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Two Heretical Evolutionary Thoughts

Food for thought.

Drug resistance mediated by clonal evolution is arguably the biggest problem in cancer therapy today. However, evolving resistance to one drug may come at a cost of decreased growth rate or increased sensitivity to another drug due to evolutionary trade-offs. This weakness can be exploited in the clinic using an approach called ‘evolutionary herding’ that aims at controlling the tumour cell population to delay or prevent resistance.

One can imagine a human population that develops certain mental, physical, and/or cultural traits that enable them to survive certain types of environmental challenges – including sociopolitical and cultural challenges – but makes them more vulnerable to another type of challenge. Is this analogous to the pathological altruism of certain (“high trust northern hunter gatherer”) European strains, originally adapted to ancient environmentally challenging yet demographically homogeneous conditions, in today’s multiracial and multicultural societal niches?  Alternatively, have today’s Western societies created a strain of Jew (or other non-European minority) adapted to the current System, but that has sensitivity to another sociopolitical System due to “evolutionary trade-offs?” By analogy, was the vulnerability of Jews to the National Socialist regime an example of “evolutionary herding” of Jews to the more Jew-friendly conditions of Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment secular-liberal Europe?

Researchers administer low levels of a drug, enough to kill most, but not all, of the vulnerable cells in the tumor population while favoring the survival of drug-resistant lineages. Once the tumor has shrunk, clinicians stop administering the drug. The drug-sensitive cells, which tend to have a competitive edge over cells that have invested in a costly drug-resistance mechanism, can now begin to grow back. Competition between drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cells for resources in the tumor microenvironment keeps the tumor size in check.

Thus, cycling between “treatment on” and “treatment” off strategies can be of use.  First, you kill off most, but not all, of the drug-sensitive cancer cells, leaving mostly resistant cells. Then you remove the drug, and let the remaining sensitive cells grow back, crowding out the resistant cells via resource competition – under “no drug” conditions the sensitive cells have a growth advantage. Then hit with the drug again, etc.

Let’s take Bowery’s concept of “Jewish virulence” and expand it to this concept. What if more extreme anti-Semitism selects for a more virulent strain of Jew, but one that comes with costs – the same mental and physical traits allowing them to survive extreme anti-Semitism (misanthropy, paranoia, excessive ethnocentrism, and who know what else – perhaps better crypsis and/or greater mobility) makes those same Jews less competitive under conditions of lesser anti-Semitism. Thus, under conditions in which the Jewish infection (or neoplastic growth) cannot be eliminated in a Western society, alternating between greater and lesser levels of anti-Semitism could maintain sufficient numbers of vulnerable Jews so as to prevent the permanent establishment of a fully resistant Jewish strain, and thus keep the infestation under control.

Behold the Parasite

And other news.

Read or listen to this.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

…we of European descent are dealing with a power — the Jewish power structure — as our primary opponent in our struggle to survive. And they showed us that this power structure is more than just a band of unpleasant invaders from the Middle East; more than just a gang of clever swindlers; far more than just a peculiar and odious religion; more than just a cohesive ethnic group and competitor, but an entirely different kind of being, though in human form; a highly evolved, specialized literal biological parasite with all the danger and horror that that implies.

Both the vampire and the biological parasite keep the victim alive for quite some time as he or she is being bled and eaten upon. Both the vampire and the biological parasite can pervert or change the personality or soul of the victim — the vampire’s victims can become vampires themselves; some parasites alter the brain structure of their hosts and change their behavior, sometimes even making them suicidal; and Jews use mass media and other means (perhaps even some means of which we are not yet aware) to change the perceptions, views, and behavior of their hosts as well.

Gee…sounds a lot like the HBD cult. Hey, Strom, when are you FINALLY going to openly and forcefully call out the HBD cult and its manipulation – its perversion – of racialist instincts to promote Jewish (and Asian) interests?

