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Odds and Ends, 5/7/20

In der news.

What was the discovery?  How to spread it to Whites more effectively?  Seriously though, one wonders why one Chinese would kill another with this coronavirus connection.  It does make one wonder.

Another Asian beauty!  Awkward squad sweatily murmurs, “hubba hubba.”

Yet another Asian beauty!  The face that launched a thousand vomits.

I mean, can you get any more alien and TROPICAL than that?  That’s part of the pan-colored TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is the natural outcome of the anti-White Jewish-Chinese alliance.  The truth has been revealed. Silkers weep.

“Canada is also viewed as a very multicultural space, a safe space,” she said. In the past, many newcomers from India would settle in the Toronto area, but now, there’s “a saturation of too many international students in Ontario” so they’re looking further afield, and attending colleges, as well as universities, to take courses that will lead to work here in Canada.

In other words, the niche space of Ontario is already full of yellow and brown Asiatics, who have depleted that space like a plague of locusts descending on a crop field. Time to move on to fresh pastures!

Who is betraying White interests in Canada? Must be a wop, right?  Looks like a Med!

The comments are the best part of this absurdly biased tweet.  Methinks Duchesne is reading too much MacDonald.  “Important” – the only thing the krauts are “important” for is forcibly spreading multiculturalism in Europe.  If your taint of MacDonaldism is too strong to consider any Southern Europeans as “important” enough, then how about Russia?  Or are they out for being not “Western?’’ I agree with the commentators who aver that if Duchesne’s options are our only choices, then we’re done.  It’s all over.

And that is why I have contempt for Italy and Italians.  They allow themselves to be so airily dismissed, to be considered unimportant in world affairs; worse, they apparently have so little dignity and pride that it does not bother them that they are held to no account.  And that is why it is unfair to criticize, much less mock, Cola di Rienzi and Benito Mussolini for their failures.  At least they tried.  What could they do, given the abysmal human material they had to work with? 

As regards any progress from today’s Italy, one can only hope that Milady Meloni has the “balls” that Italian “males” so obviously lack. The “males” can sing from balconies…in soprano.

To better understand why the Alt Right collapsed, the following are the chapters, in the Sedgwick book, on “emergent thinkers (sic)” on the Far Right:

art III Emergent Thinkers

12 Mencius Moldbug and Neoreaction

13 Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents

14 Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right

15 Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism

16 Daniel Friberg and Metapolitics in Action

And there you go….a Jew, a mendacious gaslighting Quota Queen grifter, The Master of Disaster, a homosexual, and a Swede once allied with the Spencer faction (albeit I know little about Friberg and as of today have no “beef” with him).

After reading this, I have the following to say. HBDers support Jews and support Israel.  HBDers literally worship Jews the same as they worship East Asians.  HBD is the enemy.  What will YOU do to oppose HBD?

Anthropological note: Has anyone else ever noticed that East Asians typically have long and thin fingernail nail beds (I presume the feet are the same – maybe some awkward squader can inform us about that after they get up from some measured groveling)?  That contrasts to the shorter and broader nail beds of Europeans (and West Eurasians in general). Interestingly, watching a YouTube video, I noticed that a (predominantly) Amerind “Hispanic” also had long thin nail beds, suggesting a general racial characteristic pre-dating the East Asian/Amerind split (assuming these anecdotal data are reflective of the broader reality).  What the adaptive value of this may be, I do not know.

The other shoe drops?  I suppose Johnson realizes his ethnonationalist shtick is not truly compatible with White nationalism, so the latter must be bashed.  Hey Greg, the problem is with Der Movement (including you), not with “White nationalism.”

That “traumatic” start to the sex life, I suppose.

More May Odds and Ends

In der news.

Behold the genocidal lunatic race.

U.S. intelligence officials believe that the Chinese government misled the rest of the world about the contagiousness of COVID-19, all the while taking dramatic action to collect the medical supplies needed for its own battle against the virus, according to an analysis obtained by ABC News.
The report from the Department of Homeland Security claims that “the Chinese government intentionally concealed the severity of COVID-19 from the international community in early January while it stockpiled medical supplies by both increasing imports and decreasing exports.”
“China likely cut its exports of medical supplies prior to its January WHO notification that COVID-19 is a contagion,” according to the report, which was shared with law enforcement and government agencies on Friday.
The analysis looked at official and media reporting of imports and exports, and it examined alternative theories that might explain the dramatic January shift in trade patterns connected with critical health care equipment. However, none of those alternatives seemed plausible to U.S. intelligence experts, who wrote in the report: “The Chinese government attempted to hide its actions by denying there were export restrictions and obfuscating and delaying provision of its trade data.”

China has been waging a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity. Humanity does nothing in response.  China has declared de facto war against America and Europe.  America and Europe do nothing.  HBDers side with China against the White race.  Der Movement embraces HBD.

Draw your own conclusions from all of that.

Another murderous Asian invader.  Question – did Asians intentionally release these insects on the United States as a form of biological warfare?

Asia, Asia…the curse on humanity.  What will YOU do to oppose the Asian menace?

The retarded Right on display again.  And here is why Johnson ranks among those discredited by the coronavirus crisis – his moderated blog gleefully gives a forum to deranged anti-vaxxers, objectively demented trash who claim that viruses don’t cause disease but, at the same time, all non-human animal life on Earth (including, you know, everything from rotifers to sperm whales) are going to be completely wiped out soon by “bullets flying everywhere.”

