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This is really moronic:

We have characterized the Y chromosome carried by President Thomas Jefferson, the general rarity of which supported the idea that he, or a patrilineal relative, fathered the last son of his slave Sally Hemings. It belongs to haplogroup K2, a lineage representing only ∼1% of chromosomes worldwide, and most common in East Africa and the Middle East. Phylogenetic network analysis of its Y‐STR (short tandem repeat) haplotype shows that it is most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype, but the presence of scattered and diverse European haplotypes within the network is nonetheless consistent with Jefferson’s patrilineage belonging to an ancient and rare indigenous European type. This is supported by the observation that two of 85 unrelated British men sharing the surname Jefferson also share the President’s Y‐STR haplotype within haplogroup K2. Our findings represent a cautionary tale in showing the difficulty of assigning individual ancestry based on a Y‐chromosome haplotype, particularly for rare lineages where population data are scarce. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2007. © 2007 Wiley‐Liss, Inc.

Any “movement” fetishist couldn’t do “better.”  Jefferson’s NRY is “most common in East Africa and the Middle East. Phylogenetic network analysis of its Y‐STR (short tandem repeat) haplotype shows that it is most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype” but it is also at the same time “an ancient and rare indigenous European type” because “two of 85 unrelated British men sharing the surname Jefferson also share the President’s Y‐STR haplotype within haplogroup K2.”  Err, why isn’t that simply low level admixture?  If this was in Southern (or Eastern) Europe you damn well know the presence of K2 would be ascribed to admixture and not, mysteriously, to “an ancient and rare indigenous European type” that just so happens to “most closely related to an Egyptian K2 haplotype.”  Occam’s Butterknife!  

The only thing here of worth is the obvious – ” a cautionary tale in showing the difficulty of assigning individual ancestry based on a Y‐chromosome haplotype, particularly for rare lineages where population data are scarce.”
Notice that Jobling changes his tune a bit here:

The fact that K2 is common in the Middle East, however, raises the possibility that Jefferson had a Jewish ancestor, Dr. Jobling said. Jewish Y chromosomes resemble those of Middle Eastern peoples, and the Jewish Diaspora is one way Middle Eastern chromosomes entered Europe.

Population genetics is, by far, the most politicized branch of science there is.  Most such papers, in my opinion, some sort of discernible bias (in some cases, likely covert and subconscious, but in other cases, very overt and intentional).

In any case, what’s good for the Nordish goose is good for the Swarthoid gander.  From now on, any genetic indications of non-European admixture in any European individuals or populations should simply be ascribed to “an ancient and rare indigenous European type.” QED.

Duchesne is drinking the HBD-Nordicism Kool-Aid.  Does Duchesne really believe this:

A fair criticism, which I am sure MacDonald would welcome, is that much research is still required in support of the thesis…

Does he really believe that HBDers welcome criticism, or want research on their theses?  
We can ask how real is that fundamental thesis?  The Y axis here calls that into question.
Even if the overall thesis has some validity, is it really genetic?  Are the traits stable in particular ethnies, generation after generation in a novel environment such as America?
Why are the Irish – who in their basic ancestral components are not very significantly different than other Northwestern European peoples – “Outer Hajnal” while their neighbors in Northwest Europe, of similar WHG-Steppe-Farmer proportions, are “Inner Hajnal?”  
Is asking these questions akin to blasphemy?

Are there any alternative explanations?

Any, anyway, if these guys really believe this thesis, then shouldn’t we have some of  those “moderately collectivist” swarthoids managing European interests? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t argue that Northern Europeans are uniquely evolved to hyper-individualism that is harming White interests and then, at the same time, support an affirmative action program that has only those people as leaders of pro-White activism.

