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Passive Aggressive is not a Good Look for “Movement” “Leadership”

And other news.

Read this. They loved her non-White boyfriends! Time for more Counter-Currents articles about how the accused “could literally be my brothers or cousins.”  Who knows…maybe it’s true. Literally.

Greg Johnson thinks he’s being funny with the picture accompanying this post. He’s just revealing himself to be a passive aggressive buffoon. It is unfortunate that an individual with pretensions of “leadership” conducts himself in such a childish manner, and trivializes a serious topic. Rank-and-file activists certainly deserve better for their leadership cadre. Anyway, good to know though he’s reading this blog. Thanks for the heads up, Greg. I appreciate it, I really do.

With respect to whaling, it is my contention that civilized (White) men should have a respect, an affinity, for intelligent life.  Of course, when it comes to self-defense, war, and survival, killing intelligent life is necessary; humans have been doing so to each other since the beginning of our history.  However, whales are not attacking people; we are not at war with Moby Dick; and Scandinavian traditions and the Japanese hunger for whale meat do not equate to survival.  Eating dogs is part of Chinese tradition and Chinamen have a hunger for canine meat, so why not equate that with survival and excuse it, similar to how some excuse whaling?

I used to joke that a reason why the ETs in their flying saucers weren’t landing publicly was that they were afraid of being mugged by Coloreds. Instead, perhaps it is that they are afraid of being harpooned by the Herrenvolk. Indeed, maybe this whole whaling controversy is clever trolling by the “ethnonationalists” to convince us that the differences between European types are too large to be bridged. Then again, opposition to whaling is fairly widespread throughout the White world, so there’s that.

White men should leave whaling to the Japanese. Maybe the problem is that it is difficult to discern who is in fact Japanese.  Is it this fellow?  Or is it this one?  Confusion, confusion!

In the 5/17/20 livestream, Johnson does his usual mendacious shtick against pan-Europeanism. Distortion after distortion after distortion. He and his “yes man” can’t think of any benefits of confederation. Gee…two people with identical views having a discussion about a controversial topic – and they come to an agreement!  Apparently, that’s the type of “sane” and “decent” debate Johnson is comfortable engaging in. The intellectual courage is breathtaking!  Free debate!  The spirit of intellectual inquiry!

Sovereignty!  Pan-Europeanism is “back to diversity!”  Sovereign ethnostates!   Great Greg. Let’s put John Morgan on trial for violating the sovereignty and homogeneity of Hungary. Let’s put Full Moon Ancestry and Anton on trial for turning Eastern Europe into a bordello. “Peace is better than war” – which is why Johnson advocates war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans (emphasis added):

But what would happen if a sovereign European state signed a treaty to host a gigantic Chinese military base? Or if it fell into the hands of plutocrats who started importing cheap non-white labor? Clearly such policies would endanger all of Europe, therefore, it is not just the business of whatever rogue state adopts those policies. What could the rest of Europe do to stop this? Isn’t this why we need a politically unified Europe?

The answer, of course, is what all sovereign states do when they face existential conflicts of interest: they go to war. Other states would be perfectly justified in declaring war against the rogue state, deposing the offending regime, and ethnically cleansing its territory. But then they would set up a new sovereign regime and go home.

Very peaceful indeed.  

“White people are not a political category.” OK…so what’s White Nationalism about then?  If Johnson is of English descent, he should be all about English nationalism. Nothing else. The Faroe Harpoon Man can stick to his Scandinavian nationalism. Why are they even doing a livestream together?  They are diluting their ethnic heritages!  Of course, that’s not quite the same degree of dilution as “awkward Squad” Full Moon Ancestry dating ethnically alien Slavic women, or John Morgan imposing himself on the long-suffering Magyar people, but still. 

See my arguments here.

Laugh at this.

In a perfect world, every white man would find a compatible white woman to marry and have white children. 

“Every white man.” Including the homosexual ones?

I am who I am because of my parents.

Do they find that comment offensive?

I have been told that I take after the characteristics and mannerisms of my father.

How did he father a child then? 