Ignore that guy running down the street, firing his gun – he’s hunting tardigrades!  Gotta eat meat!  Maybe those bullets will fly into some murder hornets, who knows?

Online comment from Zerohedge (spelling corrected):

Wow. What a surprise.
Chinks lied – you know, the wonderful people who brought all those other viruses, plant blights, and invasive animal and plant species. Those rat-like creatures who sold us shoddy goods for generations, poison baby formula, toothpaste, and kid’s toys. The ones who flood our colleges with droid like, empty people, steal our industrial and scientific research, and make shoddy, garbage quality clones our original products.
There’s a reason they are known as the Jews of the orient.

Excellent.  Excellent.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is true (from Counter-Currents):

Posted April 30, 2020 at 2:58 pm | Permalink
The fact that Jews like to insert themselves between Europeans and European culture matches everything we know about them. I don’t care how well they play violin, or piano, or if “Rosen and Smith, 1977” marginally advances lung cancer research. I just want some peace and quiet from the neverending onslaught they’ve unleashed on every aspect of my society.

If Jews wanted to be judged as individuals, they should have earned that right by dissenting from the malice their elites are responsible for. They have not done so in any significant numbers.

But, the followings is also true.

The fact that Asians like to insert themselves between Europeans and European STEM matches everything we know about them. I don’t care how “well “they invent data or sloppily perform experiments, or if “Ching and Chong, 2020” marginally advances lung cancer research. I just want some peace and quiet from the neverending onslaught they’ve unleashed on every aspect of my society.

If Asians wanted to be judged as individuals, they should have earned that right by dissenting from the malice their elites are responsible for. They have not done so in any significant numbers.

Funny, how Der Movement is so hesitant to say that.  But, alas, that would offend the HBD/race realist faction and we somehow have to keep the alliance going.

Milady Alert!   Greek men fight to keep out migrant invaders, while Greek women make other contributions.  We all do what can within the limits of our innate skills and biological capabilities!

Speaking of Greek men doing good, please watch this.  Very likely, that is a very accurate description of the Chinese reproductive process.  After all, we are talking here about a hominid species that is the most unlike Whites; indeed, one can effectively argue that East Asians, exemplified by the Chinese, are an order of magnitude more different from Europeans than are sub-Saharan Africans.  Derbyshire weeps.

So, Bjornsson and Hall are going to have a boxing match.  Who will Der Movement root for?  Oh the agony!  Solution – both gentlemen will team up to track down and beat up Lou Ferrigno, that five foot tall Eyetalian dwarf. That’s the ticket!

Cue Der Movement saying that “the Mountain” “looks Med” and has “Italian DNA.”   Is this Daddy?  Only joking.  “Movement” fetishism is an easy target for mocking ridicule, as easy as shooting fish in a barrell.

In Der News, 4/22/20


The truth hurts, huh?  More colored whining about “racism.”  The Chinese – a dark-skinned, non-White, anti-arctic, TROPICAL COLORED people. The noise you hear is Derbyshire’s sobbing and weeping.

See this.

If the Executive Order really does exempt agricultural and medical workers, it means President Trump has been suckered by their arguments, but he won’t get any credit from leftists. It will be just another example of President Trump stirring up passionate opposition even though he’s not doing anything substantial. Once again, he’s speaking loudly and carrying a small stick.

Yes, see this.

Yes, we wanted a moratorium.  We’re still waiting for one by the way, you unmitigated naive moron.

Another example of the victory psychosis of Der Right.  They always declare victory for non-existent shadow “victories” that mean nothing.  Meanwhile, the Left achieves REAL victories and instead of celebrating those REAL victories, the Left immediately starts fighting the next battle.


Please resign from Der Movement.  Thank you.

Indeed they are.  As I’ve written repeatedly, the Asians are pimping out their “women” to pathetic “awkward squad” omega White males (not men) in exchange for those White males betraying their race and nation to promote Asian interests (e.g., HBD).

This is beautiful.  HBDers weep.  The retards on the comments thread don’t understand.  It’s not about collecting. It’s about delegitimizing China worship. It’s about getting White Americans to stop groveling before The Altar of Asia. It’s about getting White males to stop dropping their pants and bending over for the nearest Chinatrix.  Yes, it’s symbolic.  But, you know, wars are often fought and won around symbols. It’s time to dethrone the Asiatics from their position of godhood among Whites, and instead recognize the Asians as monsters.

Share and Share Alike

In other news in der news.

Sallis right, HBD wrong.  Emphasis added:

U.S. intelligence has “increasing confidence” that the novel Wuhan coronavirus outbreak began in a lab that was researching bat-coronaviruses, contrary to China’s claim that the pandemic emerged from a Wuhan wet market, according to multiple sources that briefed Fox News.

The sources told Fox News that the initial transmission of the virus looks to be bat-to-human, and that “patient zero” contracted the disease while working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, before going into the general population. While the lab is China’s first to achieve the highest level of international bio-research safety, known as BSL-4, its work with bats had been conducted at the lower protection level of BSL-2.

Having the TROPICAL COLORED ANTI-ARCTIC Chinese working on biological agents is the same as giving a retarded five year old a loaded gun. Are East Asians – exemplified by the Chinese – the most ANTI-ARCTIC, TROPICAL, global south, inept, incompetent hominids there are?  Let’s ask Derbyshire. Maybe he’ll answer when he stops weeping.