Against Casey and MacDonald

This needs to be addressed.
An imbecilic and stupid post by another of Counter-Currents’ horrendous new crop of writers.So how should white advocates view abortion and euthanasia? At the very least, with a heavy dose of skepticism. Ideally, we would view them as Hippocrates viewed them, as an insult to life and to holiness. Our people are precious “from cradle to grave,” as the Catholics say.Should we then be working to outlaw abortion and euthanasia? Perhaps. Such affronts to holiness will likely be unthinkable in a white ethnostate.Thus, people dying in agonizing pain, people whose bodies are wrecked to the point that daily life is pointless and holds no meaning for them, people slowly and horribly dying of incurable diseases, people desperate for an end to their pain and suffering, must be kept alive because pathetic religious freaks have to impose their values of “holiness” on the rest of us.
We can give dogs and cats relief from suffering, but we force people to endure a living hell so Jesus freaks can feel good about themselves.  How despicable, how pompous, how deluded in the extremity of narcissism.  Excuse me, you stupid yeastbucket, you ignorant hole, who are you do tell me or anyone else what to do with our lives?  
Women have no business being medical doctors, a profession best left to the adults in the room – men.

Pathetic hand-waving:

MacDonald’s reply:  Again, as noted, I have no quarrel with the idea that the Indo-Europeans were an elite dominating a native indigenous population. My point was that Mycenaean civilization was an Indo-European culture. There is no real evidence for that.And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes. Really – now get this:The most recent samples studied by Mathieson et al. date from 1100 BC, and the most recent samples studied by Lazaridis et al. date from around 1200 BC—toward the end of Mycenaean civilization. Thus the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece—the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture. This is certainly time enough for selection or incursion of steppe-derived genes, but as yet there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period. Doubly mendacious.  First, because there are not (currently) genetic samples from every era of Greek history, particularly “the flowering of classical Greek culture dated to the fourth and fifth centuries BC that epitomized so much of what we think of as Western culture” then MacDonald is free to “posit” and “suggest” and assert “reasonable” comments about his theories in the absence of any real evidence whatsoever.
Second, above he says “And my comment emphasized increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes” but now it is “the data do not shed much light on the genetic constitution of classical Greece…there are no genetic studies I am aware of for this later period.”
There’s no genetic evidence for the period, which allows him to “posit” whatever he wishes, but, at the same time, there is evidence of “increasing I-E genetic contribution over time, suggesting selection for I-E genes.”  What evidence?  I thought you just said there was no evidence?  All you have now are the previously mentioned Ancient Greek samples as well as modern Greeks, who the HBD Nordicists consider to be cringing subhumans.  So, where’s the evidence for in between those population end points?Further, there continues to be uncertainty regarding the causes of violent collapse of Mycenaean civilization inaugurating the Greek “Dark Age” (~1200BC–~750BC) of “isolation, introversion, and instability” (Hall, 2013, 82). Well, yes, we can “posit” that the Herrenvolk wrecked the Mycenaean civilization and caused a Dark Age the same as they did to the Western Roman Empire…and what their SJW descendants are doing to the West today.More importantly for present purposes is the identity of the people who later formed classical Greek culture. There is a long history of proposing a “Dorian invasion” from the north which altered spoken dialects from Achaean to Dorian as well as aspects of culture (e.g., knowledge of ironworking and a shift to individualized burial practices (Hall, 2013, p. 70; Nagy, 2019), the latter suggesting a more individualist culture. First, details about  the Dorian invasion are questionable, as regards real scholarship.
Second, even if we “posit” a Dorian invasion as MacDonald prefers, the Athenians considered themselves Ionian, not Dorian, and some scholars – to the extent that they take the Dorian hypotheses seriously – explain the Athenian-Spartan conflict as an ethnic one.  The “flowering” of Greek culture was more Athenian than Spartan, wasn’t it?T his began as a literary tradition and persisted for nine centuries, down to the first century AD and remains the “most economical hypothesis,” although the Dorian invasion hypothesis purporting to explain it remains unproven (Hall, 2013, p. 68). Remains unproven!  Well, yes, but that doesn’t stop some from invoking a Kempite Dorian Herrenvolk influx to “posit” and “suggest” “reasonable” explanations, does it?As noted, genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking; however, it is reasonable to posit a shift toward increased steppe contribution, not only during the Mycenaean period (Mathieson et al., 2018), but continuing thereafter given that genetic changes may occur quite quickly (Cochran & Harpending, 2010).“Reasonable to posit” – those weasel words again.  “Genetic data on the people responsible for classical Greek civilization are lacking” – but he’ll make conclusions regardless, or “posit” conclusions.  Note also how MacDonald’s more conciliatory and equivocal tone differs here in this review response differs from the more dogmatically HBD tone of self-congratulatory certainty at The Occidental Observer when writing on these issues, mirrored by the sweaty amen corner commentariot, who, like with all personality cults centered on gurus (like Jewish movements, eh?), personally attack critics (“Meisenberg is a mendacious Jew”) – attacks that do not receive any rebuke from MacDonald himself.
Further, do I really need to point out that the fact that “genetic changes may occur quite quickly” does not mean that they will occur or, more to the point, in this case did occur in the manner asserted by MacDonald?  The work of Cochran and Harpending is here almost irrelevant in the absence of evidence of the asserted changes.
Indeed, one can use that paradigm to “posit” and “suggest” all sorts of “reasonable” genetic selection. Maybe individualist farmer genes were quickly selected for?  Maybe those last century has seen a “rapid genetic change” in favor of hysterically SJW collectivist xenophilic egalitarianism among NW Europeans?  Who knows?  We can all “posit” anything and cherry pick reasons why it is “reasonable.”
Now, there is of course genetic evidence for a relatively small minority influx of steppe ancestry into ancient Southern Europe, overlaying the majority farmer ancestry. One can find remnants of some steppe ancestry in Southern European areas today. That does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the ancestry of the peoples of the Classical Civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome was of farmer derivation.
MacDonald has a clear agenda of disregarding the contribution of farmer ancestry to European history and civilization, privileging instead hunter gatherer and steppe ancestries.  
It seems more “reasonable” to “posit” that the data “suggest” that the majority ancestry had the largest effect; further, civilization did not begin in the Mediterranean basin until the hunter gatherers were predominantly displaced by the farmers.
And, by the way, once again I note the Y axis here.

