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Alt Right News, 2/2/18

Groundhog Day edition.

An Alt Right activist prepares to enjoy the holiday.  It’s of Germanic origin after all.  Heil Phil!

Someone else gets it, albeit a bit late.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that any other outcome than Nightmarer deportation is a failure. Der Touchback can win any sort of concessions but fat (as Roissy would say, heh) chance any of them becoming actualized long term.  Remember, amnesty is forever, enforcement is never.

And the political cost of deportation?  The media and the Left will make a huge cry and show “opinion polls” saying it is unpopular (like the same type of polls I stupidly believed in the fall of 2016 predicting a Clinton electoral victory), but so what?  These types will hate Trump no matter what he does (or does not do); remember the EGI Notes mantra: For the Left, hatred of Trump is a polite and socially acceptable way to express hatred of Whites.

With DACA deportation, the Left will hate Trump and the Democrats and Cuckservatives will oppose him. With DACA amnesty, the Left will still hate Trump and the Democrats and Cuckservatives will still oppose him.  Amnesty won’t win him or the GOP any votes from the Left; however, amnesty will cost both Trump and the GOP votes from the Right.

But, hey, the Alt Right Brainmasters (the leadership, not the rank-and-file who have healthier ideas, as the above-linked article shows us) tell us that supporting deportation is “stupid” and “short-sighted.”  Yes, indeed, let us be smart and politically pragmatic like Reagan was in 1986.  Worked real well for him.  And for us.

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter’s breakfast butler hysterically proclaims: “All Hail the God-Emperor’s State of the Universe Address!” Counter-Currents: How have the mighty fallen.

Like the movie Groundhog Day, history will repeat itself in an endless loop until Der Movement gets it right: Stop with the puerile Man on White Horse Syndrome worship.

Immigration: No Free Lunch

It’s NOT the economy, stupid.

I note, and have noted many times before, that the immigration question among the mainstream is continuously presented (almost solely) in economic terms.  The latest manifestation of this is the claim that immigration is the “closest thing to a free lunch” since population growth fuels economic growth via an increased number of workers and consumers. This Ponzi scheme view of economic growth fails for a number of reasons, including the obvious point that a larger economy divided over a larger population is not increasing the per capita payoff – it may be a larger pie, but not larger pieces for each individual. I note that as immigration has flooded into America over the past several decades, allegedly “fueling economic growth,” real wages for the typical American have stagnated, and the American middle class is in a well-documented and oft-discussed decline.  Is it that all this “growth” is lining the pockets of big business, and also benefiting the immigrants themselves and not natives?  Then we are constantly being told that automation will “make work obsolete,” and so a “basic guaranteed income” will be required in the wake of the mass unemployment thus created – a “citizen’s dividend” based on the productivity generated by automation and artificial intelligence.  If so, why do we import more people who will not only become superfluous as workers, but who will compete with natives for the proceeds of the productivity to be distributed as that guaranteed income?  

And even putting the issue of automation aside, the Ponzi scheme aspect of the immigration-population-economy equation becomes more clear when we ask: if immigrants do the work natives won’t do, then who will do that work in the next generation (assuming no automation) when the immigrants’ children are “Americans” or “Europeans” with American or European expectations and the consequent disdain for manual labor?  Do we import another generation of immigrants to do this unwanted work, repeated ad infinitum, until the entire nation is full of the posterity of those brought in to do cheap manual labor?  Conversely, if we need “high skilled immigrants” as we in America are constantly told, then why can’t we find Americans to do these desirable, highly-paid professional jobs?  Are native Americans stupid as well as lazy?  And, if so, how did they build a nation so attractive that all these immigrants want to come to in the first place?  And, further, if immigrants are required to fund “the retirement of an aging native population” (assuming that young non-Whites would politically support funding the retirement of old Whites who they hate), what happens when the immigrants themselves get old and retire?  Would more immigrants be required to fund those retirements – an endless pyramid scheme of immigration and inter-generational wealth transfer?  Or will the immigrants have enough children to support their retirement, underscoring the race replacement aspect of the immigrant influx?  Speaking of which, we can further ask – even if a declining native population “hinders economic growth” (a popular meme, along with the “who will pay for retirement” ploy, to justify genocidal alien immigration into Europe) – so what?   Eventually it will be a self-correcting process, as automation, increased productive efficiency, altered economic structures and expectations and, very likely, an eventual increase in the native birth rate, balances things out – sans replacement immigration.  I can also point out that bringing in hordes of cheap labor aliens to crowd out, compete with, and displace, natives is not exactly conductive to increasing native birth rates.  Or is that the intention?

Finally, we get to the most important, the most fundamental point.  Even if everything the pro-immigration crowd says about economic benefit is true, it still is not worth it.  A nation is not an abstract economic zone, and a people are not an atomized mass of workers and consumers.  Nations and peoples are historical entities, with particular ethnic, racial, social, and cultural profiles, and a people being demographically and culturally displaced and replaced are not benefiting, even if “the economy grows.” Mass immigration of alien peoples, particularly in the context of declining native populations, is genocide against the natives, and what price economic growth if historical nations and peoples cease to exist, and vanish from the Earth?  Read this post for a more technical analysis of the precedence of genetic continuity and genetic interests over any economic concerns, and if you still insist on putting a “dollars and cents” measure on these issues, then read this.  Existence, not economic growth, is the fundamental concern of any people, and no amount of “economic growth” – most of which the native masses will never themselves enjoy – can never justify criminal genocidal policies targeted against beleaguered European-derived peoples.

