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The Dago Divide

Eyetalian genetics.

It’ll be interesting to see how Italianthro tries to parse this.

In any case, the bottom line is that the differences between North and South Italy are mostly of ancient origin – and while these ancient differences have been reinforced by additional migrations, these additional migrations have not (significantly) added novel components.

Abstract (emphasis added):

The cline of human genetic diversity observable across Europe is recapitulated at a micro-geographic scale by variation within the Italian population. Besides resulting from extensive gene flow, this might be ascribable also to local adaptations to diverse ecological contexts evolved by people who anciently spread along the Italian Peninsula. Dissecting the evolutionary history of the ancestors of present-day Italians may thus improve the understanding of demographic and biological processes that contributed to shape the gene pool of European populations. However, previous SNP array-based studies failed to investigate the full spectrum of Italian variation, generally neglecting low-frequency genetic variants and examining a limited set of small effect size alleles, which may represent important determinants of population structure and complex adaptive traits. To overcome these issues, we analyzed 38 high-coverage whole-genome sequences representative of population clusters at the opposite ends of the cline of Italian variation, along with a large panel of modern and ancient Euro-Mediterranean genomes.

Only 38?!  I realize that high-coverage whole-genome sequencing is not trivial, but 38 is an absurdly low sample size for a population genetics study.


We provided evidence for the early divergence of Italian groups dating back to the Late Glacial and for Neolithic and distinct Bronze Age migrations having further differentiated their gene pools. We inferred adaptive evolution at insulin-related loci in people from Italian regions with a temperate climate, while possible adaptations to pathogens and ultraviolet radiation were observed in Mediterranean Italians. Some of these adaptive events may also have secondarily modulated population disease or longevity predisposition.


We disentangled the contribution of multiple migratory and adaptive events in shaping the heterogeneous Italian genomic background, which exemplify population dynamics and gene-environment interactions that played significant roles also in the formation of the Continental and Southern European genomic landscapes.

Now, this is interesting (emphasis added):

Sharing of chromosome chunks among individuals belonging to the identified population clusters was investigated with CHROMOPAINTER. Accordingly, both Italian groups were found to share similar proportions of DNA segments with Sardinians (N_ITA, 48%; S_ITA, 43%) and Northern Caucasian populations (~ 10%), which have been previously supposed to be suggestive respectively of Early Neolithic and Bronze Age contributions to the ancestral pan-European genetic background [7, 8], while presenting considerably different painting profiles for the rest of their genomes (Fig. 1b). In particular, S_ITA showed substantial sharing (30%) with Near Eastern populations, while this signature is completely absent in N_ITA. Moreover, S_ITA presented 17% of chromosome chunks in common with Southern Caucasian groups in contrast to the 9% observed for N_ITA, although this pattern might be influenced by the fact that populations from Southern Caucasus are genetically close to those from the Near East [77]. N_ITA finally turned out to share DNA segments also with Eastern and Northern European groups (19%) and the Basques (12%), differently from what was observed for S_ITA (Fig. 1b).

CHROMOPAINTER yielded data showing northerners and southerners shared a majority of ancestry, but differed in certain minority affiliations, with a “Near Eastern” component only in the South, while in the North, some “Eastern and Northern European” and “Basque” similarities were found.

Now, here is the key point.  The CHROMOPAINTER data – the same data – were then analyzed with GLOBETROTTER and a significantly different outcome was observed.  Both northerners and southerners were now modeled as a mix of “North European” (and “Basque” for Northern Italians) and “MENA” (“Near Eastern and North African”) – albeit in different proportions.  Thus (emphasis added):

CHROMOPAINTER painting profiles were then used to infer admixture proportions of N_ITA and S_ITA with respect to the other Euro-Mediterranean clusters by calculating co-ancestry curves with the GLOBETROTTER method (see the “Methods” section). Admixture events involving a Northern European (and Basque in the case of N_ITA) gene pool and a Near Eastern/North African source of gene flow were found to have affected both Italian population clusters(Fig. 1c, Additional file 1: Figure S2). Nevertheless, N_ITA and S_ITA showed inverse proportions of these admixture sources, with respectively 59% and 32% of Northern European (and Basque in the case of N_ITA) contribution, coupled with 41% and 68% of Near Eastern and North African one.