A Jabbing Post

Points to Ponder.  In all cases, emphasis added.

There are four reasons for this blog to concentrate on the vaccination question, from a pro-vaccination point of view.

1. It is the right thing to do.

2. It is important to demonstrate that there is some corner of the Far Right that is rational, embraces science and technics, values empiricism and expertise, and is not composed of childish idiots and irrational conspiracy mongers.

3. Public health is, or should be, paramount to the racialist worldview and is obviously important to adaptive fitness. Note that the Nazis made a big deal in opposing smoking, for example. 

4. Racialism, properly understood, is a collective endeavor, centered on a collective identify and collective action. The ability of the group to invest in collective social goods and to maintain social cohesion is therefore dependent upon identifying and punishing free riders who benefit from collective social goods while not contributing to them (or in extreme cases, such as anti-vaxxers, opposing them). If cheaters are allowed to prosper, that undermines public confidence in the legitimacy and fairness of collective action, disrupts social cohesion, increases mistrust, and makes people less willing to invest in collective social goods.  Free riding is therefore an enemy of racialism (and it is not surprising that opponents of EGI always invoke free riding as the anti-EGI bogeyman) and must be opposed. Anti-vaxxers are prominent free riders on public health and therefore are enemies of racialism.

Free riding anti-vaxx filth.

Herd immunity is vulnerable to the free rider problem.[46] Individuals who lack immunity, particularly those who choose not to vaccinate, free ride off the herd immunity created by those who are immune.[46] As the number of free riders in a population increases, outbreaks of preventable diseases become more common and more severe due to loss of herd immunity.[10][11][12][43][45] Individuals may choose to free ride for a variety of reasons, including the perceived ineffectiveness of a vaccine,[47] believing that the risks associated with vaccines are greater than those associated with infection,[1][11][12][47] mistrust of vaccines or public health officials,[48] bandwagoning or groupthinking,[43][49] social norms or peer pressure,[47] and religious beliefs.[11] Certain individuals are more likely to choose not to receive vaccines if vaccination rates are high enough so as to convince a person that he or she may not need to be vaccinated, since a sufficient percentage of others are already immune.[1][45]

Who has vested interests?

