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We Already Have De Facto Open Borders

Isn’t it obvious?

Given U.S. obligations under “international asylum law” for “refuges” the following situation holds.  Anyone – literally, anyone – can enter the United States under any pretext, claim to be a “refugee” claiming “asylum,” and the U.S. is legally obligated to allow the person or persons into the country to wait for adjudication of their claim.  And once here, they are very difficult, if not impossible, to remove – as they become integrated into a system of leftist lawyers, activists, judges, and organizations, all supportive of any and all “asylum” claims, no matter how transparently ludicrous.  Indeed, the Left takes the position that anyone entering the country in any manner – including burrowing under barriers, storming fences, violently attacking ICE agents, anything – are legal as long as they claim “asylum.”  And even stupid and useless Third Worlders are realizing this and essentially are all starting to use the “asylum card.”

If the entire population of, say, India, showed up at the US-Mexican border, and started invading – Camp of the Saints style – all claiming to be “refugees” seeking “asylum” then what legal basis would the U.S. have to refuse them?  As long at the United States – and all other majority White nations – stupidly continue to be signees to international, legally-binding treaties on refugee asylum, then there is NO legal rationale for refusal. Anyone, in any numbers, from anywhere, can demand admittance under this treaty and the obligation for acceptance is there.

The ONLY sane response is for the countries targeted by this invasion to leave the treaty.  Instead of “negging” Pelosi or treating college football players to fast food, Trump should be prioritizing issues like this. A televised address on immigration should have included an explanation of the asylum scam, and how it is exploited to transform all illegal immigration into internationally recognized and legalized “asylum seeking” – and he should have demanded that the USA leave the treaty in order to defend its sovereignty and national integrity. Any nation that abides by “international law” on “asylum “for “refuges” effectively has open borders. And open borders is tantamount to national suicide.


And So Roissy Weeps Softly

Deconstructing the most radical left-wing President in US history: “Red Don” Trump. In all cases, emphasis added.

Ted Sallis: Right once again.   I identified Trump as a Negrophilic ultra-cuck fraud as far back as 2015.  Good to see the Alt Wrong is catching up, three years later.

While the Trump base isn’t getting a wall, I guess they can be content with criminal justice reform and increased foreign aid to Central America.

Donald J. Trump: A radical neo-Marxist far-left anti-White SJW.  Antifa Don Trump!

Gee…Mudshark Annie has moved quite far away from In Trump We Trust:

The basic factory setting on the perception of Trump is: gigantic douchebag. This is a man who manufactured fake Time magazine covers featuring himself with the headline, “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” so that he could put framed copies of it on the walls of his clubs.

His business is convincing people with lowbrow taste to give him their money.

He’s a vulgar publicity hound who used to call reporters in a fake voice and pretend to be his own PR agent, “John Miller” or “John Barron,” so he could brag that actresses wanted to date him.

On one “Apprentice” episode, the reward for the winning team was: to see Trump’s apartment. Not to eat there or spend the night. They got to see it. “As a little treat,” he said, “you’re gonna see the nicest apartment in New York City.” He added: “I show this apartment to very few people. Presidents, kings …”

It’s not as if a majority of his voters weren’t clear-eyed about what kind of man he is. If anything, Trump’s vulgar narcissism made his vow to build a wall more believable. Respectable politicians had made similar promises over the years—and they always betrayed the voters. Maybe it took a sociopath to ignore elite opinion and keep his word.

On the basis of his self-interest alone, he must know that if he doesn’t build the wall, he has zero chance of being re-elected and a 100 percent chance of being utterly humiliated.

But when Trump is alone with Ivanka, they seem to agree that the wall has nothing to do with it. The people just love him for who he is! In a country of 320 million people, I’m sure there are some, but I have yet to meet a person who said, Yeah, I don’t really care about immigration or trade, I just love his personality!

