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Marin, Mota, and the New European Order

Romanian Legionary fascism as a futurist, not traditionalist, movement.

Let’s consider an essay on the Romanian Legionary Movement – Mircea Platon, The Iron Guard and the ‘Modern State’. Iron Guard Leaders Vasile Marin and Ion I. Moţa, and the ‘New European Order’, Fascism 1 (2012) 65–90. You should read the whole thing; the major points are mostly self-explanatory. I will cite some particularly relevant excerpts (emphasis added) and make some brief comments on them.

Let’s start with the abstract:

Historians and literary scholars still working in a Cold War paradigm cast Romanian Fascism as a form of reactionary resistance to liberal modernity, and not as a competing modernizing discourse and drive. Nevertheless, in a 1933 programmatic article, the Legionnaire leader, ideologue, and ‘martyr’ Vasile Marin wrote that political concepts such as ‘the Right,’ ‘the Left,’ and ‘extremism’ lost their relevance in Romania, as well as in Europe. They had been replaced by a ‘totalitarian view of the national life,’ which was common to Fascism, National-Socialism, and the Legion. This new ‘concept’ would allow Romania to ‘overcome, by absorbing them, the democratic and socialist experiences and would create the modern state,’ – a ‘totalitarian’ state. The present article aims to consolidate the conceptual gains of ‘new consensus’ historiography, which views the Iron Guard as part of a global revolutionary movement that was spurred by the practice of a political religion promising a ‘national rebirth’ or a ‘complete cultural’ and anthropological ‘renewal.’ Far from militating for national autarchy and populist-agrarian conservatism, the two Legionnaire leaders discussed in my article sought to align Romania with the modernizing, industrializing drive of Western European Fascism.

Note: “modernizing, industrializing drive.” Thus, as we shall see, this essay aligns the Legionary movement more with a Type II futurist, modernizing, “science and technics”-oriented outlook, as opposed to the Type I traditionalist “runes and boots” “twigs and branches” backwards outlook. This essay argues that the Legion’s traditionalist image was just a surface veneer, for effect (to place it within historical Romanian culture), rather than indicative of any underling foundational paradigm. In this sense, the Legion had more in common with EGI Notes than with Counter-Currents.

…the Legionnaire leader, ideologue, and ‘martyr’ Vasile Marin wrote that such political concepts as ‘the right,’ ‘the left,’ and ‘extremism’ had died in Romania, as well as in Europe. They had been replaced by a ‘totalitarian view of the national life,’ which was common to fascism, National Socialism, and the Legion. This new ‘concept’ would allow Romania to ‘overcome, by absorbing them, the democratic and socialist experiences and would create the modern state’ – a ‘totalitarian’ state. Codreanu’s socially conscious letter and Marin’s modernist enthusiasm highlight the relevance of the pioneering attempts of several scholars to place the Legion within the framework of the ‘new consensus.’ This ‘new consensus’ defined fascism as a global revolutionary movement spurred by the practice (‘living dangerously,’ ‘sacrificially’) of a political religion that promised a ‘national rebirth’ or a ‘complete cultural’ and anthropological ‘renewal.’

A rebirth and renewal through “modernist enthusiasm.”  Type II, not Type I.

By using these terms, the Legion clearly demonstrated its intention to destroy the organic, historically mediated (and thus elastic and reasonably tolerant) social ties and ways of life that had developed over time. This would be done in order to recast them into a more uniform, militarized way of life that would no longer be able to accommodate ‘inefficiency,’ idle pastimes, and political or ‘racial’ undesirables (e.g., communists, liberals, or Jews). As such, the Legion was the first Romanian political movement to seek to impose its own aims on the whole of Romanian society. The increasingly sophisticated division of work spurred by modern economic development, with its emphasis on ‘organized activities,’ subordinated the individual to the ‘collectivity,’

Note: “the Legion clearly demonstrated its intention to destroy the organic, historically mediated (and thus elastic and reasonably tolerant) social ties and ways of life that had developed over time.” That is completely anti-traditionalist. It is a radically futurist approach. Delenda est traditionalism!

Far from celebrating the virtues of Romania’s traditional ‘minor’ peasant culture, Marin considered such a culture as a sign that his compatriots were historical outcasts…


…subsisting on a biological level…

Type Is marching through the woods, eating twigs and branches.  Type Is “snug in their hobbit hole in the forest.”

…but non-existent at a ‘spiritual,’ cultural (i.e., Historical) level. The villages – the peasant world – were not important in themselves, but only as a resource, as a sort of gene pool for creating the modern culturally and genetically enhanced uber-Romanian. Like the rest of the population, Romania’s villagers were treated by Marin as a kind of raw material – a dark, anonymous human soil that had to be molded and propelled into History by the Iron Guardist ‘elite of the pure and intransigent ones.’ Marin placed all of his hopes on the ‘elite of our generation, the few, the chosen, the stubborn and the united,’ who would be capable of making the ‘crowds’ adhere to the national revolution.