Alternative medicine proponents gain from promoting vaccine conspiracy theories through the sale of ineffective and expensive medications, supplements, and procedures such as chelation therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sold as able to cure the ‘damage’ caused by vaccines.[262] Homeopaths in particular gain through the promotion of water injections or ‘nosodes’ that they allege have a ‘natural’ vaccine-like effect.[263] Additional bodies with a vested interest in promoting the “unsafeness” of vaccines may include lawyers and legal groups organizing court cases and class action lawsuits against vaccine providers.

Conversely, alternative medicine providers have accused the vaccine industry of misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, covering up and suppressing information, and influencing health policy decisions for financial gain.[12] In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins,[264] and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.[265] In the early 21st century, the vaccine market greatly improved with the approval of the vaccine Prevnar, along with a small number of other high-priced blockbuster vaccines, such as Gardasil and Pediarix, which each had sales revenues of over $1 billion in 2008.[264] Despite high growth rates, vaccines represent a relatively small portion of overall pharmaceutical profits. As recently as 2010, the World Health Organization estimated vaccines to represent 2–3% of total sales for the pharmaceutical industry.[266]

Apart from the few examples to the contrary listed above, vaccines for the most part are NOT money-makers for “big Pharma.” Certainly, the core of the most basic vaccines (including the dastardly MMR) are not money-makers, which is why “In the late 20th century, vaccines were a product with low profit margins, and the number of companies involved in vaccine manufacture declined. In addition to low profits and liability risks, manufacturers complained about low prices paid for vaccines by the CDC and other US government agencies.”

On the other hand, maintenance medications are big money-makers, but since they don’t involve scary needles and “jabbing,” the hysteria crowd have nothing to say about those real fraudulent poisons.

Wasting public health resources:

Most cases of pediatric tetanus in the U.S. occur in unvaccinated children.[169] In Oregon, in 2017, an unvaccinated boy had a scalp wound that his parents sutured themselves. Later the boy arrived at a hospital with tetanus. He spent 47 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 57 total days in the hospital, at a cost of $811,929, not including the cost of airlifting him to the Oregon Health and Science University, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, or the subsequent two-and-a-half weeks of inpatient rehabilitation he required. Despite this, his parents declined the administration of subsequent tetanus boosters or other vaccinations.[170] Due to privacy regulations, publicly identifying the payer of the costs was prohibited.[171]

Better than petty nationalism:

The purpose of this paper is to trace continuity in the attachment of the nouvelle droite to a homogeneous notion of pan-European identity since its birth in 1968. Like the nouvelle droite, early post-war neo-fascism and significant fascist elements in Italy were similarly obsessed with the decline of homogeneous pan-European or Western identities. Despite the ultra-nationalistic origins of historical fascism, early post-war neo-fascism and the nouvelle droite in different historical periods, the thread tying them together is the notion of a strong, unified, homogeneous, pan-European empire regenerated in defense against the dominant ‘materialist’ ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, social democracy, socialism, capitalism and communism.

Whew!  Good thing he was “absolved of responsibility.”  Otherwise, Trump’s DOJ might have had to start persecution of that “Nazi alligator” – which, after, all, was a native born American.

Odds and Ends, 4/8/20

In der news.

He likely doesn’t know it, but the author of this piece, and the authors of the book reviewed, demonstrate why the “leaders” of the “movement” are such abject failures, indeed why so many “leaders” in general are such abject failures. I’ve said it before and I’ll again – the qualities required to achieve and maintain power are NOT the same required to achieve group objectives when in power.

Trump is a perfect example.  He’s a tall extravert, well endowed with dark triad traits.  He’s been a successful businessman and has risen to be President of the United States.  With respect to achieving and maintaining (at least for now) power, he’s a success as a leader. But, with respect to actually achieving the objectives of the people who elected him, rewarding his followers (the base), fulfilling his campaign promises, he’s an abysmal failure. He’s achieved virtually nothing for society in general as a leader.  He’s achieved only for himself. Hood at Amren said it best – Trump is so weak he makes Jimmy Carter look like Alexander the Great.

“Movement leaders” – besides the ethnic affirmative action program – tend to be tall men, loaded with dark triad traits, some of whom are extraverts (and even the self-declared “introverts” are actually quite comfortable with public speaking), presumably low in “neurosis” – and they are ALL dismal failures. Among their followers are many who would no doubt perform much better, but who lack the superficial qualities that would enable them to rise to the position of leadership in the first place.

