him, contain no evidence or even allegations of any illegal behavior, let alone any conspiracy to commit violence.

That’s not the point is it, you mendacious handout artist?  The point is that a nobody, an infiltrator with a flimsy cover story, was able to worm his way into the highest levels of “movement” discourse and decision making, simply because (1) he’s a Swedish Nord, and (2) he’s an effeminate homosexual. What happens in the future, when an infiltrator is sitting at the highest “movement” councils in a time of crisis?  Or this: how do we know that there  isn’t another infiltrator like Hermansson already there?

All Hermansson/ Hellberg seems to have, at most,  is Politically Incorrect talk—from people already associated with Politically Incorrect websites!

No, all he has is exposing a bunch of clowns with their red rubber noses and makeup on.

He claims “sometimes being a mole in the far right was dangerous….” But he (and his rewrite man, who tried very hard) provide absolutely no support for this.

Big deal. The Hope Not Hate donors, who reportedly supported him for a year, must be very disappointed.

No, they are getting a big laugh over it all, I’m sure.  But in the last analysis, they could have done us all a big favor by exposing the affirmative action racket in the “movement” for what it is.  I say “could have” because I know the mental weaklings among the “movement “rank-and-file don’t have it in them to abandon failed “leadership.” and I make a number of minor appearances on Hope Not Hate (here and here), but it’s just Search Engine Smear stuff.

Which is mildly interesting, because Hermansson/ Hellberg did contact me and Lydia and I met with him for coffee in Cipriani Dolci above New York’s Grand Central Station. 

And the other shoe drops.  Quota queen Brimelow fell for the same scam as his affirmative action colleagues.

(Note to Hope Not Hate bookkeeper: I paid!)

In other words: VDARE donors likely ultimately paid for it.

I guess I agree with Greg Johnson’s summary: “A bit socially awkward, a bit inarticulate, a bit effeminate, but not so outside the norm for academic types that I felt suspicious.” (Hope Not Hate says proudly that Hermansson/ Hellberg is a “gay, anti-racist activist”).

Two important points. First, the more I hear about Hermansson’s “effeminacy,” the more I think that Andrew Joyce is correct in his criticisms of gays in the “movement.”  If the Far Right was less tolerant of homosexuals, then Hermansson’s behavior would have been a more obvious red flag (alternatively, Hope Not Hate would just have had to dig up an attractive young blonde women to do the job, recording conversations while fending off groping and dodging marriage proposals).  Second, if Hermansson was so awkward and inarticulate, how did he end up being invited by Johnson to address a private Counter-Currents meeting?  How did he end up with the London Forum “leaders,” helping with meeting vetting?  Don’t these guys understand that the more they mock Hermansson as part of their “spin,” the worse they make themselves look for trusting Hermansson and elevating him?  Are these guys really that clueless?  So lacking in self-awareness?  Apparently so.

But I must also say that Hermansson/ Hellberg never said he was anything other than a graduate student, frankly asked if he could record me (Lydia got bored and left)…

That’s surprising. I would have expected she would have a high threshold for boredom.

…and never evinced anything other than academic interest in the movement.

Maybe that’s why his rewrite man couldn’t figure out how to smear us.

No need.  You smear yourselves, first by incompetence, and then by your pathetic “spin” to try and cover up the incompetence.

So why did Hermansson/ Hellberg (and/or his rewrite man) not realize they were undercutting the Left/ MSM Narrative? Because these Leftists are idiots. 

If they are idiots, then what about the Rightists so easily fooled for a year?

They live in an intellectual bubble and they believe their own propaganda.

Is Brimelow talking about “movement” activists here?  Or just deluded VDARE donors?

At least, the Hope Not Hate rewrite man does. But after we met, Hermansson/ Hellberg (email him) replied to my polite note:

Thank you yourself! It was really great talking to you.