In all seriousness, we need to understand the enormity of what has happened, the extent of Chinese perfidy. Whether it was the result of colored laboratory incompetence or the result of filthy and disgusting alien eating habits, the virus jumped from animal (likely, bat) to “human” in China. Then they hid the facts from the world, after which they locked down Wuhan while at the same time encouraging travel from their infected territory to the rest of the world, essentially adopting a genocidal “share and share alike” (remember the book The Stand?) attitude. Then, with all of the suffering, the morbidity and mortality, the economic destruction, everything, they have the nerve to whine about “racism,” to threaten the USA that they will withhold medication so Americans will suffer through the “hell of a coronavirus epidemic,” to prance around with defiant nationalism, with WHO doing their bidding (including opposing travel restrictions, remember – WHO has blood on their hands), and then pushing the “American bioweapons” lie to cover up their disgusting TROPICAL behavior.  Premeditated murder.  Bannon should STOP making distinctions between the Chinese government and the Chinese “people.” The latter, in their extreme xenophobic and ethnocentric nationalism, support the former.  The former derives from the latter.  IT IS THE CHINESE “PEOPLE” WHO ARE TO BLAME.

Are the HBDers going to continue the “American bioweapons” lie?  Is there going to be an investigation into HBD?  Will we one day see prominent HBDers doing the “perp walk” as they are being led away by federal agents?  Who knows?  Inquiring minds want to know. Investigate them now.

Good luck with this.  There are limited options to punish China. Unfortunately, military action is not possible, for obvious reasons.  Other options run the risk of Chinese retaliation since the USA is so dependent on China for key materials and economic stability. The USA can repudiate Chinese-held debt, but that would have consequences with respect to American economic credibility – unless the action had international support and America no longer needed the Chinese as creditors in the future. Indeed, any credible action would require an international exposure of Chinese perfidy, followed by joint action in the international community – denouncement, indictment of Chinese officials (no chance of extradition of course, merely symbolic – although it would prevent much international travel), diplomatic repercussions, etc. Taiwan can be empowered. for example. That would of course raise the risk of Chinese retaliation against a world so dependent upon them.

Ultimately, the advice I would give is the phrase – “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  The first order of business is to arrest, and then, over time, reverse, the trends making America so dependent upon China. If this is done, and can be done without prematurely triggering excess Chinese retaliation, the USA would be better situated to act against Chinese interests in the future.

So, essentially, what can realistically be done now is exposure, denouncement, and various symbolic gestures, coupled with a strategy of disentanglement rom China. The USA could of course enable and facilitate private lawsuits by aggrieved citizens and groups against the Chinese, although, practically speaking, there is no way of getting the Chinese to pay up. Yes, Chinese property in America can be seized and I would support that, but there will be retaliation. The quicker we can become disentangled from China, the better.

I would like to defend Trump against the latest leftist SJW hysteria – the whole “Chinatown vs. China/pandering to bigotry” argument. There was in fact obviously reasons for folks to have been wary of Chinatowns when idiots like Pelosi were telling them to visit, independent of accusations of bigots “not knowing that Chinatown is not in China.” It’s a matter of prudence and probability. In a Chinatown, there is an increased probability of encountering someone who just arrived from China and/or encountering someone who has been in close contact to such a traveler. This is just plain common sense. Perhaps that nice Chinese girl giving a “happy ending” to an Alt Righter in a Chinatown massage parlor just arrived in from Wuhan after visiting her parents there. Perhaps that nice Chinese man – hiding his burning hatred of Whites behind a fake smile – serving you in a Chinatown souvenir shop just finished having a bat soup lunch with his uncle Wei Fuk Yu, just arrived from Wuhan. This is entirely possible.

It’s just a cold, bro!  Gates did it!

The TROPICAL Asian race fits into the worldwide paradigm of COLOR.  Derbyshire weeps bitter, sour tears.

Culture and civilization.  This is the sort of vibrancy that belongs in the TROPICAL COLORED nation of China.  After all, the various GLOBAL SOUTH TROPICAL COLORED peoples must stick together.  Derbyshire weeps.

HBD supports this.  HBD is the enemy of the White race.  HBD must be destroyed and HBDers held to account.

As I’ve always said – the “human” photocopiers.  Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal. HBD supports this as well.  HBD is the enemy of the White race.  HBD must be destroyed and HBDers held to account

When are YOU going to take a stand against HBD?

This here is support for my racial recapitulation theory – more about my hypothesis here – that was just as much about mental as well as physical traits. It also calls into question legal and moral responsibility for things done at younger ages.  A man commits an impulsive murder at the age of 20, for which he is arrested for – a cold case solved! – at the age of 70. Let’s assume he never did a thing wrong again after that murder, and is a completely changed person.  Legally, under our current system, he’s responsible, and no doubt there are many who would agree with that. I myself am not arguing against that, but I’m not so strongly arguing for it, either.  These are questions that need to be very carefully considered, instead of giving a knee-jerk response one way or another.

Genetic analysis of artifacts.

I have to give credit to Greg Johnson for taking a sound position on The China Plague on his Twitter site.  It is therefore unfortunate he allows morons on this topic on his blog.

Please read this.

They are the most lying, coercive, manipulative government in the world, and you and I both know, they are committing the largest crimes against humanity prior to this outbreak of the sinister virus that God knows where it really came from—somewhere between the Wuhan wet market, the Chinese Center for Disease Control, which is right across the street, or maybe 20 miles north, at the Biosafety Level 4 lab in China. But the bottom line is, this disease has been unleashed on the rest of the world, and it was knowingly done so. And that’s why I’m so visibly upset about this.

