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Thoughts on Trump, 9/15/20

And other news.

Thoughts on Trump:

One thing that will be interesting about a Trump victory in 2020 will be how his fanboys will adjust their excuses for his continued uselessness and inaction after that. After all, the excuse of “he’s holding back so as to not endanger his chances of re-election” will no longer hold. Let’s see.  First, they’ll say that “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP in the 2022 mid-term elections.”  After that, it’ll be “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP Presidential candidate in 2024.” There will always be excuses. The excuses never end, just as Trump defending the interests of his base never begins.

Trump’s covid-19 comments to Woodward are not “bad” because of their actual content – it is just more Trumpian bluster, which never matches what he actually does (or, more often, does not do).  By cutting off travel from China, he did more than any Democrat would have done at that time in his place, as they were all criticizing even that small step as “xenophobic;” the anti-Trump press were mocking him as a paranoid “germaphobe” and telling us that covid-19 was no threat.

No, the real problem here is that Trump would talk to a leftist journalist with a proven history of Republican Presidency-wrecking, that Trump would show such juvenile lack of judgment and political savvy (*) so as to go on record with his true feelings on the matter, compromising himself to the brain-dead public (who can’t distinguish rhetoric from action) during an election year. Trump is really an incompetent jackass and a laughably vulgar buffoon, as this blog has been telling you since 2016.

*One reason the Quota Queens love Trump so much is that they see themselves reflected in him – an incompetent, no judgment, juvenile, affirmative action case who doesn’t have the intellectual and behavioral “chops” to handle the job he has, a job he is making a mess of.

Other news:

Moronic Chinatrix-loving HBDer is voting for Biden.

Danish Roosh invades Bulgaria.

The written history of Sofia begins with the conquest of the Serdi tribe in Serdica by the Romans in 29 BC. During the decline of the Roman Empire, Serdica was invaded by the Huns, Visigoths, and Slavs. In 809, Serdica became part of the First Bulgarian Empire and was known as Sredets. The Byzantines took over the area in 1018, but the Bulgarians reclaimed the city in 1194. For the next 200 years, Sredets developed into an economic and cultural hub in the region. That all changed when the Ottomans conquered the area in 1382. Around this time, the city became known as Sophia. Between 1520 and 1836, Sophia was the regional capital of Rumelia Eyalet, one of the main provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Very interesting.  Of course, he left out the invasion by the Bulgars, the group that, you know, the nation is named after.  But what’s a bit of historical omission between friends, eh?  I mean, the “First Bulgarian Empire” was established by who, exactly?

As a wanderer, dissident, and white nationalist, I hope that all stray dogs…

Real funny.  In actuality, it were the whining West European Herrenvolk who prevented the Bulgarians from solving their stray dog problem.  The same in Romania. Stray dogs, refugees…who cares as long as the Bulgarians suffer, right?  They’re only wogs, right?  But, alas, pathological altruism (enforced on others) has a way of backfiring, eh?

…heroes, and people find a home of their own.

In your case, either America or Denmark.  Not Bulgaria.  Not Eastern Europe.  Please leave.

This is a useful review of On Genetic Interests, although I can quibble that some of the numbers may be outdated and some of the definitions wrong.

Read about Jodie Huang here.  Now, once again, Sallis is right and others, in this case, Derbyshire is wrong.

Sallis promotes the idea of a Tropical or South-South, pan-Colored Alliance, of all “people of color” against Whites, in which Asians play a fundamentally important role.  Sallis promotes the idea that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Derbyshire on the other hand, with his Chinese wife (“measured groveling” – his words describing his behavior towards her) and his half-Chinese children, promotes the absurd idea of an “Arctic Alliance” of Whites and Asians vs. non-Asian coloreds.

With the Huang case, we once again, for the umpteenth time, observe Asian solidarity with Blacks and other Colored against Whites.  We once again observe Yellow as key component of the rising tide of color against White interests.  Just because a pitiful miscgenenator chooses “measured groveling” as a marital strategy doesn’t obligate the rest of us to ignore the Asian threat.

Odds and Ends, 8/10/20

Various items.

Mike Mentzer.

