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In the News, 3/5/16

Odds and ends from a world (and “movement”) gone mad.

I agree with Sanders’ supporters in this regard.  Will Bill and Hillary have matching orange jumpsuits in prison?

And certainly not many of the Chinese and Indians I have met who bad-mouth the US in favor of their own countries and who have come only to make money. And if any of these immigrants vote, over 70% vote for socialist big government and not in favor of the freedom which has always been a big reason to want to be American.

Of course.  After all, the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites, and didn’t Derbyshire himself (in the “measured groveling” essay) tell us about Rosie’s extreme ethnocentrism and anger toward Americans (while living in America of course) over that plane incident that occurred more than 15 years ago?

And then we have the dedicated anti-White activist Durocher who pontificates:

At least until the entire rotten structure of lies and hypocrisy is brought tumbling down and the European peoples, and in particular European-Americans, are, again, free to determine their own destiny.

Here he is blogging about Jews on Counter-Currents.  Why “in particular European-Americans?”  After all, when he posts at TOO, he’s always talking about Jews in Europe, particularly France.  But that, you see, is one of the keys to understanding Durocher, and one reason his writing irritates me so much.  Like another well-known anti-White Internet Troll (remember that Yukon Cornelius song to know who I’m talking about here), Durocher is always exhibiting a chameleon-like ability to change his worldview to suit his audience, marketing himself (why? to gain trust?) rather than promoting a specific worldview.

So, on TOO, he is all about Jews, Jews, Jews, mostly in Europe, when he’s not fawning over Viktor Orban, promoting the discredited idea of mainstreaming.  At Counter-Currents, addressing an audience mostly European-American, he emphasizes Euro-American interests while warning us not to be too obsessive about Jews.  At Counter-Currents, a more radical site, he tends to dispense with the mainstreaming, and praises Hitler, and also peddles Nordicism.  His essays are rambling displays of incoherence, with no other seeming purpose than to ingratiate himself with the target audience and win their trust, before spewing forth more memetic poison.

And he continues:

There are dangers in becoming obsessive. Every topic must be given the just measure of attention. The work must go on.

Which means what?  How does the work go on?  How do we know what is obsessive and what is just measure?  What Durocher tells us it is?

And then we have Roissy, trying to excuse Trump’s pitiful flip-flopping on immigration,. Roissy refers to the Rightists that omega race cuck Trump continuously disavows:

some internet backwater weirdo 

Who is that?  James Edwards I presume?  It could be David Duke also, since Der Touchback disavowed Duke as well.  (Question: Has Trump disavowed his Jewish son-in-law or his Jewish convert daughter or his Jewish grandchildren?  No, as Tony the Tiger would say, Trump thinks they’re GREEEAATTTT!).

Who the hell is this turd Roissy calling someone else “some internet backwater weirdo.” Guess what asshole: the Left would consider “Chateau Heartiste” to be backwater weirdness as well.  You think you are better than Edwards and Duke?  Are you joking?  Or are you  just emulating your cuck-god Short-Fingered Vulgarian Touchback in attacking those to your right?