The “de facto anarchy provinces” of Tolkien’s traditionalist wet dreams – merely “raw material.”

Marin noted that, whereas czarist Russia had belonged to History by virtue of its culture, the Soviet Union was merely a civilized, technological desert. This decay had taken place because what had started as a potentially epoch-making national revolution had been hijacked by Jews and demoted to a ‘mere’ communist revolution (i.e., a sterile civilizational affair). In the early 1930s, however, Marin noted with satisfaction that, while fascism was becoming increasingly socialist, Soviet socialism under Stalin was becoming increasingly ‘national’, thus proving that modernity and political realism were forcing the convergence of the two systems.

The Jews destroyed Russia.  When will the Slav exact vengeance against the Jew? 

An integral component of this fascist historic teleology, Marin’s strident anti-Semitism was not a sign of any reactionary retreat to the past, but of a revolutionary eagerness to embrace History and to master modernity. Marin feared that Jewish heterogeneity might spoil the national unity required by the creation of a powerful state capable of fostering a strong culture that would propel Romania into History. In this vision, the physical and the cultural nourished each other and, for Marin, History was the territory of the Nietzschean super-man. 

From Chamberlain, Wagner, and Nietzsche, Marin borrowed the idea that the ‘Jewish race’ was characterized by a ‘materialism’ that corrupted the idealism of the superior Aryan race and that hampered its capacity to manifest its vitality through continual self-renewal

Marin’s opinions about the Jews is interesting in the context of this:

Marin married, with the approval of Legionary leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Ana Maria Ropala in February 1933. Ropala was the daughter of a Romanian army officer and a Jewish woman who converted to Christianity.

Oy vey!  Mazel Tov!  Cue Der Movement comments about “Khazar milkers.”

Marin’s anti-Semitism was thus ideological, principled, and ontologically rooted in racism. Marin noted that the Iron Guard’s actions were prompted by ‘the conscience of a superiority of race – the same conscience that had caused the “Civitas Romanus,” 2000 years before, to spit with disgust in the face of the wretched Jew crawling along the walls of the eternal city like a beast.’ The radical, ontological alterity of the Jews could not be bridged or transformed in any political or cultural way. Racism was not a consequence, but a cause of economic anti-Semitism. 

Except in the bedroom, Vasile?  Mazel Tov!

Like Moţa, Marin rejected any right-wing corporatism or left-wing peasantism that failed to mandate racial purification. 

Re: his wife?

Like Marin, however, Moţa complained that Jews constituted an obstacle to the modernization of Romania. Anything but a Romantic reactionary, Moţa claimed the benefits of modernization, industrialization, and the French Revolution for Romanians. He credited the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution with radical political and economic improvements in the life of all nations, a point he shared with Marin, who saw the French Revolution as a ‘national revolution’ with positive results for other European states.

This more balanced view of the French Revolution contrasts to the hysterical hostility of the reactionary traditionalist Right to every aspect of that revolution.  According to Der Right, the French masses should have been content to starve while effete monarchs and parasitical nobles lived off the fat of the land.

…Romania and other Christian nations had lost their traditional culture without acquiring a ‘higher’ one, without having had the opportunity to ‘enhance their spiritual culture’ through the application of technology. In Moţa’s view (which differed from that of the nineteenth-century Romantic, passeist writer Mihail Eminescu, whose verses he quoted in the title of his article), industrialization had nothing to do with what he perceived to be the moral decay of Romanians. Liberalism offered nothing more than a failed, stunted modernization: ‘If railways brought us better and more beautiful songs to replace those they extinguished, we would not have cursed them in our songs (doine), but we would have celebrated the railways with happy dances (hore de bucurie). This would have happened if the fruits of this productive advance had come into our possession.’

This view of Mota is 100% in line with hardcore futurism and with the “machine primitivism” of French and Italian technics-oriented fascists.

Any notion that Moţa was mired in the past – that he was mounting anti-technological attacks similar to those of the German conservative revolutionary (as expressed in Friedrich Georg Jünger’s The Failure of Technology) or of the French Catholic anti-fascist conservative Georges Bernanos – is thus unfounded. 

Thus, Mota was a Type II futurist, not a Type I traditionalist.

…Moţa accepted the Transylvanian Saxons as full-fledged Romanian citizens, as their ‘German cultural élan and their rebirth into an Aryan and Christian spirit is a legitimate ideal.’ 

Here I disagree, and this is a sad example of Teuton worship among the Right. John Morgan is not Hungarian and Transylvanian Saxons are not Romanians. Send them back to Germany.