Comments about the video:

Quantum Potential

I like how Mike says “morons to the far left and geniuses to the far right”. Classic commentary from the mind behind the scenes of bulking and hulking.

marren lacy

The Left is the home of morons…. i have always known this to be true!

Mentzer indeed says “morons to the far left and geniuses to the far right”.  He also refers to “Negroes.”  Listen from 12:50-13:15.  Unfortunately, Mentzer was a Randian objectivist.

By the way, Mentzer’s views on HIT seem to make sense to me.  People with great genetic potential can gain with any system, but ordinary people, and particularly the genetically less gifted, likely need approaches more similar to HIT. That’s for prioritizing muscular development, but with a secondary benefit of strength increases, as you do progressive overload over time. However, for maximal strength development, prioritizing strength, with muscular development secondary, you would do multiple sets of low reps with a heavy weight.  

More Mentzer:

And it’s also true that there’s a lot of homosexual hustling going on. It’s been going on since the inception of bodybuilding in the early part of the century. It appears that there’s a faction of homosexuals who find bodybuilders irresistible and are willing to pay them considerable sums of money for sexual favors. I know a number of bodybuilders who have done this, too, but for obvious reasons I’m not going to reveal their names.

The Mannerbund!

Mentzer and the Negroid:

How central a role does genetics figure in bodybuilding? The answer is, perhaps, best illustrated in the following anecdote. Invariably, during the question and answer portion of every seminar that I’ve ever conducted, a skeptic will ask, “But, Mr. Mentzer, if Heavy Duty training is truly the one valid, scientific approach to training, how do you account for the success of men like Arnold and Lee Haney?” To which, my stock reply is, “If you wanted to learn the most effective method for developing an optimum suntan, would you ask someone of negroid heritage?” The point being, of course, that while there are those born with the best tan possible (negroid), others swelter on beaches in the summer to obtain a moderate skin burnishing, and yet others will never tan, i.e., albinos.

Come now, according to Der Movement, Bulgarians and Gypsies are one and the same!

Of relevance to this, see this older post.

A beautiful online comment from the execrable Counter-Currents (CC) site:


Posted August 7, 2020 at 10:05 am | Permalink

CC has been falling since a couple of years, and now we can say that’s finished: intellectual masturbation about obscure topics, book reviews of texts no one care about, and clever articles about musical albums of Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. Even false flag operations and controlled opposition sites have better content than this shite.

The reason the jews and their lackeys are winning is not because they are better, but because the ones fighting [sic, lol] them are just cowards, hobbysts, kooks, and fags.

The jews won, the White race is pretty much finished, and it deserved. If a people is not willing to do what has to be done in order to secure its existence and future for his children then it deserves nothing more than death.

Hail Andy!  What else to expect when Johnson feuds with and alienates his best writers?  Hey, Andy, I’ve been saying here for a long time that Counter-Currents eventually will slide into Majority Rights-like irrelevance.  Not for a while though – just like the USA is taking a long time to collapse, as it spends the political-social-economic-moral-technical-military capital built up by past generations, so has Counter-Currents a long way to fall from the heights it had when quality people wrote for it, as opposed to the current crop of immature jackasses.  Plus, Johnson possess considerable affirmative action protections for “choosing the right ancestors.”  But give it time. It seems on the surface that Counter-Currents is riding high.  But the rot is already there, and eventual collapse is baked into the cake, absent some sort of radical change in direction.

Yockey vs. the ethnonationalists (from Imperium):

But the greatest opposition of all has not yet been named, the conflict which will take up all the others into itself. This is the battle of the Idea of the Unity of the West against the nationalism of the 19th century. Here stand opposed the ideas of Empire and petty-stateism, large-space thinking and political provincialism. Here find themselves opposed the miserable collection of yesterday-patriots and the custodians of the Future. The yesterday-nationalists are nothing but the puppets of the extra-European forces who conquer Europe by dividing it. To the enemies of Europe, there must be no rapprochement, no understanding, no union of the old units of Europe into a new unit, capable of carrying on 20th century politics.

The battle against the ethnonationalist filth, against the petty nationalists, may well be a defining battle of the Right.

