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Why the West Should Shun the Alt Right

Alt Right = moronic stupidity.

So basically the whole thing is a retarded mashup of Arthur Kemp and Jared Taylor, with millennial juvenile jackass “lulzing” trolling mixed in, spiced up with a few “Hail Keks!” and pictures of Pepe.  Yeah, the West really needs that.

I do like this comment:

machiaevil • 11 minutes ago

Nobody needs the alt-lite (which is what you now are). You have been used and now you are being disposed. You are kosher cuckservatives and retards who have never kissed a girl drooling over Jew friendly shills like Lauren Southern, Birtanny Pettinbone, Lana Lokteff, there’s reason you can’t find a photo of them without makeup.

Lol at moron Spencer ditching the awesome and intellectually elitist Radix, for the shitty aggregator site aimed at idiots who watch (((Rebel Media))) and Stefan Molyfag videos and learned of the altright from Hillary Clinton.

That’s correct.  The breathless excitement over female Alt Right/Alt Lite specimens is absolutely thirsty beta-ism, since listening to podcasts involving such people, or reading what they write, exposes their intellectual vacuity and shallow “understanding” of the issues at stake.

And I’ve already written here that leaving Radix for was a terrible mistake.

Delenda est Alt Right.

Der Movement Reading List

Non-fiction category laughable.

With important classics like Imperium and On Genetic Interests to choose from, it’s not unexpected that “movement” dimwits would instead pick the trash of “Robertson” and Kemp.  Anyway, this topic could be the foundation of an interesting  podcast; how about a enlightening discussion between Taylor and Thomas Jackson?

If I had to choose? I’ll pick two in each category and then one book series (and a runner-up) in a new category.   Non-fiction would be the two books mentioned above. Fiction would be The Brothers Karamazov (for the reasons given in the link) and Moby Dick, a sublime meditation on aspects of the observed and hidden worlds, and an excellent literary exposition on the Faustian character – is there in literature a more Faustian character than Ahab?

In a special fiction category of science fiction/fantasy, I’ll skip the obvious “movement” pick of March of the Titans, and go with Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun series, which is analogous to The Brothers Karamazov and Moby Dick for this category.  The work of Jack Vance would be a collective runner-up here.

That Erudite Cochran Again

More shallow stupidity.

Mr. Clogged Arteries writes:

Now you see some signs of other stuff in Sicily or Calabria today, but that seems to be later, from Arab or Byzantine times.

“Stuff.” What “stuff?” Lasagna? Olive oil? A horse head in a bed? Oh, the idiot is talking about population genetics. As is typical of HBD, the analysis is shallow. The relative genetic continuity in Italy (Ancient-Modern) – contra the heavy breathing “movement” and Arthur “Pesci” Kemp – is not simply due to “the slaves all died out” or “the slaves were mostly European” but likely a combination of those two: many, not all, of the slaves died out, and the ones who were assimilated were for the most part European, and the others mostly NECs not very genetically distant (as would be Nigerians or Chinamen) from the native population. It’s not that there was absolute zero genetic influx, that is absurd, it’s that the influx was much smaller than is popularly believed, and was mostly European (with some Levantines mixed in). Likewise, the “stuff” in “Sicily or Calabria” from “Arab or Byzantine times” was also much smaller than is popularly believed, and mostly Near Eastern/North African NECs; the combination of a small influx of peoples not enormously distant from the native population didn’t alter things too much (granted the Near Easterners and North Africans may have carried some sub-Saharan alleles). This later influx also (subsequently) included Normans, French, Spaniards, and North Italians, further adjusting the population back in the (overall genetic) direction of its original constitution.

In the News. 3/9/16

Some items for today.

Greg Johnson writes of Kemp’s March of the Titans:

It is not just filled with “mistakes,” the falsehoods are so systematic and driven by an agenda that the book has to be dismissed as dishonest. But beyond that it is clumsily and stupidly dishonest.

Quite right.  But there’s more.  The dishonesty extends to Kemp and his followers stupidly (and clumsily) attempting to deny he and his book are Nordicist, when both are extreme cases, in some ways going beyond Pierce himself (as well as Sayce and Peterson). Ancient Egypt as a “Nordic Desert Empire?”  Napoleon (according to Kemp born in Sardinia of noble French ancestry – no joke) also a Nordic?

Trump wins in the deep south and in the rust belt, loses in Idaho. Sounds all too familiar. Of interest:

Michigan, the place where the Reagan Democrats were first “discovered” by the national media, was a crucial test for his candidacy, testing whether he could really win disaffected union members and workers.

Look who has shown up at TOO again.  Wow, the previous exposure of Sen’s antics really “helped,” eh? And then we wonder why the “movement” is a mess?  Oh, right, let’s blame it on the “multiethnic nature of White America.”  No, rather, it’s more of the monoethnic nature of White American “movement” leadership, if one needed to choose between those two options.

Durocher Jumps the Shark

Durocherite filth.