The German Leader and martyr Adolf Hitler, who now stands as one of the great spiritual leaders of all human history…


Shickedanz anticipates modern studies of parasitic ants, quoting studies which said: “‘We nowadays know of a whole series of permanent social parasites among the ants.” He explains that normally, ants would eject alien species invading their colonies. But some parasitic ants are able to send chemical signals to change the thinking of their hosts, and make them welcome the invaders and even make the invading queens their rulers, killing their own natural leaders. He describes this process as a “perversion of instinct of the primary species of ants,” and notes the parallels with the actions of the Jewish power structure within human societies. The author saw Zionism as an addition to the Jewish problem, not a solution. Zionism, he said, “has supplied a head to the parasite which so far has worked separately within the bodies of various peoples.”

Certainly we see parallels to our situation today.

The philosopher Alfred Rosenberg presented an advanced view of Jewish parasitism in his best-selling 1930 book, The Myth of the 20th Century. He said that he was not passing a moral judgement on Jewish actions, hoping they would “repent” or change their ways, but rather was noticing a biological phenomenon, the instinctual behavior of a certain kind of organism that could no more be changed or repented of than a leech’s need to suck blood or a mosquito’s need to suck blood: “This conception shall in the first instance not be taken as a moral judgment but as biological reality, exactly in the same way in which we speak of parasitic occurrences in the life of plants and animals. The sacullina pierces the rectum of the common crab, and gradually grows into it and sucks away its vital forces; the same process occurs when the Jew invades society through the open wounds of the people, consuming their creative forces and hastening the doom of society.”

Hmmm…like the open wounds of European-European conflict.  No wonder the HBDers are in alliance with the ethnonationalists and the Nordicists.  Gotta give an opening to Moshe, eh?  How’s Unz dong these days?  Hey, Strom, are you going to call out those “White racialists” who write for Unz, peddling Unzian Judeo-HBD?

Rosenberg says that the parasites, which mix to some degree with their hosts the better to blend in with them and not be “seen,” are not a normal race, but a “counter-race” for whom lying was a kind of “truth.” He said: “To express it in a paradox: the permanent lie is the ‘organic truth’ of the Jewish counter-race.” The Jews also represented, he said, the “parasitic transvaluation of creative life.”

Like HBD lies.

Just as micro-parasites rush to enter your bloodstream through any cuts on your body, so also, Rosenberg says, “whenever a wound has been torn open in the body of a nation, the Jewish demon always eats into the sore spot, and exploits, parasite-like, the weak hours of the Great of this world. Not like a conquering hero does he strive for domination; this parasite, obsessed by his vision, is driven by the urge to make the world his tributary. Not fighting, but sneaking; not serving true values, but exploiting debased values: thus runs the unalterable law of his constellation from which he can never escape — as long as he exists.”

HBD marches on.

Questions for Strom:

1. To what extent do you believe that Jewish parasitical behavior is intentional, planned, coordinated, and malicious, and to what extent do you believe it is just an instinctual urge, in some ways codified by ethnic culture (“Judaism”) that allows Jews to behave in a manner that gives the appearance of acting in a coordinated fashion? Are both possible – an underlying instinctual basis exists, but it is given a powerful thrust in a sociopolitical direction by the most ethnocentric of Jews in the Jewish leadership?

2. Are you familiar with Bowery’s thesis of Jewish virulence?  Would preventing horizontal transmission of Jews – such horizontal transmission being, e.g., their jumping from one nation they’ve ruined to another, not-yet-ruined, nation, as well as having both Israel and the diaspora to jump between  – reduce Jewish virulence by forcing them to live amongst their consequences of their behavior?  Could we select for less destructive Jews?  Should we?

3. Based on the above, what are your concrete objectives, policies, and outcomes to deal with this group you term “parasitical” and how would you accomplish this?  Do you believe there are “less virulent” Jews who are assimilable and relatively non-parasitical? What about them?  What about part-Jews?

4. If you believe all you write about Jews, why don’t you speak out, directly and forcefully, about Jewish infiltration of “the pro-White movement” – particularly the HBD cult?