Moţa’s participation at the fascist congress organized by the Comitati d’Azione per l’Universalità di Roma (CAUR; Committees of Action for the Universality of Rome) in Montreux, Switzerland (December 16-17, 1934), together with his 1934-1936 correspondence with the German news service and propaganda agency Welt-Dienst, or Service Mondial (World Service), offer the opportunity to analyze what the Legionnaire leadership believed to be the Legion’s role in the fascist New European Order. The relevant sets of documents have received only scant attention until now. They indicate that the Legion strived to be recognized at the European level as the only legitimate and trustworthy Romanian embodiment of the ‘national revolutionary’ spirit – as the natural ally and supporter of a New European Order. In Moţa’s vision, this Order would be a united anti-Semitic front, capable of successfully addressing the ‘Jewish question.’ In his Montreux speech, Moţa argued that this ‘question’ could be solved only if Nazis and Italian Fascists set aside their differences.

See this about Mota.  A few of the minor details are outdated given some of the revelations of the Fascism piece, but the overall thrust of the essay is, in my opinion, still relevant.

The fact that Moţa articulated this point of view in his speech at the 1934 CAUR congress is particularly salient, given that the Italian Fascist organizers of the meeting had carefully avoided inviting any NSDAP representatives. 

I stand corrected in my previous assertions that the Nazis did not attend because they were obsessed with hegemonic ambitions in Europe as opposed to genuine inter-fascist cooperation.  Now, I still maintain that my overall interpretation of Nazi behavior is correct; however, their lack of attendance in this instance was because they were not invited.

The years 1933-34 marked Mussolini’s loudest attempts to distance himself from Nazi racism by repeatedly and publicly rejecting eugenics and the theory of an Aryan/German race. Interested in a muscular cultural nationalism that would allow him to ‘Italicize’ his empire, Mussolini regarded Hitler’s biological racism as a sign of sheer cultural backwardness: ‘Thirty centuries of history allow us to look with supreme pity on certain doctrines preached beyond the Alps by the descend-ants of those who were illiterate when Rome had Caesar, Virgil, and Augustus.’ Mussolini had a number of close Jewish collaborators; hundreds of Jews had participated in the famous 1922 March on Rome that had brought Mussolini to power and, until the 1938 introduction of anti-Jewish legislation, ‘the percent-age of Jews in the Fascist party was higher than in Italian society as a whole.’

Like Yockey and Evola, I believe that these opinions of Mussolini were a response to the Guntherite Nordicism that formed the basis of “Nazi racism.” The real problem for these people was not biological racism, but the expression of that biological racism specifically in Nordicist terms. Reading the whole essay, including parts not included in this post for the sake of brevity, we observe that Mota and others in the Legion wanted a “pan-Aryan” ideal that focused on Aryan vs. Jewish racial differences while minimizing differences among Aryans. And by ‘Aryan” was meant indigenous Europeans (non-Jewish European gentiles). This was a reaction to Germanocentric racism; however, some Germans who wanted to make common cause with Mota ostensibly espoused his “pan-Aryan” view (whether they actually believed it is another story).

This ideal could not be achieved without international solidarity among those fighting in the name of fascism. Coselschi pointed out that fascism was not international and ‘free-Masonic’ like Marxism, but national and nationalist. Fascism was also ‘universal,’ however, in that it could be adapted to different national contexts all over the world. Coselschi defined fascism as a movement whose goal was to rebuild a unitary, strong, and disciplined state on a new base of law and justice, of harmony between social classes, and of coordination and solidarity instead of competition between producers. 

Fascism is revolutionary, not reactionary.  Franco was not fascist.

Moţa asserted that, beyond corporatism, the unity of the international fascist movement could be further strengthened by finding common solutions to other common universal problems (e.g., ‘the Jewish problem’). In the case of Romania, the ‘Jewish problem’ was ‘very grave,’ and it would certainly ‘endanger the future unity of the Fascist world.’…As Moţa reminded the participants, this Europe would rest upon the ideas of ‘justice’ and ‘order.’ Moţa therefore urged the congress to ‘pronounce itself unequivocally’ on the ‘Jewish issue.’

Mr. Mota, meet Mrs. Marin.

