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Sallis is Right Again: Farstreaming

Orban moving right.

Read this.

Recall this?

Well, my comment that Jobbik is to Orban’s right no longer holds, because Orban has continued farstreaming to his right, while Jobbik has been mainstreaming to the center.  The two ships have passed each other on the sea of political rhetoric.


Orban farstreaming to the right = sailing to political success.

Jobbik mainstreaming to the center = sinking and hemorrhaging supporters.

Mainstreaming may be good in theory but has no empirical support in practice. Mainstreaming fails.  Pushing the radical envelope succeeds.  Sallis is correct…again.

In The News, 2/29/16

Leap Year News.

I agree with Orban here.  Also note how the controlled media constantly use pictures of women and children to depict “migrants” and “refugees” while most of them are invasive angry young men.  In any case, Chicken-wire Vik is correct – it is simply a matter of will.  The influx can be stopped today, immediately, if the desire existed.  Send them all back.  Build real walls (not Vik’s “hey if I erect some chicken wire, maybe folks will vote for us and not Jobbik”), or European police and military forces should just shoot the damn invaders.  Further, can Italy, finally, invade “Vatican City,” seize the land, and put the “Pope” on trial for the advocacy of White genocide? In any case, the situation reminds one of The Camp of the Saints in more ways than one.  In that novel, Europe could have stopped the Brown Desi invasion at any time, and had opportunities to do so.  But they just did not want to do so, and so Europe and the West died.  I also note that in Raspail’s book, a Chinese invasion of Russia was part of the destruction of the West; apart from a false note about Israel, it would seem that Raspail’s understanding of race and culture. including the facts of Russia vs. the Yellow Peril, is superior to that of some in the “movement.”  And, of course, we do not need Chinese girls with guns to “protect the West’s borders” – it is simply a matter of will.  If it is decided that the borders are to be defended, Whites can very well do it themselves, thank you very much.
Sessions finally endorses Trump.  Meanwhile, the media continues to talk about “Rubio’s momentum.”  I don’t know, after being endorsed by Christie and Sessions, and leading in the polls, one would think that the “momentum” is with Der Touchback, but, hey, let’s not be too judgmental of the media narrative now, shall we?  After all, we know that the real job of the news media is to create the news, not report it.  Similarly, opinion polling is designed to create opinions, not measure them.
At first glance, I originally thought that the painting accompanying this article was that of Rosie disciplining the Derb.  My mistake.

Majestic Mainstream Marine Failure

Where’s the “power” that is supposed to be the justification for mainstreaming?
Mainstreaming “crashes and burns” in France, as predicted at this blog.
Marine tries to move towards a political center that is already occupied, and occupied by parties and politicians with previous experience in power (and with System support).  The niche is full; there is no more political carrying capacity in the center-right territory in France.
Let’s compare this outcome with Durocher’s other onan-object: Chicken-Wire Vik Orban. Orban has increased popularity by moving to the right, not to the center. True, the Hungarian Right is already occupied by Jobbik; the difference is that Orban is already in power, and can use the power inherent in his position to push Jobbik out of their niche and occupy it himself. The FN has never been in power, it has no means to push Sarkozy out of the center-right niche; further, the System – which views Mainstream Marine as anathema regardless of her cuckservative prevaricating – would never trust her enough to allow her to become established in that centrist niche.  All that mainstreaming effort for nothing.
The bottom-line: Mainstreamers are the cuckservatives of the “movement.”  Mainstreaming is treason and mainstreamers are traitors.
Once again to stress a point that some do not understand: mainstreaming has nothing to do with rhetoric, it has to do about ideology.  A radical does not have to be a bombastic buffoon like Trump. One can express extreme radical views in measured language, and I encourage those on the far-Right in actual politics (as opposed to metapolitical bloggers) to do just that.  But that’s not what Marine has been doing; under her watch, the FN has moved ideologically to the center, towards civic nationalism. That’s unforgivable, it’s a proven failure, and it’s a mirror image of the American GOP cuckservative phenomenon.

Durocher Doubles Down

But then backs off.

At first, this seemed like just another one of Durocher’s breathless love letters to Orban. But then (perhaps during the orgasmic refractory period), a glimmer of sense appeared:

The conservative populists will not, in themselves, save Europe, even if they successfully impose a solution to the current migrant crisis. Their opposition to non-European immigration is as a rule instinctive and electoral, not ideological and principled. They oppose immigration, to the extent they do, because it pays and will cease to do so when it no longer pays. Indeed, Orbán’s poll numbers have shot up thanks to his successful crisis management and it is hard to say the extent to which his position is really ideologically principled or merely politically opportunistic. The conservative populists’ objective role — visible especially in France, Germany, and Belgium — has often been to steal votes from the nationalist far-right, without actually addressing the underlying problem of immigration.