Since I left I’ve actually looked into applying for universities in the US so I’m right now looking at Georgetown in DC and possibly NY as well. It’s my supervisor who pushed me to look into a phd or a research position.

Hey, Pete: did you – or any of the “characteristically sensible” members of the “good old boys network” – ever bother to check “Hellberg’s” academic bonafides?  Maybe contact his “supervisor” directly to say what a fine job he’s been doing (by supervisor I mean the alleged academic supervisor, not Hope Not Hope staff). You know, as part of the “extreme vetting” and all.  The Alt Right could have done that after drinking mead, reciting poems in Old Norse, and blowing on a Viking horn (and on anything else for that matter).

My intuition: Hermansson/ Hellberg actually is a graduate student. He really does hope to study in the U.S. (Note to readers: watch out!).

My intuition: Brimelow/Mophead actually is a panhandling, empty suit, quota queen.  He really does hope to continue to exploit readers to contribute to keep Happy Penguins LLC’s coffers full, so he can continue living that fine blue state lifestyle.

He’s just ripping off Hope Not Hate as well as the AltRight.

Are we talking about Hermansson here, or the editor of an “immigration restrictionist” website?

All joking inside, this is a serious matter.  What we likely have is a coordinated effort by an Alt Right-Alt Wrong alliance of affirmative action hacks to minimize the travesty that took place, distract their supporters from utter incompetence, and to get back to “business as usual” as quickly as possible, ensuring a steady stream of donation money.

Frankly, it’s more disgusting than comical.  And our EGI goes down the toilet due to failed leadership.  So much for adaptive fitness.

The Alt Fail

Navel-gazing ideological contortions.

One wonders how Andrew Joyce squares his recent series on homosexuality (*) with this expression of tolerance.

It would seem that’s current crusade against homosexuality is to a large extent informed by their feud with Counter-Currents.  But let’s give the other side equal attention.  Greg Johnson’s crusade for ethnonationalism, and crusade against pan-Europeanism, which came as an unpleasant surprise to me (who considered him to have been a pan-Europeanist), mysteriously coincided with the deterioration in his relations with Richard Spencer.  Memes in the service of personal animus, it seems.

Feuds between “movement” leaders is a “grand tradition” – one can remember Pierce-Carto and Pierce-Covington, but in those cases, the disagreements were personal/tactical.  The situation in which “movement leaders” actually take ideological stands on important issues merely to spite each other is totally unprecedented.  Yes, it seems that “youth culture” is indeed a key component of the Alt Right scene: narcissistic, feckless, and juvenile.

On a related note (emphasis added):

However, more important is understanding how a far-right movement operates, organizes and functions. This is invaluable for finding the most effective strategies for opposing and undermining them. I spent hundreds of hours with these people and came away with a real understanding of what drives their activism, the tactics they seek to use, and what they were planning to do. This allows Hope Not Hate to always be one step ahead, and to plan responses and opposition earlier than anyone else.

But don’t forget…the problem is not with the outrageously irresponsible, feckless, imprudent, failed leadership that allowed an effeminate homosexual anti-racist infiltrator to joyride through the “movement” for a year with a tragicomically flimsy cover story while legitimate activists were frozen out of meetings because of “extreme vetting.”  No, the problem is with anyone who states that there should be some accountability for this pathetic failure of common sense and good judgment – or so say our “betters” among “movement leadership.”  I guess when faced with the possibility of the panhandling donations running dry, hysteria ensues.  Too bad they weren’t more hysterical with basic operational security.

*Before someone accuses me of being “queer,” I’ll say I’m in general agreement with Joyce (excepting the Christian apologetics and the idea that Tacitus was a historian in the modern sense, instead of in the ancient sense – a story-telling propagandist), but more nuanced.  However, my view remains that if someone is homosexual but is pro-White, and if they acknowledge that homosexuality is a defect, and if they “stay in the closet,” then tolerance could be given.  In On Genetic Interests, Salter asserts that homosexuals should actually be very pro-extended family and pro-ethny, given they have a greater genetic interest investment in broader circles of relatedness, as most of them do not have children of their own.  If a homosexual actually behaved in that fashion (most do not, including some “anti-natalists” masquerading as WNs), then some degree of societal tolerance could be acceptable.  That doesn’t preclude personal disgust and the acknowledgment that overt homosexuality, celebrated by society, has the pernicious effects described by Joyce.