Ah…one commentator understands it.

why do you think all these iq stadistics are so promoted in places like unz and are the only white nationalist that are tacitly permited ? because stupid whites make the dirty job of the jews promoting their supremacism while they prepare the terrain for a race caste sistem once everyone have been brainwhased like in brave new world novel where every class was brainwhased since birth to accept his position ,iq racial stats do the same job.

Ball in your court, Strom.

Some of the comments here are interesting, particularly those about Puritans and how the Puritan mindset, including that promoted by their descendants, promote Jewish and Colored interests.  Remember Lind’s American Tribes thesis of a Yankee-Jewish-Black alliance?

The wanna-be Andrew Frasers at Counter-Currents weep.

Meet Anthony Imperiale.

He was born on July 10, 1931 in Newark, New Jersey. He later served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. In the 1960s he opposed desegregation busing in the United States.

During the 1967 Newark riots, he advocated armed white self-defense, forming the volunteer North Ward First Aid Squad ostensibly to escort North Ward residents, most of whom were Italian-American, through racially troubled neighborhoods. The group was accused of vigilantism, and Governor Richard J. Hughes called Imperiale’s followers “Brownshirts”. In 1969, the group disbanded.

Afrowop Imperiale defended White interests, while ”Nordish” mick Hughes, a lace-curtain Irishman, opposed the “racists.”

Behold the newest Counter-Currents contributor:

I love the Amerindian people, and I am not really an American white nationalist who would keep them out of the USA or Canada; I would support that the Americas be returned to the Amerindian people, and Hispanic immigration to the USA is helping this process along. I would support investment in gene-editing technologies that could allow us to recreate authentic, pure Amerindian genomes and resurrect the real American people.

The world hates whites for the evil things whites have done in the past. I know the readers don’t like reading it; and I don’t like saying it, but this is the case.

I don’t like to say it anymore than anyone else, but whites have earned our hatred through our sins. Anti-white sentiment is not just jealousy, and it is not just looking down on us.

The pieces are starting to fit together, eh? If we assume that the HBD-ethnonationalist-Nordicist alliance is being manipulated behind the scenes by Judaized, anti-White, interests, none of this should come as a surprise. Keep on sending in the “D’Nations,” goys.

Shocker – Greg Johnson comes out in support of the high, high-IQ East Asian homosexual “traditionalist” Yukio Mishima.

Andrew Joyce – ball in your court.  Will you issue a riposte to Johnsonian flim-flam

Excerpts from such flim-flam and my own responses:

It would be all too easy to dismiss Mishima as a neurotic and a narcissist who engaged in politics as a kind of therapy. Right wing politics is crawling with such people…

Just look at Johnson and his crew of “writers” at Counter-Currents.

…(none of them with Mishima’s talents, unfortunately)…

And some of them with no talent whatsoever.

…and we would be better off without them. 

Pot meet kettle.

If a white equivalent of Mishima wished to write for Counter-Currents/North American New Right, we would welcome his work (as we would welcome translations of Mishima’s works!). But we would also keep him at arm’s length. Such people should be locked in a room with a computer and fed through a slot in the door. 

Is that how you feed James O’Meara?

They should not be put in positions of trust and responsibility.

Resign from your “leadership” position, Greg.

But Mishima is safely dead, and the meaning of his death cannot be measured in terms of crass political “deliverables.” Indeed, it is a repudiation of the whole calculus of interests that lies at the foundation of modern politics.

Huh? That comes from someone whose entire “political game” in Der Movement is appealing to the “crass” political (and economic) interests of other “movement leaders.”

Modern politics is based on the idea that a long and comfortable life is the highest value, to be purchased even at the price of our dignity.

Like writing for Unz?

Aristocratic politics is based on the idea that honor is the highest value, to be purchased even at the price of our lives.

How about the price of your “D’Nations?”

A natural slave is someone who is willing to give up his honor to save his life. Thus modern politics, which exalts the long and prosperous life as the highest value, is a form of spiritual slavery, even if the external controls are merely soft commercial and political incentives rather than chains and cages.