While my mom took me to my first concerts as a kid, I went to a lot of concerts as a teenager with Adam. He drove us to a Slayer concert and I recognized a group of girls from our high school. I was attracted to one of them…

We’ll assume she was not of Danish ethnic descent.

…so I asked Adam to come over with me to talk to them. The girl I liked had another friend with her that Adam started talking to. That girl would later become Adam’s wife.

So, Adam was successful and FMA was not.  I’m shocked.  

Our current culture and societies do not want white people to form families and have white children.

Hmm.  White.  Racial. How about ethnic…as in ethnonationalism?  Maybe Slavs and Balts want to have Slavic and Baltic children and not part-Danish hybrids. Please leave Eastern Europe alone.

But what I would tell them is that we as ethnic nationalists and white advocates care about them.

As long as “them” doesn’t include Eastern European men experiencing mate poaching (no bueno!), it’s all good!  Those caring “ethnic nationalists”…who go to other people’s nations and take their women.

We have a duty. We have a biological imperative. I would remind our brothers that we must do whatever we can to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…I myself have never been married and I do not have any kids.


I just hope they give a better speech at my wedding.

In Ukrainian or Estonian.  Not Danish.

She supports anti-vaxx propaganda that perpetuates disease and human suffering.  The hypocrite Johnson retweets this.  Does Dershowitz have a better character than “movement” activists?

Coronavirus has discredited Der Right. Including Johnson.

Take a Bite Out of That Nothingburger!

Der Movement: Always, always, always wrong.

The “nothingburger” continues, eh “movement?”

The jury is still out as to what caused the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Chinese authorities initially suspected a wet market in Wuhan where wild animals like bats and snakes were sold illegally. A nearby biolab has also attracted scrutiny, and increased suspicion as Chinese authorities have been stubbornly unwilling to cooperate with skeptics requests.

But regardless of how the outbreak started, it has already raised questions about traditional Chinese practices of consuming wild animals, either for medicinal purposes – for example, it’s believed that eating civet cats, vermin akin to raccoons, can bequeath more sexual vigor – or as delicacies (remember “bat soup”?).

I suppose that “more sexual vigor” via a civet cat snack is necessary in the absence of any phenotypic sexual dimorphism among potential partners.

SJWs (and I suppose HBDers as well) are getting all hysterical about this excellent Tucker Carlson piece.  He is of course absolutely correct.

The System, the Left, the SJWs, WHO, certain factions of Der Movement – a unity across much of the political spectrum – care more about Yellow hurt feelings than they do about stopping the spread of the disease.  Actually, they seem to WANT the disease to spread to Whites. Why else is China being continuously praised for an authoritarian lockdown of tens of millions of “people,” while travel restrictions imposed by Trump are met with hysterical shrieking and cries of “racism?”

THEY WANT WHITES INFECTED, THEY WANT WHITES TO DIE.  Once Tucker says THAT, then I know that he really knows the score. WHO encourages travel.  The EU refuses to close borders.  THEY WANT WHITES TO DIE.

So-called “animal rights activists” are nowhere to be found when the animal torturers are Holy Orientals.  Wow, that Yellow Privilege is really something, isn’t it?  More Yellow Privilege here. It seems like the entire world worships China, while at the same time the Chinese cry about “racism.”

Behold Asia.

Note: Even if the whole thing fizzles out now, even if there is not a single additional case in America, this has already been a significant event, an event of historical importance in China and a significant impactful event in places like Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy, etc. There will be downstream economic impacts – and that’s all true even if nothing more happens from this point on.  But more will happen.  Der Movement is once again proven to be absolutely wrong with terribly bad judgment, while Sallis is proven correct with sound judgement.  What else is new?

More fundamentally, this crisis has exposed the Chinese Gods for the bumbling, inept, devious, disgusting, anti-White, whining about racism, demanding, passive-aggressive, unpleasant, destructive, trouble-making tropical “people of color” that alert and honest racialists have always warned you about.  We’ve been right, once again.

