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The Importance of Identity

Who to you identify with?

The great deeds of our ancestors, he writes, affect us because they are seen as our own deeds. The history of other peoples can affect us to a degree, but not nearly as powerfully as that of our own, because with their heroes we lack a comparable identification. The value of identification with the heroes of national history is that ‘grasping the Fatherland as a whole warns us to be true to its virtues’. ‘In the enchanted pictures of national history’, Fritz concludes, ‘we become clear as to which destiny our people must fulfill, what the task is that is given to it’.

Julian Young, Friedrich Nietzsche. Cambridge University Press.

That was the (at least, early) opinion of Nietzsche, and it is a correct one.

Christianity, on the other hand, will have us “all equal before God.”