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Corona Update, 3/17/20

More news.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Will alcohol kill the coronavirus?  Drink up, micks!

Campbell debate challenge – If the HBD trash are so confident about the stupidity that they are spewing about The China Plague, why don’t they debate someone like like Campbell about it?  After all, Campbell isn’t some hysterically gesticulating afrowop, but a stiff upper lip Inner Hajnal Briton.  Zturd, Welton, Frost, Watson…go ahead, debate him.

Zturd can go first.  I’m sure Campbell would love to tackle Zturd whoppers like this:

Every year the influenza virus infects about 10% of the public, using no precautions against it. 

“No precautions.”  Certainly!  The existence of an influenza vaccine is just a figment of your imagination. The man’s deranged. OK, let’s forget about vaccines, and let’s take the 10% number. If 10% of Americans get The China Plague, and if 15% of those need to be hospitalized, that’s at least 4.5 million people who need to be hospitalized in addition to all the regular patients who would need those health care resources. Don’t think it’ll make a difference if all those 4.5 million hit the hospitals over a short time period or over a longer period?  But, hey, mock and ridicule “flatten the curve.” But, fine. Let’s take it on the chin and roll with the punches. Let’s hope Zturd is one of those who drops dead; it would be quite fitting.

One has to understand the mentality of China Plague Alarmist Deniers like Zturd.  The “logic” goes something like this:

1. There’s a virus spreading around the globe and people are dying.

2. In response, some countries are instituting serious measures to curtail transmission.

3. If successful, those measures will curtail viral spread and make the final outcome of the crisis much less serious than the more pessimistic predictions.

4. Because the measures worked, and the most alarmist predictions did not come to pass, then the whole thing was an overblown hoax, the measures were not necessary, and everything would have worked out the same if obese Americans were waddling by the tens of thousands into sports stadiums to stuff their faces with hot dogs, sitting cheek-by-jowl with other fat bastards, watching overpaid morons play with balls and sticks and nets and hoops and gloves.

Zturd also needs to explain why buying non-perishable items in bulk, which are going to be eventually used by you anyway, is bad and somehow worthy of ridicule. Hey, I thought looking ahead, planning, and storing were hallmarks of all dem dere high trust northern hunter gatherers who evolved provisioning for the winter.  Don’t tell me that the HBDers are now scorning pre-planning and preparation.  Apparently, the sane thing to do is to be Negro-like and just live in the moment.  Living in “Lagos” is apparently rubbing off on Zturd.  Next, we’ll hear he’s dunking basketballs while singing rap ditties. Zturd also needs to explain why citing the “leveling of the curve” is bad and ripe for ridicule, when it is a useful graphic to explain to the tinfoil hat crowd (e.g., Zturd and followers) of the necessity for certain measures BEFORE we end up like Italy.

Ultimately, the cost of an unnecessarily alarmist view will be economic.  The cost of an unnecessarily optimistic view will be in human lives.  Good to see that the Alt Right once again shows it’s no different from the “GOP conservative bitches” that they like to ridicule. Economy Uber Alles!  That’s “traditionalism!”  After all, less money means less “D’Nations” and we can’t have that.  Interesting…if “the economy” is all important, then why don’t they support “mass immigration to stimulate economic growth?”

GDP, GDP, my nation for your GDP.

As usual, Tucker Carlson makes sense.  No one is denying the importance of the economy.  But you don’t preserve economic vitality by pretending there is not a serious situation. And, hey, isn’t people buying toilet paper consumer demand?

Then we have the other snide Quota Queen retard Watson and his absurd comments. Citing the “small percentage” of the Chinese population that was infected ignores that it was the “extreme” and “alarmist” actions of the Chinese government that stemmed the tide – you know, the same actions guys like you ridicule.  As far as the fatality rate, we do not know exactly what it is. Talking about the flu – besides the differences in fatality rates, and besides the fact that the flu originates with your Chinese gods as well, there is a vaccine.  Complaints?  First, we need more work to get the flu vaccine more effective.  Second, we need faster production, cell based, not egg based. Third, address the anti-vaxxers.  Car accidents?  People have some control over that. Preach to your Type I nitwits not to text and drive, not to eat and drive, stop tailgating, stop excessive speeding, stop reckless driving, etc. and get back to me on that. Like Zturd, Watson has a strange fixation about toilet paper – perhaps some sort of childhood trauma with toilet training, I don’t know what it is.