By the way, the idea that psychopaths are weeded out of leadership positions or the organization fails – well, if we consider long term failure, that’s true, but genuine psychopaths can last for a long time in leadership roles if the organization has enough resources to last under such direction, at least for a while.

To be fair, the problem is more with the book (assuming the blog post accurately reflects the book’s contents) rather than with the post author (who I generally dislike), who at least makes sense from time to time. The blog post author at least seems to believe that performance is important.

Surprise! Cuckadoodledoo!  Meanwhile, Antifa is NOT declared a terrorist organization.  Trump is such a piece of utter filth, it is simply astonishing.  A sincere man of genuine greatness!

Amren commentator:

Amazing. A group called ‘The Russian Imperial Movement’- centered in a FOREIGN COUNTY, is labelled a ‘hate group’ by a government dedicated to the proposition that Antifa- WHO ARE IN THIS COUNTRY – are somehow NOT a hate group, even as THOSE THUGS remain somehow ‘blessed’ by Trump and his police state, as they have disrupted Trump’s own rallies? 

Meanwhile, Trump continues to grovel in press conferences to his”good friend Xu” who he “respects”- you know,the guy who lied to the world about The China Plague and had his government buy up all the PPE while lying about the extent and nature of this disease.

How’s that buttplug inserted by your Chinatrix “nurse,” Donny?  A snug fit?

Read this.  One wonders. Should a similar general strategy be employed by the White American “plebeians” against the Globalist-SJW-Jewish-Colored “patricians?”

The next time Richard Spencer and other measured grovelers pretend that “there’s no way to punish China” remind them of this:

This calls for a response.

The response needs to be harsh enough to teach the Chinese government a lesson, which means pretty harsh, as they appear to still think they can brazen this out. Among other things, the United States — and ideally the world community at large — need to sharply reduce economic relations with China. In particular, no one should be relying on them for medicines, medical equipment and other vital goods. (China’s state news service threatened to plunge America into a “mighty sea” of coronavirus by withholding critical medications.) Chinese scientists should no longer have easy access to Western laboratories or universities. Chinese political leaders should no longer find it easy to travel the world.

Congress should pass legislation stripping the Chinese government of sovereign immunity to lawsuits for COVID-19 damage in the United States. China should be stripped of its leadership roles in international organizations. And finally, Taiwan — a nation that has handled the outbreak better than almost any other nation, but has been excluded from the World Health Organization because its membership would offend the Chinese government — deserves membership in WHO, and full diplomatic recognition from the United States, and the rest of the world.

But scientists don’t rule out that an accident at a research laboratory in Wuhan might have spread a deadly bat virus that had been collected for scientific study.

This blog had broached that possibility long ago.  As usual, EGI Notes is ahead ot the curve.

Meanwhile, the HBD filth promote the Chinese government’s lying propaganda about an “American bioweapon.”  I once again call for FARA and treason investigations for the HBDers involved.  If they did nothing wrong, then they should welcome an exonerating investigation.

If any are indicted for treason, I believe ti reasonable to have the death penalty proposed by the prosecution.  After, of course, fair and thorough trial.  Let’s get all the facts.

Without putting too fine a point on it, China seems to have taken the position that if they were to suffer the coronavirus, so too was the United States and the rest of the world. What else is to explain the continuation of flights from China to the United States at the rate of some 20,000 passengers a day, until President Trump wisely shut them down?

That they intentionally infected Italy and the rest of Europe is likewise without doubt, using similar reasoning. Regardless of whether The China Plague was from bat soup or from laboratory incompetence, once established, it was ruthlessly used by the Chinese to inflict pain, death, and suffering throughout the world. Meanwhile,the HBD filth parrot Chinese government propaganda.