Watch this. HBD supports the actions of China.  HBD lies to protect China.  Trump claims to be a “wartime President.”  China allowed their citizens to infect the world. Can HBDers be indicted for treason?

Odds and Ends, 3/28/20

In der news.

Colored is as colored does – Asiatics like Greta keep on causing problems.

No, no, a thousand times no!  Thunberg is of great benefit to all humanity and we need more Ladogans like her!

How about some tough talk for the Chinese who infected you all?  Or will you serenade them from balconies?

Extremely cognitive and oh so very elite. Comment from news post thread:

Sorry but I’m going to say it. The people who eat these things need to join the modern world and step out of their third world medieval existence. There is no need for wet markets and eating of exotic animals in the modern world. Join the 21st century.

A ballad for Zturd  Have you noticed that many of the Type Is who used to gibber about “worse is better,” Der Tag, “boogaloo,” and fervently wished for a collapse, are now hysterically screaming for “America to get back to work” in order to “save the economy?”  It’s almost as if they were never serious about the political posturing they were doing during the “good times.” 

It’s quite possible that the outcome of the crisis will not be as bad as the worst predictions. Would that make Zturd correct?  No. Zturd argues that we should go about business as usual even IF the worst comes true.  

Trump continues to pitifully grovel to Asian-“Americans.” One wonders why.  One wonders what exactly is going on there in the White House. After all, Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, what could be going on today?  Measured groveling, Donny, measured groveling.

A crucially important Chinese accomplishment.  How can the work of Newton, Michelangelo, or Shakespeare compare to that?  If you would like to see a political outcome of HBD, see 2:38-2:53 here.  Interesting how all of the Type I racial purists have no objection to that, similar to how they tolerate – in some cases even promote – Derbyshire.  The creation of an Jeurasian mongrel class in the “West” – coupled to the continued preservation of the original Asian stocks in Asia – is one of the openly stated goals of HBD.  Yet the Type Is never denounce HBD.  The HBD-Nordicist alliance continues (with ethnonationalist junior partners bringing up the rear).

Men do research to fight The China Plague, while milady occupies her time with other pursuits.  Joan of Arc!

Read this.

A position no doubt supported by Der Movement.

Steve Bannon’s measured groveling to Simone Gao is pitiful. Is Simone Gao John Derbyshire’s favorite investigative journalist?  No, Steve, it’s not the CCP virus, it’s the CHINESE virus. Stop groveling to bizarre yellow aliens.

Boris Johnson does his part for herd immunity.

Strawman argument.  It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole “lab release = bioengineered” is gaslighting for the rubes. Do you also notice that the “it’s purely natural” argument is used against the “Chinese bioweapon” argument, but not the “American bioweapon” equivalent?

Seems OK to me.  Next, make a painting showing Chinese cackling with glee at all the suffering and death they’ve cause with The China Plague.

The subhuman animal Zturd writes:

This graph gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to left-wing politics are more easily frightened than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the old alt-right people now sound like one of the girls from the Huffington Post. It is a good reminder that there is a left-right axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in the show, is that many of our guys are wholly ignorant of economics. Given that the rejection of the neoliberal economic order is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys do not have the first clue about how the system actually works. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from the Democratic Socialist camp.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the system that most people take for granted.

Rewritten for accuracy:

This post gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to right-wing politics are more easily attracted to comical conspiracy theorizing and irrational contrarian positions than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the new alt-right people now sound like an escapee from a mental hospital.  It is a good reminder that there is a retard-normal axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in this blog, is that many of our guys are complete hypocrites when their own economic self-interest is at stake.  Given that the rejection of the System is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys are ever so eager to prop up that System and preserve its stability in a crisis. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from a neoconservative conference.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the sane society that most people take for granted.

The man’s deranged.  And dishonest.  He pretends that China Plague realists are ignorant and unaware of the economic costs. Untrue.  It is simply that following Zturd’s prescriptions could quickly turn the entire USA into Italy or New York. How would the economy fare then?  Again, even if the outbreak turns out to be not as bad as predicted, Zturd is still deranged, since he’s advocating “sacrifice for the economy” under current conditions with current data.  If things turn out not to be that bad, it will become apparent over the next few weeks, and then we can “open up the country,” as our orange-hued fearless leader advocates. Very well. I think it prudent to determine what’s happening first before “opening up,” while Zturd, wearing his green eyeshade accounting cap, measures shekels gained and lost, and hysterically screams to “open her up” immediately.

Some refreshing truth:

GhostDack JorseyGhost

No one wants to say it, but IDGAF about being PC;

– China release this virus

– Northern Italy got wrecked because they sold their factories to China who imported workers

– NYC is wrecked because of Chinatown and Flushing, Queens, both swarming with illegals.

That’s the truth

Indeed it is.

Tops, not bottoms.  In other words, Rosies, not Johnnys.

Watch this.  The difference between Left and Right is that the Left says worries about The China Plague is “racism,” while the Right such as Kturd become hysterical about “the economy.”

In other words, the areas in Europe with “extreme individualist” families tend to be the ones that came under the heavy influence of the “egalitarian individualism” of northwest hunter-gatherers (Scandinavia). The ones with “moderate individualism” tend to be the ones heavily influenced by the aristocratic individualism of Indo-Europeans, along with some Nordic egalitarianism influences, namely, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.The ones with “moderate collectivism,” where kinship ties remained relatively strong in family patterns, tend to be the ones heavily influenced by collectivist Anatolian farmers, namely Italy, Greece, and Spain, though MacDonald observes a moderate collectivism in eastern Europe and Russia as well.