While in general the two analyses are similar in that the northerners are “more northern” and the southerners “more southern (as expected), the pattern is different, in that the first analysis was more disjunctive and the second more clinal (and likely more realistic considering Central Italians represent a mid-way point in the clines).

Note also how this is wholly consistent with the many posts I have made being critical and skeptical of “admixture” analyses such as what is shown in this paper – as the outcome is completely dependent on the methodology used (and of course the reference samples used) – so findings vary from paper to paper and here actually vary from method to method within the same paper.  Note, amusingly, how the authors use the word “Nevertheless” to distract the reader from the point that the two methods of analyses yield completely different patterns (e.g. ,the first shows zero “Near Eastern” in northerners, but the second shows 41%!). 

Keep in mind, again, that how you model populations depends on the reference samples used.  And models are just that – models.  Just because you can model a population as a mix of “Northern European” and “MENA” doesn’t mean they literally are such a mix, just that their gene frequencies, when measured against whatever reference samples used, and given the particular methodology used, resemble that more than not.  A different set of reference populations would allow the same sample to be modeled based on those particular references. And we have learned from 23andMe how dependent on context (reference samples, confidence levels, etc.) “chromosome painting” is.  

Indeed, if the authors of this paper wanted to get the results obtained, they certainly used the “appropriate” reference samples and methodology.  And when things go awry, use the word “Nevertheless.”

But there are some general take-away points that likely have some validity.  See this. Thus, in summary, the northerners are more like “South-West Europe” (e.g., Spain) and the southerners more like “South-East Europe” (e.g.., Crete).  But, based on some genetic kinship data I’ve seen for southerners, some overlap must exist (e.g., high S.Italian kinship hits to Tuscany, “Italy” [Bergamo], Basques, French, Sardinia, Iceland, etc.).  

As regards Central Italy (emphasis added):

Gene flow from the Near East instead seems to have affected mainly Central Italy and for a longer period than other regions of the peninsula…people from Central Italy present variable degree of admixture between them, but no additional private ancestry fractions.

Why Central Italy is so much more “Near Eastern” than the other areas is uncertain, perhaps the Etruscan influence or perhaps Imperial Roman influxes

There are also functional data in the paper for those interested, although nothing there about “singing on balconies,” military ineptness, or Schettinoism.

If Der Movement is going to get all excited (*) over these data, I’d advise them to calm down before their priapisms get out of control. Three points to consider from these data (and previous studies) as the Type Is wipe the sweat off their foreheads:

1. That differences exist between Northern and Southern Italians has already been long known (albeit often exaggerated) by virtually everyone except perhaps Italiathro/Racial Reality.  These sorts of studies have been done (repeatedly) already.

2. Northern Italians are not “Celto-Germanic Nordics.”

3. Der Movement’s True Romance racial history of Southern Italy – an initially northern-like population becoming darkened through admixture with (or replacement from) Negroes/Moors – is not correct.

The fundamental differences were in place thousands of years ago, they are very ancient, and are part of the European ethnogenesis of the various types of Italian peoples.

*Of course, Amren breathlessly ran a summary of these data but I don’t recall that they ever focused on the recent study on Ancient Roman genetics. Interesting, no?  Also ignored at that site (but discussed here) are population genetic studies demonstrating the modern Middle Eastern origin of the Jews, the tropical origin of East Asians, and East Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe.  Won’t find that at Amren, but obsession with the wops, yes indeed. Interesting, no?

The Mendacious Activist Trap

Odds and ends.

This is the sort of slyly dishonest misdirection that Counter-Currents is infamous for.