Durocher basically promotes Nordicism while at the same time stating that he is not doing so – shades of Arthur Kemp.  So, essentially, Durocher promotes: mainstreaming, HBD, and Nordicism (*).   On top of it, he produces sentences that are double lies: 

The existential prospects for eastern and southern European nations, not forgetting Argentina, are infinitely brighter.

Southern and Eastern European nations have among the lowest birthrates in Europe, and, indeed, the world.  Some of them, especially Italy, Spain, and Greece, are being flooded with migrants.  Russia is demographically becoming Asian and Muslim. Certain Central European and Balkan nations are seeing their native populations being demographically swamped by fast-breeding Roma. They are as “cucked” as anyone else and they are a bit behind in the dispossession rates only because of their – as Durocher informs us – socioeconomic inferiority compared to the NW, which has heretofore made them less attractive destinations for migrants.  Durocher’s outright lie of infinitely better prospects is another fetishist misconception of a “demographically secure Southern and Eastern Europe” (a specialty of “Desmond Jones” for example) is yet more evidence that Durocher is intentionally spreading some of the worst lies of HBDers and Nordicists.
And, Argentina is NOT an ethnically European nation, southern, or otherwise.  It is a mixed race Latino nation with VERY considerable admixture in its population.  Durocher’s assertion is yet another lie, previously courtesy of the likes of William Pierce and John Ray, that brown-skinned mestizos are “Mediterranean Whites.”  Stop the lies, Durocher, you mainstreaming piece of filth.

This absolute scum Durocher has to be the worst filth in the “movement,” and his activities are being very carefully watched….and remembered.  And, truth be told, I do not understand why otherwise intelligent and well-meaning activists persist in giving the liar Durocher a forum to spread his mendacious trash.
Durocher says we should follow the truth wherever it leads us.  I agree.  The truth: Durocher is a vicious enemy of European Man, he is a fifth column within the “movement,” he is the traitor within the gates, and the preceding paragraph well summarizes my views on this truth.
Speaking of racial truths, there are of course very real differences between European stocks, these are discussed at my blogs, and I do not hesitate to note the obvious fact that, currently, NW Europeans and their societies exhibit a superior degree of accomplishment in many important metrics of human progress. 
However, one can objectively discuss these points without, as Durocher does, OPENLY LYING, spreading silly HBD memes, and promoting political Nordicism while smarmily claiming the opposite (**).
*As an example of Durocherite promotion of HBDite Nordicism, some excerpts:

The relationship between northwest Europeans and other Europeans in some respects parallels that between Europeans and non-Europeans: There is often pronounced envy for the Northwest Europeans’ perceived success, often seesawing between imperfect imitation and nativist self-assertion…

…Italy, with a prosperous northern part of the country and an underperforming south, is much the same. The Italians adhere to the European Union as a way of achieving a northern European quality of life and civility. Italian participation in the Eurozone was, quite explicitly, predicated on a desire to abandon the undisciplined chaos of Italian parliamentary politics…One could say the same thing of Spain, Portugal, Greece, and indeed most of the Balkans, such as Romania and Bulgaria. In each case, the nation’s economics are mediocre and her politics and society are variably corrupt…

…The speculation of many human biodiversity scholars about the so-called “Hajnal line” often smacks as a euphemism, conscious or not, of Nordicism. Speaking of which, the quite obvious genetic cluster formed by northwest European nations just happens to largely coincide with the outlines of the Hajnal line.

All this fits rather neatly with the traditional thesis….

**One can ask what is the purpose of this Durocher piece?  Not to tell the truth, as it is full of lies and inaccuracies (some of which are discussed above).  Using the same “game” language Durocher is fond of, I’ll say that he is “butt hurt” over the criticisms of him, mainstreaming, and Orban coming from certain directions, and he thinks that nonsense like his essay is “getting even.”  If that is true, and I believe it is, he is damaging racial nationalism, and promoting division, just to “score points” as part of a juvenile feud, because he is unable to directly address the mainstreaming issue, which is the major point of contention.  So, this childish amateur, a troll who twists and turns to placate the “movement” (note how he puts together rambling articles on Jews for TOO), sacrifices White interests on the altar of his own ego. 
People think Roosh is bad?  Durocher is 1000x worse.

Book Review: The Iron Dream

Book review.

The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad

A few words on the “metafiction” book, The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad, written as a spoof of Nazism and, even more so, of the alleged Nazi-like motifs inherent in much of sci-fi/fantasy literature.
Rather than waste time giving a detailed synopsis of this book, I direct the reader to an excellent Wikipedia summary of the book’s plot, a plot which is composed of two parts: first, an early 1950s science fiction story, Lord of the Swastika, “written” by an Adolf Hitler who had immigrated to America in 1919, followed by a critical analysis of the Hitler book “written” by one “Homer Whipple.”
The Wikipedia page links makes the necessary historical links between the major characters and places of Lord of the Swastika and the real-life Hitler story. Thus, protagonist Feric Jaggar is an idealized and Nordicized version of Hitler himself; the dark, slight Seph Bogel, an ambitious but loyal orator, is Goebbels; Stag Stopa, head of the Knights (SA), first loyal but then executed for treason, is Rohm; the fanatical head of the book’s SS, Bors Remler, is Himmler; Heldon is Germany; Borgravia is Austria; Zind is the USSR; other characters are undoubtedly Goering, Hess, Ludendorf, etc.; and the dreaded Dominators are the Jews.

