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Odds and Ends, 4/25/20

In der news.

Bellow like a bull and carry a small stick.  Too bad those wignats like Taylor won’t accept the wonderful immigration moratorium, eh Greg?

Sweaty fetishism alert:

Martin Venator

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I was wondering why the author thinks that Albanians are not white but, say, Montenegrins or Sicilians are. I’m confused: maybe there’s some genetic evidence I am not aware of?

What would Der Movement do without the afrowops to serve as a foil? Invent them, I suppose.  First, who cares what a retard like Jeelvy “thinks?” Second, I’m sure his attitudes about Albanians have more to do with culture and ethnic competition in the Balkans  than on “genetic evidence.” Albanians are obviously ethnically European, as are “Montenegrins or Sicilians.” Culturally, it depends on how Albanians identify and what is their ethnocultural and religious background. If they identify as Muslim they are not “us;” if they do not, then they  are.

Nicholas R. Jeelvy

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And this is exactly why we need separate spaces. It wouldn’t matter if Albanians are white or not if they were all in Albania, instead of invading other people’s lands.

What about Albanians living in the USA, you shallow, superficial moron?  Even more to the point – if what people want is a White, European Europe and if you believe that Albanians are “not White” then what do you propose?  Dispossess them from their homeland and send them to – where?  Turkey?  The Near East?

Then a commentator who may be an ethnic Albanian responds with a rant that ends with:

I hope this movement rises from irrelevance to a nuisance and then the Feds will crack down on you. You have seen it before, they will twist laws and stipulations and throw the book at you. When these happens I will do anything I can to help them because you have put me in a defensive and nonnegotiable position, I will see you crushed and totally destroyed, like Turd Flinging Monkey said to the tradcons. You could have had an ally, instead you chose to have an enemy, as Bon Scott said: If you want blood, you got it.

Quite right. Why should Albanians support a “movement” that despises them?  What’s funny is that a large section of Der Movement doesn’t consider “Macedonians” as any more “White” than are Albanians (or Montenegrins or Sicilians for that matter).  On the other hand, folks who look like they should be eating with chopsticks, like David Bromstad or Bjork, are A-OK. In fact, they are of “great benefit to all humanity.”  

Jeelvy is to Counter-Currents as J Richards was to Majority Rights.  In Spenglerian terms, the harbinger of Winter.

Another commentator:

Sicilians, etc. are simply too Mediterenan.

I’m not sure what “Mediterenan” is – a particularly repellent non-Guntherite form of “Mediterranean?” – but definitely no good!   So no good it impairs the ability of fetishists to spell properly.  Now, just go and eat your spaghetti and meatballs, Evola you two foot tall superstitious dwarf, and leave the traditionalism to the non-Mediterenan folks!

Sallis’ law in action again, by the way.

A rational attitude, which I espouse, would be as follows. I use “White” as a shorthand for “of European descent.” But just because someone (or group) is “White” does not mean they are part of our ingroup. Mama Merkel is “White” – would you want her as part of your ethnostate? Muslim Albanians are “White,” but can be rejected because of their civilizational allegiance. Christian or atheist/agnostic Albanians should be accepted as part of the ingroup.  

The Black Man must rise up against his Chinese oppressors!  EGI Notes fully supports African rights in China!  

It is absolutely essential that China make amends to Africa in the following manner:

1. Immigration from sub-Saharan Africa to China, complete with permanent residency and a path to citizenship, must be drastically increased. There are many tens of millions of Africans eager for the opportunities of China, if only the Chinese would stop their vicious anti-Black racism.

2. China must impose affirmative action advantages for Black Africans in China, in every walk of life, including education, business, etc.

3. China must encourage intermarriage between Black Africans and Chinese natives.  The incoming Black African immigration influx must be fully assimilated!  The Chinese should give cash payments and other incentives for mixed Black-Chinese couples.

4. All anti-Black racism must be outlawed in China.  Chinese must pay reparations for Blacks because of past discrimination.

5. Official state propaganda must promote the idea that Black Africans are a natural part of the Chinese people and must be welcomed as such.  The paradigm must be Afro-China.

Black Man – China is your promised land!  The Original Black Man must return to his Asian motherland!  All that is China is yours for the taking!  Black Man, DEMAND that the Chinese give to you what is rightfully yours!

Tinfoil Kevin’s asinine blog marches on:

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that Bill Gates is in charge of the U.S. right now — and most of the world as well. What does Gates want? He wants population reduction, especially of people like us who contribute the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. He wants the entire world to be vaccinated with his vaccines. He wants indemnification so that he cannot be sued or criminally charged when those vaccines injure or kill people…

…And this is where the technology comes into the picture. It is now possible to “chip” someone (like a dog or a cat) and give him a vaccine (such as the RNA vaccine that Dr. Fauci has recommended) that will alter his genetic code. At the same time the chip can be used to track people, contain all their financial and medical information, contain their social credit score, and control them by denying them money, credit, access to facilities, etc. All of it automatic.