Let’s see what Der Movement, including Counter-Currents, espouses. Anti-scientific, laughably false, and easily disproven paradigms such as HBD and Nordicism. Irrational, childish nonsense like Yogi Bear (Kali Yuga) and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time in The Age of Aluminum (all of “Savitri Devi’s” retarded nonsense).  Anti-vaxx stupidity by deranged lunatics who claim that all non-human animal life will be wiped off the face of the Earth soon after lockdowns end by “bullets flying everywhere” (cue tardigrades and fruit flies dodging Billy Bob’s rifle shots).  Promotion of homosexuality and homosexual harassment of young men at meetings.  Endless feuding.  Horrifically bad judgment by “leaders” who are, literally, wrong about everything and never admit it.  Alt Right WN 2.0 juvenile jackassery – Hail Pepe!  Hail Kek!  Shall I continue?  Talk about Pierce – the guy espoused radical Nordicism (while dishonestly pretending to be pan-European), he lived on a mountaintop in the backwoods of West Virginia, and he openly mocked and ridiculed “soft, city-bred Whites” who, e.g., don’t know how to gut a deer or strangle a rabid wolf (you know, the same types of professionals he ostensibly wanted to recruit).  You have people in Der Movement (not Johnson admittedly) promoting the most asinine flubro nonsense.  Then you wonder why “elites” eschew your stupid “movement.”  Look how highly educated STEM activists are treated by your “movement” – including by Johnson – particularly if they are of the “wrong” White ethnicity.  “Crazy and bitter!”  “Banned!”   Keep on running insanity like this – anti-scientism and anti-expertism masquerading as “satire” – and then expect “elites” to jump on the bandwagon.  And look at the degeneration of the few semi-articulate people in the “movement.”  Taylor and his Jew/Asian-loving “HBD race realism.”  MacDonald has gone off the deep end recently, becoming a HBD-Nordicist neo-Guntherite, filling his blog with the sort of flubro lunacy previously cited. Who is going to be the “movement” paragon of elite intellectualism?  Der Movement is militantly anti-elite, anti-science, anti-expert, anti-rational, anti-maturity, anti-everything these days except for sniggering Beavis-and-Butthead Millennials spouting fossilized “movement” dogma (WN 2.0!  WN 3.0!).

Der Movement violates Occam’s razor of Political Extremism – don’t multiply perceived freakishness beyond necessity.  In today’s climate, being (radically) pro-White is by itself considered “extreme” and for the less adventurous of the normies, “weird” and “frightening.” You don’t add to that by piling on all sorts of extraneous, superfluous bizarre nonsense.  You don’t over-turn well-established Western science to appeal to a lunatic fringe of freaks and ignorant retards. You don’t espouse laughably ludicrous conspiritard theories, you don’t gibber about esoteric gnostic theosophist nonsense.  You don’t mock the idea of wearing paramilitary uniforms and then go out into the streets in cosplay outfits looking like Captain America and Batman. You don’t engage in Boomer-bashing generational warfare that mimics the White-bashing of the Left.  You don’t defend sex perverts, race mixers, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. just because they are your “friends” or are on “your side” of some petty “movement” feud.  You don’t impose “extreme vetting” on authentic activists and then give the “keys to the kingdom” to an obvious fraud because they say “I’m Swedish” or “I’m a movie critic.”  You don’t claim to be a “White advocate” and then declare yourself a “Yellow supremacist.”  You don’t constantly pretend that your constant errors of judgment, mistakes, and wrong calls never happened when it only talks 30 seconds of Googling for a triple digit IQ person to find such “constant errors of judgment, mistakes, and wrong calls.” Do you really need to be told such things?  How obtuse do you have to be that all of this is not glaringly self-evident?

You are all absolutely disgusting in your mendacity.  For shame.

Steve Scalise.

The great-grandson of Italian immigrants, Steve’s family came to New Orleans from Sicily as farmers…

His phenotype. Quote obviously, he is a pure-blooded sub-Saharan African Negro, absolutely akin to a Nigerian. Seriously though, imagine if some famous Roman was described as light-eyed and had a head bust similar in features to Scalise.  Der Movement would cite that as “evidence” that the Romans were of Northcentral European ancestry. Meanwhile, Scalise is Sicilian, not even a Central Italian.  Phenotypes that Der Movement ascribe to “Northcentral European ancestry” with respect to Rome are part of the normal spectrum of Southern European phenotypic variability; consistent with the genetic data of existing Iron Age/Republic samples showing they are in the Southern European spectrum genotypically as well as phenotypically (as regards the latter, they are, if anything different, actually more “Mediterranean” than moderns).

Scalise’s politics.  Ah, forget the two foot tall Negro dwarf Scalise! Instead, we need to praise Hubert Humphrey, the type of a man that Counter-Currents tells us we need more of!

