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Haley, Jindal, and the Useless White Man

Brown laughter growing louder.

Open borders Haley – who openly mocks the White base and Trump’s supporters – as well as Jindal, are South Asians elected to high office in southern states by White conservative Republican voters. Just think abut that for a moment.
Haley and Jindal shouldn’t even be living in this country, much less be nationally known political figures, elevated to power by the same Whites for whom they have very obvious disdain.
How many White politicians have been elected to office in India? Hmmm…let’s remember when Brimelow tried to immigrate there:

The Indians said, “Are you of Indian heritage?” They mean race. When we said we weren’t, they just hung the phone up on us. Apparently, it is technically possible to immigrate to India. Fifty thousand Indians a year come here. It’s technically possible to immigrate to India as an American citizen, but it’s extraordinarily difficult because there’s a lot of hoops you’ve got to go through.

The brownsters are laughing at you, White man. To them, you are nothing but a contemptuous clown, a fool, their court jester. What are you going to do about it, White man? Nothing, as usual, nothing.
What? White man, you are even afraid to tell pollsters of your tentative support for the affirmative action-loving, Black vote-pursuing, reality TV star Touchback Trump – even that is too much for you. Aren’t you embarrassed by yourself, White man? Aren’t you tired of being the dancing fool? Aren’t you weighted down by the yoke imposed by your Asiatic masters? Or perhaps all that talk about “environmental estrogens” must really be true, isn’t it, White “man?”