While it is possible that Orban may personally prefer Hungary to stay Hungarian, I believe he is an opportunist whose current position is solely due to pressure on his political right from Jobbik. His constant waffling in the face of EU pressure is not consistent with a principled position. Then we have his attack on the NPI conference. No one was asking him to endorse the conference, much less promote or even attend it, but just to leave it alone. But, no, with all the fervor of a “point-and-sputter” SJW, he made sure to crush the conference and harass Spencer. Is there still any doubt about his “principles?”
A correct attitude toward Orban would be brief and infrequent mild and skeptical praise when he says or does (preferably, does) something useful, but to always “hold his feet to the fire” and never trust him to do the right thing on his own. The onanistic frenzy of the mainstreamers about Chicken Wire Vik is as unseemly and embarrassing as the traditionalists with their hands in their pants over bare-chested Vlad, or “the Donald’s” army of dreamy-eyed PUA girls lying in the grass wetting themselves over “the Trumpening.”
As to why the mainstreaming excitement over Orban:

Barring a bloody revolution, the only way for us to achieve the policies necessary to halt immigration and save Europe from destruction is by restoring that junction between our ruling elites and the ostracized nationalist dissidence. Thus our peoples’ interests and right to life would again be secured, and our ruling elites might again be legitimate leaders of the people they govern. 

EGI Notes is of course a peace-loving and pacifist blog that preaches a strict doctrine of non-violence. I – no doubt, no doubt! – absolutely abhor any thought of anything other than bookish intellectualism as a solution to our problems. However, I unfortunately realize – with deep regret, shaking my head sadly – that to solve the race problem will very possibly require “bloody revolution” and that “our” ruling elites in such a scenario would be made to learn to “play the piano” real fast.  The mainstreamers, on the other hand, horrified by the thought of soiling their dainty hands with any of that, refuse to consider the possibility. Let’s leave the traitors and opportunists in power; after all, anything else would be “radical” and “bloody.” Thus, the mainstreamers eagerly grasp onto Orban or any other established conservative figure that offers hope that a partial compromise solution can be found that would not require any dreaded bloodshed.

Is Onan a Mainstreamer, a Traditionalist, or a Gamester?

Durocher’s sweaty obsession on display again.

Which can be compared to previous comments at this blog here.
Well, Orban is better than Merkel, no doubt, but the mainstreamers’ obsession with Saint Viktor is, to put it mildly, strange. One can almost imagine Durocher’s heavy breathing as he writes about Chicken Wire Vik, champion of blustering talk and of a flimsy fence that photographers have snapped pictures of, with smiling migrants climbing over and under, and with bored-looking Hungarian police standing by doing nothing.
Of course, those police were a bit more active when it came time to shut down the NPI conference.
Durocher’s excitement over Orban’s obvious attempts to win votes from Jobbik (what would Vik be doing if the Jobbik electoral threat was not there, I wonder?), rivals that of some folks getting all hot and bothered over Putin wrestling tigers bare-chested, or Roissy’s girl-crush on “the Trumpening.”
How about praising politicians and leaders for real pro-White action, rather than for shutting down nationalist conferences in Budapest, building mosques in Moscow, and praising legal “highly skilled” immigration?

A Comment on Sir Viktor, King of Mainstreaming

Some useful comments.

Read here.

Wrong attitude. That softly softly approach is the exact attitude that has created this crisis. Those “migrants” effortlessly walking round the small numbers of Hungarian police initially posted on the border were already breaking the law. Remember this is a country that is prepared to use large numbers of police to arrest and expel one White Nationalist for trying to have a drink with a few friends before a conference.Cracking a few heads at the start of the crisis would have been well within Hungarian law, however much elements of the media screeched about it. Thanks to the initial laxness a lot more heads will have to be cracked, while those already in have already started to burden Europe in countless ways. This invasion happened on Obran’s watch. I’m not really sure he can ever make amends for that although it’s good to see him now trying. There are also problems with Hungary’s number two party, Jobbik, who tend to view the Islamic and non-European world sympathetically while maintaining revanchist claims against Hungary’s European neighbours.

I agree with both points.  First, Sir Viktor is a fraud – using excessive force to shut down a nationalist conference and harass Spencer, while having police stand around as laughing migrants crawl under and over the chicken wire “fence.”  And as regards the “horrors” of the “water cannons and tear gas” – remember the migrants were physically attacking the Hungarian forces – throwing rocks and concrete slabs that can kill. The Hungarians were well within their rights to shoot to kill. But, hey, maybe they’re saving their bullets for the next NPI conference. And the comments on Jobbik underscore the problems of “petty nationalism”/ethnonationalism, a concept which should have been dead and buried with World Wars I and II.