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Implications of the Marcus Case

Jews are an ethnic group.

First, read my definition of “indigenous,” which I believe is reasonable and captures the essence of the essential meaning of the term in a manner that can be fairly applied to all peoples, including Whites.

Very well.  Now read this, emphasis added:

The move by Kenneth L. Marcus, the assistant secretary of education for civil rights and a longtime opponent of Palestinian rights causes, signaled a significant policy shift on civil rights enforcement — and injected federal authority in the contentious fights over Israel that have divided campuses across the country. It also put the weight of the federal government behind a definition of anti-Semitism that targets opponents of Zionism, and it explicitly defines Judaism as not only a religion but also an ethnic origin.

And it comes after the Trump administration moved the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, moved to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority and announced the closing of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington.

In a letter to the Zionist Organization of America, obtained by The New York Times, Mr. Marcus said he would vacate a 2014 decision by the Obama administration and re-examine the conservative Jewish group’s cause not as a case of religious freedom but as possible discrimination against an ethnic group.

There is much in support of Marcus’ contention that Jews are an ethnic group: population genetics studies that show that the bulk of Jewry (excluding some numerically small outliers), and especially the Ashkenazim (but others like the Sephardim are genetically close to the Ashkenazim as well, so they all can be viewed as one large group), do constitute a biologically distinct population group; history; culture; certain physical and behavioral traits; a sense of shared destiny and peoplehood – the totality of Identity. The fact is that genetic testing can identify Jews and even one-half and one-quarter Jews.

In this sense, Marcus agrees not only with the verdict of science and history, but with what White nationalists and other racial activists have been saying for a long time: Jews are a distinct ethnic group.

Now, a question.  If Jews are an ethnic group, where is their homeland?  In other words, to what territory are they indigenous to?  Is it in Europe?

After all, the English are indigenous to England, Germans to Germany, Italians to Italy, Russians to Russia, Irish to Ireland, Swedes to Sweden, Greeks to Greece, etc. Even at the level of “regions,” this still holds: Saxons and Bavarians, Padanians and Sicilians, Flemish and Walloons, Basques and Catalonians and Andalusians, Bretons, etc. are all indigenous to their particular areas of Europe.

Where in Europe – specifically where – is the Jewish ethnic group indigenous?   Re-read the definition if you need help answering that question.

Answer: Nowhere.  They are not indigenous to any nation or region of Europe for the simple fact that they are not European.  Like the Roma, the Jews are an intrusive group that entered Europe in historical times, settled into nations and regions already populated by indigenous groups still extant today, and to an extent interbred with the natives (although there are still large pockets of essentially pure Roma and there is variation among Jews in their ancestral proportions).  

Now, no one on the Far Right – and most people otherwise in fact – consider the Roma to be European, to be White.  They are considered a racial minority group within Europe.

The same applies to the Jews, and that derives not only from facts, history, and logic, but from the views of Jews themselves – the refutation of the Alt Wrong “they look White to me” attitude in fact directly can be derived from the arguments of Marcus.

If Jews are an ethnic group – and they are – then they cannot be one that is indigenous to Europe; there is no “blood and soil” tie between Jews and any specific nation or region of Europe. They are a Diaspora group scattered across Europe, and across Asia and North Africa as well.  They have chosen Israel as their homeland, properly reflecting their modern historical origins in the Levant, in the Middle East.

They can’t have it both ways – on the one hand claiming (truthfully) to be an ethnic group, but at the same time claiming to be “White” and “European.”  

Who is Marcus?  Great to see that the “God Emperor” is taking good care of people – the Jews – who did NOT vote for him, who despite him, and are part of the “resistance” against him.  Meanwhile, his supporters are ignored, shunned, or he signs legislation bringing the force of the federal government to combat them.  In other words, Trump punishes his friends and rewards his enemies.  A “cuck nagger” if I ever saw one.

Why Do Jews Look The Way The Do?