What makes these people so morally reprehensible is their free-riding.  Their health is free-riding on the “alarmist” actions of the government, health experts, and other people – actions that they, the free-riders, mock, ridicule, and oppose.  What scum they are – right-wing virtue signalers, preening on how much more “prudent” they are than the “hysterical” masses. Want to see real hysteria?  Watch a HBDer after someone criticizes China and the Chinese, a trainload of sedatives won’t be able to calm them down.

Yet another Alt Right jackass obsessed with toilet paper. I figure it is some sort of anal-oriented infantile impulse of some sort. Look, folks may be getting a bit carried away with the toilet paper, but if I recall correct, it had its genesis in reports from China of sudden lockdowns and people not having the basic necessities, such as toilet paper.  Last minute panic buying is not helpful; that’s why I was telling my readers a month ago to start prepping – just quietly build up a stock of food and household items to last a month or so.  That’s it. That’s being prudent, but not panicked.  The “warm weather” hypothesis is questionable given the spread in the warmer counties of Southern Europe, as well as cases in Australia/New Zealand.  But, it’s possible.  Who knows?  Do you want to chance it?  Let’s slow transmission and see what happens.  As far as the anti-Trump hysteria, I agree, since it was not that long ago that Trump was mocked by the Left as a hysterical germaphobe for stopping flights from The Land of the Gods.  But unless you believe guys like Fauci and Campbell are part of a “plot against Trump,” there are aspects of China Plague alarmism based on prudence from health experts, without a political bias.

As regards a political backlash – how about we start with a backlash against China and the Chinese people.  Or does the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance have a problem with that?

An added bonus in all of this is that the elderly are the ones most vulnerable to the virus. And while I have no desire to see old people dying like flies, Corona will likely take out a fair number of the Boomer elite…

Does that include Johnson, Taylor, Sailer, etc.?  Note I’m not saying I want those people to die – Costello is saying it.

StronzaPosted March 16, 2020 at 8:54 am | PermalinkIt’s not the virus, it’s belief in the virus, that is causing the meltdown. Probably to cover up a long-awaited financial bubble burst. “See? The Corona Virus is the cause!”
Viruses/germs etc. don’t kill anyone worthy of life. Why would the universe (God) do this.

Stronza, meet Denmark.

Maybe there’s no “God,” the universe is indifferent to your beliefs, and we can all hope that the virus finds “Stronza” not “worthy of life.”

What a dumb bitch. I mean, this is the level of Counter-Currents commentators. Here’s some well-known people who were all not “worthy of life” – 

Died from influenza.

Died from cholera.

Died from typhus.

Died from typhoid fever.

Died from pneumonia.

It has nothing to do with “worthiness.”  It’s  to a large extent luck. The most productive, fit, robust, intelligent, good-looking, racially useful person may sicken and die.  A ghetto Negro may happen to not get infected.  Worthy!

This exemplifies Johnson’s manifest failure as a leader, for anyone with far-thinking insight would never let Costello be a writer, or Stronza a commentator, at their website.

The only positive so far with The China Plague crisis is the marvelous manner in which Der Movement – and Der Right in general (in America) – is utterly discrediting itself.  Now, the clueless “leadership” and the retarded rank-and-file are too dumb to realize any of this, but they are not the crucial people of concern here – who are the more intelligent members of Der Movement/Right who are getting disgusted and, more importantly, all of the high quality potential recruits who are becoming completely alienated from rightist politics in America.