What else were we going to do? He was the only one talking sense. Unfortunately, that’s all he does: talk. He’s not interested in doing anything that would require the tiniest bit of effort.

In the end, we’ll probably find out “wall” was Trump’s “safe word” with Stormy Daniels. It’s just something he blurts out whenever he’s in trouble.

Hey, Ann, while you were writing In Trump We TrustEGI Notes was calling him a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud.  Gee…I wonder who was right and who was wrong?

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.  All these irresponsible, no-account, affirmative action cases, building “leadership” credentials on the basis of Der Movement’s sweaty ethnic fetishism – none of them can take responsibility for their errors and their endless lapses of judgment.  They’re pathetic.

And, Ann, when you were dating brownsters, folks like me were involved in the “nutty nineties” of “movement” activism.  So why don’t you just sit down, shut up, and go away?

Here’s someone Trump can appoint to his Justice Department.

Has there ever been an elected political leader in America more radically leftist and anti-White than Antifa Don Trump?  Where’s the impeachment?  What’s taking so long already?

And lest I be accused of being “insane” by my critics, yes, my over-the-top criticism of Trump is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and exaggerated for effect.  However, he deserves mocking ridicule and the Quota Crew who supported him deserve it even more. But, you know, even though Trump is not literally a radical far-leftist, in a purely utilitarian sense it doesn’t make a difference.  The end result of his behavior is not significantly different than if he actually was a radical far-leftist, which is why the mocking ridicule is effective.

Hey, Greg Johnson, you were telling us that “women have agency?”  If by “agency” you mean ethical dementia, then, yes, there’s “agency” aplenty.  However, if by “agency” you mean rational thought and accountability, they have none.  Actually, just like “movement” “leaders.”

Great excerpt from Counter-Currents comment criticizing Christianity:

But know this: Christianity failed usThey can never again rule. We tolerate them, not vice versa. Anything less guarantees failure.


Note from Der Movement: The Richard Spencer Show: From China with Love with Jason Unruhe.  Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to instead have John Derbyshire on a show with that title?

Meet the God Emperor

Donald Cuck.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Read this.

The Trump Administration immigration enforcement and criminal prosecution of immigration violations is collapsing across all fronts. It appears that Lady DACA (DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen) and others in the Department of Justice have decided that illegal immigration will have no consequences. Instead of aggressively confronting and punishing illegal immigration, the Trump Administration is now negotiating with caravan leaders to make their lives easier.
It appears that a complete collapse in the face of the caravan is likely in the near future, and for no apparent reason. Ridiculously, the Trump Administration is processing 100 of these asylum applicants and releasing them immediately. This is just the opposite of what the Administration should be doing…Sadly though, the Trump Administration is considering speeding up the processing and release of these illegal aliens.

Hmm…maybe Antifa Don Trump will nominate Dixon as his permanent Attorney General?  Make Antifa Great Again!

Read this.

Separately, Fields is charged with hate crimes in a 30-count federal indictment. Prosecutors in that case allege Fields espoused white supremacist ideals and denounced minorities on social media before traveling to Virginia for the rally. Once there, the indictment says, he drove his car into a crowd with the intention of hurting people he targeted based on his bigoted views.

Remind me who is the head of federal law enforcement again?  Any answer, Roissy?

Well, well, well, even “Zman” gets it…albeit three years late.  As openly stated on this blog back in 2015 – Trump is a fraud.  He long ago finished the only good he has done – the chaos and balkanization – and now he’s just another rehash of Ronnie Raygun…and Nixon as well, Nixon being another one who triggered the Left with his personality, while at the same time actively promoting leftist policies and betraying his base.

Sallis knew this in 2015. All the quota queens and other idiots are belatedly realizing this three years later, and after the fact.  Good judgment is knowing things in advance, not admitting the facts after reality has smacked you upside the head for years, forcing you to realize how wrong you’ve been (but they’ll never admit that part…about being wrong).

Was she killed by the Mozambique citizen she is posing with in the picture?

