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Jeb’s Making Me Look Good

Right once again.

Two years ago, I suggested that the System would attempt to “solve” the problem of illegal immigration by increasing legal immigration to such levels that anyone and everyone who wanted in would be allowed in, making illegal entry superfluous.  And since that’s even more directly genocidal against White interests – legalized race replacement without even the “implicitly White” argument about “illegality”- I castigated stupid and cowardly Whites who refuse to admit that the real problem with immigration is race, not “legality/illegality.”

…over time, the Establishment may increase the legal immigration quotas to such an extent that illegal immigration per se will become superfluous.  After all, the easiest way to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to simply make all immigrants legal.  If the entire population of Mexico has the legal right to migrate to the USA, then the Establishment can honestly say that illegal immigration from Mexico has fallen to zero.  Now, that possibility is an indictment of the “I’m not racist” argument that “we’re not against immigration, only illegal immigration.”  When people paint themselves into a corner like that, it is only time before the Establishment calls their bluff, legalizes everyone, and then asks, “What’s the problem now?  They’re all legal!  You aren’t racist, are you?”  

Leading 2016 GOP Presidential candidate and miscegenator Jeb Bush openly supports a plan that is exactly what I warned against:

All of those reforms further Mr. Bush’s goal of making it easier to come legally than illegally and thus bolster the economy and the nation’s security.

And the dumb White “conservative” sheep will line up to vote for him; after all, he’s “electable,” and we can’t have a dastardly liberal Democrat elected! After all, a liberal Democrat may support some really nasty stuff, like illegal alien amnesty and increased non-White immigration!  Oh, wait…