Maybe it’s all for the best. Can you imagine what a nation led by Der Movement would be like?  An unvaccinated population dying (God declares that they are not worthy!) from easily preventable diseases, presided over by faux-intellectual freaks gibbering about hobbit holes and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, and guarded over by a military consisting of pot-bellied retards dressed in wife beaters running through the forest eating twigs and branches and wildly firing off their muskets trying to down the Chinese drones that are controlled by laughing Orientals amused by Occidental stupidity.

I’ll agree with Johnson here.  At least he – unlike many on the Alt Right – recognize that the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

See this.

Does Sallis get tired of being right all the time?  Answer: No. Der Movement’s approach to China: Drop pants, bend over.

Sallis’ Law in action; in response to a tweet asking why Northern Italy is a viral epicenter, we see:

Surprising since Southern Italy is basically Mexico.

Let it not be said that a viral pandemic stood in the way of sweaty fetishism!

This is HBD.  Interesting how some of the “points” made almost seem to be an answer to crtiiques of Chinese shills made on this blog and others like it.

Recognizing a Chinese Shill:

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:32 pm GMT

He cannot spell the name of the place he supposedly worked for however many years?

Does not bode well for his authenticity.

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:41 pm GMT

I am more than willing to believe the deep state would sabotage China and America both but the guy who wrote this sounds like a Chinese shill to be honest.

Look, Unz is a Jew, so what can one expect?  But Durocher and Johnson are (insofar that I know) not Jews.  What’s their excuse? Does anyone know if Unz pays his regular contributors?

HBD has been – intentionally or not – helping the Chinese government. When will HBD be investigated?

FARA investigation, FARA investigation, my posts about HBD for a FARA investigation.

With a political personality built on cavalier machismo…

Der Movement, on the other hand, has a political personality built on cavalier stupidity.  After all, there’s not much “machismo” involved in lickspittle worship of, and “measured groveling” to, mangy Orientals.

We’re doomed.  Emphasis added:

Even once a vaccine is available, making it available to the U.S. population will take time. “Here’s an irony on our current situation, we don’t have that production capacity in this country. Where is it? It’s mostly in China,” said Moreno. “So we are going to be getting millions and millions, we hope, of doses of vaccine from China in the next eight or 10 or 12 months, as soon as we have the formula of the vaccine.”

It’ll be as effective as warm bat spit…for all we know, it will actually be warm bat spit.

And now for something completely different – get it and read it.  A primer on hardball, rough-and-tumble politics, which has relevancy for all of the Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.

But, but, but…Joan of Arc!  Gee, what happened to Johnson?  Went from White Knighting to gynoskepticism, hmmm.

Hypocrisy vs. Democratic Multiculturalism

Salter right, Counter-Currents wrong.

First, please note the hypocrisy of Counter-Currents here (yes, I know – using “hypocrisy” and “Counter-Currents” in the same sentence is a perfect example of redundancy). That site is the premier focal point of ethnonationalism in Der Movement, strongly promoting atomized ethnic identities.  Then they run an article criticizing Irish and Italians for identifying ethnically instead of racially.  Inconsistent much?  Oh, they’ll argue that they refer to Europe with respect to ethnonationalism and Cuomo lives in America, not Italy – but so what?  Isn’t the basic principle the same?  And what about Gerry Adams?  He’s an Irishman from Belfast. According to ethnonationalism, he’s Irish, period.  Why critique him then for eschewing some sort of pan-European “Whiteness?’’  Or is it that the ethnonationalism of Counter-Currents has a purely personal, and not ideological, basis and thus has no underlying political consistency?  