Summary of the paper on Ancient Greek genetics.  This is the original paper, so you can see it yourself.  This paper, just like the one on Ancient Rome, can tell us nothing about practical biopolitics of extant human populations. Genetic interests of current populations are based on the genetic information of those populations compared to that of other current populations; comparisons to populations of the past are irrelevant for today’s EGI purposes. However, the purpose of looking at the archaeogenetics is different – to expose Der Movement as intellectually and morally bankrupt, and to hold up Der Movement’s fossilized dogma to well-deserved ridicule.




Nationalism for me & not for thee is a rancid Jewish double standard. But we have to be careful about HOW we undermine it. The endgame for me is nationalism for everyone, which would entail a homeland for Jews as well. I won’t compromise on the ethnonationalist principle.

Except for Hungarians who have to be stuck with John Morgan, Italians stuck with Farrell, Romanians stuck with Munro, Eastern Europeans stuck with Full Moon Ancestry and Anton, and Spaniards and Bulgarians stuck with hordes of colonizing British expats. Nationalism for me & not for thee is a rancid ethnonationalist double standard.

If Johnson was being honest:

Nationalism for me & not for thee is my ethnoimperialist motto. But we have to be careful about HOW we Herrenvolk hoodwink the wogs about it. The endgame for me is nationalism for Northwest Europeans and subaltern colonized subservience for Southern and Eastern Europeans, which would entail national crash pads and national bordellos for Counter-Currents writers as well. I won’t compromise on the ethnoimperialist principle.

Yeah, sure.  In other words, prepare for day after day and week after week of markedly below average temperatures, followed by breathless accounts of “this was the hottest [fill in the blank] on record.” You can check various “weather history” websites and compare current temperatures to historical averages. Many parts of the USA will have quite an interesting story to tell for the current Spring. On a not unrelated note, I remember various magazine articles and “talking heads” in the 1970s referring to “a coming Ice Age.”

According to online research, Shalhoub’s wife is only five years older than him, but in the picture can pass for his mother.  The “wall” hits Milady real hard, doesn’t it?

Vicious anti-White Chinatrix (to eliminate redundancy – just “Chinatrix”) causing trouble.

Amren commentator:

(I notice that the Asian reporters directing negative questions to Trump are usually young, female and reasonably attractive. I wonder if there’s a reason for this?)

Yes, as this blog has been telling you for years, Asians pimp out their “women” to pitiful “awkward squad” White males (not men) so as to influence the latter in a pro-Asian direction.

This is HBD; another Amren commentator:

There is a clear difference between the IQs of blacks and whites, as there is for Asians and whites, with Asians scoring the highest. The average IQ of a White is about 100, and the average IQ of an East Asian is about 104. When whites and Asians compete in the same academic environment, Asians surpass whites…

All Asia all the time.  The metaphysical, existential meaning of HBD is White males (not men) dropping their pants and bending over to Asia.

Let’s have more Chinese and other alien Asiatics in American STEM, right HBDers?  When are the HBDers going to be arrested for FARA violations and for treason?

Just in time for the election.  Flubro!

Odds and Ends, 5/7/20

In der news.

What was the discovery?  How to spread it to Whites more effectively?  Seriously though, one wonders why one Chinese would kill another with this coronavirus connection.  It does make one wonder.

Another Asian beauty!  Awkward squad sweatily murmurs, “hubba hubba.”

Yet another Asian beauty!  The face that launched a thousand vomits.

I mean, can you get any more alien and TROPICAL than that?  That’s part of the pan-colored TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is the natural outcome of the anti-White Jewish-Chinese alliance.  The truth has been revealed. Silkers weep.

“Canada is also viewed as a very multicultural space, a safe space,” she said. In the past, many newcomers from India would settle in the Toronto area, but now, there’s “a saturation of too many international students in Ontario” so they’re looking further afield, and attending colleges, as well as universities, to take courses that will lead to work here in Canada.

In other words, the niche space of Ontario is already full of yellow and brown Asiatics, who have depleted that space like a plague of locusts descending on a crop field. Time to move on to fresh pastures!

Who is betraying White interests in Canada? Must be a wop, right?  Looks like a Med!

The comments are the best part of this absurdly biased tweet.  Methinks Duchesne is reading too much MacDonald.  “Important” – the only thing the krauts are “important” for is forcibly spreading multiculturalism in Europe.  If your taint of MacDonaldism is too strong to consider any Southern Europeans as “important” enough, then how about Russia?  Or are they out for being not “Western?’’ I agree with the commentators who aver that if Duchesne’s options are our only choices, then we’re done.  It’s all over.