Moţa’s appeal split the congress and catapulted the Romanian into the position of faction chief. The Belgian Paul Hoornaert, the Irish general Eoin O’Duffy, the Portuguese Eça de Queiroz, and the Greek George S. Mercouris insisted that, in their countries, the Jewish population was either very small or professionally and civically very well assimilated, that Jews had performed their patriotic duty on the front in WWI, and that they were very productive citizens. The Austrian Rinaldini declared that the corporatist structure of the Austrian state was functioning satisfactorily, even with Jewish delegates. The Italians Bortolotto, Basile, and Coselschi reiterated Mussolini’s declaration that, from the Italian Fascist point of view, ‘there was no Jewish question in Italy, only an Italian question.’74 On the other hand, Moţa had the support of the Belgian Somville, the Dutch Arnold Meijer, the Swiss Fonjallaz, and the Danish Clausen (whose argument was based on Alfred Rosenberg’s theories). Therefore, the congress adopted a motion stating that the ‘nefarious actions’ of those Jews engaged in activities or political organizations that subverted patriotism and the ‘Christian civilization’ and were ‘harmful’ to the ‘material and moral interests of their countries,’ should be met with opposition of the most stern form. The motion nevertheless stated that ‘the Congress declares that the Jewish question cannot be solved by a universal campaign of hate against Jews.’

The “JQ” divided Der Right even back then.

In other words, the Legion’s break with Cuza’s LANC was not due to the fact that the Legion was a Christian movement while LANC was racist. The divorce was prompted by the Legionnaire leadership’s belief that LANC was too democratic, and a mere tool of survival for the nineteenth-century ‘mechanical’ ideas and politics that the Legion’s vitalist reactionary modernism had rejected as ‘old.’ 


Since they had come into power, the Nazi leaders had preferred to negotiate with Cuza and to strengthen their influence in Romania by working directly with King Carol II. 

Germans acting inappropriately even back then.

The entire episode allows us to conclude that, even though historians have not discovered much evidence to support the idea that the Legion acted as a Nazi ‘fifth column’ in Romania, Moţa and other Iron Guardist leaders actively sought a German alliance. 

Unrequited love.

The Legion did not shun modernity; it welcomed it as a chance to build a truly national state – a state that would be the unhampered cultural expression of an ethnically pure nation. This would confirm their place within the family of European fascisms, defined by Robert Paxton as ‘a system of authority and of management which promises to strengthen the unity, the energy, and the purity of a modern community.’

It’s not going to be “ethnically pure” with Transylvanian Saxons around.

Odds and Ends, 10/15/19

And the jackass Zman.

Mota Marin ceremony 2014.

Lowell Presente.

Good Strom piece.

Italianthro is gone.  Was he intimidated by Greta Thunberg?

Fighting predatory, invasive, non-native species.  Good idea.  Let’s talk immigration.

I agree with dat dere Rienzi guy.

Jim Colosimo – “swarthy animal magnetism” – Der Afrowop.

Codreanu tribute music.

More Zman:

I had an early flight out of Copenhagen back to Lagos, so I did the sensible thing…

For a Type I Alt righter

…and went out with the conference goers until the early hours…

Beavis and Butthead snigger.

…We have a lot of South Asians, who are not big on daily bathing. There’s usually one on the plane, so be prepared for it. On one trip, I saw one so ripe that the flight crew hung an air freshener on the seat backs…

The South Asian special – body odor mixed with cheap cologne.  A hallway or stairwell will stink of that for, literally, hours after one of the cogelites walk by. It is difficult to restrain from vomiting. Experto crede.

…started to think about those people living in the Roman Empire wondering why the water no longer comes from the big stone thingy anymore. 

Because invading Germans wrecked them?

Some may have remembered their ancestors working on them for some reason, but they no longer recall why. 

What bullshit.  When the water stopped running, it was because the city was sacked by, and later mismanaged by, the Holy Ones.

The people who knew how and why those aqueducts worked were long gone. No one was around who could figure out how to make them work again, because they lacked the capacity to do it.

Absolute, raging bullshit.  The water stopped flowing after the fall of the empire. Who was running the show then?  Maybe folks who never built aqueducts in the first place. Odoacer: “What’s that big stone thingy?  Can my horse drink out of it?” Hey, Zman, take your Kempian lies back to “Lagos.” By the way, the “Lagos” joke is so stale by now it’s starting to stink like one of Zman’s South Asians.

I got into Montreal looking forward to some lunch. I had a good long nap and my olfactory receptors were cleansed of Mr. Bong’s stink, by the waves of perfume from the shopping area passengers are now forced to endure at airports. Everyone is forced through a shopping zone now, as they want to make sure you are always ready to consume next product. As a result, airports now smell like the dressing room of a strip club…

Zman knows how they smell.  Interesting.

Normally, when you connect on an international trip, you just walk to the next gate and maybe you have to go through passport control. In Montreal, I had to go through customs, then security and then passport control again. It was a slow mess…

But I thought all of the excess bureaucracy in Europe was because of the EU. You mean, it is in Canada as well?

I finally made it back to Lagos with a collection of great memories of a wonderful time with friends in the European scene. Frodi is a great host and wonderful person.  I’m thankful for having got to know him and now count him as a friend…

But he can’t understand a simple concept even when explained to him repeatedly over a period of months.  Well, he works with Counter-Currents….