Second, if we consider approaches to “democratic multiculturalism” then we can say that what Cuomo did was not 100% wrong.  Maybe 90% wrong, but not 100%.  First, he was in error in making an issue out of a non-issue: “Fredo” is not an ethnic slur; indeed, Don Trump, Jr. is labeled as such, and he’s of German-Scottish-Czech ancestry.  Second, Cuomo was even more in error in making it an ethnic rather than a racial issue – instead of complaining about an Italian-specific grievance, it should have been put into the context of being attacked for being a member of an European ethny, an anti-White attack, or at least, an attack against White ethnics.  Or, even if it was put in the language of an ethnic-specific grievance, race could have been introduced in the context of (truthfully) asserting that similar remarks (if we assume the remark actually was offensive, which it was not) would not be made to Blacks and Jews, etc. There are many approaches to a strategy of democratic multiculturalism that benefits Whites as a whole, and not just making it a narrow ethnic appeal to victimhood. Of course, this gets back to the first paragraph above – race-based approaches ultimately have to reject petty nationalism and the whole ethnonationalist mindset.

The key to “democratic multiculturalism” is to delegitimize multiculturalism by making it a tool for majority interests.  As Salter states, multiculturalism as practiced in the West consists of minority group mobilization coupled to majority group atomization and the complete neglect of, and opposition, to majority group interests. Thus, any move toward majority group mobilization runs counter to the entire underlying premise of “Western” multiculturalism.

I have detailed a number of approaches, and responses to leftist reactions, with respect to “democratic multiculturalism.” I urge serious and strategic thinkers – by definition, not individuals who are committed members of Der Movement, Inc. – to consider the overall strategy as well as the specific tactics described to help achieve the goals of that strategy. Remember the saying – “if everyone is my brother I have no brother.” By analogy, if everyone, particularly the majority, partakes of multiculturalism, then there is no multiculturalism. By that point, it is pure sociopolitical chaos, heightening the contradictions of the System, which is what we want (or should want). The key is for people to participate specifically and openly as Whites, to make it clear that this is majoritarian multiculturalism, and not merely atomized White ethnies pretending to be non-White grievance groups. There’s nothing wrong with noting a specifically ethnic component of your complaint, as long as it is in the context of it being a White ethnic group.  Again, a pro-White Cuomo, in response to a real (and not imagined) ethnic slight, could call out the slight as an anti-Italian slur BUT at the same time note that the reason why such slurs are acceptable to the Left is because Italians are a White ethnic group (contra the Nordicists, but that’s another issue), and that Italians are attacked as part of the System’s anti-White bias.  And the same holds for the Irish or any other European-derived ethny. So, the problem is not an ethnic-based complaint, the problem is when the complaint begins and ends with ethnicity, and is not broadened to include race. Ethnicity should simply be a wedge to leverage the issue of race into the conversation. It’s not anti-Italian or anti-Irish bias that is to be presented as the real issue, but anti-White bias manifesting in particular cases as attacks against Italians or the Irish.

By the way, as an aside, this is what Hampton believes “looks very White.” Now, there are of course some Hispanics who are White – people who have no New World admixture and are essentially the same as their European ancestors, as well as some people with very low levels of New World admixture that is not significantly higher than those White Americans whose “Indian Princess” stories are in fact true. So, “White Hispanics” do indeed exist; unfortunately for Hampton, Jessica Alba obviously is not one of them (or at least, does not look like one of them – and it is by physical appearance that Hampton made his comment to begin with).

Sallis’ Law in Action

Mathematical certainty.

Let’s remember Sallis’ Law:

“As a “movement” discussion grows longer, the probability of someone commenting about racial admixture in Southern Europeans and/or Eastern Europeans approaches 1″; that is, if a “movement” discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later (typically sooner) someone will question the “Whiteness” of Southern Europeans and/or Eastern Europeans, the point at which effectively the discussion or thread descends into Nordicism, ethnic fetishism, and fossilized “movement” dogma.

This has been on perfect display in the comments thread on a (typically inane) Dutton (*) Jolly Heretic YouTube video. The subject of the video was the Irish, and this is what showed up there reasonably quickly, emphasis added:

Equalizing Force

Can you please do a video on the effects of the Islamic invasion of southern  and eastern Europe .

Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad

Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad

Equalizing Force Which one? lol

Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

Yes.i will.



