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Jordan Peterson: Man of the West

Gravel-voiced hypocrite and fool.

Read this.

Dr. Peterson cautioned, however, that we have no right to take pride in European cities just because you “happen to have the same skin color as some of the people,” who built them. Of course, race is not just a matter of skin color. [iv] Dr. Peterson even briefly acknowledged group differences in IQ—but said he is “hesitant” about discussing implications and then ignored them. [v] Needless to say, they have enormous consequences, and low-IQ groups could not possibly have built our civilization. East Asians are the only other race with a high enough average IQ to build something approaching Western civilization, but racial differences go beyond IQ. Asians appear to be more sensitive to criticism in a way that reinforces conformity, [vi] which may explain why they are underrepresented in scientific innovation. [vii] These differences predict a Martin Luther as opposed to a Confucius. Asians may be predisposed to hierarchy [viii] and to see wholes while whites see details. [ix] It is unlikely that East Asians, would have developed the individual rights that Dr. Peterson sees as a world miracle. 

Dr. Peterson continued: “It’s not even so clear to what extent [Western civilization is] European. I mean, it came out of the Middle East, you know?” Even if this absurd statement were true and something essential to our civilization came out of the Middle East, Europeans built our civilization, not Middle-Easterners. If Dr. Peterson was talking about Christianity, it has been Europe’s religion for more than 1,000 years and has received a thick overlay that is distinctly Western. Moreover, as Dr. Peterson noted, Islam—a truly Middle Eastern religion—may not be compatible with Western civilization. [x] 

Dr. Peterson concluded on a smug note: “There we go, dispensed with the radical right wingers in four minutes,” adding that any racial argument is “so muddleheaded that you hardly know where to start.”

So, after making superficial “arguments” against peripheral (*) aspects of Far Right views, Peterson concludes that he has dispensed with the “radical right wing” despite never addressing any of the core tenets of the Real Far Right, and he asserts that racial arguments – you know, the ones he never actually gets around to really addressing – are “so muddleheaded” (pot calling the kettle black?) that “you hardly know where to start.”  Well, that last bit is actually an accurate bit of self-description on Peterson’s part, as he truly doesn’t know where to start, and hasn’t actually done so.

The key tenets of Real Far Right though are: (1) racial preservation (and advancement), genetic continuity, and ethnic genetic interests – what we can call the Salterian view; and (2) what we can call the Yockeyian view – actualizing a High Culture, not merely “being proud of it,” but going forward as members of that Culture and building upon it (in Yockey’s view, the fine points of which we can debate, that means creating the Imperium).

Now, in order to argue against those tenets, one needs to basically take the view that all peoples are interchangeable, all ethnies are fungible, that there are no essential differences between any human groups.  One can take that view literally – race-denying, science-denying absurdity (which Peterson actually tips his toe into by making the imbecilic implication that racial differences merely conflate to skin color) – or you can take the view functionally – that differences may exist but these are of no import and nothing any individual should be concerned about (e.g., the “who cares” argument about EGI).  These are, of course, the views of the Left as applied specifically to Whites (Coloreds are allowed to recognize and celebrate difference) and, as we know, Peterson’s real target audience is Whites (particularly all those young White men he is “saving” from the Alt Right).

On the other hand, a view from the Right – not necessarily “radical” Right but the Right in its fundamental essence – recognizes human difference and human hierarchy, and if you recognize difference, an intellectually honest person will also recognize the legitimacy of the Salterian view, and, whether or not they agree or disagree with Yockey’s prescription for the West, must also at least recognize that the Yockeyian view is one possible and fully legitimate option for Western Man.

So, either Peterson must agree that the fundamental tenets of the Far Right have validity, based on the concept of fundamental human difference, or else he is a Man of the Left (and it is on the Left, by the way, that one properly classifies the Neocons, the civic nationalists, and all else who delegitimize racial arguments and White racial interests).

The clear evidence that Peterson is a Man of the Left is shown here as follows:

However, Dr. Peterson has explicitly denounced white consciousness. At a recent talk at Lafayette College, a member of the audience asked what he thought about taking pride in European ethnic identity. He replied, in part, “The West has got some things right, we got the sovereignty of the individual right,” and he noted that this has resulted in worldwide wealth. But, he continued, “Am I proud of that? It’s like, I didn’t do that. What the hell? Pride! What’s that? That’s not the right response.” [i] 

“Pride! What’s that?” It is odd that Dr. Peterson should ask. In the first chapter of 12 Rules For Life, he explains that pride helps lobsters and birds guard their territory and determines which survive disease and reproduce. [ii] He also notes that self-respect helps people resist oppression. [iii] Therefore, according to his own logic, European pride is vital to the West’s survival.

The most fundamental tenet of the Modern Left is hostility to White interests.  Race has replaced Class as the focal point of Leftist struggle, and here we see Peterson make a classic unprincipled exception in order to attack the legitimacy of White interests.  Pride and self-respect is vital and important to all things – EXCEPT when it applies to Whites and White racial interests.  Pride is important for lobsters and birds, but NOT for White folks.  Self-respect helps people resist oppression, but obviously that cannot apply to dastardly Whites who may want to, for example, resist the oppression of mass migration, race replacement, political correctness, speech restriction, racial double standards, Jewish dual morality, and the despicably hypocritical cant of leftists like Peterson himself. 

The key to the Left is that anything that benefits Whites as Whites, as a race, is BAD, even if in any and every other circumstance it is good (hence, for example, the United Nations definition of “indigenous peoples” mysteriously does not include the native populations of Europe, since that inclusion would benefit White interests, and White interests go against the Fundamental Premise of the System).  It is therefore clear that Peterson is as far to the Left, once you clear away superficial rambling, as is any blue-haired SJW hysteric.

Therefore, according to his own logic, European pride is vital to the West’s survival.

That’s true, but Peterson is a leftist.  His ultimate logic is that any “racial argument” that benefits Whites must be “muddleheaded” and hence “dispensed” with.  Consistency goes out the window if it specifically is applied to benefiting Whites as a race.

Peterson is a typical System apparatchik posing as a free-thinking dissident in order to fool gullible Whites and steer White men away from the racial thinking they need to defend their interests.

Peterson is the enemy.  And any morons, like some idiot writing at VDARE, who believe that Peterson is somehow useful and “on our side” are either stupid or deluded or are enemies themselves.

*Granted, for the Alt Wrong, and much of the Alt Right, the points Peterson attacks actually are the core.  But, the Alt Wrong are a bunch of pro-Jewish self-described “yellow supremacists” and the Alt Right (to the extent it still even exists) is essentially Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism.  So, if Peterson wants to tilt at windmills by going after the laughingstocks of the “radical right wing” then that only proves he is both an idiot and a coward (as well as being a hysterical SJW leftist).