Disgusting essay shilling for the Christianity death cult at Counter-Currents.

On Hatred, Trump, Happy Penguins, Etc.

Food for thought.  That’s Cheerios for Breezy Steve.

I’d like to address Johnson’s comments about “hate” in his fourth Alt Right historical installment, and, especially, I am interested in the thoughtful comment here.

Hatred is a powerful motivating force, and as the commentator says, hatred of evil has been part of the Western Christian cultural-religious tradition (for better or worse).  So, while I despite the casual bigotry of the Bunker Syndrome folks – who typically do nothing constructive for White interests – and also despite the “acting out” of the Type I Nutzi peanut gallery, there is a place for a healthy hatred in the activist toolkit.  I believe it is foolish to hate individuals based on race, ethnicity, etc.  On an individual basis, there are good and bad in all peoples and, personally, I have known some very good non-Whites and some despicable Whites (more often the latter than the former, but still, I have known both types).  However, in an integrated globalist world with more than seven billion people, you simply cannot make public policy on an individual basis. You need to deal with groups – large groups, and make judgments on groups.  And in my opinion it is certainly reasonable and healthy to hate groups when those groups deserve to be hated (and they do), just as it is reasonable and healthy to hate individuals when that level of hatred is deserved.  In both cases, I reject hatred just because of difference; instead, the hatred is due to harm that is done – and it is possible to hate a group for that reason, while making exceptions for individuals within that group. Those exceptions however, do not determine public policy.  On an individual and personal level, it may be unfortunate that racial separation would remove personally pleasant non-Whites and include unpleasant Whites.  But, again, you cannot make public policy on an individual basis when dealing with millions or billions of people.

As far as Johnson goes, my understanding of his background, based on things he has said in podcasts, is that he grew up in a White environment; if he had grown up in a Colored Urban Jungle, as others have, his views on “hate” might have been quite different.

Well, what do you know?  Sallis right once again.  Gee, what about all those gamesters literally getting all hot and bothered (one saying, “I have to change my pants”) about Trump sending troops to the border?  Apparently, the troops are there to help process the refugee applications.


Face facts: Trump tricked all you starry-eyed worshippers. Trump is an ultra-far-left super-cuck, likely to the left of Clinton when it comes to actualizing immigration policy. Separate out the bluster and the tweets from the reality.

Sallis back in 2015: Trump is a fraud, a vulgar, ignorant buffoon, Touchback Trump who will his throw his White base under the bus at the first opportunity.

The Alt Right from 2015 to mid-2018: MAGA!  Trump!  The last chance for White America!  God Emperor!  Pepe!  Kek!  [cue heavy breathing]

MacDonald in 2018: I don’t know, about this Trump guy, I’m feeling I was, like you know, swindled or something.

Spencer in 2018: This Trump guy, he’s not, like you know, protecting his base of supporters, he’s just using them.

So, hey, “movement” rank-and-file: it’s your choice.  Follow the folks who belatedly realize three years later that their “last chance for White America” “God Emperor” is a fraud, or follow folks who realized it from the very beginning and warned you all, years before the betrayals came to pass. Of course, you’ll continue supporting and following the former, because, well, you know.

More of the same: Hood and Amren are only, like, three years behind EGI Notes.  Emphasis added:

President Trump has done nothing for us. No one is coming to save us….President Trump has done us an immense service, not by “emboldening” us or helping us in any concrete way but by so infuriating our opponents that they have shown their hand more clearly than ever. The other side now says openly that the political divide is a racial divide—and that we are an odious obstacle to progress. It remains only for us to wake up our side to this reality. This country is becoming more polarized, and the division of the past two years is just the beginning.