See this:

Derbyshire’s entire argument boils down to this thesis: “Yes, miscegenation is bad, but only a small number of people are doing it, so it’s fine for me to do it. And if you have a problem with that, then come over to my house and I’ll punch you in the face.”

Of interest (emphasis added):

Codreanu had an enduring influence in Italy. His views and style were attested to have influenced the controversial Traditionalist philosopher and racial theorist Julius Evola. Evola himself met with Codreanu on one occasion, and, in the words of his friend, the writer and historian Mircea Eliade, was “dazzled”.[141] Reportedly, the visit had been arranged by Eliade and philosopher Vasile Lovinescu, both of whom sympathized with the Iron Guard.[142] Their guest later wrote that the Iron Guard founder was: “one of the worthiest and spiritually best oriented figures that I ever met in the nationalist movements of the time.”[143] According to De Felice, Codreanu has also become a main reference point for the Italian neofascist groups, alongside Evola and the ideologues of Nazism. He argues that this phenomenon, which tends to shadow references to Italian Fascism itself, is owed to Mussolini’s failures in setting up “a true fascist state”, and to the subsequent need of finding other role models.[144] Evola’s disciple and prominent neofascist activist Franco Freda published several of Codreanu’s essays at his Edizioni di Ar,[145] while their follower Claudio Mutti was noted for his pro-Legionary rhetoric.[146]

Laugh at this:

When people in the Dissident Right think about Sweden…

They get intractable priapisms.

…we often think of a country at the pinnacle of anti-white propaganda and anarcho-tyranny. 

But I thought that they were all hardy individualists?

Nevertheless, Swedish culture has had a great influence on my life…

The life spent in Eastern Europe, being a Danish Roosh.

…from the music I listen to each day to the furniture I fall asleep on each night. 

I suppose milady makes him sleep on the couch a lot.  Who can blame her?

Furthermore, much of our fascination and modern-day perception of the Vikings comes from…

Your sweaty fetishism.

As ethnic nationalists…

We live in other people’s nations and take their women.

…we can learn a few things from these Swedish artists to form a collective identity…

Collective?  I thought that the Swedes were all highly individualist high trust northern hunter gatherers?

After college, I worked as an inventory manager at IKEA. 

With an eye out for the Eastern European ladies.

It made me mad…

So he held his breath, stomped his feet, and counted to ten.  After that, mommy gave him a cookie.

We must remind our people that they are the descendants of warriors and adventurers. From the spartan and the gladiator, to the Cossacks and the Vikings…

Any reason that “spartan” is not capitalized but “Vikings” is?  Sort of like “white” vs. “Black?”

…we are a race of heroes. 

Heroically writing that deer are “cute.”  Wield your battleaxe!

All I can say is that when I went to the Scandza Forum in Stockholm, I met Swedish people that were just like me. They looked like me, talked like me, and had the same concerns and goals as me. 

Except that they lived in Sweden and were not doing “Bang East Europe.”

Yet if Barbara Lerner Spectre has taught us anything, it is that white Europeans have not yet learned to unify as a racial group. 

Racial?  I thought you guys were ethnonationalists?

Some Enlightening Tidbits

Read carefully, emphasis added.

A leftist website shares these tidbits about Amren conferences:

Nyborg argued that “Northern brains” had given birth to most positive traits in society, including “altruistic sociability” and “potential for democracy.” Explaining away an obvious challenge to this theory, he suggested, “The ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires may have been started by central European immigrants from very cold climates, who moved south!” (*)… Nyborg showed a map borrowed from Charles Murray, author of the notorious book The Bell Curve, to illustrate that “almost all the major advancements in science and the arts since the 14th century” came from White males whose ancestors were born in a tiny, circumscribed chunk of Europe that excluded, among other nations, Ireland, Southern Italy, Greece, and Spain.

That pointed to another way AmRen’s White supremacy was aspirational: the idea that some White groups—primarily Irish and Southern Europeans—are inherently less intelligent and civilized than other White people; in effect, less White. Derbyshire, who is British-born, joked about Irish stupidity and licentiousness (**). Taylor said he opposed Polish immigration to Western Europe (***). Meanwhile, Nyborg declared that the further south one went in Europe, “the lower the IQ, the smaller the brains… the… lower quality of societies (****).