Oh goody

@Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Hereticcheers,  I’ll buy you a beer 😁 in particular I have always wondered why the north of Italy and Spain seem to be the economic power houses of these countries and I was wondering if this is because their advancement was haulted.  When i was traveling in Italy one local joked there is Italy then thete is the South  LOL. I have heard people from northern Spain say the same about Spain. Greece obviously is not the Nation of classical Greece.

Iron Fortitude

Iron Fortitude

@Jay Mazella There’s North African and Middle Eastern admixture in the Southern European population. Additionally, the Germanics literally had the National Socialist party which was encouraging them to have tons of children and populate new lands. Furthermore, Germanics have higher average IQ, etc. Southern Europe is just a poor shithole that they would rather not remain in because North Western Europe is far better.

Once again – all of that was from a video about Ireland and the Irish.  Readers of this blog may be tired of me saying “Sallis is always right” but that’s just too bad – Sallis is always right.

Amusingly, one of the fetishists in that thread chastises an objecting “Med” – saying that this is an important topic regardless of how people like you (i.e., swarthoids) try to ridicule it.  As if discussion of racial admixture in Southern and Eastern Europe is being suppressed, and has not actually been discussed literally (and conservatively) thousands of times by now. If you want to consider a racial history topic that actually has been suppressed in Der Movement – that would be racial admixture in (Anglo-Scando-Germanic) Northern Europe, a topic which I’m sure Dutton will not be covering, with beer or otherwise.

I will assume that at least some readers of EGI Notes are racial nationalist types who are of Southern and/or Eastern European ancestry.  Let me take this opportunity to repeat advice previously given here – that there really is no place for any of you in Der Movement, Inc., you should, for the most part, eschew any participation in it, and instead focus your activist energies in other directions. I’ve been involved in all of this for a quarter-century, and I can tell you, with all honesty and sincerity, that, as regards the “official” American “movement” goes, you will never be taken seriously, never be treated with respect, never be considered as an equal, and you will never have the luxury of being confident that you will not ever be excluded based on ethnicity.

Now, the “for the most part” above is for the caveat that if you believe that your participation will be sufficiently significant that you can have a real impact on whatever corner of Der Movement you are in, and that you can actualize a truly pan-European mindset in that corner, then go ahead and do so, although I believe it is more likely than not that you will eventually be disappointed.  That aside, avoid Der Movement and all its works – definitely don’t be a low level rank-and-file stepandfetchit because you’ll always be working for someone else’s interests and not your for own.

What should you do? If you can find some real racial nationalist activity that is truly pan-European, independent of Der Movement, Inc., then certainly you should invest in that (but you should be aware that the Nordicists and various other fetishists will continuously attempt to hijack any such activity – they cannot abide any manifestation of racialist activity that professes beliefs different from their own). You can also support endeavors like EGI Notes, by spreading the word about the blog, linking to posts that you find useful, etc. You can promote whatever pan-European ideas and essays you may find, either my own or from anyone else. You can start your own blog, your own groupuscule, and build something to attract like-minded people. What will eventually be necessary is a pan-European New Movement – a real movement whose basic foundation of belief would be such that it would be impervious to any of the aforementioned attempts at ideological hijacking. Such a New Movement would be in opposition to the retarded fraud of Der Movement, Inc. 

After all, even if Der Movement was not hostile to you (and it is), do you really want to be associated with that bunch of grifters, idiots, and losers?  And associated with freaks calling themselves “Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad”- essentially like the parodies I make here?

The latest humiliation for them is another slap in the face from their Aryan Avatar Princess Taylor Swift (**).  Emphasis added:

“I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country,” Swift continued. “I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.”

Another public humiliation, another defeat, another embarrassment, another rejection.  Another in an endless series.  