The Hitler fiction story is amusingly entertaining and indeed reminds one of standard “movement” racial history “non-fiction” texts.  After all, the “movement” has six foot tall blonde Nordics creating every civilization between Gibraltar and the Himalayas, while Lord of the Swastika ends with seven foot tall blonde Nordics rocketing off to conquer outer space.  Same difference. The following quote from the book summarizes the basic Piercian plotline:

Every inch of advance was a concrete step forward toward the goal of an earth inhabited entirely by tall, blond, genetically purebred supermen totally free from even the possibility of racial contamination.

I don’t know, Spinrad, that really doesn’t sound so bad to me.  Yes, it is “anti-Med,” but that fictional future is a hell of a lot better than the present-day reality of the multiracial nightmare of America and the entire “West.” Hail Jaggar!

Ironically, in my “Nazi” opinion, Spinrad’s spoof backfired on him. The part of the book which reads most like a sarcastically critical spoof is not the Hitler story itself, but the critical analysis by Whipple (who even Spinrad described as a “tendentious pedant”). Whipple’s analysis is the usual warmed over, sexualized, Freudian psychobabble, an ad hominem attack in which the author Hitler is described as a (probably) syphilitic, crazed, obsessed, sexually repressed latent homosexual.  Sound familiar?  And, despite the Anglo-Saxon surname “Whipple,” this New York-based critic might as well have been named “Jewenstein.”  It’s that “over the top.”  And, given the context of the alternative history of The Iron Dream, in which a dominant Soviet Union controls most of the Earth, except a despondent America and a militant Japan, one can’t help admire the vision of Lord of the Swastika and despise the pedantic Whipple.  Further, there is an implicit whiff of subtle praise for Hitler in the very format of this book’s alternative history – in the absence of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR would have conquered all of Europe and most of the world.

With all of this kept in mind, The Iron Dream is recommended reading.

Skoglund and the Logic of History

Inconsistencies in the “movement” plotline.
Does the work of Skoglund and colleagues support the comic book “movement” version of European history?  That work, and follow-up studies, has been summarized here and also here, which shows a story somewhat complex and evolving as more data are generated.  What seems likely is that there is a strong north-south cline in hunter-gatherer ancestry in Europe, possibly accounting for the bulk of the major north-south genetic divide found in very fine-grained analyses of European genetic variation.  In the north, the ancestry seems a combination of hunter-gatherer and farmer, while in the south, ancestry is for the most part farmer.  Subsequent studies by other groups have identified a possible minor third ancestral component, found mostly in the north; one can reasonably expect future findings to possibly add (or subtract) components to this mix. Purity in the traditional “movement” sense does not exist in these scenarios, unless one wants to hold up Sardinians as paragons of prehistoric-to-the-present racial purity.
There’s an additional problem for the comic book fans.  If Southern Europeans are, as they (and the studies) assert, predominantly of Neolithic farmer origin, and if these farmers entered Europe thousands of years before the start of recorded history, and if all the major ancestral component migrations and mixtures also occurred before the start of recorded history, then these intra-European differences were already in place from the very beginning of the Classical-Western historical record. Or are the Ostaraites going to argue for an original Neolithic population in the south, replaced by hunter-gatherers who created the Classical civilization, who were then replaced by cringing subhuman slaves from the Middle East and North Africa, somehow magically recreating the original genetic divide? That “spin” is of course inconsistent with the genetic differentiation between Southern Europeans and Middle Easterners/North Africans, a differentiation which, along with other findings, is consistent with Southern Europeans being descended from the original Neolithic farmer influx. Indeed, genetic kinship analyses by companies like 23andme show Southern Europeans sharing more genes with Northern Europeans than with Middle Easterners and North Africans, indicative of an early, Neolithic division between these groups, as well as being consistent with a degree of Neolithic ancestry in the north.  In addition, the early work of Cavalli-Sforza supported the idea of general genetic continuity in Italy from ancient to modern times.
Therefore, the different parts of the comic book are incompatible with each other.  Now, in reality, all of this is irrelevant to EGI.  The genomes and their genetic interests of today are what they are, regardless of how they got that way.  But, some are very much interested in “racial history.”  The Paleolithic/Neolithic differences are a particular area of interest and that’s fine, but, for the sake of consistency, those so interested should abandon descriptions of the Classical world that revolve around images of Dolph Lundgren walking around in a toga.