Behold the Female, 9/15/16

Half the population is useless for anything other than sex and reproduction (and in many cases, not even for that).

Tim Gunn is right.  Homos know fashion.

Yahoo is full of stories like this – female navel-gazing about being “shamed” and acting like hysterical attention whores.  

To say that women behave like children is an insult to the intelligence and behavior of children.  Better to say that women act like deranged, mentally-retarded children.  Hence, a flaw in “game” – adult men are supposed to modify their every thought and action to appeal to hypergamic female airheads and retardates?

By the way, Roissy the stupid bastard needs to tell us where in nature the “handicap principle” works for the female of any species.

The Gay Community’s Trump Test

No excuse for “prejudice?”

Trump is undoubtedly the most pro-gay GOP Presidential candidate in recent history. Who else would have had Thiel making a speech talking about proudly being gay and talking about “false culture wars?’ Who else would have come our strongly in support of gay rights in their convention speech? Who else has a long, established history of these sort of pro-homosexual “New York values?”

Now, rightist apologists for gays state, or at least imply, that gay support for the anti-White, leftist agenda is in large part due to the association of “the Right” with anti-gay religious intolerance. Let “the Right” be more inclusive and then, problem solved.
Trump therefore is sort of a test. The test is so far not being passed:

For those hoping Trump’s nomination will improve the party’s reputation among gay rights proponents, there’s another challenge: Mainstream gay rights groups have denounced Trump, arguing that tolerance for one minority group doesn’t excuse prejudice toward others — like Hispanics and Muslims — or unflattering comments about women. 

His hatred toward anybody is a huge concern,” said Jay Brown of the Human Rights Campaign. “When he attacks women, he attacks us. When he attacks Muslims, he’s attacking us.

Emphasis added. Thus, the idea is that one must be tolerant of all minorities in order to be politically satisfactory to gays. If that’s the underlying idea there, then that community is inherently hostile to White racial nationalism, with parallels to the Jews being noteworthy.

O’Meara Again, 6/18/16

Clueless or deceptive?

It’s common enough on the Right to somewhat grudgingly acknowledge their role in the re-homesteading and revitalizing of blighted (usually by blacks) urban areas. The Right ruefully admits that for some reason, these limp-wristed sissies are able to resist the Black Undertow that drove out all those manly Olde Tyme White families.

Maybe because those “Olde Tyme White families” (note snarky tone) have something called children, and responsible parents don’t want to send their children to school with savage Negro apes, which is what I endured. And, maybe some of those “limp-wristed sissies” move to those areas because they are leftists who enjoy the “diversity” and become saddened that their gentrification diminishes it.

Gosh, could the “conservatives” be wrong? Perhaps all those childless men do have some role to play in reproduction and survival, at least in the reproduction of the past into the future and the survival of cities, not global consumerist playgrounds?

Oh, stop it already. How many times do you have to beat a dead horse? That horse looks like minced hamburger already. Yeah, we get it: you’re gay and want to be accepted. The problem I have with some homosexual WNs is the same as with Christian WNs: they put a non-EGI and non-racial identity above their EGI-based, racial identity. Thus, for both groups (ironic how they are lumped together like this), their religion or sexual identity is more important than race, ethnicity, or what have you.
Once again, Salter in On Genetic Interests said the basics: homosexuals (typically childless) have a greater proportion of their genetic interests invested in extended family and ethny. While promoting acceptance of themselves, they should also promote pro-natal memes and policies aimed at family and ethny, to enhance their genetic interests.