Odds and Ends, 9/18/19

Odds and ends.

Listen to this Forney podcast about TRS.  Whatever you may think about Forney, he is doing an excellent job deconstructing the anti-White monstrosity known as Der Movement.  Keep it up, Mr. Forney. Shine a bright light on the roaches and make them scurry for cover.

The Quota Queens are at it again; it seems like they’re back obsessing over Princess Tulsi Coconut.  Has the Andy Eggroll enthusiasm waned so quickly?  Or is Princess Coconut only a place-holder until a future AOC Presidential candidacy?

This is a good Amren video.  I was amused though about Taylor talking about folks with “WASP reserve” not wanting to “rattle the tin cup” (a phrase familiar to readers of EGI Notes, I’m sure).  It’s interesting though that the folks who are not rattling the tin cup are not WASPs, while those who are so rattling, are.  Swarthoid reserve?

A response to the absurd Counter-Currents essay on Hubert Humphrey and Minnesota discussed here yesterday:

Posted September 17, 2019 at 7:13 pm | Permalink
I don’t understand the point of this essay, which simply outlines the betrayal of WHITE people by WHITE LEADERS. I already knew this and so did everybody else.
Do we need WHITES in Minnesota?
Ah…..yes. That would be nice. But if they have such high IQ’s, why are they so committed to importing MUD people to replace them? WHITES have got to start wanting to be saved. If WHITES are willing to accept extermination, no amount of activism by us can save them. It’s that simple.
I don’t know.  Some folks believe we need more men like Hubert Humphrey; I believe we need more men like Corneliu Codreanu. This is a gulf that cannot be bridged, and essentially summarizes my unending hostility toward Der Movement.

Codreanu’s New Man

Western Destiny essay.

The essay is a commentary on a short scholarly paper analyzing the role of The New Man in the worldview of the Legionary Movement. I comment on certain excerpts from the paper, particularly in light of the current situation of (American) racial nationalism.

What Should Be Done, Again


Every once in a while at this blog, I find it useful – albeit somewhat repetitious for long time readers – to discuss the strategies that I believe that (American, but also applicable throughout the White world) racial nationalism needs to implement in order to make progress and achieve objectives.  As noted, this has been discussed here before.  Also see this.

1. Build a legionary cadre.  No defectives, no Alt Right lulzers, no obsessives and fetishists, no zombies mindlessly parroting “movement” dogma, but hardcore, “vanguardist” political soldiers, truly vetted (extremely!) and put through years of long apprenticeship, a genuine movement akin to that of Codreanu, a pan-European Brotherhood that will form the core of the undermining of the old System and the creation of a new one.  And guess what?  This is not talked about in “interviews” with the media, it is not recruited online in sniggering “forums,” it is instead done privately and prudently, slowly, carefully, and with forethought.  Obviously, the existence of such an organization would not be a secret, just as the existence of the CIA, MI6, KGB, and GRU were not secrets, but the inner workings of the group, by analogy to those others, would of course be hidden from the public.  

2. Community activism.  Real community activism is done, not talked about.  It is done as much as possible “under the radar.”  You do not broadcast it to mocking media operatives, you don’t go through the motions for the sake of a quick blog post, this is not something done overnight.  True community activism is for the long-term, it is a work of years, it is done to help the community, not with an attitude of expecting an immediate compensation – the idea of compensation should not come into it at all. Of course, community activism by its nature cannot be kept secret; the point is that such activism is its own publicity – in other words, it becomes known because it occurs and it is effective, it is its own advertisement, it doesn’t become known because activists spend more time talking to the media than they do actually helping people.

3. Metapolitics and infrastructure. Metapolitics has been discussed endlessly by the Far Right, and so there is no need to repeat all of that here. Such activity is essential, as long as it is fresh, creative, and open-minded, and not merely the regurgitation of fossilized “movement” dogma.  We need real infrastructure to carry out our objectives, approaches to defeat social pricing, funding that goes beyond tin cup panhandling but actual involves earning money through some sort of productivity, service, and/or representation, we need lawyers (and not to drive them out of the “movement”), we need businessmen, doctors, academics, plumbers, mechanics, schoolteachers, politicians, we need a recreated and actualized society. By the way, metapolitics should include Salter’s democratic multiculturalism, which overlaps with both community activism and electoral politics.

4. Electoral politics. This has three purposes.  First, education, propaganda, and recruitment.  Second, provocation, heightening the contradictions, undermining the System, promoting chaos and balkanization.  Third, if elected, these people can not only leverage their office for the preceding two purposes, but also to protect the movement as much as possible.

