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Gefilte Whitefish

In support of Spencer.

I supported Spencer in “Hailgate” (although, as I stated, there was I believe some lack of judgment on his part, just really not that big of a deal), and now I come out strongly in support of Spencer and his mother in their persecution from the Whitefish Bolsheviks.

Several points:

1. The SJW leftists here and elsewhere are not slowed down at all by Der Touchback’s election. No hesitation for them to just continue exactly as they have been before, despite the fact that in a month a new “racist” administration will be in power.  Of course they know, as does anyone not afflicted by Roissy’s homoerotic fixation on Donald Trump, that the vulgar buffoon will throw his supporters under the bus as quickly as he can (Chris and Rudy can explain it all to you, as mainstream examples of this).  No one expects Don and Jeff to overtly support the “far-Right,” but at least can we have the rule of law and an end to political persecution?  We’ll see what happens, but I’m real doubtful.

2. Anyone traveling to Whitefish should give Spencer’s mother some business.

3. While The Daily Stormer is not my cup of tea so to speak, I see nothing at all wrong with what they’ve been doing with this.  Anglin has broken no law that I am aware of, he’s been careful to urge his readers to follow the law, and the Bolsheviks deserve everything that’s coming to them.  How can you persecute the mother of someone you disagree with politically?

4. My understanding of the law (such as it is) tells me that what was done to Spencer’s mother is illegal, and borders on extortion – “sell you property (from which I’ll make a profit) or else I’ll do XYZ to you and ruin your business and your property value” – come on, that’s in writing (!!!) and clear-cut.  If that was done to anyone else, there’s a good chance the individual making those extortive threats would have been arrested.  As it is, there’s a good case for Mom Spencer to file a civil suit against Gersh and associates. I don’t know if Spencer reads this blog, but, hey, Richie, why don’t you contact (if you have not already done so) Kyle Bristow and his group and see at least if you can get some legal advice.  It’s not my place to tell Richard or Kyle what to do here, but it’s a legitimate idea.  Why not take advantage of whatever limited legal resources our side has?  After all, it can’t be that all of Montana’s founding stock population are a bunch of cucks, can it?  Some can be found for a jury who would find in favor of Sherry Spencer against the Levantine aliens, right?

5. For the most part, I endorse Spencer’s activist plans for 2017, as outlined here.

6. Andrew Joyce is an excellent writer, but he needs to explain his promotion of Jack Sen over at TOO.  What will Giacomo Vallone think?

7. After the dust settles, I hope Richard remembers who on the Right supported him during these tumultuous times, and who threw hum under the bus.

Daniel S Is Right About This

The Sen problem.
I’ve had my disagreements with Daniel S, but I heartily endorse this post.
I have in the past analyzed the Sen-Vallone connections and I agree that these are most likely the same person (*).  The divisive and anti-White antics of Sen-Vallone, including the bizarre hostility toward Poles (coupled to a deep concern for the well-being of South Asian shopkeepers infesting Britain), has also been discussed here.
Daniel is a bit too charitable to TOO and its embrace of Sen. Poor judge of character is a bit too mild.  Even after the Sen-Vallone situation had been dissected on a variety of sites (including this one), TOO still gave Sen a forum. Despite being aware of the potential problems, they keep on pushing.
At best, that’s an indication of the failings of affirmative action, pushing toward positions of leadership individuals unsuited for that role.  At worst, well…
This is all also part of the Sallis-HBD extension of O’Sullivan’s Law.  Indeed, any “rightist” entity that is not expressly concerned with genetic kinship and civilizational cultural ties – more specifically, any such entity that contaminates itself with the anti-White hate cult of HBD – will inevitably drift away from pro-White politics and toward a more aracial, civic nationalist stance and will, also inevitably, become easy prey for questionable figures with vague ancestries and even vaguer political agendas.
*Recently listening to certain interviews at Counter-Currents and Radix podcasts, interviews of ostensibly “different” people, my suspicions of the superimposed identity of another “pair” (sic) of activists have been confirmed.  But that’s a story for another day.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement Marches On

Marching off a cliff.

The reemergence of Jack Sen at TOO has led – inevitably one may add – to the following comment left there.  Spelling mistakes as in the original, emphasis added:

The whole point about being British, is that Britishness is a way of life, which can be exported to those who resonate with it’s essential decency. Or to put it another way, this little country has doen amazing things in the past, and established laws and protocols and technologies that make the world what it is today. Often those who come here believing that their culture and ideals are somehow more valid than ours, come to see the error of their ways and they integrate. Our culture despite the huge and withering attacks it has suffered since the 1960’s is STRONG. Even IF as has been (laughably) suggested the british moslems manage to outbreed us, and in a Britain of the future evey one was called Waseem, by the time they got to that point, almost all of their children would be thinking and considering themselves British! I know we don’t rule the world any more, but that’s only because with a typical british sense of fair play, having brought many primitive lands the light of civilisation, we are now letting them stand on their own two feet. I firmly believe that what we nationalists ought to be doing is not fearing the minorities, (most of them are being painlessly made british simply by the priviledge of living here) but we should be refining and defining what it is to be British and of course settiong a good example for teh children and everyone else to follow. We all live together in Britain with a largely unarmed police force, black white, albino pakistani and chinaman next to each other in what should be an explosive situation culturally yet it isn’t really when compared to many other places. Why? because we are British and even THEY have picked up on the idea that there are certain things that you just don’t do if you are going to live here in Britain. Who cares if he’s Quarter indian, even maybe a “sardar”, all that matters in my insignificant opinion, is that he is British..

This song, suitably modified for context, would perfectly summarize the failure of the “movement.”
But no worries!  The “movement” and its leadership have always known exactly what they are doing!  Onward and upward, to build upon the glorious victories of yesteryear!

The only caveat to all this is the possibility that the above comment is actually a clever attempt at anti-Sen trolling.  I don’t think so, though.

In the News. 3/9/16

Some items for today.

Greg Johnson writes of Kemp’s March of the Titans:

It is not just filled with “mistakes,” the falsehoods are so systematic and driven by an agenda that the book has to be dismissed as dishonest. But beyond that it is clumsily and stupidly dishonest.

Quite right.  But there’s more.  The dishonesty extends to Kemp and his followers stupidly (and clumsily) attempting to deny he and his book are Nordicist, when both are extreme cases, in some ways going beyond Pierce himself (as well as Sayce and Peterson). Ancient Egypt as a “Nordic Desert Empire?”  Napoleon (according to Kemp born in Sardinia of noble French ancestry – no joke) also a Nordic?

Trump wins in the deep south and in the rust belt, loses in Idaho. Sounds all too familiar. Of interest:

Michigan, the place where the Reagan Democrats were first “discovered” by the national media, was a crucial test for his candidacy, testing whether he could really win disaffected union members and workers.

Look who has shown up at TOO again.  Wow, the previous exposure of Sen’s antics really “helped,” eh? And then we wonder why the “movement” is a mess?  Oh, right, let’s blame it on the “multiethnic nature of White America.”  No, rather, it’s more of the monoethnic nature of White American “movement” leadership, if one needed to choose between those two options.