Once again: Der Movement has NOTHING to offer White ethnics.  And the “HBD race realists” are firmly in the Jeurasian-Nordicist camp: Jews and East Asians as “honorary Aryans” along with Aryan Nordics, as opposed to the small-brained useless retards from Southern and Eastern Europe (and the Irish).

One seriously has to ask if the HBD-Race Realists consider Southern and Eastern Europeans (and the Irish) as the primary racial problem that real Whites have.  

*Dem dere Nordic Central European Ancient Egyptians!  Nordohotep!  Of course, genetics data on the available ancient samples completely disprove Norberg’s sweaty fetishism about the origins of the ancient world.  The brain size claim does have some data supporting it, but the IQ data is weaker. The part about societal quality is amusing since Herrenvolk activists, as well as British retirees, seem to prefer living in the “lower quality” societies of Europe’s south and east, and, no, that’s not all chalked up to “better weather.”  Having wrecked their own nations with their xenophilic cuckiness, they now look to greener pastures (which they’ll ruin as well).

**Hey, maybe someone can joke instead about ugly, obnoxious socially awkward (ex-illegal alien) White “males” whose only hope for sexual satisfaction is with flat-faced alien Asiatrices.  But, alas, it’s not funny, not funny at all. It’s sad and pathetic, actually.

***But apparently no objection to Munro living in Romania.  The Herrenvolk nobility live where they damn please, and don’t you forget it!

***How then does one explain Nyborg?

Speaking of Derbyshire and his penchant for ethnic jokes (against White ethnics of course), remember Kipling’s The Stranger?  Now, consider this passage:

The Stranger within my gates,He may be evil or good,But I cannot tell what powers control—What reasons sway his mood;Nor when the Gods of his far-off landShall repossess his blood.

Now, let’s consider “Rosie” having her blood repossessed by the Gods of far-off China:

Thus, when, a week into the crisis, it looked as though the U.S. was going to stand firm, I got into a spot of bother with my suggestion that perhaps George W. Bush should counter the Chinese demand for an apology by demanding an apology from them. After all, I pointed out, the U.S. plane was over international waters, and the F-8s must have been flying awfully close for the accident to have happened — close enough to fairly be accused of harassment, whatever the precise details of the mishap.

Rosie: “Nonsense! China give an apology to America? You’re mad! What was that plane doing so close to our shore? Spying, that’s what! You foreigners think you can just do as you like in China! …” In less time than it takes to hit the MAYDAY button on an EP-3 control panel, we were into the Opium War and the suppression of the Boxers. Dialectical Materialism may have passed undigested through Rosie’s alimentary canal, but the xenophobic stuff went direct into her bloodstream.

Perhaps we should feel worry about White “males” with their Asiatrices. It must be like living at the edge of a potentially active volcano – one never knows when the next eruption will be, what might set if off, or how bad it will be.  Truly unnerving, no doubt. Let’s not make ethnic jokes about it.

Colored is as colored does – Sudanese or Chinese, what’s the difference?

July 4 and Amren Survey

And other news.

First, a Happy Fourth of July for my American readers. On this day, acknowledge that the United States of America is dead, kaput, finished, ended – murdered, buried under a pile of yarmulkes, basketballs, tacos, chopsticks, and saris.

And, truth be told, also buried under a pile of Pepes, Keks, MAGAs, and March of the Titans. There is plenty of blame to go around.

See this.  Readers of this blog, as well as those familiar with my work elsewhere, know that I have long been a strong proponent of empirical approaches such as surveying. Thus, I approve of the Amren plan, assuming it is executed effectively.

I submitted some potential questions to them. These are reproduced here:

I have long been an advocate of surveys in order to determine White attitudes on race and more important to determine why Whites have naive and destructive views on race and why, if they DO have sane and reasonable opinions on the subject, why they do not support explicitly pro-White groups, political candidates, etc.

The KEY point is to formulate questions that will generate data that will be ACTIONABLE by our side.

