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Indiana Defies Lind

Good results; congratulations to the good people of Indiana.

Indiana has all the characteristics of a Cruz/Kasich state, and yet supported Trump. The good people of Indiana should be congratulated for their defiance of the Lind trend, thus doing the right thing. Indianans therefore prove themselves superior to Wisconsinans, Minnesotans, or Iowans.

It would be interesting to discern the reasons for Indiana’s good sense, which perhaps could be politically applied to other areas of the Midwest.
Of course, if Trump really is going to be the nominee, he had better perform in November. If he crashes and burns. right-wing populism can be set back. It would have been better of course to have the same policies and forceful approach applied by a candidate who is not an ignorant buffoon. But it is what it is.

Another Two Conservative Fails, 4/4/15

Buchanan doesn’t get it.

Stand up for Indiana.  That’s great. Pat.  But as you no doubt know by today, Indiana is unwilling to stand up for itself.  Let’s be honest. The law was passed to protect private individuals and businesses, etc. who do not want to serve potential clients whose lifestyles conflict with the beliefs of those providing those services.  Essentially, the law was to allow religious Christians to discriminate against those practicing alternative sexual lifestyles – the paradigm being refusing to provide a wedding cake to a “gay marriage.”  Now, why such a law is necessary to begin with is baffling to me, since I had thought that private individuals and businesses had freedom of association.  Well, that’s not strictly true, since businesses over a certain size are forced to practice “non discrimination” in hiring, but I had foolishly thought that businesses could choose whether or not they want to provide a service.  My naivete about the New America is therefore exposed – mea culpa.  So, it seems the law is necessary.  So, very well, that was the law and that was its intent, so much is obvious to everyone.

But, conservatives are defensive cowards with no backbone, no staying power, who “cave” under the slightest, the lightest, of pressure.  So, after the hysterical squeals from the SJWs, Indiana’s resistance collapsed, and now the law will be “amended” to prevent religious-based discrimination against gays. But that was the entire point of the law!  It’s like if a polity decides to pass a law allowing “right turns on red” for drivers, but they then amend the law to say that any turning on red is prohibited.  Can we then agree that the law is now meaningless, and that the proponents of the law have been defeated?

Doesn’t Buchanan understand the nature of conservatism by now, after a lifetime in politics and political commentating?  Conservatism is the ideology of surrender, it is the ideology of always ceding ground to the Left, it is the ideology of re-inventing the liberal status quo as the new thing to conserve. And the Left continues to push forward.  The new status quo is non-discrimination against gays, and that religious Christians must tolerate gays. This is now the new “line in the sand” conservatives will defend, when the Left comes up with their next demand (*): all heterosexual religious conservatives must themselves engage in homosexual acts at least once per week.  Mandatory homosexuality!  And we’ll see the conservatives pass laws prohibiting that, and strongly defending the “traditionalist” view that everyone can do as they please, and we certainly can’t discriminate, and we all should “celebrate our differences,” but that it is unreasonable to force people to be gay.  But, no worries, after being accused of homophobia, the Christian conservatives will be the first to pull down their pants and bend over, while proclaiming that enforced homosexuality is the new conservatism to defend.  After all, next they’ll have to fight against mandatory sex change operations…

*Tongue-in-cheek, obviously, but then we shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Defending Asians.  Here we see a HBD-style Buchanan, agonizing over the possibility that precious high-IQ Asians may be discriminated against. Heaven forbid!  Blasphemy!  Horror and Terror! Terror and Horror!  But, don’t worry Pat – those Asians with their relentless ethnic nepotism and hate-filled anti-White discrimination will do alright for themselves.  It’s the atomized Whites, beset on all sides, who’ll really suffer – but who cares about them, when a “model minority” is made to feel uncomfortable for a microsecond. Conservatism is ultimately aracial, and Buchanan apparently doesn’t consider these Asians to be enemies, which would be right and proper.