5. Rallies, etc. – false-flag and genuine. False-flag rallies are meant as a distraction, to focus attention of adversaries to the open and superficial “cosplay actors on the street” as opposed to the more serious work going on elsewhere.  It would still need to be credible, to be viewed as a genuine threat and so worthy of attention, and also so as not to repulse Whites interested in joining the cause.  Later on, with the success of the other objectives 1-4 above, rallies and mass meetings, of a highly professional nature (even more so that the false-flag ones), can occur for all the positives such events can genuinely provide to a real and growing firmly established movement.

I would once again like to describe what I think should be done, so as to pre-emptively answer the screeching of the Quota Queens, who would falsely accuse me of only criticizing and not offering constructive suggestions. I have of course often given such suggestions, as noted above, and will do so again now. Let us consider the three major legs of the strategic tripod.

1. Electoral Politics

I have often talked about the need for involvement in electoral politics, as well as the wasted opportunity right after 2016. Right wing populism was “hot,” there was momentum; prudent planning could have set up some interesting local campaigns for 2018.  But, instead, the Quota Queens gave us Unite the Right, drunken podcasts, the Pilleater Chronicles, and all the rest.  But the wheel turns and as the Left exposes their insanity for all the world to see, and as Trump exposes himself as an insincere, semi-retarded fraud, there may once again be room for maneuver on the Far Right edges of American electoral politics.

2. Metapolitical education

There is not much need to discuss this here, as it is straightforward, and it is the one thing of the three that Der Movement is actually focusing on right now. Of course, I believe that Der Movement is doing a terrible job of it, doing more harm than good.  But as far as the type of activity, then, for example, the type of thing done by Counter-Currents would be an example of metapolitics, although I of course almost completely disagree with their content.  

3. Infrastructure/Community/Organization

What is meant by this?

Infrastructure – this covers such things including, but not limited to, financial resources, physical structures such as headquarters and meeting halls, competent personnel, equipment, a very competent and aggressive legal team, media resources, publishing, Internet hosting, and all of the various things required for the day-today running of a dissent movement, and its constituent organizations and groupuscules, in the context of operating in a hostile System.  

Community – you can read some of the ideas I proposed in my interview with Robert Griffin (long ago) in his One Sheaf One Vine book as examples of things we can do for outreach to the broader White community. And of course, community building can mean for our own people, setting up alternative community structures, leveraging infrastructure (see above) to defeat social pricing and allow pro-White activists to survive and thrive in a hostile System environment, and all of this can range from meetings at the small scale to actual physical communities, relatively self-sufficient, at the large scale.  And, as stated, we need outreach to the broader White population to provide assistance to them (and receive such in return) and for recruitment.

Organization – we will need the spectrum of organizational complexity, from slime mold to rhizome.

One crucial component, which overlaps with the need for community (and for metapolitical education) is the Legionary concept.  To be successful, we need The New Man.  We need a “school of palingenesis” in which activists can be reborn, improved in every way, particularly morally and spiritually. Given inherent problems with Whites in general, and pro-White activists in particular, today, this is essential.

This infrastructure/community/organization component will be the most difficult section of the three-part strategy to actualize.  After all, metapolitical education is already occurring; although I disagree with most of it and most of it is currently at a low level of quality, at least the pattern is established, and such education is scalable from the individual blogger up to a large scale organization or political campaign. Such education requires less organization and discipline for success than the other components, particularly the last one. Political campaigns can be done and the open and more “mainstream” nature of those endeavors also proves some leeway in the competence of its actualization.  

However, building community, infrastructure, and quality vanguardist organizations will require a very high level of competence, prudence, foresight, sanity, and reasonableness, all qualities profoundly lacking in the “movement.”  Look at the disasters that have occurred when any of this has been tried in even a crude initial form. Can you imagine?  You’ll have a bunch of Nutzis marching around screaming “Pepe,” “Kek,” “Jews will not replace us,” agonizing over the dire racial threat of hora-dancing Romanians and two foot tall Southern Italian Africans, while allowing homosexual sexual harassment and transparently obvious infiltrations. Actualizing these objectives will require the New Movement I have proposed.  The Old Movement will be completely incapable of doing what needs to be done.  They’ll just make a mess of everything, strangle it in the crib.

Each of these strategies synergizes with the other two.  The electoral campaigns provide a platform for propaganda, thus boosting metapolitical education and the campaigns can enhance community building, organization, and infrastructure – at the very least bringing like-mined people together and giving them real-world training in running an important endeavor.  In the unlikely event any of the candidates are elected, this would be a practical asset if they can use their position to provide assistance and protection (to the extent possible) for the other legs of the strategy, and, of course, such a victory would be a boost for morale and a propaganda asset. Metapolitical education provides the ideological framework for the other two components, and is a crucial component in recruiting people for those other components. Infrastructure/Community/Organization actualizes the metapolitical education into reality, it is the real-world outcome of metapolitical/education/propaganda efforts, and it provides the raw material in personnel, infrastructure, and other resources to assist in the other two legs of the overarching strategy.