Uh huh.  Please see this graph.  See the Y axis. Truth vs. HBD lies. Germany, France, Austria, and Finland are actually more collectivist than Italy, and Russia is an extreme example of collectivism, not “moderate,” more so than even Spain.  Denmark and Sweden are in the range of Italy. Eastern European Hungarians are quite individualist (is that why they tolerate the invader John Morgan amongst them?).

HBD makes one stupid.  And dishonest. The downfall of MacDonald has been one of the more tragic examples of the sad decline of a rightist academic.


I wonder whether Sweden can be classified as an individualist society given the extremely conformist culture it has engendered. We call Nordics “radical liberals,” but they are not liberals anymore, since very little independent thinking and dissent is permitted against politically correct values enforced by the state without dialogue.

No kidding.  Sweden is no less collectivist than is Italy.

Sad.  Very sad.

How is this possible?  According to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% homogeneous, without a single non-Italian, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen. Oh well, Africans and Italians are one and the same, no?

But then, what about the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in Italy, spreading disease?  

Now, if we were talking about East Asian regions like, say, Scandinavia and surrounding regions, as well as Iceland, then all those Chinese could be consistent with a 100% homogeneous society (Bromstad, Thunberg, and Bjork all agree).  But, Italy?  Come now. Considering a sub-Saharan African nation like Italy, with a native population racially akin to Nigerians, what are Chinese doing there?

Seriously though, when are all you rank-and-file nitwits out there going to finally understand that Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong about just about EVERYTHING?  

While Trump ignores his base, he does this.  We must consult experts, after all!

Yet More Odds and Ends

In der news.

See this.   Remember, Zturd says concern about all of this is “alarmist madness.”

Hail Zturd!  Hail Der Movement!  Hail!

A free online ”scholarly” journal about “Fascism” – so entitled.  A leftist System perspective – may be informative, certainly will be amusing.

Behold capitalism!  More “sweet business deals,” I suppose.  Then we wonder why the American health care system is such a wreck.

How about that – Jeelvy and I 100% agree on something:

Nicholas R. Jeelvy

Posted March 20, 2020 at 2:48 am | Permalink

The Chinese state is what it is, but the Han are a disgusting race of unhygienic, Mammon-worshipping bugmen. Their repulsive dietary habits are to blame for not only Corona, but also the Spanish flu and the Black Death.

Most pandemics in the world can be traced back to a Han eating, or a Bantu fucking a known disease carrier.

Quite right.  And yet Zturd thinks this is all “alarmist madness” and we shouldn’t be doing anything about it; indeed, he and his acolytes mock and ridicule the epidemiological paradigm of “flattening the curve.” Simply astonishing.

By the way, all those people who die of other causes because the health care system is saturated with China Plague victims should also be considered as having been MURDERED by the Chinese “people.”

Kabaservice says the tendency of GOP voters and officials to downplay the risk partly reflects Trump’s initially dismissive messaging about the crisis. But it may also relate to a deeper ideological suspicion of scientists, the media, and subject-matter experts within the federal government.

“This is something we’ve gone through a while here among Republicans,” Kabaservice says. “The feeling increasingly is that experts and the media are all part of this elite class that is self-dealing and is looking down on less-educated and less-fortunate people, and [that] they can’t be trusted to tell the truth.” He adds, “That dynamic … has been reinforced” by the emergence of the “conservative media ecosystem,” which unstintingly presents “elites” as a threat to viewers.

Rather than “Republican dad script”  I’d just call it the typical “Der Right script” – anti-science, anti-empiricism, a reverse snobbery against experts, framing everything as a leftist conspiracy, obsessed with economics over people, an extreme solipsism that confuses belief and faith with reality, and an extreme allergy for fact-checking, with the consequence of being wrong about just about everything.  But, hey, Zturd knows more than Fauci, so let’s take the “party on” advice.

And don’t start quoting HBDers as “proof” that the Right embraces science – HBD, and most of what passes for rightist “science” – is not science, but a secular religion, a fossilized dogma, pure pseudoscience.  Instead of worshipping the god of the bible, the Chinese are worshipped instead.  Same difference. As I’ve written before, the Right’s close association with religion and “tradition” have much to do with its hatred of, and complete misunderstanding of, and practical rejection of, science and empiricism. Anti-elitist, anti-government, anti-intellectual, reactionary, libertarian strains of “thought” make every expert suspect to this mindset – genuine expertise is scorned as “credentialism” and any person’s private opinion becomes conflated with objective reality.

The kind of folks who downplay The China Plague (emphasis added):

...the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman sold stock in mid-February that he knew would take a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while Burr downplayed the threat of the coronavirus publicly, NPR obtained a recording of him privately warning of its dangers.

“There is one thing about this,” Burr is heard saying in the recording, “it is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything we have seen in recent history. It’s probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.”

The 1918 pandemic to which Burr is referring is estimated to have killed between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide.

Carlson slammed Burr not only for insider trading, but also for not warning the public about how dangerous the coronavirus actually is.


This is HBD (and please note the Yellow Fever connection, once again confirming the psychosexual connections between Yellow Fever and HBD) (emphasis added):

Jud Jackson

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This is all very troubling for me. I am a white American: 50% English, 25% Irish and 25% German. There aren’t too many people whiter than me.