Thus, we need to dissect the following:

1. If Whites DO in fact have “race realist” and “pro-White” views, or are at least open to these views, would they support pro-White groups or candidates?  Why or Why not?  What EXACTLY are the reasons why Whites withhold support from pro-White groups and candidates? What PRECISELY are the barriers that prevent pro-White groups and candidates from garnering support from Whites who otherwise might agree with them on issues?  Ideology?  Extremism?  Fear of “social pricing” retribution – doxxing, job loss, loss of status, shaming, etc.?  Do the pro-White groups or candidates say or do things that repulse them?  If so, what exactly?

2. What are the things pro-White groups or candidates should do to win support from Whites?  What are some of the talk and action Whites, particularly “awakened” Whites, want and expect from White leadership that will garner support?  Would these Whites support and vote for a candidate that was openly pro-White?  Why or Why not?

3. In what ways can “social pricing” against pro-White activism be fought?  What assurances and support would Whites require in order to become more active?

4. Do Whites believe that there is nothing that can be done?  

5. If certain Whites are not pro-White but are at least open-minded, what kind of arguments could convince them of the rightness of the pro-White cause?

6. If certain Whites are opposed to our views, is there anything that can dissuade them? What would they require to change their minds?  What would they require to at least let our side express our opinions openly in the marketplace of ideas?

7. What sort of things do more realistic Whites require in their own lives to make their adjustment to modern day America more bearable? Would they support any group or candidate providing that?  

8. Would Whites realistic about race be willing to vote Third Party, or should pro-White electoral politics only be through the GOP?

I am less interested in what non-Whites think, but questions that focus attention on non-White hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance would be useful, such as:

1. If Whites are so terribly racist, why do non-Whites insist on racial integration?  Why do they immigrate to majority White nations?  Why do they follow Whites when Whites try to get away with White flight? Why do non-Whites behave as if they have an inherent right for access to Whites?

2. How is White Privilege consistent with White demographic dispossession, affirmative action, etc.?  How is White Supremacy consistent with the fact that major corporations, academia, mass media, politicians speak in one voice in favor of non-Whites and against Whites?  If America is a “White Supremacist state” why is doxxing of “White racists” effective and why are White activists deplatformed?

3. Why do groups like Asians and Jews have a higher net worth and incomes than Whites?  If that is from “hard work and intelligence” why doesn’t that explain Black and Hispanic failure?

4. If America is a White Supremacist society, why was the death of George Floyd a national crisis, but not the deaths of Tony Timpa, Daniel Shaver, and Justine Damond?

Some of those questions for non-Whites should be asked to Whites as well.

Of course, I realize that these questions may need to be put into a multiple choice format, depending on how you do the survey, but the point here is to inform you as to what sorts of topics should be addressed.  How to actually formulate the questions is a job for a pollster.

That was my input.

The above questions can indeed be put into the proper form by a skillful pollster.  That may not come cheap, but readers of this blog know the facts about money and the “movement.” It’s there, it is just being misdirected and mismanaged.  Is more needed?  Certainly.  But the “movement” should first demonstrate that it effectively uses what it already has before rattling the tin cup for even more. Doing a good job with this survey project would be one example of an effective use of funds.

Common sense against Boratian stupidity:Bruno BucciarattiPosted July 2, 2020 at 6:36 am | PermalinkIf Tucker did what the author suggests, he’d be fired and forgotten about.You move the Overton Window by standing at its rightmost edge, not by LARPing far outside of it, Heimbach-style.Tucker is the only voice in American media speaking for any sort of implicitly white interests. If we lost him, we’d simply have nothing.

Will reading this literally kill Derbyshire?  Don’t read it, Johnny!  Save yourself!

And so, Derbyshire engages in more measured groveling.

Is this Zman?

“Lying sophist” – pot meet kettle.  By the way libertarians are still useless after they transition into Alt Righters.

What “accelerationists” like this miss is that their beloved “movement” is as useless and inert as is Trump.

Four years of Trump – OK, is your “movement” ready for further “acceleration?”  All these johnny-come-latelys are delusional.  Fact – your “movement” is weaker, stupider, and more pathetic today than at any time since my involvement, a quarter-century ago.  It’s been wrecked by the Alt Right, and the only “acceleration” will be your “movement” accelerated into the dustbin by a leftist broom.