Hail Nate!  Let’s review some comments left online at Yahoo discussion threads recently by the individual identifying as “nate”:


The daily life of the black minorities is just heart wrenching. Waking up each morning wondering how they are going to survive another day,

On the first of the month they wait at their mailbox waiting for the mailman to show up and deliver their twelve hundred dollar section eight check so they can take it to the low income apt complex office and pay their rent, then they make sure their monthly welfare child support check for their five kids that they have with different fathers (donors?) has arrived. The fathers (donors) are not man enough to support their offspring so they depend on white middle class to feed and cloth them. Next they carefully look over their utility bills before deciding if they want to pay them or not. They know they can protest out in the streets if the utility companies turn off their services claiming it is a basic human right to have water, electricity, gas, and cable TV. They then drive down to the wireless store and hand over the government voucher to pay their cell phone bill.

They keep in contact with each other on their smart phones to see if any grocery stores computer system is down so they can all rush there to charge as much as possible on their EBT card before the system comes back up. If there aren’t any possibilities for that they drive over to walmart for their weekly shopping spree to fill their carts with all kinds of groceries. A quick glance at the regular checkout lines with white people patiently waiting in them and it’s to the express line to check out. That ten-item limit is not for them, only white people. So they pay for all these groceries with the government debit card.

Next on the list of free benefits are their new obamacare ID cards. With the instructions that came with them to take them to any doctors office or emergency room for FREE priority medical treatment. (Including prescriptions)

A call to the school to make sure their kids are receiving their free school lunches and supplies rounds off the busy afternoon.

Thanksgiving and the holidays is a very stressful time of year for them. Waiting in long lines fighting and jostling with each other for the free turkeys and canned food that they demand so that they can celebrate the Great American Holiday.

At Christmas time they watch the local TV stations to find out what church or organizations are giving away free gifts for them. Once again fighting amongst themselves to get to the front of the line, they put all the free bicycles and toys in their cars and pickup trucks with the 26 inch chrome rims and $1500 stereos and tinted windows and head home to wrap them up and give them to their deprived kids..

The black minorities could care less about the white American middle class that have to work and pay full price for everything they have, Going without because of the tax’s they pay to fund all these welfare benefits, so they ignore them for their generosity as they say a prayer at dinner time for giving them everything they want to appease them. Yet they still insist that white people are racist and close their eyes to the rioting and killing in their own neighborhoods and ancestral homeland of Africa where they cannot blame white people for their riots and mass murders and the decay of their towns, cities and countries.

They are not able to admit and want to forget the truth that their own tribal chiefs sold their ancestors to white people that came to their homeland and didn’t care what happened to them.

They are not able to look themselves in the mirror and ask the simple question, Why are we so violent? Why do we hate every other race? Why do we have to destroy all that is around us? What the H is wrong with us? We are given everything we need to live here without doing anything and yet we still hate and destroy. No African nation takes care of us as well as white people do in this country. Only white people give us what they need to live for free.


So they convince themselves that it has to be some other races fault for the way they are and use any excuses to riot and loot and destroy their own neighborhoods whenever a white person says or does anything to them. They ignore the fact that not only are we forced to support them here but we have to come to their races rescue every ten to fifteen years when there is a famine or emergency in there homeland of Africa, They have seen the pictures and videos on the news of their race just sitting in enclosures starving, but still producing babies while waiting for the white nations to come to their rescue and ship them food. And now they are killing the doctors from the white nations volunteering to help them with Ebola. Does it ever end with these people?

But they ignore that just as they cannot accept the realization that they will always need white people to take care of them. There is not one nation on this planet that has a majority black population that has a welfare program for white people living in those nations and yet they riot and loot and call whites racist.

How many of them even care that approximately 329,528 white Union soldiers died in the Civil war and who knows how many maimed for life to abolish slavery? A huge number of deaths that has little meaning today, but a devastating number for the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grand parents wives and the children of those lost men. Those families would be devastated if they knew that their loved ones gave their lives for an ungrateful people. I have never read of any Union soldiers family today demanding compensation from the government. But I can’t say the same thing about the black families wanting compensation from the government for their ancestors being enslaved.

Desegregation was the third biggest mistake in the history of this nation, the first was bringing them here in the first place, and the second, not shipping them back to Africa in 1865. They wanted integration to feel equal to the white people and so the law was passed, “Affirmative Action” and the “ACLU” forces us to include one in TV commercials, news or sports broadcasting teams and at your place of employment, it also requires us to promote them where ever they work and to pass them in school regardless of grades and test results and so on.