So, the virus – that has been isolated, gene sequenced, and observed with electron microscopy – does not exist, but microchipped vaccines and vaccines that will “alter…genetic code” do exist.  OK, got it.

Question – was MacDonald at some point hypnotized by a Jewish mesmerist, and instructed to undermine his credibility, trash his legacy, and delegitimize his body of work? At this point, that seems as likely an explanation as any.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, milady becomes deeply involved in an issue of world historical importance.  What would be do without the sterling contributions from milady?

Never forget the great and good Sir Desmond Jones and his oft-repeated assertion that Italy is 100% racially homogeneous and will remain so, until the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

For decades, a large, sometimes hostile Chinese community has worked in the Italian fashion and textile industries. Immigrants — legal and illegal — started as a cheap, “exploited” labor source that allowed high-fashion companies to slap a “Made in Italy” label on products churned out in sweatshops.

Large numbers of Chinese in Italy…for decades.  But, but, but…isn’t Der Movement always right?  How could Sir Desmond Jones be wrong?

Now, Chinese own many off-the-books factories, ignoring employment and safety laws, and dodging taxes. 

We’re all shocked, I suppose.

They are also carving out a competitive niche in the fashion industry, and even buying up iconic Italian companies.

No problem. In response, the Italians sing on balconies.  Pitiful afrowops.

According to the Italian government, there were 69,620 Chinese “resident foreigners” in 2003. Just 16 years later in 2019, that figure was 299,823, not counting illegals or Chinese who had taken Italian citizenship. This figure increased every year, except for a small decline from 2011 to 2012 during a brief local crackdown on illegal Chinese businesses. As in America, employers want more workers. According to a survey from the Italian equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce, Italian companies would have been happy to take at least 100,000 new immigrants in 2001 alone.

And in the mid-2000s, Jones was telling us that Italy had no race problem.

Many people think the government undercounts Chinese. A 2017 report said there were 318,975 legal Chinese residents, and a quarter were children. For comparison’s sake, there were reportedly 136,460 Chinese in Germany in 2019 — not even half the number in Italy — in a country of 83 million compared to Italy’s 60 million.

According to Jones, only Northern European countries have race problems, Southern European nations have no race problem – indeed, they themselves cause problems for Nordics.

It’s hard to count the Chinese in Italy because so many have entered illegally and so many work off the books.

Sound familiar?  All TROPICAL COLORED peoples behave the same.

Tensions and rioting

Chinese aren’t assimilating. In 2007, 300 Chinese — waving a Chinese flag — rioted after a Chinese woman got into an argument with Italian traffic wardens. A 2013 documentary about Chinese-Italian friction includes footage of the riot, which was the first known Chinese riot in all of Europe.

In 2016, Chinese rioted again, throwing rocks and bottles at riot police sent to disperse them. They were protesting against health and regulations checks at a factory.

Police also cracked down on a Chinese organization in Prato called “White Stag” that runs prostitutes and drugs, and beats up Moroccans and other North Africans — with whom Chinese do not get along. In 2018, Prato police estimated that 85 percent of Chinese-owned factories paid protection money to Chinese gangsters.

In 2017, the Milan branch of the Bank of China was caught laundering $5 billion, mostly undeclared income from Chinese-run businesses and profits from counterfeit high fashion goods. The bank paid a $20 million fine.

Likewise, in 2017, 600 Chinese illegal immigrants rioted in Prato, waving a banner reading “This is China, Not Italy.” Police had to use tear gas to break up the mob. Again, the complaint was factory inspections. Between 2014 and 2017, Prato authorities conducted 8,000 surprise inspections, almost always finding serious infractions.

Again, remember Jones’s assertions. Again, remember HBDers’ literal worship of the Chinese.  But, at the same time, remember Sallis reminding you that Asians are simply a more intelligent form of Negro, that the Chinese are a TROPICAL COLORED people. Why are we surprised then by TROPICAL COLORED behavior?

In 2018, The Economist cheerfully brushed all this aside, arguing that Italians should be grateful:

The arrival of Chinese factory owners and their workers has saved Prato from the fate of some places in the rich world that suffered badly as a result of competition from developing economies like China’s.

In other words, sweatshop drudges “saved” Italians from the Chinese.

That’s high trust northern hunter gatherer logic.

Increasing Chinese power

While Chinese immigrants build small companies, Chinese in China are buying big Italian companies. In 2013, the Epoch Times reported that China now owns several iconic companies, such as Cerruti, Fioruccui Foods, and Desmo. In addition to the official 2017 count of no fewer than 50,737 Chinese-owned local businesses, by 2014, Chinese interests owned some 200 Italian businesses, and China’s central bank held stakes in Italian blue chips such as Fiat, Telecom Italia, Generali, and Eni.