And that is why I have contempt for Italy and Italians.  They allow themselves to be so airily dismissed, to be considered unimportant in world affairs; worse, they apparently have so little dignity and pride that it does not bother them that they are held to no account.  And that is why it is unfair to criticize, much less mock, Cola di Rienzi and Benito Mussolini for their failures.  At least they tried.  What could they do, given the abysmal human material they had to work with? 

As regards any progress from today’s Italy, one can only hope that Milady Meloni has the “balls” that Italian “males” so obviously lack. The “males” can sing from balconies…in soprano.

To better understand why the Alt Right collapsed, the following are the chapters, in the Sedgwick book, on “emergent thinkers (sic)” on the Far Right:

art III Emergent Thinkers

12 Mencius Moldbug and Neoreaction

13 Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents

14 Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right

15 Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism

16 Daniel Friberg and Metapolitics in Action

And there you go….a Jew, a mendacious gaslighting Quota Queen grifter, The Master of Disaster, a homosexual, and a Swede once allied with the Spencer faction (albeit I know little about Friberg and as of today have no “beef” with him).

After reading this, I have the following to say. HBDers support Jews and support Israel.  HBDers literally worship Jews the same as they worship East Asians.  HBD is the enemy.  What will YOU do to oppose HBD?

Anthropological note: Has anyone else ever noticed that East Asians typically have long and thin fingernail nail beds (I presume the feet are the same – maybe some awkward squader can inform us about that after they get up from some measured groveling)?  That contrasts to the shorter and broader nail beds of Europeans (and West Eurasians in general). Interestingly, watching a YouTube video, I noticed that a (predominantly) Amerind “Hispanic” also had long thin nail beds, suggesting a general racial characteristic pre-dating the East Asian/Amerind split (assuming these anecdotal data are reflective of the broader reality).  What the adaptive value of this may be, I do not know.

The other shoe drops?  I suppose Johnson realizes his ethnonationalist shtick is not truly compatible with White nationalism, so the latter must be bashed.  Hey Greg, the problem is with Der Movement (including you), not with “White nationalism.”

That “traumatic” start to the sex life, I suppose.

Odds and Ends, 5/3/20

In der news.

Behold the deadly enemy – the Yellow Peril.  Please read this.  They’re waging war on humanity.  Humanity does nothing in response.

HBD onanism material.  Awkward squad heavy breathing commences…three…two…one…

See this.  I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by these differences.  Indeed, East Asians, as exemplified by the Chinese, may be the most radically un-White COLORED race there is; in fact, one can make an effective argument that that East Asians are the group most unlike Whites, much more different than Whites than are, say, sub-Saharan Africans.  Are the Chinese the ultimate TROPICAL race?  Derbyshire weeps.

It’s WN 2.0:

tony hayers  Chinaski 

Woes says that the cock-pic screenshots are real, but was just him trolling some bloke 3 years ago who kept bugging him about the gay thing , so he’s like “You wanna see my throbbing thistle gristle ? ” and he got a pic off the internet. So it’s genuine in that sense. But it’s an out of context joke from 3 years ago and nothing does “out of context” better than the internet.

gus2048  Ectropy

I agree with some of this- but not all. Yes women are hypocrites- they make out like they are some violated vestal virgin when some shy difficult inexperienced geek like Woes makes a clumsy move on them- then with some good looking chad or rich footballer they are prepared to go straight to sex & behave like a street haw- They cant have it both ways- its the same with women who go into men’s jobs where some behave in an aggressive macho way- this has been my issue with some (not all) women in jobs I’ve worked in- postman/ prison officer- these feminazi women adopt this aggressive condescending attitude- so mine is- ok if you are going to act like a man I will treat you like one- so I respond with aggression- then all of a sudden they are the poor helpless little woman again & I= the sexist bully- my attitude is- if you want me to be chivalrous& make allowances then ACT like a woman. It is the same with the sexual aspect for nerds like Woes- if he did act in a way that was sexually aggressive to some poor innocent young girl- then obviously I condemn him utterly- However if it is a case of some promiscuous female- who will throw it around for some men then act outraged when some shy geek like Woes makes a fool of himself this is different. Of course even if it is such a hypocritical female- the emphasise upon us males & particularly leaders is to rise above such behaviours- so even if the woman is a THOT a proud right winger undermines himself if he gropes her- leave her to go shag some black footballer in his Porsche. My difficulty with this is that I cannot see such types of women attending our events in the first place- as they will just go along with the liberal fashion- However we are a movement of redemption & fairness. We should examine the evidence 1st & allow the possibility of this being a lonely man acting in desperation- rather than some sinister predator setting out to abuse for kicks- if it’s the latter sadly he must go…