But we all know the Chinese IQ is 105, 5 points smarter than we are. We also know that Chinese living in America have lower crime rates, higher IQs, and are more sexually restrained than we are. I think the work of J. P. Rushton would back me up 100% on all of this. I worked as an engineer in America for 23 years and my experience with Chinese engineers was that they were smarter than me, very kind to me, and all and all excellent engineers (better than I was and I wasn’t that bad).

On the other hand, Mao was the worst mass murderer of the 20th Century. My first serious girlfriend was from Taiwan. She hated Mao and her parents left the mainland in 1949 or so just as Mao was taking over. It didn’t work out with her but she was very ladylike, anti-feminist, and I don’t regret at all the two years we were together. I also knew some delightful Chinese ladies in Engineering School at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

So I don’t quite get it calling Chinese scum and so on. Their government may indeed be aweful but is it much worse than ours? Did they drop atomic bombs on the Japanese? Did they firebomb Dresden Germany and kill thousands of white German Civilians? No, we did that. Or at least our government did.

I can’t claim to be an expert on the virus, but I do read articles about it every day. I certainly wouldn’t put it past our government to have generated the Covid virus but I really don’t know.

Translated: The Chinese are our betters and masters.  I pitfully grovel before The Altar of Asia. I’m obsessed with East Asian females and my idea of heaven is to be pegged by a buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired Chinatrix for all eternity.  And by the way, America is much worse than China and probably invented Covid-19 to torment the intelligent and honorable Chinese.  Hail HBD!

More HBD pseudoscientific crap.  The coronavirus crisis, if nothing else, is doing a marvelous job discrediting HBD, not only the worshipping of the Chinese, but I suspect that as the virus spreads in Europe (and Africa), the Frost-Welton narratives about viral susceptibility will be increasingly discredited as well.  We’ll see. Once things become clearer I hope to discuss those issues here.  As regards that Amren piece, it is all hand-waving “just so” stories, promoting the Alliance’s narratives.

The female economy adjusts to social distancing rules.  Milady is certainly adaptive!

To get a better grasp of the Chinese, and of East Asians in general, please read this; excerpts, emphasis added:

COVID-19 first appeared in China sometime in November of 2019.  One theory of the virus’ inception is that it came from a Chinese “wet market, ” where live animals are sold in the open, including dogs, cats, fox pups, koalas, bats, and other “meats” that are uncommon to Europeans. Whether or not this theory proves to be factual remains to be seen. However, no matter where the virus originated, the barbaric practices of the dog meat trade, among others, should not be ignored. If nothing else comes from the wet market theory, we should understand the Chinese are radically alien people who do not leave their customs at the border when they arrive in Europe or the United States. Pets have been found on countless occasions at these open-air markets; kittens and pups with collars and name tags are not uncommon. These practices, along with other anti-nature barbarisms such as shark-finning, are common throughout all of China, Korea, Japan, and the rest of Asia. These are not the type of people I want as neighbors under any circumstances.

HBD says that East Asians are our betters and masters – all hail Asia and all pitifully grovel – measured groveling, eh? – before The Altar of Asia.

With that said, the hostile media and diaspora Asians living in the U.S. and Europe have, on some level, picked up on this sentiment. There was general disgust at the revelation for many people at the types of “food” the Chinese and others were eating, along with the horrific methods of preparing the “food,” such as skinning and boiling dogs and cats while alive. Then there were legitimate examples of early “social distancing” on public transit, to which Asians noticed and took offense. Some of the reports from the mainstream media:

Colored is as colored does. After all, COLORED, TROPICAL, ANTI-ARCTIC aliens become very easily offended.  Are East Asians even more unlike Whites than are sub-Saharan Africans?  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

After Italy took reasonable precautions, like ending flights to and from China, a group of Chinese nationals in Italy put on a display of sorts called, “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.” At this display, a Chinese man offered “free hugs” to help end so-called xenophobia (the fear of the stranger). Shortly thereafter, over 1,800 Italians are dead from COVID-19, all of Italy is on lockdown, Spain and France have followed suit, and the number of Europeans infected continues to skyrocket. 

It seems more and more clear that the Chinese intentionally infected Europe.  They are conducting a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against Whites, who do absolutely nothing in response.

Then came the day-to-day terror from the diaspora Asian community in what they found to be good-natured humor to combat “racism.” A viral tweet with over 200,000 likes read, “Coughing real loud on the subway today to see who’s racist.” Another Asian living in the U.S. decided to more explicitly harass a passenger, by coughing towards them, in a viral video with over 380,000 likes. Min, the Asian Twitter user, then went on to berate the woman for racism and stupidity, finally claiming she was the victim of discrimination because the woman covered her face and eventually moved away. 

Imagine if Blacks were doing this with Ebola – the HBDers and “race realists” would be foaming at the mouth for months, writing pseudo-erudite articles about “Black psychopathic behavior.” Never mind if afrowops did anything like this – the priapistic excitement among the HBDers would last for years.  But here?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.  HBD is a political movement with the objective of enslaving Whites to Asian (and Jewish) interests.

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, in a tweet ostensibly covering for his fellow Asians, wrote: “The fear of the coronavirus is likely to be as or more destructive than the virus itself.” 

Yang – you know the guy that some Alt Righters were endorsing for President, for which they were criticized here. Sallis, right again. Der Movement, wrong again.  I’m shocked, shocked I say!

People are dead. They are dead because of a disease that came from China, yet Asians living in White nations are more concerned people might gaze at them too long or move away from them. 