Perhaps even more importantly, this crisis had exposed the HBDers for exactly what they are. Never forget that when “the chips were down,” the HBDers sided with Asians against Whites, they defended Asian perfidy and mindless incompetence, they enabled Asian gaslighting, and, worst of all, which can never be forgiven, they attempted to use an outrageous lie to blame victimized Whites for the crimes and negligence of the Chinese. There can be no going back for the HBD filth.  They’ll try and make you all forget, but I won’t let you forget.  HBD race treason can never be forgotten nor forgiven, and EGI Notes will do whatever possible to ensure that nothing is forgotten and no one is forgiven.  Count on it.

Laugh at this.  Reading that, I ask myself – and now ask you, the reader: Has there ever been a person who started out as a leftist and ended up as a useful activist?  One could replace “leftist” with “libertarian” and end up with the same answer: No.

Perhaps Mr. Brimelow could instead give a speech in which he outlines exactly what he does to deserve the amount of money he earns.

Remember men, do not objectify milady – after all, milady is busy with all sorts of scientific and cultural projects enhancing human progress!  Do not disturb the intellectual work depicted in the linked story!

I wonder if any of these retards realize that by constantly publicly obsessing over Russia, making Americans paranoid about “Russian interference,” and pointing fingers at elected officials as being “connected to Russia,” they themselves are doing the work in “tearing ourselves apart.”

All the Russians have to do is some clever trolling and then sit back and watch the hysterics ensue.

Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders has said intelligence officials told him that Russia was looking to boost his candidacy, too.

Russia supports liberal Democrats!

Porter did not address the briefing or whether Russia had a preference for particular candidates. But he said Russia was generally engaged in “information confrontation” aimed at blurring fact from fiction, eroding American confidence in democratic institutions and driving wedges into society’s fracture lines.

That implies that those “fracture lines” are already present in American society, eh?

“The primary objective is not to create a particular version of the truth but rather to cloud the truth and erode our ability to find it, creating a sentiment that no narrative or news source can be trusted at all,” Porter said.

That seems to be illuminating the truth rather than clouding it.

U.S. officials see China as an aggressive threat, particularly when it comes to espionage and theft of intellectual property, but Porter said Beijing’s goal was less about sowing general chaos in the U.S. and more about promoting and developing its own economic standing in the world.

“To put it simply, in this space, Russia wants to watch us tear ourselves apart, while it seems that China would rather manage our gradual economic decline over the course of generations,” Porter said.

Well, if murdering Americans with Chinese viruses is “managing our gradual economic decline” then the Chinese are doing quite well. The Chinese may one day end humanity with their diseases, but let’s worry about Russia instead, right?  Those shetl memories really last, eh Moshe?

Where’s Tropical Abe?  He’s busy trying to find at least one pair of breasts among Japan’s female population.  It’s a life-long task, and he hasn’t been successful yet, but let’s give him credit for persistence. Here’s a hypothesis: Yukio Mishima was actually 100% heterosexual; he was not homosexual at all. He simply could not distinguish between male and female Japanese and occasionally picked the wrong one. Understandable, to be sure.

“Joon Yun” tells us not to panic about the China Plague. Mr. Tropical misses the point.  Even if the whole thing completely fades away today (which is not happening), it has ALREADY made a huge impact, starting with China, moving on to South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy, and spreading. The economic dislocations may be more damaging than the actual morbidity and mortality.

But – ah! – you say, that is Yun’s entire point, that the economic damage is due to irrational panic.  Let’s see now.  There is an influenza vaccine but no coronavirus vaccine. We have no idea of the actual fatality rate. We do not know if it will mutate into something more virulent.  We are not sure why some people are more vulnerable than others, so even if the actual fatality rate is low, in the absence of a vaccine, why should any person take the chance with their life, just so trash like Yun can feel better about Asian perfidy and just so the economy can be nicely humming along?

And this misses the bigger point.  Let’s assume for the sake of argument that this turns out to be not as bad as some predict. Let’s assume that it turns out to be a Littleburger.  What it tells us is that at some point in the future, some other virus will emerge from the Tropical Yellow Stew of China, perhaps one with a very high fatality rate, and when that happens, we’re doomed.

As I have written before, the best case scenario here includes the future likelihood that China will create a far deadlier strain that kill millions and perhaps billions. The current crisis is a warning, the canary in the coal mine, and all the hand waving from creatures like Yun cannot alter that.