Sounds like folks like Johnson who write in a gilded cage, metaphorically “fed through a slot” by Unz.

EU Travel Advice and Other News

Advice and news.

This applies to Der Movement more than it does to conservatives.

But we should all support the Yang Gang, right? Gee, the Quota Queens have been really quiet about Yang recently.  Did they realize that they were making fools of themselves?

One possible idea for some Americans to get around travel bans to Europe (I do not have any suggestions for the reverse) is to investigate the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship in an EU nation. There are several mechanisms by which dual citizenship can be obtained and I will assume that the EU cannot ban their own citizens from traveling there.

There are of course certain potential problems/issues with this plan:

1. This option would most likely be available for only a very small fraction of people.

2. This would be something that would be most optimal as a preemptive mechanism, for people who have not yet become overt public activists. Of course, overt public activists can, and should, attempt this, if relevant to their individual cases, but I assume that the EU nations would simply refuse to issue dual citizenship to known “haters.”

3. It is also possible that an EU nation would strip dual citizenship from someone if and when they are identified as a “hater.”  I am not sure what the legal status of such stripping would be, but we know that the System does – or tries to do – anything it wants.

4. You would need to understand all the legal and political implications of dual citizenship.

Well, regardless of the details and the limited nature of this possibility, it is something to at least consider if circumstances allow.

Strom being an ignorant, anti-scientific jackass.

Autism rates are far lower in populations that don’t inject their children with Big Pharma products…

There is no evidence whatsoever linking vaccination (to which Strom undoubtedly refers) to autism. In the midst of a resurgence of measles, to imply otherwise is the height of irresponsibility.  If you are interested in correlations between autism and other factors, why don’t you take a look at the posts about autism at this blog – or look at Bowery’s work on the subject – and you’ll see alternative hypotheses that are far more likely to be correct than the “big scary needles causing problems” hysteria.  In my opinion, it’s more likely that there is a causative relationship (and not just a correlation) between diversity and autism than there is between vaccination and autism. By the way, concerning “Big Pharma products” you may wish to express concern about maintenance medication – where the big money is really made (*) – pushing pills for (in my opinion) imaginary diseases (attention deficit disorder) or for diseases caused by lifestyle choices (statins, metformin, blood pressure medication being used because the average American has the BMI of a black hole singularity).  Never mind putting every other person on “anti-depressants.”  But, alas, pills are not “scary needles” so no need to worry, eh?

*As well as cancer therapeutics that are exorbitantly expensive and prolong lifespan by, at most, months.

Summarizing Some Sallis Theories

Some Sallis theories.

The Sallis solution to the Fermi Paradox:

…racial diversity is the rule among sentient species; thus, highly divergent human racial types find their counterparts in significant racial variability among the alien peoples inhabiting worlds unknown. I further propose a Gresham’s law of universal racial diversity: the more intelligent and productive races of any sentient species will tend to be demographically outcompeted by the more stupid and useless races; the latter, despite their deficiencies for proximate values, are inevitably more fit with respect to the ultimate criterion of survival.  The threshold of technological competence for a detectable alien civilization would no longer obtain as the race or races capable of maintaining that civilization are replaced by those incapable.  Therefore, no such civilizations are detected.

The Sallis theory of autism.  Thus, the race recognition processing software of the amygdala (also involved in threat recognition) of Whites, particularly White children, is capable of easily distinguishing highly distinct racial types – Europeans, sub-Saharan Africans, (pure) Amerindians, and East Asians.  But the post-1965 immigration influx into America (and similar immigration influxes into Europe) has brought into White societies previously rare, more racially intermediate types – South Asians, heavily admixed Latin Americans, Middle/Near Easterners and North Africans. This phenotypically confusing racial diversity “scrambles” the amygdala of susceptible White children, increasing risk for autism.  Hence, the link between diversity and autism and, hence, an explanation for some of the population-autism correlations discovered by James Bowery some years ago.

As regards politics – my “Sallis strategy.”