A hypothesis.
I have been seeing some “far-right” sites discussing the issue of Jewish physical appearance, and I remember one site having its members put up a rather extensive gallery of pictures of repulsive Jewish celebrities, which quite literally made me physically nauseous.  These sites usually discuss theories for the stereotypical physical appearance of (Ashkenazi) Jews, often invoking the “inbreeding” argument (see below).  Although I am really not interested in these HBD-style discussions, the trauma inflicted by viewing some of those faces has led me to propose my own ideas on this subject.
Two points.  First, this is not meant as any type of criticism or insult toward Jews.  It is instead a relatively dispassionate discussion of a very real phenomenon.  Most people, including I believe most Jews, understand that this is a group known for brains not beauty.  Of course, there are always exceptions; in biological phenomena, outliers always exist.  The existence of these exceptions by no means invalidates the reality that the typical Ashkenazi Jewish phenotype is very well represented by the likes of Anthony Weiner and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Second, this is a hypothesis, not a dogmatic insistence of reality.  Unlike the “movement” and HBD, I do not have The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome, there is no solipsism here.  Therefore, I do not cite data but merely provide ideas that constitute a hypothesis that requires more empirical testing.
I’m not going to bring up “Jewish inbreeding” as a mechanism for their physical defects, for the simple reason that some HBDers (e.g., Cochran) have been making a big song-and-dance about how the whole bottleneck/inbreeding thing for Jews is not true; I haven’t really looked at the data since I am not very interested.  I can make my arguments without invoking inbreeding and will therefore go ahead and do so.
Instead, here I assert that two major mechanisms account for the typically repulsive physical appearance of (Ashkenazi) Jews: their particular ancestral origins in the modern Middle/Near East coupled to admixture, and the lack of subsequent sexual selection for improved (mostly female) appearance.
Ashkenazi Jews are thought to have originated in the modern Middle/Near East in historical times, followed by entry into Europe and a significant initial degree of admixture with native Europeans (the paradigm is Middle Eastern males with European females; the Europeans initially were likely mostly Southern Europeans, with, later, Germanics and Slavs entering the picture as Jews infiltrated to the north and east).  The Middle Eastern origin of Jews is well revealed by the phenotypes of Jews such as Weiner, which betray (the nose! the nose!) the Near Eastern-Semitic-Araboid antecedents.  Many stereotypical Jewish physical traits, particularly facial traits, likely have their origin in this derivation from NEC Middle Eastern population streams.  However, that is not the full story.  After all, despite similarities, there are differences in appearance between Jews and Arabs; furthermore, the distinctive Ashkenazi appearance has more to do with an overall disharmonious, discordant, off-putting “affect” than it does with any grouping of single features (e.g., noses).  Therefore, it is not only the Middle Eastern origin that is the mechanism here, but the subsequent hybridization with European stocks, which led to a discordant mismatch of NEC and European features, a disharmonious combination of features that fit poorly together.  Even further, one can speculate that this combination never stabilized into a harmonious blend because of a lack of sexual selection for physical appearance, which is the subject of the next part of this analysis.
Many (most?) human groups have undergone some degree of sexual selection for physical appearance.  In many (Eurasian) groups, this is most directed at the female, but of course male appearance is also affected through inheritance of maternal traits.  Some HBDers (e.g., Frost) assert that this mechanism was most highly developed in the northern climes of Europe during the hunter-gatherer times (cue “movement” heavy breathing at the mention of hunter-gatherers), and this is likely true.  In any case, sexual selection for appearance occurred throughout Europe and in many areas of Asia as well.  It may well have also occurred in Negro Africa, but there focusing on male appearance (I do not speculate on Amerinds, but possibly they too partook in this mechanism, for which sex predominantly I do not know).
Jews, however, I see as different.  For them, sexual selection was about intelligence, ability, family connections, business or intellectual success.  A physically grotesque Jewess may very well have found eager marriage partners if she was the daughter of a successful businessman, rabbinical scholar, or some other sort of community leader. Thus, she would pair up with an equally grotesque male Jew, from an equally successful family, and they would produce ugly yet intelligent children, with a greater probability of survival than the children (if any were produced) of less intelligent Jews (of whatever physical appearance). Thus, for Jews, there was no “gracilization” of physical appearance that could have attenuated the distortions and unpleasant features derived from their unique ancestral origins. The Weiner and Bader Ginsburg phenotypes were thus perpetuated, along with high verbal intelligence, high ethnocentrism and neurotic intensity, and other stereotypical Jewish traits.
To summarize: The hypothesis is that the stereotypical (Ashkenazi) Jewish appearance is due to their origins rooted in the modern Middle/Near East, coupled to discordant admixture with European stocks, creating phenotypes that never became aesthetically stabilized and gracilized due to a lack of sexual selection for beauty.