State-to-state economic cooperation is growing. Italy was the first European country to sign up with China’s “Silk Road” plan, which will spend almost $3 billion on transportation infrastructure connecting the two countries.

The Silk Road White nationalists should be happy!  All according to plan!  Now, they can get the Chinatrices as “border guards of the West.”

Chinese tourists pour into Italy; about three million visited in 2016. They come in such throngs that China sends its own police officers to conduct joint patrols with Italian police in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Turin, and Padua. Chinese now run a special Chinese-language hotline in Italy. This year was supposed to be the “China-Italy year of culture and tourism,” but the virus quashed that plan.

The Coronavirus connection?

On January 31, Italy stopped direct flights from China, which the Chinese government called an “overreaction,” but by then, tourists or returning workers could have already brought the disease to Italy.

That said, one of the very first covid patients in Italy was an Italian who has never traveled to China. 

Err..where did he get it from?  Are you serious?

Also, Prato, has a very low infection rate. If test reports can be believed, not one Chinese has the disease.

I don’t believe a government that instituted “hug an Asian.”

It certainly does not appear that Prato is a hotbed — and there may be an interesting reason for this. According to Reuters, Chinese who had returned to the city from New Year celebrations knew very well that a dangerous virus was spreading in China. Chinese therefore put their community into lockdown three weeks before Italy recorded its first infection. According to Reuters, “They knew what was coming and spread the word: stay home.” There is “some anecdotal evidence that Chinese people in [other parts of] Italy did the same.”

This suggests that the Chinese acted independently and thought only of themselves. It also means the Italian government has no idea what is going on in the community. 

Look, the Chinese – possibly from tourists – intentionally infected Italy. The Chinese knew what was going on and said nothing.  The Chinese people are waging a remorseless war of extermination against the Italian people. In response, the dumb dagoes sing on balconies.

Dr. Giorgio Palu, a virologist and former health official, said the Italian government acted too slowly because it was afraid of being called “racist.” But if the Reuters report is accurate, in early February, just when the mayor of Florence was telling citizens to “Hug a Chinese” to fight stigma and racism, the Chinese were already keeping their distance from each other.

See above.

Western civilization was already collapsing due to racial and cultural reasons – we are already being over-run by barbarians, such as the TROPICAL COLORED yellow barbarians discussed above.

In Der News, 4/22/20


The truth hurts, huh?  More colored whining about “racism.”  The Chinese – a dark-skinned, non-White, anti-arctic, TROPICAL COLORED people. The noise you hear is Derbyshire’s sobbing and weeping.

See this.

If the Executive Order really does exempt agricultural and medical workers, it means President Trump has been suckered by their arguments, but he won’t get any credit from leftists. It will be just another example of President Trump stirring up passionate opposition even though he’s not doing anything substantial. Once again, he’s speaking loudly and carrying a small stick.

Yes, see this.

Yes, we wanted a moratorium.  We’re still waiting for one by the way, you unmitigated naive moron.

Another example of the victory psychosis of Der Right.  They always declare victory for non-existent shadow “victories” that mean nothing.  Meanwhile, the Left achieves REAL victories and instead of celebrating those REAL victories, the Left immediately starts fighting the next battle.


Please resign from Der Movement.  Thank you.

Indeed they are.  As I’ve written repeatedly, the Asians are pimping out their “women” to pathetic “awkward squad” omega White males (not men) in exchange for those White males betraying their race and nation to promote Asian interests (e.g., HBD).

This is beautiful.  HBDers weep.  The retards on the comments thread don’t understand.  It’s not about collecting. It’s about delegitimizing China worship. It’s about getting White Americans to stop groveling before The Altar of Asia. It’s about getting White males to stop dropping their pants and bending over for the nearest Chinatrix.  Yes, it’s symbolic.  But, you know, wars are often fought and won around symbols. It’s time to dethrone the Asiatics from their position of godhood among Whites, and instead recognize the Asians as monsters.

The Rudolf Hess Restitution Commandos

And other news.  Emphasis added.

Laugh at this oldie but goodie from Der Movement:

Feb. 13, 1981
Nazis Set Deadline to Get $7 Million for Hess’ Release
BONN (JTA) — A group of neo-Nazis calling themselves the Rudolf Hess restitution Commandos have set a Feb. 14 deadline to kill two Jews at random unless they receive $7 million for a fund to free Rudolf Hess from the Spandau Prison in West Berlin. Hess, 86, who was Hitler’s right-hand man at the Deputy Fuehrer, is now the only prisoner in Spandau.
The neo-Nazi group made its demand in letters dated Jan. 30 and mailed to Salzburg, Austria, to the governments of the four Allied powers which administer the prison — the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union — a West German government spokesman said.
The neo-Nazi organization said the $7 million it is demanding would be “a gesture of goodwill” and should be paid to the “Freedom for Rudolf Committee,” an organization formed by Hess’ son, Wolf-Ruediger Hess, 43, a Munich architect. No comments were available from the younger Hess.

