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Race of Cheaters Infesting Iowa

Cheat, cheat, cheat, steal, steal, steal, copy, copy, copy: the mantra of the East Asian.

Never fear!  Tricky Dick and the HBDers (this could be the name of a new “alt-right” band – here’s another one: Mophead and the Derbyfogles) will use all of these majestic accomplishments to “estimate” the high-high-high Chinese IQ!

Immigration Patriots

Pathetic VDARE.
Question: If H-1B Ted, the king of open borders “legal” immigration, beats out Trump in 2016, will VDARE, mudshark Annie, and the Shitlords pin the blame on “America’s Senator” and on sidekick King for propping up Teddy instead of endorsing Der Trumpening?
Nah…after all, they are “immigration patriots.”   If we are stuck with Cruz’ spic-mick-wop shuck-and-jive on immigration, no one will blame affirmative action beneficiaries Sessions and King for making it possible.  After all, well you know….
It’s all Davi’s fault!  It’s an omnidominant conspiracy against the good people of Iowa, gaddumint!
By the way, is VDARE ever going to stop with the constant panhandling?  I guess at the same time mop-headed Brimelow stops obsesses over his young wife and kids. Polished professionalism…the “movement” is nothing if not polished professionalism.