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Welcome Readers from Indonesia

Greetings to readers from more healthy nations and cultures.
It appears this week we have readers from Indonesia (or, people from elsewhere – presumably non-White – using an Indonesian proxy).
I welcome such readers and congratulate them (of whatever non-European origin) for belonging to a nation and culture that is healthy, growing, confident, and ascendant.
Some friendly advice: If you do not want to end up like Whites, like the dying West, what you should do is:
1. Reject globalism and the globalist multiculturalist and economic project.
2. Preserve the ethnic and cultural integrity of your nation. No immigrants, no tolerance of foreign influences. In particular, don’t let in Jews (see # 5) or sub-Saharan Africans.
3. Don’t listen to Western leaders telling you what to do. Why listen to a bunch of losers?
4. Maintain your own traditional cultural values.
5. Don’t let Jews have any influence in your nation. 
Follow that advice and you will still exist as a nation when Europe and America are long gone.
Thank you and have a nice day.