And if we fail, I for one at least offered a generalized scheme for a back-up plan.  Meanwhile your “leaders” endorse Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, or scream about “Pepe” and “Kek.”  Your choice, my friends. Real, serious, sober leadership or comically inept infantile grifters. We all know the outcome of that choice now, don’t we?

In any case, once again, this is what needs to be done.  This is what should have been done after the 2016 election, this is what should have been done in the years and decades preceding, and this is what needs to be done going forward, starting now.

Will it be done?  Of course not.  With your majestic leaders, dancing through cemeteries with swastika-soled boots, expect nothing more than continued endless failure.

The Last Chance for White America?

Notice they cannot admit being wrong.

A symbol, not substance.  Not bad, although it could have mentioned the A$AP Rocky fiasco as another example of Trump’s feckless buffoonery. Two further points. Are any of these fellows EVER going to publicly admit to being wrong about their hysterical “Trump is the last chance for White America” nonsense, as well as admit that Strom and I were right about Trump?  And is Johnson going to consider this brief Amren video as an example of “small-minded” “movement” whining about Trump?  

But, but, but…I thought Trump was “the last chance for White America.”  Listen to the whole thing, concentrating on the criticisms about Trump. Once again, note how these people are unable to admit how horribly wrong they were about Antifa Don Trump, and how EGI Notes was right.  Also, once again – will Johnson criticize his buddies at Amren for “small-minded” complaining about Trump?

And then the other shoe drops. MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

The Yang Gang!  Spencer!  Johnson!  

HBD in action!  “Razib” Khan:

My wife has two great-grandparents who were born in Norway.

But, hey, you fetishists, the real danger is dem dere dumb wops and hora-dancing Romanians. Nice Bengali Brownsters mating with Northern European women and producing mongrel offspring is all part of the HBD Jeurasian plan, so it’s all good!  Let’s mate and mix Khan’s spawn with those of Derbyshire, and then the consequent output can mate with some Jews!  HBD!

The fundamental difference between the EGI Notes and HBD perspectives is perhaps best exhibited by the reaction to this.  EGI Notes says the Legionaries were heroes; the HBDers scorn them as hora-dancing non-Jewish, non-Asian Romanians.  Me, I prefer Codreanu to some leering Levantine media manipulators, or to some disease-ridden Oriental human photocopiers, but, hey, what do I know? There’s no accounting for taste. If the HBDers prefer Jews and Asians, who are we to say nay?  But, alas, they should go their own way and not infiltrate into White racial nationalism.

Speaking of HBD, this is part of a comment left by a virulently pro-Asian HBDer from Amren comments (emphasis added):

The Democratic Party I love is the party that existed from the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963. The civil rights movement was well intended. I supported it as a child, a teenager, and a young adult. I am disappointed with the black response.

See this.  Might is Right is a classic Type I fetishist screed, so it’s no wonder one of its (part Iranian?) advocates does the usual Type I stupidities. When are the Type Is going to finally sit down, shut up, and let Type IIs lead the way?  Answer – they won’t.  Ever. It’s up to the Type IIs to just lead the way regardless and push the Type I retards out of the way.

Is this a German? That’s Goebbels’ nemesis, the “German” Jew Bernhard “Isidor” Weiss. Another picture of this HuWhyte Ultra-Aryan is here.  The HBDers and “race realists” weep.

Anatomy of Error

A brief analysis.

I read this book long ago, when it first came out; it is very good, is recommended.  

What are some major errors in Der Movement?  What is the “anatomy of error” in (American) White racial activism?

Among many – reversing the strategic order of how things should be done.  Prudence dictates that you first thoroughly prepare for an action, build the required infrastructure, prepare for the enemy’s response and for other contingencies, and then you proceed.

Thus, first, you build an infrastructure, and then you go public with your rallies, protests, actions, and so forth.  If you want to provoke the System, you had better be prepared for the System’s reaction. What the “movement” does instead is have their rallies and protests and public meetings and violent outbursts with zero infrastructure there for support – zero legal teams, zero media structures, zero elected officials who are true fellow travelers, zero integration in the local community, zero economic self-sufficiency, zero strategy, and zero planning.

Ironically, all the representatives of big-brained European ethnies that are celebrated in the “movement” for their foresight and discipline behave worse than the most incompetent, undisciplined, and hare-brained gesticulating swarthoid.  Superiority is not a birthright, it has to be earned. And Der Movement and its failed leaders have earned nothing.

