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Silk Road News: More Asian Whining

Asian, Asians, and more Asians.

More Asian racial whining, and more anti-White racial solidarity with Negroes.

Whining Indians who believe America should be an open door cash cow for their numberless hordes

Then we have “Kumiko” at, which I initially commented on in a previous posts. A few more points.  First, as I said before, she threatens Whites that “armed” Coloreds – including Asians – will wage race war if Whites try and expel them from the US.  Putting aside how this tells us what a mistake it was to let Asians in in the first place, what makes this idiot think that all these Asian parasites would even be willing to all move to her proposed Asian-Hispanic SW USA homeland? Entitled and arrogant Orientals will pull up roots in, say, NY’s Chinatown and move out West?  Any racial separation is going to be opposed, probably by violence.  And unlike Blacks, and, possibly Hispanics-Amerindians in old Mexican territory, Asians don’t have even the slightest historical or moral claim to any New World territory.

Then she gets semi-offended by Silver’s rough language toward her – language which I say is justified – which is the height of hypocrisy, since her own writing at MR, particularly in response to some of my own past criticisms, made liberal use of the “F word”; meanwhile, her associate accused me of “sucking Jewish cock” simply because I oppose Asian colonization of White lands (which most Jews are very likely to favor, by the way).  But let’s not offend the potty-mouthed delicate Oriental flower at!  For shame!

Then the specimen asserts that Whites and Asians do not have a “shared destiny” (I agree) – but of course MR promotes Silk Road White nationalism that is characterized by strong associations between Whites and Asians, with the former subservient to the latter.  And, of course, she talks about “British Asians” who are “loyal to the flag.”  So – no shared destiny?Don’t expect any sense or consistency – it’s all a Jew-like dual morality that promotes Asian interests at every opportunity.


From Germany to the Silk Road

More stupidity.

Flipping through a new issue of Military Heritage magazine, which I decided to purchase, I came across this quote:

The Teutonic Order did not help itself in the 15th century by allowing bickering between northern and southern Germans.  Northern Germans seemed to believe that they were more worthy than those from the Rhineland, Bavaria, or Swabia, and this further eroded support at a time when every financial contribution or new recruit counted.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?  

Speaking of Germany, I can’t say I’m surprised by this, the anomaly of Europe. Der Movement weeps.

Amusingly, we now have different groupuscules – including this one – positioning themselves as “the alternative” when and if the Alt Right falls flat on its face.  More amusingly, the Silk Road White nationalism crowd think they can be such an alternative. Don’t they know that “Yellow Supremacy” is already part of the Alt Wrong ideology, and the Alt Wrong is a faction of the Alt Right?

Speaking of which, we read this.

The reasons include some Derbyshire mention: some in the System yearn for a continuation of the old Cold War, others see Putin as a Russian Trump, an anti-globalist civic nationalist with a soft spot for real European nationalists.  Of course, there’s another reason that Derbyshire dares not mention: the Jews.  

And here is one reason I see the Silk Roaders as absolutely and fundamentally dishonest: they completely invert reality to promote their anti-White, pro-Asian agenda.  Contra the Silkers, the reality is that Jews, especially the Neocons, hate Russia and the Russian people, while their attitude toward China, India, etc. ranges from benevolent neutrality to outright sycophancy.  The dishonest Silkers can post random articles showing Trump/Putin with Netanyahu/Israel, but the same can be done with China, India, etc., such as here and here and also here.  The Asiatic Jews, having ruined the West, now look with longing to their fellow Asiatics in China and India; together they can finally destroy the hated White man.

Meanwhile, the Silkers try to rile up dumb WNs with the Jew/Israel card; like waving a red flag in front of a bull – let’s use Jews to distract Whites from the Yellow Fist of Hatred.  Fact is, both Jews and Asians are enemies, a pox on both their houses.

And the Silk Roaders’ hatred of Putin is particularly ludicrous, as Putin is a pro-Asian civic nationalist who raises Siberians high in his councils and who does nothing to stop the Chinese infiltration into the Russian Far East  Indeed, Putin himself has tried to develop closer ties to China.  The problem, you see, is that Putin, being a civic nationalist, wants to maintain the territorial (but not ethnic) integrity of Russia, and the Asian nationalist irredentists of the Silk Road covet Russia’s Far East.  Not content to wait for the fruits of slow infiltration, they want it all and they want it fast.  Also, of course, Asian Silk Roaders – sharing their race’s existential hatred of Whites – also want to derail WN and foment internal divisions among Whites.  Why some Whites go along is a mystery, and raises the question as to whether the mocking suggestions I made at another blog are in fact true, rather than being just joking ridicule.

A Thought To Ponder For The Ethnonationalists

Yellow and Brown Peril.

A point to ponder: there are single Asiatic nations – China and India – which each alone contain hundreds of millions more people than all the Europeans combined worldwide.

And, despite the many defects of Chinamen, they are still an intelligent, disciplined, and technically competent people, with a grudge against the West and the White race.  Indians are on average less capable, but given their large population, the bell curve ensures that they too will have many millions of highly competent individuals, and they too have an animus against the West.  Both nations are, of course, nuclear-armed as well.

While no one states that this fact means Europeans have to give up their uniqueness – something which I oppose – the fact does mean that the idea that European nations and narrow ethnies can “go it alone” is absurd.  And any “Darwinian processes” involving peoples will likely be between, and not within, races and civilizations.

One other note: part of the problem of this debate is one of definitions.  What one person means by “ethnonationalism” and “Pan-Europeanism” is not necessarily what others mean. Thus, without precise definitions, people often talk past each other.

I have already defined pan-Europeanism as a meme that acts to promote, defend, and extend the interests of ALL people of European descent worldwide.

The definition of the type of ethnonationlaim that I oppose would be a meme that asserts that the highest level of group interest is the nation/ethnic group, with indifference or even hostility to different nations/ethnies of the same broad race and civilization.

There could be an “enlightened ethnonationalism” that I would support in which a primary interest in nation/ethnic group is also extended to include, at least secondarily, the broader race and civilization.

Pan-Europeanism proper would consider both narrow and broad interests to be of equal value.

Haley, Jindal, and the Useless White Man

Brown laughter growing louder.

Open borders Haley – who openly mocks the White base and Trump’s supporters – as well as Jindal, are South Asians elected to high office in southern states by White conservative Republican voters. Just think abut that for a moment.
Haley and Jindal shouldn’t even be living in this country, much less be nationally known political figures, elevated to power by the same Whites for whom they have very obvious disdain.
How many White politicians have been elected to office in India? Hmmm…let’s remember when Brimelow tried to immigrate there:

The Indians said, “Are you of Indian heritage?” They mean race. When we said we weren’t, they just hung the phone up on us. Apparently, it is technically possible to immigrate to India. Fifty thousand Indians a year come here. It’s technically possible to immigrate to India as an American citizen, but it’s extraordinarily difficult because there’s a lot of hoops you’ve got to go through.

The brownsters are laughing at you, White man. To them, you are nothing but a contemptuous clown, a fool, their court jester. What are you going to do about it, White man? Nothing, as usual, nothing.
What? White man, you are even afraid to tell pollsters of your tentative support for the affirmative action-loving, Black vote-pursuing, reality TV star Touchback Trump – even that is too much for you. Aren’t you embarrassed by yourself, White man? Aren’t you tired of being the dancing fool? Aren’t you weighted down by the yoke imposed by your Asiatic masters? Or perhaps all that talk about “environmental estrogens” must really be true, isn’t it, White “man?”