And on the recent election:

There are already signs President Trump’s coalition is shrinking. The Rust Belt that gave him a presidential victory tilted heavily towards Democrats this election. The crushing humiliation of some of the most “Trumpist” immigration patriots was so predictable that almost no one is even bothering to mention it. Corey Stewart ran on defending Virginia’s monuments, opposing gangs such as MS-13, and staunchly supporting President Trump’s immigration agenda. Congressman Lou Barletta was one of the most promising politicians in the country, once spoken of as a possible secretary of labor, where he could have been a leading voice in transforming the GOP into the “workers’ party” President Trump promised. Both men were defeated by lopsided margins.

Let’s compare that to Sallis vs. Johnson.

Sallis: Trump was humiliated.

Johnson: It was really a victory for Trump since he didn’t lose as badly as he could have,

Who is always right, and who is always wrong?

But, hey, rank-and-file: keep on following your “leaders”…right off the cliff.

Here’s the Happy Penguins once again using their children as props for their money-making enterprise.  What despicable low-lives they are.

Hey, Pete and Lydia: when your children are old enough, they can decide for themselves whether or not they agree with your views and whether or not they want their pictures plastered, for all digital eternity, on your VDARE website.  Until then, how about stop forcing your private life and your children into you activist activity?  Didn’t any of these people learn anything from the Derek Black fiasco?  Or the Prussian Blue disavowing?  You can’t force-feed beliefs onto White children in the current System. Other groups can do so.  Particularly, South Asian families in America, both Hindu and Muslim, do an effective job in making their children “toe the line.”  But, Whites are more individualistic and questioning, and the System puts enormous pressure on young Whites to conform (some Christians have some success here – but that’s for cucked, universalist Christianity – racialism is different).  Yes, you should do your best to teach the fundamentals of your belief system, and back it up with facts and your own consistent and honorable behavior, but you cannot force it – even using the children as props for your panhandling is going too far.

And thank Trump/Sessions for the fact you live in a nation in which Antifa is the new Stormtroopers and Gestapo all rolled up into one. MAGA!  Make Antifa Great Again!

Zman discussing fascism reminds me of that line from the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy BBC series:

Total ignorance of subject matter doesn’t bother Percy.

Just replace “Percy” with “Zman and his commentators” and you’ll get my point.

Breezy Steve dietary advice analysis:

One bowl of Cheerios always made me hungrier for a second bowl, which made me hungrier for a third bowl.

Movement Wednesday

Spencer and Trump.

More Alt Right apologia.

There is a lot of amnesia on the alt-right leading to attacks on Richard Spencer. This is probably one of the main ones. 

Or maybe people remember all too well?

Firstly, got deplatformed. Next, Richard Spencer got personally financially deplatformed and so did his organization, NPI. 

Two points.  First, that had much to do with Unite the Right and other incidents that did not have to happen.  I’m not justifying the deplatforming, but explaining it.  Second, whose fault is it that there is no “movement” infrastructure that is not dependent on the same System it wishes to overthrow?  That’s 50 years of “movement” failure for you.  Of course, Spencer is not personally accountable for the second point, but the disaster of the Alt Right is a recent example, a reflection, of the underlying problems of Der Movement.

His activities in this regard have stalled because these activities cost money, and Richard Spencer cannot raise money. 

Again, why so dependent on the System?  Why no alternatives?  Why no contingencies?

This is the reason why there has been an exodus of employees from NPI – simply because Richard Spencer cannot pay them a living salary. 

Does that include Greg Conte?

These people have families to support so its understandable that they would move on.

Meanwhile, the Happy Penguins of CT keep on raking in the shekels. Well, after all, all you suckers at least get to enjoy pictures of Brimelow and Derbyshire sitting out on the lawn.

Richard Spencer has identified financial deplatforming as the most serious organizational problem facing the movement for this reason. 

With all due respect, he’s hardly an objective disinterested observer whose comments should be uncritically accepted at face value.

Contrary to rumor, Richard Spencer is not a wealthy man. He cannot fund these activities by himself.

He should have gone into electoral politics instead.  What a waste.