And now they have universities where only they can attend and they have their very own heritage month where we are forced to watch and listen to what a wonderful race they are. The once nice schools where they have been admitted have been reduced to combat zones and the schools GPA’s are non-existent. They are not able to spell or write their own name or even speak a sentence at graduation. After destroying the school system in their town or city they claim they are not being given an education and demand to be bussed to a predominantly white school where they destroy that school system. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the years on the inner cities, building parks, community centers and schools to help them succeed and they destroy them. Nothing satisfies this race.


Let’s pause for a moment to acknowIedge a few of their many achievements and contributions to American society:

Highest annuaI % of homicide arrests among aII raciaI groups (52.2% in 20I3)
Highest annuaI % of robbery arrests among aII raciaI groups (56.4% in 20I3)
Lowest high schooI graduation rates among aII Americans (69% as of 20I4)
Lowest annuaI median HousehoId Income among aII raciaI groups ($35,398 in 20I4)
Highest out-of-wedIock birth rates among aII Americans (73% as of 20I4)
Highest per-capita SNAP/food stamp enroIIment in America (greater than I in 4)
Highest per-capita pubIic assistance % among aII Americans (nearly 50%)
Highest intra-raciaI homicide rate (92% bIack-on-bIack)
Highest inter-raciaI homicide rate among aII Americans (446 B-on-W to I87 W-on-B in 20I4)

Colored is as colored does.  The Rising Tide of Yellow Color.  Very TROPICAL, indeed.

I agree 100% with Greg Johnson on this.  How about focusing on Zturd as well?

I agree with this.

This inane selfishness isn’t limited to mask-wearing. Just today, I saw a tweet from RamzPaul flouting the mandate to maintain social distancing by suggesting he would livestream a public outing with some friends. Libertarians often stretch incredulity to such limits that they lose all credibility for the valid beliefs they hold. This nonsense is rooted in the same ill-conceived selfish individualism as the mask issue.

RAMZPAUL@ramzpaulThinking of sitting down in a restaurant and having food and drinks with friends this week.
Maybe I will livestream it. Would you guys hiding under your beds while wearing masks like to watch?

This divide between selfishness and selflessness represents the chasm that exists between neoliberal conservatives and many of us in the Dissident Right. Modern conservatism is defined by libertarianism taken to the extreme, where every event is a hoax that threatens individual liberty and every participant a crisis actor engaged in a plot to subvert the Constitution. It wouldn’t shock me at all to hear someone claim that masks are being laced with viral contamination in order to get us all sick. The current madness is one of the many reasons why Right-wing political ideas are mired in a muck of our own creation.

Der Right is increasingly discredited  Beautiful!  By the way, getting back to the leadership question discussed above, with all of the Counter-Currents pontification about Ramsey and other Alt Liters, such as “This divide between selfishness and selflessness represents the chasm that exists between neoliberal conservatives and many of us in the Dissident Right” – always remember that Johnson was in favor of a “big tent” strategy embracing the Alt Lite, which I opposed.  Who was right and who was wrong?  Who is ALWAYS right and who is ALWAYS wrong?

Note that having good judgment is apparently not a criterion for leadership, according to all of our “social scientists” (“social science” being an oxymoron if ever there was one).

Absolutely correct.

What is scarier is that it is as if China wants to spread a new wave of infections around the globe…Which in turn leads to one final question: if the second wave of infections that China is about to unleash on the world results in millions of deaths, at what point will China’s action be viewed as an act of war?

This whole episode has been an act of war.  The Chinese “people” are waging a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity.  In response, humanity does nothing except grovel to China – measured groveling to be sure, eh Derb?

HBD facilitates this war. HBDers are traitors to humanity.  Therefore, humanity must declare war against both China and against HBD.

See this.

Like other Nordic countries, Finland has a strong conformist mentality. The Law of Jante is in force to keep too headstrong or conflict-seeking individuals in leash.

Another refutation of MacDonald’s HBD-Nordicism ranting.  Nordics are conformist and collectivist.  Even they themselves admit it.