Let’s move on.  What can be done for young White men frustrated with the System, despairing of a pathetically failed “movement,” and tempted to ruin their lives by lashing out with sporadic violence against an entrenched overpowering System?

Besides taking my advice to concentrate on their own selves and well-being over all else – we need quality men, not broken boys – they need to be able to fit into a real movement that can give them a sense of purpose in an atmosphere of competence and manly collegiality (the latter of which is not effete Bronyism or homosexuals “flirting” with “cute” activists at “extreme vetted” meetings). I’ve long been an advocate of a Legionary-type structure, which would of course necessitate a real leadership and a real competence beyond that currently available in Der Movement.

For such an activity, real vetting and security are required.  Now, I’m not going to discuss what could and should constitute such vetting on a public forum, but I will give two examples of what such vetting should not be.  “Are you Swedish?” is insufficient as “extreme vetting.”  Having a Skype conversation in which you congratulate a candidate (in reality, an infiltrator) on their Northwest European heritage, while mocking Brooklyn Italian-Americans, also does not meet the standards of effective vetting and security.

It’s interesting, but in my analog, meat-space, IRL WN 1.0 days, there were zero instances (insofar as I am aware) of private meetings being infiltrated.  Now, public meetings were another story, operational security there was sub-standard, but at least the physical security was sound, so the outcome of public meeting infiltration was a bit of snooping (which admittedly was bad) and not violence.  But the private meetings were sound – thus, the WN 1.0 crowd, for all their faults, were a step ahead of WN 2.0. Thus, the lack of proper operational security is a major error of Der Movement today, and is in fact part of the infrastructure problem cited at the beginning of this post, since “opsec” is one of the most fundamental pillars upon which to build everything that follows.

Let’s consider the problem of freakishness and silliness. There are of course many divisions within the “movement.” Pan-Europeanism vs. ethnonationalism, pan-Europeanism vs. Nordicism, vanguardism vs .mainstreaming, Christianity vs. anti-Christians, ethnic fetishists and those who oppose them, etc. Readers know I have strong views on these topics that often clash with established “movement” dogma. But even when I oppose that dogma, at least I can understand it, I can see the points of the other side, and it is something within the realm of rational possibility.  It can be in some ways defensible through reasoned argument, even if I disagree ad make my own reasoned arguments against the memes I oppose.

However, when observing the current WN 2.0 fiasco, things occur that are so outlandish that I simply cannot understand how any ostensibly intelligent, sane, and rational activist can promote any of it. Yang Gang? Tulsi Coconut? The years of slavish Trump worship? Bronyism – My Little Pony, for godssakes!  I’m at a loss, completely at a loss.  WN 1.0 was a disaster, sure, but it was a disaster mitigated at least by an aura of seriousness, or at least semi-seriousness.  What we have now is like a bad comedy routine.

Thus, another constant error of the “movement” is the promotion of freakishness that has no direct connection whatsoever to racialism. For example, it is because of anti-science raving retards like this that we have a growing measles problem in the US. Some microbes are indeed just waiting for you.  Measles has a very high infectivity rate; if you are exposed and not immune, your probability of illness is close to 100%.  You can of course argue that filthy scum not getting their children vaccinated – and many of these in the current outbreak are Ultra-Orthodox Jews – is a sign of weakness (in this case mental), and I’ll agree with that. Leave it up to morons like “Stronza” and we would still have smallpox epidemics and folks in iron lungs from polio.  Pepe!  Kek!  Traditionalism!  We can bury those dead five year olds snug in our hobbit holes!

This completely superfluous stupidity damages the image of racialism to both the general public and to the science and technics types that we need as one component of our arsenal of human material. I’m not surprised that the affirmative action “leadership” doesn’t know any better. 

Coming full circle, we can mention another fundamental flaw of Der Movement, on par with reversing the order of organization (which should come first) and action (which should come after) – the inability to clearly and decisively define an ingroup. This is something I’ve written about often. The defining characteristic of any group is the decision of who is in and who is out.  Without a clearly defined and stable boundary of membership, there is no group.  That boundary needs to be decided BEFORE the group is formed, before people are recruited and action is taken. If there are going to be any changes in the composition of the group (changes which should be rare in any case), it always should be in the direction of greater inclusion – and if current members of the group object to that inclusion then they can voluntarily leave – freedom of association – and form their own groups with their own boundaries. But you cannot start redefining your ingroup for the purposes of exclusion after the fact, after people have been members for months or years (or even decades), investing their time, effort, money – their blood, sweat, and tears – their lives, for the group.  That’s not the time to tell them – “hey, we’ve reconsidered, you’re not part of the ingroup after all.”  

You’d think things like that should be obvious to the high born honorable superior big-brained heroic figures of Der Movement, but apparently not.