*Dutton, never forget, is an HBDer and a Lynnite.  His “takedown” of Rushton, while seemingly laudable, may have been motivated by the same objectives as those liberals who have been leaking information about Saint Martin of King – to try and attenuate a response by getting out in front of a scandal and defusing it.  Rushton’s perfidy would have eventually come out in full, and could have discredited the HBD fraud; however, having an “honest” HBDer expose Rushton allows the HBD political movement to march on relatively unscathed.  Then there is the fact that Rushton was the main competition to Lynn as King HBD and with Rushton smeared in Der Movement it allows Tricky Dick to be solely worshipped once he too kicks the bucket.

*Yes, yes, I know – they’ll say that the Swift obsession was just “ironic trolling.”  Don’t buy that retconning for one minute. Go back several years and all the numbnuts were breathlessly speculating that Swift was a “secret Trump supporter” and her previous reluctance to talk about politics was indicative of “right wing views.”  Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Common Sense Fetishist and Other News

More “movement” stupidity (redundancy).  In all cases, emphasis added.

“Common Sense Counselor” – another deranged fetishist. Good sense from “Cascadia Patriot” answered by the usual fossilized dogma by Der Flabby Irishman:

Cascadia Patriot
Ashkenazi Jews are not a “European tribe”. They are a mixed-Race people with varying degrees of White-European admixture. For a large percentage, and for many, the admixture is likely to be mostly from the last 300 to 400 years or so. Prior to that they were a much more insulated and separated community throughout Europe (minor exceptions are usually the case though). They still have varying degrees of descent from ancient Near Eastern and Middle Eastern peoples who came into Europe over the last 2000 years or so.
Common Sense Counselor
I do not want to quibble, but can the same be said for Italians and Slavs?

No, you stupid bastard.  And Slavs, for christssakes?  That’s what you get when an ex-libertarian flabby retard imbibes “movement” dogma.

See this, ignorant moron. The Ashkenazim are a mix of Middle Eastern, Southern European (mostly Italian), and Eastern European (Slavic).  So, if “Italians and Slavs” are mixed race mongrels according to your Irish racial purity (so admired by Der Movement, no doubt, Anglocentric American racialism historically being known for being pro-Irish), then I suppose that makes the Ashkenazim doubly-mixed mongrels, eh?

The fetishist is answered by the original poster:

Cascadia Patriot

@Common Sense Counselor No. Neither have widespread and significant admixture from the Near East and Middle East. Both are indigenous to Europe, unlike the origins of Ashkenazi Jews, and have a very similar 7,000 to 10,000 year history in their genetics, again, which the Ashkenazi only have due to relatively recent admixture (last 400 years or so) from Europeans. It’s been shown in studies that a fairly low percentage have a fairly low amount of admixture from non-European non-Whites (some Italians and some Slavs). Also, if you look up 3 dimensional PCA diagrams on Racial genetics they all cluster close in the White-European family.  

Southern and Eastern Europeans are on the peripheries so obviously there will be more outliers and ancient “frontier” and borderline mixtures. But the same can be said for others and all of this is the argument the anti-Whites use to say that the White-European sub-Race doesn’t exist. Which is nonsense and we just have to do our best to maintain what we’ve had for many thousands of years now.

See this.

The only thing that is permanent is the mark that one makes on the world with one’s deeds. Everyone wants to live well, of course, but it is better to live effectively: to live so that one is remembered for what one has accomplished.

And to put a little finer edge on the concept, it is not just fame in itself which is important. What counts also is the type of fame, the type of renown. The goal was to be remembered not just for being able to throw a spear farther than others or to swing a battle-ax harder or to use a sword more skillfully; it was to be remembered for having lived a meaningful life, a significant life. For some that meant a life of accomplishment, of changing the world; for others it meant a life lived as closely as possible in accord with the ideals of personal honor and of service to one’s people, so that one’s life could be held up as a model and remembered as such.

Superiority is not a birthright; superiority must be earned.

Burger King is an international terrorist organization.  That is not sarcasm. It is a logical extrapolation of their call to use their products for political violence. Why doesn’t anyone on the British Right sue them for godssakes?

Close down Burger King. Arrest their CEO and Board of Directors for promoting international terrorism.