I don’t know – maybe it would have made more sense just to directly demand Hess be freed in exchange for not killing Jews instead of asking for “$7 million for a fund to free Rudolf Hess from the Spandau Prison in West Berlin.”  Or was that an early “movement” ploy for “D’Nations?” Who knows the minds of these early day Quota Queens? When I first heard about this back in 1981 my immediate reaction at that time was the same as it is now, but I suppose that a swarthoid simpleton like myself cannot understand the grand 4-D chess moves of my big-brained superiors. Alas, needless to say, they didn’t get the money, Hess was murdered (“suicide”) in prison, and none of these “Commandos” actually went ahead to “kill two Jews at random.”

1981, 2019: It’s all one.  Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Where’s the wall?  Billions of dollars to coddle and care for mongrel invaders, nothing for real enforcement.  And of course Trump will sign it – did you ever doubt it?

Never forget that the Amren crowd were telling you that Trump was “the last chance for White America;” thus:

For President Trump, black criminals are more important than public safety. He’s soft on crime and has broken another promise. Worse, with George Soros-backed progressive district attorneys winning elections, we’re likely to see a lot more “broken windows” in the future—and a lot more crime.

This blog, on the other hand, correctly labelled Trump as a fraud and a Negrophillic race cuck before the election.  But, hey, keep on supporting Amren and ignoring EGI Notes because, well, you know…

Come now, Hood, surely your man Trump has the courage to stop this disaster? He’s the last chance for White America, isn’t he?

Let’s translate all of this rambling into words readers of this blog can understand: A “movement leader” was wrong; Sallis was right.  Wasn’t that easy?

Race and Movement News

In der news.

This is a beautiful and wonderful story.  I wish this lawsuit the best of luck and much success, and I hope we see more of this in the future.

A surprising, no doubt shocking, development in this case.

Yes, let’s play this game:

Boomers: Serial monogamy on the mountaintop!  Riverboat gamblin’ with “D’Nations.”  March of the Retards.  Who We Ain’t.  Fifty years of “movement” failure in 1969. Dressing up in SS uniforms.  The Tom Sawyer approach for choosing local unit coordinators.

Gen-X: Drunken podcasts in Alexandria loft apartments. Extreme vetted meetings at which infiltrators give speeches about the dangers of infiltration. My Swede, my Swede, my Hobbit Hole for my Swede! The Lord of the Rings as a how-to manual for building the “ethnostate” (after our “total victory”).  Being wrong about every single thing possible and never admitting it (that also applies to Boomers and Millennials as well),

Millennials: Pepe!  Kek!  Cosplay!  Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering. Getting chased out of LA bars by a bunch whose combined bench press is ten pounds. Looks at genetic data demonstrating that Ancient Egyptian samples were Near Eastern with significant levels of sub-Saharan African admixture and then states that Arthur Kemp was right about Ancient Egypt being a “Nordic Desert Empire.”

Gen-Z: The total number of right-of-center Gen-Zers could fit comfortably in a single telephone booth.

Why doesn’t USA Today do the right thing and get rid of this sanctimonious yeastbucket?  Another Joan of Arc, no doubt.  Agency, agency.

A Tale of Two Walls.  Come now!  We cannot compare lowly Whites to superior HuWhites!  For shame!  

As I have chronicled at this blog, and even the Alt Wrong now agrees (although they will never admit that they were wrong), Trump has utterly betrayed his base, Trump, by his actions, not his retarded tweets, is a far-left anti-White radical who is the gravedigger of White America, Triple 21 Down’s Don Trump.  Alas, Roissy has another “take” on Der Touchback:

PS This nuclear neg Trump gives to Bernard Sanders is pretty much how I imagine Trump picked up all of his women.

After all, the “game” faction of Der Movement has to focus on what’s really important, no?

How long have I been saying here that Antfa is part of the System, and integral part of the globalist Big Business establishment?  Right once again.  Thus, it makes perfect sense that a billionaire like Trump is essentially the functional equivalent of an Antifa mole destroying White America.

Casablanca?  No, it’s Casawopa.

CasaPound, on the other hand, has an aversion to racialism and boasts of its immigrant members. The Italians also praise their Fascist predecessors for giving citizenship to Libyans and other non-Europeans.

Based Italy!  

After all, the country has the great Salvini, whose phenotype clearly demonstrates the full-blooded Celto-Germanic Nordic ancestry of the north of Italy.