Asians are a psychopathic, TROPICAL, colored race.  Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” is a discredited joke. Hopefully, everyone understands the reason why Derbyshire promoted that nonsense. If Derbyshire was married to a White woman, and had White children, do you think the words “Arctic Alliance” would have ever been spewed from his lips, or emanated, like a vile substance, from his fingertips at his computer keyboard?

People have lost loved ones, and Asians think this is some sort of joke…

I (who know Asians very well) have been telling you here for weeks that the Chinese (and other Asians) are laughing at us over this.  I’m serious my friends. There is a reason I always write that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. The unfettered, exuberant, exultant joy felt by Asians over the deaths of Whites caused by this virus is a shocking spectacle to behold. To them it ia joke. The Yellow Fist of Hatred slaps away the weak and insipid White Hand of Friendship.  When will we see The White Fist of Hatred?

…or that perhaps they are the real victims here at the hands of White people who have a bit of their self-preservation instinct left. 

They want Whites to die.

The first instance of COVID-19 in the United State was a Chinese man who returned on or about January 14, 2020, after visiting family in Wuhan, China. [14] China reported the virus to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019, and had documented the novel virus since sometime in November. 

So, just like in Italy, the Chinese knowingly seeded coronavirus in America after the disease had been known to be raging in The Land of the Gods. The Chinese are conducting biological warfare against humanity. In response, humanity does nothing.

More than ever, this is clear evidence that our current elite must be replaced with those who have their sights not on today’s stock index

That leaves out Zturd.

…but eternity. Those who are not going to concern themselves with the feelings of alien interlopers (who already have their own homelands)…

That leaves out the HBDers.

This is Der Movement:

Carte Blanche
It pains me to see red-pilled White Americans who know the media is lying and gaslighting us into total submission fall for this Virus Hoax. President Trump calling it the “invisible enemy” is more profound than he knows!!

Sure!  All the deaths in Italy, Spain, etc. – all a hoax!  The spread in Europe – a hoax!  Fauci’s 19 hr days are just him on the computer surfing webporn sites!  All a hoax!  A beautiful side effect of this crisis – the complete discrediting of Type I “movement activism.”

Watch this.  Political maneuvering at its finest.  One can spectacle that similar happens among Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.  Note the involvement of cocaine in the episode, and then consider Pilleater’s accusations of cocaine use in Der Movement.  Of course, in Der Movement, the Negress would be replaced by a Chinatrix – “verbal abuse and colonic irrigation, “ indeed.  That’ll induce some “measured groveling,” no doubt.

Viruses and Science and Der Movement Oh My!


Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement is ALWAYS wrong.

Sign in and watch this video.  After all, it’s just like the common cold, right Rush?

Der Right, Der Right, Der Right is ALWAYS wrong.

Yes, the Left is scientifically illiterate about race. But the Right is scientifically illiterate about everything.  Why? Is it religion?  “Traditionalism?”  What?

Der Movement is laughably stupid.

Let’s consider the science. The science of East Asian racial characteristics. Emphasis added:

An increased density of eccrine glands in 370A carriers might have been advantageous for East Asian hunter-gatherers during warm and humid seasons, which hinder evapotranspiration.

Geological records indicate that China was relatively warm and humid between 40,000 and 32,000 years ago, but between 32,000 and 15,000 years ago the climate became cooler and drier before warming again at the onset of the Holocene (Wang et al., 2001; Yuan et al., 2004). Throughout this time period, however, China may have remained relatively humid due to varying contribution from summer and winter monsoons (Sun et al., 2012). High humidity, especially in the summers, may have provided a seasonally selective advantage for individuals better able to functionally activate more eccrine glands and thus sweat more effectively (Kuno, 1956). To explore this hypothesis, greater precision on when and where the allele was under selection—perhaps using ancient DNA sources—in conjunction with more detailed archaeological and climatic data are needed…

…Reports of smaller breast size in East Asian women (Maskarinec et al., 2001; Chen et al., 2004) are notable in light of the effects of 370A on fat pad size and the importance of breast morphology in human mate preference (Furnham et al., 1998, 2006; Dixson et al., 2011)…

…In light of 370A’s pleiotropy, it is possible that selection acted on multiple traits. The tendency to seek a single driving character is underlain by the perception that pleiotropic changes are inherently disadvantageous. Evolution is believed to proceed primarily through mutations in gene regulatory regions rather than exons because this reduces pleiotropic effects (King and Wilson, 1975; Stern, 2000; Carroll, 2008). From the perspective of this model, a specific effect of 370A’s pleiotropic consequences was favored under the conditions present in East Asia and conferred an advantage with other neutral or deleterious traits hitchhiking along with the selected trait. However, the large coefficient of selection on 370A contrasts with the relatively modest magnitude of structural changes on any one affected trait and suggests alternative interpretations. One possibility is that the effects of 370A were magnified by coselection on another variant. For example, a coding variant of the related EDA2R gene affects human hair and has swept to fixation in East Asia (Sabeti et al., 2007; Prodi et al., 2008).

I have to continue to emphasize this issue because it is necessary to refute decades of HBD lies about the alleged “arctic” nature of East Asians. That the lies had and have a political motivation is demonstrated by Derbyshire’s attempt to leverage those lies to promote an absurd “Arctic Alliance.” But we cannot base racial policy on outright lies.  The scientific evidence, the climactic evidence, the historical evidence all point to East Asians being a TROPICAL peoples, the evidence is encoded in their very genes, and manifested in their phenotype. An “Arctic Alliance” between Europeans and East Asians makes as little racial sense as an “Arctic Alliance” between Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans.  We cannot base our understanding of race on the need for some “awkward squad” HBD losers to justify their private domestic arrangements.