And, the economic dislocation, due to supply chain disruption, will be primarily because of China’s response and the lockdown going on there. Was the (belated) Chinese response an over-reaction?  Panic?  A novel virus emerges, spreads rapidly, kills, and there is no vaccine, and we are just supposed to be happily consuming as if nothing is happening? 

We can’t let fatalities stand in the way of Chinese economic domination  now, can we?

Start prepping!

Odds and Ends, 1/29/20

More than one “moral cretin” in the “movement,” I would say.

The moral cretin.  Emphasis added:

Ever notice how it is only the scoffers like Derbyshire who use terms like “a secretive cabal of elites”? I call this the “Joo mind control rayz lulz” technique; in academic circles, it’s known as a straw man argument – an argument your opponent creates out of whole cloth and attributes to you as if you made it, but chosen for its stupidity because your opponent is better at refuting the arguments he invents for you than the arguments you actually make. It’s a tell-tale sign of weakness.

But that’s not what I really find salient in John’s piece. What I find remarkable is that John thinks little old ladies taken in by confidence men deserve bankruptcy. His response to the plight of victims of fraud goes beyond the decadence and cowardice of indifference, to the open malice of schadenfreude. There’s really no way to make that kind of statement, and object to the crime of fraud, and remain morally consistent.

“I do feel some mild regret on behalf of my kids, who I suppose will spend some of their adult years in a continent-sized version of 1970s Lebanon or 1990s Yugoslavia or 1960s/70s/80s/90s/00s Congo/Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia/Zimbabwe, but at least I’ve taught the little Derbs (him and her) how to use firearms.”

If John’s kids were full bearers of his ancestral legacy (instead of only half-bearers), he’d feel twice as much regret on their behalf. So that’s one up side to miscegenation – half the regret contemplating your children’s doom. Miscegenation and national ruin sound like the best match since “hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!”

But John’s already signed off on fraud. Fraud victims deserve their fate. Is this sort of thinking indicative of the logic they teach in British public schools?

If you think I’m being too hard on the old lemon-stuffer, consider his articles on Kevin MacDonald’s work. This “fraud victims deserve it” line isn’t a new one for the Derb. It’s a consistent one.

Watch this.  So, fat people are both “jolly” and “extraverted” but also nasty with low impulse control.  Got it.  HBD!

By the way, how do these theories apply on a trans-racial basis?  After all, “well be-titted” East Asian females or thin “African-American” females are as rare as honest HBDers.  So, how do these ideas apply to races in which certain phenotypes are extremely rare?  Aren’t there plenty of fat neurotic Jews as well? How does that fit in?  Do we really believe that the association between ectomorphy and neuroticism (if it actually exists and is not a HBD fantasy) is because “neurotic people are nervous and don’t eat so much?”  I thought being an ectomorph was essentially an innate somatotype and not merely due to “not eating so much.” How can anyone take any of this drivel seriously?

This misses the point.  Even if Mishima was a paragon of Japanese traditionalist virtue, a neo-samurai hero, he’s still from a culture, a High Culture, a civilization, alien to the West. Even if you value “traditionalism” – and I do not – you can find representatives of that  paradigm authentic to your own European background.  Mishima – even with all of his (many) faults – is an interesting historical figure from a White rightist perspective, but that’s it. He’s an interesting figure and should be nothing more – to us. To Japanese rightists, he may be of existential importance, but that’s their business. This obsessive fetishizaiton of Mishima among the White Right is, frankly, bizarre and disconcerting.

Sigh…read this.  Obviously, I side with Taylor in this debate, but it would help to have actual science backing up the “race is real” argument, rather than HBD flim-flam about “Blacks having higher testosterone levels.”  What’s next?  Penis size?  French army surgeon!  

Part of a Counter-Currents comment that passed through moderation:

I would like to say that I find locker room bigotry against gays to be stupid and disgusting. I know that the founder of this site is a homosexual. This does not belittle his achievements and his intellectual standing. His sexual identity is not the issue. We all have our troughs to wallow in. But when one begins to rationalize personal moral and mental aberrations as being equal with healthy behavior that’s when such an individual needs to be called out.