The way I see it Richard Spencer is the only famous person on the alt-right that has a sense of introspection. 

Well, anything is better than nothing. Against a baseline of zero, Spencer exhibits a bit of introspection.

He admitted that he was wrong about the homosexuals giving up their crusade after obtaining gay marriage, for example. 

Was that before or after his feud with Greg Johnson started?  Likewise, Greg’s shift from pan-Europeanism to ethnonationalism – before or after the feud with Spencer?

None of the others ever admit that they were wrong about anything.

True enough. Now, if only Spencer would admit being wrong about the entire “Alt Right brand,” then we would be making some real progress.

Further – what’s the use of admitting being wrong is there is no accountability?

Read here.

As the Founding Fathers knew, your rights are only what you can defend. Whatever the First Amendment says, Americans now no longer really possess the right of free speech. Patriots are at risk of physical attack for speaking their mind while Antifa enjoy immunity even under a supposedly conservative administration.

Donald J. Trump: far-left Antifa supporter.  God Emperor?  No, Red Emperor.

And speaking of Trump.

Fraud, fraud, fraud…another dog whistling Republican.  Hey, the vote is over, time to arrest the White militia members at the border (“hate crimes!” “serial rioting!”) and give out dem dere green cards to all the nice migrants; after all, “we need the people.”

Well, we’ll see, won’t we, soon enough.  Maybe Trump will surprise us all and actually do something useful.

Der Movement Friday

In der news.

These DNA results put “one of the boys” in a new perspective, eh?  The quota queen mafia are intimately inter-related indeed.  And don’t worry Derb by your lack of “exoticness” (unlike Spencer and Johnson) – your offspring more than make up for you.

Speaking of the extended Derbyshire clan’s co-ethnics, we read the same old story: copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal. A people bereft of any spark of creativity whatsoever, a race of “human” photocopiers, utterly deficient of any originality, nothing.

Very cognitive.  Very elite.  More “k-selected” Northeast Asian behavior, eh?  Honorary Aryans, depigmented supermen from where the cold winds blow!  Hail Asia!  Hail HBD!  Hail cognitive elitism!

Trump…troops to the border.  So what?  If they won’t use force – including lethal force – to stop the invaders, it will end up being another defeat, another capitulation, another humiliation.  Don’t forget that in The Camp of the Saints, the French government did send out a ship to intercept (or at least investigate and gauge the sailor’s willingness to use force) the Brownster Armada, and, tried to feebly mobilize troops for the landing…all for naught.  No Whitey could be found to defend their nation. But, I’ll be fair.  Let’s see what happens.  Maybe Trump will stand firm and not one single “refugee” will enter the country.  I think it more likely they’ll be some sort of surrender and/or legal battle coupled with empty Twitter bluster (with Roissy cheering at all the wonderfully productive negs), but nothing at all accomplished to secure the nation and its borders.  How’s “the wall” coming these days?  How’s that “America First” foreign policy with no entanglements?  How’s the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server coming?  When will “the swamp” be drained? When is the crackdown on tech companies as public utilities?  When…oh you see the pattern by now.  But, hey, lots of tweets produced and lots of Big Macs consumed, so we’re all good!

Bit, if I’m wrong, I will admit it, as I always do the rare times I am wrong, unlike the quota queens, who refuse to acknowledge their constant stream of error.

Remember the Sallis Strategy is about destroying the GOP (with a few exceptions like King). The Sailer Strategy is for the GOP to dog whistle to get White votes (and do nothing for these voters after the election).  Sallis right, Sailer wrong – as per usual.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