Zman had better watch out or he’ll have his nifty little HBD membership card taken away:

The thing to watch, I think, is what happens when it becomes clear to everyone that the disease is the product of Chinese corruption. There’s pretty good evidence now that the virus originated in the lab. Most likely they were doing perfectly legitimate research on these viruses, but the endemic corruption of China and their sloppy controls led to this virus getting loose on the public. Throw in other issues like fentanyl, espionage and corruption and China should quickly become a pariah.

This pandemic is probably going to be what the rage head Nicholas Taleb called a black swan event. There will be what passed for conventional wisdom before the event and what passes for it after the event. In the before times, there was a general consensus that China was largely a benign force in the world. After the pandemic, China will be viewed as a threat to global order. We have probably just seen the end of peak China and the world enters the phase of post-China.

Blasphemy!  If China becomes a pariah nation how are all the “awkward squad” HBDers and Silkers going to get sodomized by flat-chested, buck-toothed, greasy-haired Chinatrices?  Let’s be reasonable.

Come on, Greg, why retweet this truth?  What about Joan of Arc?  Misogyny!  What will Lexi “think?”  Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, milady’s divorce settlement for a Joan of Arc!

The idea that “conservatives” are going to show any “spine” (except when they undress and bend over for their reaming by the Left) is an absurdity, and evidence of extreme naivete. Conservatism is, at best, a defensive “ideology” of trying to hold back history, an empty suit, a useless conglomeration of empty platitudes, empty ideas, and empty morales. Of course they will always lose, and they do lose.

What are the chances the guy who wrote this lives in some big US coastal city?  Pretty good odds I think.

All we need now is some essay lauding red state America written by someone living in southern California, or an essay talking about the wonders of cold winter weather (it’s bracing for the high trust northern hunter gatherer soul!) written by someone living in Los Angeles, somewhere in Louisiana, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle…or perhaps Baltimore?

Baltimore has a humid subtropical climate in the Trewartha climate classification, with long hot summers…

It’s a nothingburger!  After all, Der Movement says so, and who can ever question the judgment of that gaggle of heroes?

Revilo Oliver’s retarded, historically incorrect Nordicist fetishism.  Sorry, Rev, the “remote kinsfolk” of Germans (assuming he’s talking about “Nordics”) founded nothing Roman 1,000 years before the Fall of Rome. Lies, lies, lies. The genetic evidence is in, liars. That kin is real “remote,” indeed.  Idiots.

Strom’s a liar as well for promoting this historical falsehood.  

Well, as I always say – these guys are ALWAYS wrong.

The same Strom who promotes this crap is afraid to denounce HBD or the “movement’s” homosexual cabal. With “leaders” so weak and feckless, is it any surprise that the “movement” is in such pathetic shape?

“What we owe our parasites,” indeed.  Talking about parasites, what about “movement” grifters, who have hoodwinked gullible activists into forking over millions of dollars of hard-earned money?

This is 100% accurate:

Blacks hold base-thumping, rap-blaring, drug-fueled ragers. Hispanics squeeze 100 people onto one tiny property along with a mariachi band and a bouncy-house. Both types of party last all night long.

Experto crede.  And reggae is 100x worse than rap.

Gee…someone had the common cold, right, Rush?


DamoclesYeah we should have the fringe weirdo with the Clockwork Orange avatar lead us. There’s a lot of potential for growth there. Might even be able to get .1% of the population that way.
The future of the new right is religious, and we don’t need evil people in our group, even if we align on some of the issues. Thanks for your service, yada yada. BYE

That’s a remarkable comment since it is a perfect 100% inversion of reality. In fact, a major failing of the Right is its religion obsession, which is why it is associated with anti-scientific gross ignorance, and is prey to all sorts of retarded stupidity, lack of empiricism, lack of logic, and a lack of any modicum of real-world common sense.  You can take your Jaysus and stick him up your ass (wooden stick and all).  “Evil.” Another retarded ass.

The first part re-written:

Yeah we should have the old man in a dress who washes the feet of Negro migrants lead us. There’s a lot of potential for growth there. Might even be able to get 100% of the Colored-worshipping ultra-cucks that way.


JR WirthWhat about AIM? Send us a video with your application. Jesus Christ! How about you get bent. Yes, I’m going to carefully place my balls under the tire of an 18 Wheeler.

That’s what you call Millennial opsec.

MemeWarVet>>>The new kids have also figured out that they can free ride off the old guys. I’d bet half the crowd last night consumed TRS content to some degree, but also think they were hopelessly lost regarding practical politics.<<< This describes me exactly, except for that I don’t know if someone who served in the Great Meme War…

That’s the retard who labeled the China Plague a “nothingburger.” “Great Meme War”…what an ass.  Millennials are too stupid to even to realize everything they don’t know.  Even that they don’t know.

MemeWarVetIf you think parading around in public in the costume of a defeated foreign power is a good idea, then you are an idiot and your actions are not pro-white. They are, in fact, anti-white.

Re-written for modern relevance:

If you think parading around in public worshipping a cartoon frog, screaming “Kek!,” and chugging gallons of milk is a good idea, then you are an idiot and your actions are not pro-white. They are, in fact, anti-white.