Meanwhile, Forney has gone full flubro. It’s real easy to call people “retards” with the claim that the “models” predicting “millions and billions” of deaths incorporated mitigation.  Err, excuse me, first, Fauci always admitted the models were only as good as the data put into them, and, second, the models apparently do not incorporate viral evolution due to altered transmissibility (although the association between virulence and transmissibility is not always clear).  

The flubros don’t quite get certain things. First, you can make legitimate criticisms of the extent of the lockdowns, particularly extreme cases like Albania, without openly lying about the scope and impact of The China Plague.  Perhaps taking a look at excess mortality in New York may be useful, particularly when considering the decreased deaths due to the lack of human activity (and subhuman criminal activity).  Also, last I looked, the flu typically doesn’t result in multiple organ failure, embolisms, etc.

Second, perhaps they should remember that the morbidity and mortality of The China Plague in not in place of the flu (itself from China as well), but in addition to it.  And this addition is, apparently, more contagious, more deadly, and with more unusual, and in some cases, lasting health consequences.

Third, there is a flu vaccine (of variable effectiveness, year by year) as well as people having residual immunity to new strains from having past, somewhat similar strains (mutations do not always completely eliminate immune recognition) and/or past vaccinations (ditto).  We are currently dealing with a novel virus, with no vaccine, the specific scope of which, and long term public consequences of which, we do not yet know.

None of the above necessarily implies supporting one specific mitigation strategy over another.  It does imply that stating “it’s just the flu, bro” is indicative of a certain amount of cognitive deficiency.

By the way, folks upset about their lockdown status, and unable to buy “vape juice” or microphones, should perhaps lay the blame where it ultimately belongs – the diseased yellow monsters who inflicted this upon the world, just as they inflicted multiple other genocidal plagues upon humanity in the past.

The one thing Forney’s podcast has revealed of utility is that there are people in Der Movement whose “take” on the Millennial Woes issue is that Robertson “looks like a Med” and “has Italian DNA.”  Whew!  That’s a relief. I thought we’d be able to get through some sort of “movement” issue without Sallis’ Law being invoked, but I was wrong. Should’ve known better!  Vintage “movement” – Northern Europeans behave badly, so blame Swarthoids. Makes sense. Those greasers must be involved somehow, guddummint!

Let’s return the favor.  Look at those light eyes on Schettino – looks Nord to me!  Must be some Swedish DNA there!  Let’s see his testing results!

The fact that Amren has as a writer the deranged HBD filth Engelman, perhaps even more pro-Asian than Derbyshire, tells you all you need to know about the “race realist” faction of Der Movement.  After all, we know who “calls the shots,” in HBD, don’t we?  Although, more realistically, she’ll look like this. And no, Engelman, her name is not “Ben Dover.”

This is WN 2.0.  This fellow gets retweeted by Johnson (on another matter). I’m shocked, shocked I say!

High standards of entry? The typical rank-and-file “activist” is a small step above (if at that) a drooling idiot, and the “leadership” are a bunch of tragically incompetent affirmative action cases whose only “productive” skill is grifting.

What would low standards look like?

Maybe humans are retaliating against the genocidal war being waged by Asians against humanity?  Maybe people weight the risk factors for covd-19 infection?

“They let it spread.”  Of course they did.  And they are laughing over it, laughing at the pain, anguish, and death they have inflicted on humanity.

Asia is waging war against humanity and humanity responds by doing absolutely nothing. When will YOU take a stand against Asia?

Is this sarcasm?  If not, maybe we should have Balkanoids chiming in about the Ottoman reality, not Quota Queen cuckolds.

Icelander breaks Englishman’s record.  Der Movement doesn’t know whether to celebrate or weep.  Oh the agony!