What are the odds that Spencer is still in the “movement” five years from now?  Or, that’ll he last as long in it as I’ve had (and that despite the fact that Der Movement is openly and enthusiastically congenial to him ethnically, showering him with leadership opportunities, a situation diametrically opposite of that experienced by others)?  Someone can say that a person’s private relationships are no one else’s business as long as they do their “activist job” (no comment about how well they do that job), but that’s hypocrisy as well, since the private lives of other “movement” leaders are put under the microscope, including people engaged in a long-standing feud with Spencer. It is curious how Der Movement cherry picks what to get all exercised about and what not.  Just like the alleged homosexuality of “person A” is a big deal, while the long-standing rumors that “person B” is also a homosexual are completely ignored (albeit true enough that A creates the issue with their apologia while B does not).  Then we have folks waxing enthusiastic over Derbyshire, despite the, shall we say, “chink in the armor” of his own “movement” persona.  It’s all “Who? Whom?” as Breezy Steve would say.

Personally, while I have nothing against Spencer personally, it is hard to trust, or take seriously, a Far Right leader engaged in a long-term relationship with a liberal.

Blackpill Thursday

Alt Right terminology to mock the Alt Right.

The Turd Alliance. I can’t help notice how the HBD low-life scum all support each other and pat each other on the back: Derbyshire, Zman, Cochran…Cochran may in fact be the worst of the bunch.  Harpending’s biggest error in judgment was getting involved in with that thing to begin with.  And, oh yes, let’s all get so very excited about Cochran’s “physics” background – as if he’s the only one who has ever written about race from the “Right” with a STEM background.

Another example of a network supporting their own:

Sessions has accomplished quite a lot as Attorney General.

And what link was provided to support that ludicrous contention?  This one, I kid you not. So, one justifies lickspittle support for Quota Queen Antifa Jeff Sessions by linking to exactly the same unfounded lickspittle support, this time coming from Quota King Mudshark Annie.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, a legend.  So, let’s all worship Trump based on his offhand comments, tweets, and “negs” – not for actually doing anything to help White Americans.  No, instead we get pardoning of Negro criminals, bragging about “the low Black and Hispanic unemployment rate,” Neocon foreign policy, and, of course, no “Wall” or any other kind of real immigration enforcement.  We also get Trump signing legislation targeting pro-White activists, while his Attorney General is de facto legal counsel for Antifa.


pps antitrust, ag sessions. Stop sitting on your southern gentleman hands

Don’t worry.  If Sessions can in some way invoke antitrust to harm White interests, he’ll do so.  Go after anti-White tech companies?  Nah…what would his friends at Antifa think?

And why shouldn’t pink-frilled Republican Graham be a Trump ally, especially since the “God Emperor’s” actual actions are converging on the Graham/McCain worldview?

To answer this questionNO.  

Hmmm…who is in charge of federal law enforcement these days?

Yeah…they’re “waking up.”  Germans put Merkel back into power and in Sweden, the milquetoast “Far Right” gets less than 20% of the vote.  But, hey, there were some isolated marches in the former East Germany, so it’s all OK!  Let’s all declare victory and go home…after all, I’m sure there’s some articles to write about that high, high, high Jewish and Chinese IQ, and about dumb Afrowops and Romanians.

Counter-Currents commentator gets it:

An Gal Gréine
Posted September 12, 2018 at 11:51 am | Permalink
Seriously? The EU parliament is a toothless joke, and this is the same Nigel Farage who labeled a sizable chunk of his own party membership ‘nazis’ over their — entirely well founded — concerns on Islam, promoted that clown Bolton, and split UKIP. The man is the very model of a modern politician. And this whole farce with Hungary is a dog and pony show which suits both Orbán and the leftists twats attempting to Article 7 Hungary. It’s all self-promotion on both sides.

The growing attachment between Russia and China should upset both the Putin fanboys in Der Movement, as well as the Russian-hating, anti-White Silker filth.

No doubt half-Tuvan Shoigu would like close relations with China, what with his own close genetic relations with East Asia.

Oh, and Putin is speaking out these days against “protectionism” and in favor of the “global economy.”

Now, who has been skeptical about Trad Vlad?

Der Movement (including the Silkers): always wrong

Sallis: always right

And you can count on that