It’s the Tropical Alliance

The reality of racial alliances – Asians with other Colored against Whites…since 1905. In all cases, emphasis added.

Remember this?

In contrast, Sallis has talked about a “Tropical Alliance” or a “South-South Alliance” or a “pan-Colored Alliance.”

So, read this.

Appreciation of the Russo-Japanese War’s racial significance was not limited to the actual combatants. Lothrop Stoddard writes that the war inspired “an understanding between Asiatic and African races and creeds . . . a ‘Pan-Colored’ alliance against white domination.” He wrote that Japan’s victory “produced intensely exciting effects all over the Dark Continent [and] sent a feverish tremor throughout Islam.”

Chinese statesman Sun Yat-sen was sailing through the Suez Canal in 1905 when the news of Japan’s victory broke. The locals, mistaking him for a Japanese, enthusiastically congratulated him on his people’s great victory, calling it a triumph for all colored people. Muslim leaders called for political alliances and commercial relations with the Japanese — even for the reorganization of Oriental armies under Japanese direction. A few dreamed of converting them to Islam.

At the same time, as Stoddard noted, white solidarity seemed to be eroding; the Asiatic cause was finding “zealous white sponsors and abettors.” Among the most dangerous symptoms was an expansion of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1905, in the immediate aftermath of Japan’s victory.

Anglo-Japanese.  Of course. Proto-Derbyshires, perhaps? Hey, if the “wogs begin at Calais,” then what does White solidarity matter?  Ethnonationalism!

Laurence Whelksays:
January 16, 2020 at 7:29 am
“Above all, however, there is no comparison with spending time researching the lives of one’s own co-ethnic heroes and one’s own culture. As Europeans, we are so spoiled for choice we needn’t waste time with the rejected, outcast, and badly damaged members of other groups.“
This pretty much sums up my stance on regaling vs. reviling Mishima. There are plenty of our own people to study and hold up as exemplars – no need to go fishing for mentally ill, sexually deviant outsiders to worship.
There seems to be a misplaced expectation among racially aware right whites of a potential kinship with East Asians because they are – like us – one of the smart races. It’s the smart races we should be most wary of…

Indeed.  But in some cases the “misplaced expectation” is intentional – Yellow Supremacists and other HBDers, the Silk Roaders and their masochistic sexual fantasies about black-booted Chinese girls with guns, Derbyshire and his self-admitted “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife and the interests he has in normalizing his mixed-race family.  There’s an agenda there.

Listen to this.  You have a duty to fight HBD, the Arctic Alliance, and Der Movement.  Note the part about getting involved in politics.  Sound familiar?

Sallis: Always,always right.

An effeminate SJW soyboy talks sports.

Andrew Joyce:

Andrew Joycesays:
January 16, 2020 at 12:09 pm
Greg Johnson declares a piece with 50 references (covering biographies, psycholical papers, sociological studies, mental health research etc) unscholarly, while promoting pro-Mishima pieces on his website with barely a reference and packed with vague and sweeping claims. Just one of the reasons I’ve long regarded Johnson as an intellectual fraud who should stick to film reviews, some of which are actually enjoyable to read, if a little on the sissy side for my taste. He’s now written about 1000 words in comments, rather than provide, or point to, a single piece of worthwhile (and for us, necessary) piece of political literature. Instead, Johnson has obfuscated matters, mischaracterised the essay, avoided its core argument, denied being influenced by his own homosexuality, and otherwise simply thrown a hissy fit. All in sharp contrast to the majority of readers at both this site and Unz. It would be laughable but for the desperation and strange sincerity of his effort.

Note the reference to Unz.  I have a difficult time taking Joyce seriously – particularly with respect to his views on Jews – if he’s in support of having his work on Unz.

In his latest podcast, with some incoherent, mumbling “racial traditionalist” Millennial, Johnson specifically promotes Taylor, Brimelow,and MacDonald (by name) – supporting my contention of the ethnonationalist-HBD-Nordicist alliance.  Of course, that’ll be labelled as “the paranoid style”- after all, noticing things is “paranoid.” and “crazy and bitter” too, lest we forget.