This post is also relevant to another pro-immigration argument I’ve seen making the rounds again recently: “if you are against (legal and illegal) low-skilled immigration, then you have no good reason to oppose high-skilled immigration, which is such a net positive for our nation.”  Nonsense.  Read this post again, particularly the last section that emphasizes race and culture, and the genocidal implications of displacing and replacing the native population.  Read the linked posts, especially the one outlining the EGI concept and its importance to immigration.  Of course high-skilled immigration is harmful; indeed, one can make the argument that high-skilled non-White immigration is worse for Whites than low-skilled non-White immigration.  High-skilled immigration brings in more clever and capable enemies, more capable and clever competitors, the importation of an alien ruling class, using ethnic nepotism to displace native White Americans from positions of power and prestige.  High-skilled immigrants, free-riding on the society and infrastructure painstakingly built up by White Americans, will climb to the top of the human energy pyramid, leveraging ethnic cartel networks to squeeze Whites out and reduce White Americans to a subaltern caste within their own nation. Is that a good enough reason for you?  Is that sufficient reason to oppose high-skilled immigration?  They are not us, they are not wanted, we need to develop and nurture our own high-skilled population.  We do not want or need leering aliens lording it over us.

Life for Immigration Reform is Death for America

Republican treason once again.

So, once again we see Republicans betraying their stupid and sheep-like White basewith the GOP’s insatiable desire for cheap labor. The level of stupidity and mendacity here is beyond belief.

Key to this whole thing is confirmation of my previous assertions that the “solution” – particularly the Republican “solution” – to illegal immigration is simply to open the borders completely and massively increase legal immigration.  After all, if anyone who wants in gets in, there will be, by definition, no illegal immigration.  The net result is of course the same – demographic genocide and cultural destruction – but, hey, the “economy is growing” so who cares, right?

“When it comes to illegal immigration, what’s the No. 1 reason people come to this country illegally? The same reason our ancestors came here: to work,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Tuesday at a bipartisan event exploring pragmatic methods of reigniting the debate on reform. “From my standpoint, if you really want to secure our border, let’s eliminate or drastically reduce the incentives for illegal immigration, starting with a guest worker program.”

So, again, you “secure” the border by opening it up.  Thus, for example, if you are worried about criminals robbing your home, just leave the door open with a sign that says “take whatever you want.”  See, it’s not stealing then!  Of course, all your valuables will be gone just the same, but, since they weren’t “stolen,” it’s all good!  That’s the sort of retarded argument that will likely go over good with the moronic GOP base, and it is why the emphasis on illegal immigration is wrong – if you pretend (or actually believe) that the only problem is illegality, then all the System has to do is legalize everyone and – whoosh! – problem gone!  The problem is immigration itself – the relative legality is only a side issue.

And even if you want to emphasize economics rather than racial and cultural survival, the arguments still stink. The economy might “grow” but the vast majority of the benefits of that “growth” accrue to the immigrants themselves and to the wealthy who increase their profits from cheap labor.  Middle class Americans get screwed once again, and also have to deal with all of the externalities of the influx. Essentially Big Business privatizes the profits and socializes the costs of immigration, with White Americans bearing those costs.

And for the one-millionth time: there is NO STEM worker shortage in America.  There is a surplus. A massive surplus. There are in fact stagnant wages, unemployment, and underemployment. This is just a ploy to further drive down wages, replace White Americans with pliable Asiatics, and increase the dispossession of the American people.  Hey, politicians, if getting “smart people to work for us rather than for our competitors” is such a good idea, why don’t we apply it to other fields?  Let’s import politicians, lawyers, businessmen – surely there must be lots of foreigners who can fill federal and state political positions as well as you guys do, and do it cheaper.  Think of all those sharp minds out there – lawyers, business executives, media workers – we need them here!  After all, isn’t there a politician, lawyer, businessman, and media executive shortage?  Bring ‘em in!  And, if STEM folks are so smart and all, maybe they should be the ones in Congress making the laws, instead of a bunch of lawyers, MBAs, and other shysters?
In the end though, economic arguments are at best secondary.  For example, normal people are horrified by stories of parents trying to sell their children to strangers. Arguments of “but the parents are just trying to make a profit and maximize their economic well-being” do not convince when it comes to that. In reality, trading mass immigration for “economic growth” is exactly the same thing. The “parents” – the present generation of Americans – are selling their “children” – their posterity, their future generations – off to the highest bidder in order to attempt to maximize economic well being today.  From an EGI standpoint, these “parents” are losing “child equivalents” by letting in aliens.  

The disgusting and abnormal nature of this behavior is hidden from the masses since it is more indirect and impersonal than some drug addict trying to peddle their baby, and it is less immediate, and so does not resonate to folks who have the attention span of a mayfly. But, still, it is true.  You are going to dispossess your posterity, and for what?  So the GDP can be a fraction of a point higher than it would be otherwise?  So Brown folks can be in the back of the kitchen washing dishes, or out in the fields doing labor that is shortly going to be automated anyway?  So IT moguls can have cheap Asian labor?  So we can replace American STEM workers with Yellow and Brown Asiatics, while at the same time hypocritically agonizing over “why don’t more American students go into STEM?” So that pathetic White omega male nerds can have more legal Oriental concubines as their “wives?”  So that the 1% can make more profits off of the Death of America, off of the dispossession and disenfranchisement of the rest of us?

Are White Americans really so stupid that they will fall for such an obvious scam job?